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The UVA Software Engineering Bootcamp is a part time. career accelerator that s designed to transform, students from novices to job ready full stack software. As a graduate you ll leave with a solid base of,fundamental programming and computer science. knowledge as well as experience with languages, frameworks and libraries that local employers demand. Software Engineering Bootcamp Overview,Our Expert Designed Curriculum Spans. Coding webpages using Hypertext Markup Language HTML Cascading Style. Sheets CSS and JavaScript, Programming and computer science fundamentals as well as software engineering.
best practices, Version control and collaborative software development with Git and GitHub. Developing full stack applications with in demand technologies such as Ruby on. Rails Python with Django and Express with Node js, Building full stack applications by leveraging common design and architectural. patterns like model view controller MVC and Representational State. Transfer REST, Safely modeling and storing data in SQL and NoSQL databases. Consuming and integrating third party application programming interfaces APIs in. an application, Front end web application development with modern JavaScript frameworks. such as React, Deploying applications to the web via cloud based hosting.
Implementing common data structures encountered in technical interview situations. such as linked lists and trees, Solving algorithmic challenges and analyzing the computational complexity of. algorithms using Big O notation,Embark on a New Career Path. Get the training and support you need to execute a successful job search Working one on. one with career coaches you ll, Compile a professional portfolio of full stack applications to demonstrate hireability. and job ready skills to potential employers and collaborators. Prepare to ace technical interviews with resume reviews mock interviews and. coding challenges, Connect with hiring managers at A list companies at exclusive hiring events. Software Engineering Bootcamp Overview,What to Expect.
Pre Course Learning Paths, Set yourself up for success with up to 60 hours of preparatory lessons covering essential. programming concepts in HTML CSS and JavaScript Designed to help you make the. most of the course Software Engineering Fundamentals is a self paced online learning path. you ll complete before day one of class After you ve completed Fundamentals gauge your. progress with a final readiness assessment,The In Class Experience. Engage in project based learning that s designed to inspire a lifetime of discovery As a. Bootcamp student you ll, Explore new concepts and tools through expert led lectures and discussions. Complete coding exercises to reinforce newly learned skills. Dive deeper into topics and techniques via independent pair and group. programming labs, Receive individualized feedback and support from your expert instructional team. Apply what you ve learned to homework assignments and unit projects building out. a professional portfolio to show off job ready skills to potential employers. and collaborators,Dedicated Career Coaching, As a Bootcamp student you ll receive personalized support from career coaches who.
will help you set goals make a plan for success and stay on track with your job search. Throughout the course you ll, Hear from guest speakers take company tours and participate in workshops to. prepare you for a role in a new industry, Learn to assess your skill set against job descriptions track your process and adopt. a growth mindset to help recognize opportunities and open doors. Develop your professional brand Write a noteworthy resume polish your online and. in person presence and practice coding challenges and whiteboarding skills to set. yourself apart in technical interviews, Learn strategies for leveraging your existing network in person and online. Become an active contributor to online discussions and in person meetups by. Software Engineering Bootcamp What to Expect, sharing your work diving into best practices for various tools and technologies and. contributing to your industry, Show off your hireability to potential employers and industry thought leaders with a.
professional portfolio and strengthen valuable relationships with fellow job seekers. at high impact employer engagement events,What You ll Learn. Pre Work Software Start coding with HTML CSS and JavaScript. Engineering Leverage Git and GitHub to manage work. Practice working with a UNIX command line, Fundamentals Apply troubleshooting and debugging techniques. Get familiar with fundamental,principles and techniques. at the core of programming,through our self paced,pre course learning path. Project Test your knowledge,of key JavaScript concepts.
including variables objects,and functions building. an in browser game from, Unit 1 Front End Get acquainted with common developer tools. e g Chrome Developer Tools text editors code,Development. Discover what it takes to Learn to navigate a computer file structure and. build the web you want configure development environments via a UNIX. to see through hands on Linux command line, training in the essentials Solidify your knowledge of how HTML CSS and. of front end development JavaScript are leveraged in software engineering. Explore core programming i e web typography Document Object Model. DOM manipulation responsive design,concepts that are applicable.
in any language and find,Dive into fundamental programming concepts. functions control flow variables scope etc,out what day to day life as a. using JavaScript, professional engineer is like Start using Git and GitHub for version control. Learn and implement rigorous debugging,Project Work individually strategies. to build a front end web Start thinking algorithmically and breaking big. Software Engineering Bootcamp What You ll Learn, application that users can see problems into smaller parts.
