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UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS,ZAXIS DASH 5,BY NOT BUILDING EVERYTHING. WE COMPROMISE ON NOTHING,EXCAVATOR EXPERTS,Unlike other manufacturers we don t build every. kind of earthmoving equipment Instead we, specialize in excavators The result Highly reliable. machines that deliver smooth powerful performance, Our excavator focus is especially evident in the ZX180LC 5 One of our. newest excavators it s designed specifically to meet the needs of sewer. and water contractors basement diggers and for work in urban areas This. right size earthmover offers more reach digging depth lift capacity and. arm and bucket dig force than the ZX160LC 5 And is lighter and easier to. transport than the ZX210 5 ZX210LC 5 excavators, All five utility class Dash 5 models are loaded with enhancements that.
make them even more durable productive and easy to maintain Their. powerful Isuzu diesel engines perform quietly and are highly efficient. getting the most out of every drop of fuel to reduce costs What s more ZX. Dash 5 Excavators come standard equipped with three years of ZXLink. Ultimate giving you 24 7 online access to machine location health. utilization fuel consumption and other valuable information so you can. better understand costs and jobsite performance When you choose the ZX. Dash 5 Excavators you get,MORE DONE WITH MORE SAVINGS. n More productivity n More comfortable cab n More reliable engines. Productive hydraulics and Spacious cab features a wider The Isuzu diesel engines are. outstanding multifunction door with more glass more truly proven with track records. operation are a Hitachi tradition side to side foot room better showing proven durability at. Multiple sensors instantly feed visibility out back additional countless jobs sites around. automatic micro adjustments mirrors enhanced seat improved the world Ruggedly built for. for increased hydraulic power to multifunction multilingual monitor tough jobs they give you higher. maintain steady sure movements and more Options such as a reliability more uptime and better. heated air suspension seat and fuel economy,rearview camera further enhance. comfort and convenience,SPECIALISTS,UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS. ZAXIS DASH 5,PRODUCTIVITY,MORE MOVED WITH LESS EFFORT. BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY TO A HIGHER LEVEL, Like all of our excavators the ZX Dash 5 delivers the same multifunction.
capability and smooth responsiveness that operators expect The HIOS. III hydraulic system is the brain behind the brawn perfectly balancing. engine performance with hydraulic flow It combines a hydraulic boost. system with an enhanced boom recirculation function to generate more. aggressive boom arm speed Since the arm returns to the dig position. faster you can move more dirt in a day, Perhaps best of all our excavators provide big productivity without. sacrificing control giving operators the finesse they need for finish. grading and placing pipe Three work modes allow an operator to choose. a digging style that fits the job High Productivity HP delivers more. power and faster hydraulic response Power P delivers a balance of. power speed and fuel economy for normal operation And Economy. E maximizes fuel efficiency by reducing top speed while delivering an. enhanced level of productivity When you ve got Dash 5 excavators on. your team you can,WORK EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY, n Short throw low effort n When the digging gets tough n You can choose from a wide. controls unmatched metering just press the power boost button variety of track widths arm. and smooth multifunction on the right hand control to lengths bucket sizes high flow. operation provide finesse and muscle through It s standard on auxiliary hydraulic packages and. precision when they re needed all five models other options. n Generous flow arm force n Changing hydraulic flow is. and swing torque help speed push button easy done right from. cycles and keep you productive the seat,and on schedule. UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS,ZAXIS DASH 5,MORE COMFORT MORE OPTIONS. PERFECT COMBINATION OF COMMAND AND CONVENIENCE, Smooth controls may be what we re known for but we also put a lot of.
extra effort into making the operator comfortably productive Perched on. silicone filled mounts the ZX Dash 5 cab isolates noise and vibration The. roomier interior has a wider door for easier access with more door glass. for better side visibility and additional side to side foot room Narrow front. cab posts large overhead glass and numerous mirrors including one on. the counterweight provide excellent all around visibility With Dash 5. excavators your operators will be,COMFORTABLE DOING ANY JOB ANYWHERE. n Multi language LCD monitor n Automatic high velocity n Ergonomically correct n Optional cab mounted lights. and rotary dial provide access to bi level climate control system short throw pilot levers provide an additional boom mounted. a wealth of info and functions with automotive style adjustable smooth precise fingertip light and rearview camera help. Just turn and tap to select work louvers helps keep the glass control with less movement or show the way regardless of. modes check diagnostic codes clear the cab comfortable and effort Pushbuttons in the right when or where you work. monitor maintenance intervals the operator productive lever allow fingertip control. set cab temperature and make of auxiliary hydraulic flow for. simple attachment hydraulic flow operating attachments. adjustments plus more,n A more comfortable high back. fabric seat is available in a heated,air suspension version. n Low effort joysticks a highly,efficient HVAC system and. plenty of storage space maximize,comfort and convenience.