and interact with leveraging Gain an introduction to project design project. JavaScript APIs and more planning and project management techniques. engineers use on the job including wireframes,user stories and Agile development workflows. Unit 2 Full Stack Start writing recursive algorithms as well as. algorithms to solve computational problems such,Development. as sorting Analyze algorithmic complexity using,Learn to build full stack web Big O notation. applications deepening your Build web forms that collect user data for storage. knowledge of client facing in a database powered by Structured Query. and server side development Language SQL MongoDB noSQL etc. Expand your repertoire of Get acquainted with front end templating and. libraries like Bootstrap,programming languages and. start coding collaboratively Incorporate authentication capabilities into sites. and applications i e user logins encrypted,Get familiar with key.
passwords etc,computer science concepts,Engage in pair programming to understand. to become a more efficient collaboration and documentation best practices. programmer and perform,confidently in technical,interviews. Project Program a full stack,application that stores data. in a SQL or NoSQL database,and deploy it via Heroku. Unit 3 Front End Discover the capabilities that separate software. engineers from coders including the ability to,Frameworks.
plan write test deploy and launch a full stack, Gain expertise with the app using cutting edge next gen technology. modern software engineering Deploy robust modern front end frameworks i e. tools and frameworks you ll React Angular or Ember on which powerhouse. use on the job Continue platforms like Amazon and Facebook are built. to hone your computer Incorporate new patterns into front end. science knowledge by further architecture including custom behaviors client. side models and data binding form validation and,exploring data structures Get. state management,creative building a full stack,Leverage the package managers and build tools. application using technology regularly used by professional engineers. you choose Continue to explore data structures and get. Software Engineering Bootcamp What You ll Learn, Project Choose the tools and acquainted with design patterns. skills you use to build and Prepare for job interviews and engage in mock. interviews and additional whiteboarding practice,deploy a full stack application.
students often incorporate,JavaScript frameworks,i e Angular. Unit 4 APIs and Full Stack Get acquainted with more back end libraries. frameworks and tools that incorporate powerful,Development. front end technologies like AJAX Asynchronous,Hone your programming JavaScript and XML. skills by learning to build Discover how to integrate third party APIs into. full stack applications that websites and applications e g Stripe. leverage the capabilities of Organize effective team workflows with Git and. third party APIs Through GitHub refining technical and interpersonal. pair programming and collaboration skills,group collaboration you ll. Explore advanced debugging testing and,documentation techniques.
gain hands on experience, Learn to use data structures including linked lists. executing a real world stacks and queues sets and trees. workflow Dive deeper,into algorithms and data,structures. Final Project Apply what,you ve learned throughout. the course to mimic a,team client interaction,collaborating to build and. deploy a full stack application,that fulfills provided specs.
The final result will integrate,functionality from a third. Software Engineering Bootcamp What You ll Learn,Frequently Asked Questions. Why is this course relevant today, There s never been a better time to start a career as a software engineer In fact the. U S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment growth in this sector will top. 24 percent between 2016 and 2026 From startups to Fortune 500 companies there is a. growing demand for software engineers who can creatively solve problems and implement. robust sustainable solutions, What practical skill sets can I expect to have after completing. this course, By the end of our Software Engineering Bootcamp you will be able to.
Create responsive webpages for modern browsers using HTML CSS. and JavaScript, Write full stack applications and deploy them to cloud based services like Heroku. Demonstrate programming and computer science fundamentals as well as software. engineering best practices, Consume web application programming interfaces APIs from third party sites. such as Twitter Google or Yelp, Build a RESTful API using a technology like Sinatra Rails Django or Express. Build a richly interactive front end single page application using a modern. framework like Angular or library like React, Collaborate as a team using Git and GitHub widely accepted collaboration. practices and an Agile development workflow, Implement common data structures encountered in technical interview situations.
such as linked lists and trees, Solve algorithm challenges and analyze the computational complexity of algorithms. using Big O notation,What does my tuition cover, Expert led training in full stack development and computer science skills methods. and best practices, Software Engineering Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions. Up to 60 hours of self paced pre course online learning. Access to a dedicated group of career coaches who will help you land a job. after graduation, Ongoing job search support and exclusive networking opportunities. UVA Software Engineering Bootcamp Developed in Partnership with General Assembly Syllabus dated October 15 2019 Subject to final review by University of Virginia

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