n The easy to read and easy,to operate multifunction monitor. provides enhanced diagnostic,features integrates the radio and. HVAC controls and even displays,the action behind you from the. optional rearview camera,UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS,ZAXIS DASH 5. n The durable Isuzu diesel n An isochronous controlled n Auto idle automatically reduces. engines deliver fuel efficient electronic governor maintains a engine speed when hydraulics. and reliable performance that constant speed despite changes aren t in use Auto shutdown. raises productivity and reduces in engine load reducing fuel further preserves fuel. costs Fuel pressure timing and consumption and noise in no load. volume are precisely regulated for and light duty operations. efficient combustion with Isuzu s,common rail fuel injection system.
MORE DURABILITY,GREATER FUEL EFFICIENCY,BUILT TO LAST. Dash 5 Series utility excavators provide everything you like about Hitachi. and more Their highly efficient heavy duty cooling systems are designed to. run cool and quiet even in high trash environments and high altitudes Digging. structures deliver long term reliability Exclusive boom design with three. bulkheads within the boom resist torsional stress for unsurpassed durability. Tungsten carbide coated wear surfaces protect the all important bucket. to arm joint Reinforced resin thrust plates grooved bushings and thermal. coated bucket joints increase arm and boom lube intervals to 500 hours. Oil impregnated HN bushings enhance durability and extend grease intervals to. 500 hours for the arm and boom joint 100 hours for the bucket joint Add it all. up and every Dash 5 delivers,ROCK SOLID DURABILITY. n Box section track frames n With large idlers rollers and n Reinforced D channel side. thick plate single sheet main strutted links the sealed and frames provide maximum cab. frame and large swing bearing lubricated undercarriage delivers and component protection. deliver long lasting durability long reliable performance. UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS,ZAXIS DASH 5,MORE UPTIME,WITH LESS EXPENSE. MAINTENANCE MADE EASIER, Our excavators are as easy to maintain as they are to operate From the. self cleaning steps and convenient grab bars that provide easy engine. access to the centralized lube banks and grouped service points ZX. Dash 5 Excavators are loaded with time and money saving advantages. The ZX Dash 5 Series also comes standard equipped with three years. of ZXLink Ultimate enabling 24 7 online access to machine location. health utilization fuel consumption and other valuable information for. better understanding of costs and jobsite performance Using ZXLink. and the in cab diagnostic monitor scheduled maintenance intervals and. trouble codes are easy to access By choosing Dash 5 excavators you. REDUCE COSTS INCREASE UPTIME, n Grouped service points make n Large fuel tanks and 500.
quick work of the daily routine and 4 000 hour engine and. Easy to check sight gauges and hydraulic oil service intervals. fluid reservoirs quick change reduce downtime for regular. remote mounted vertical filters maintenance,and extended engine and hydraulic. oil service intervals minimize n Oil impregnated bushings n Hinged service doors provide n Easy to reach dipstick and. downtime for periodic maintenance enhance durability and extend wide open access to cooler cores nearby coolant reservoir make. lube intervals to 500 hours for for simplified debris clean out daily checks and or additions. n Handy grab bars give you easy the arm and boom joint and 100 quick and easy. access to the engine for quicker hours for the bucket joint. service and maintenance, n LCD monitor tracks scheduled n Vertical spin on fuel and n Fresh air cab filter is quickly n Centralized lube banks. maintenance and reminders Should engine oil filters are positioned serviced from outside the cab place difficult to reach zerks. a problem arise it provides diagnos in the right rear compartment for so it s more likely to get done within easy reach to help make. tic codes to assist in troubleshoot simplified ground level servicing greasing less messy and time. ing ZXLink can also provide early consuming,warning and remote diagnostics. hitachiconstruction com,Hitachi Construction and Mining Products. Digital only 17 10 1515 5th Avenue Moline IL 61265. ZAXIS ZX130 5 ZX160LC 5 ZX180LC 5 ZX210 5 ZX210LC 5 UTILITY CLASS EXCAVATORS DASH 5 Unlike other manufacturers we don t build every kind of earthmoving equipment Instead we specialize in excavators The result Highly reliable machines that deliver smooth powerful performance Our excavator focus is especially evident in the ZX180LC 5 One of our newest excavators it s designed

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