USMC Ground Robotics Current and Desired Future Capabilities

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USMC Ground Robotics,Current Capabilities,EOD current capabilities. Man transportable robotics systems, Designed to allow EOD personnel to interrogate and neutralize IEDs UXO and other. conventional unconventional munitions remotely,Deliberate permissive environment capability. Legacy robotic capability primarily for deliberate operations in garrison and civilian support. operations in CONUS OCONUS,Full spectrum of explosive hazard neutralization. Large explosive VBIED disruption capability GWOT only. Response to UUNS not POR Transport system for VBIED disruption charges. Small disposable robotic explosives delivery capability. BOMBOT is also used by maneuver forces for recon and ID. UUNS materiel solution for MARSOC Man Portable Robotic System currently in. NaIL triaged systems under review by UUNS originator. Maneuver Force current capabilities, Robotic systems fielded in response to JUONS to provide maneuver forces with.
reconnaissance and identification capability X bot. Two systems fielded in response to JUON CC 0111 MARCBOT and PackBot 510 w FASTAC. Does not provide reduction or neutralization capability. USMC Ground Robotics,Future Desired Capabilities,EOD desired capabilities. Family of like robotic systems small medium and large. Identical capabilities separated by size, Each system will be one for one capable in comparison with human. Current robotics technologies cannot match human motor skills in existing platforms. Integration of existing technologies and platforms to achieve future capability. Anticipate contract award in 2012 with initial deliveries in 2013. Maneuver Force desired capabilities, Increased capabilities for existing reconnaissance and identification platforms. Initial efforts underway for the development of engineer specific robotics platforms for. the reduction of explosive and non explosive obstacles engineer reconnaissance and. patrolling missions,Back Up Slides,Current Systems. MK 4 Mod 0 Bombot MK 1 Mod 0 MTRS MK 2 Mod 0 MTRS,EOD TAMCN Packbot EOD TAMCN Talon EOD TAMCN.
E0077 E0064 E0066, The Bombot is a low cost expendable The Packbot is a rugged lightweight robot The TALON is an EOD all terrain all. robot used to by EOD units to carry an designed to conduct EOD reconnaissance and weather robot platform with day night. explosive charge to countercharge an other search and surveillance tasks It is capable capability It is controlled through a. IED It is a commercial radio controlled of employing EOD tools used to safely disrupt two way RF or fiber optic link from an. 4 wheel drive vehicle with a remote IEDs military ordnance and other hazardous attach sized Operator Control Unit. dump mechanism and a small devices OCU It uses a two stage arm that. inexpensive camera and monitor The Weight 58 lbs Robot Only can reach a minimum length of 64. Marine Corps EOD Bombot kit consists Size 27 x18 x7 5 inches and a gripper attachment to. of 2 transmitters and 6 vehicles Sensors 3 Color Cameras manipulate hazardous materials or. Range LOS up to 300M FO Tether ordnance,802 11 Frequency Diversity Video and Control. Size 12 x8 x 22 at 2 4 GHz Size 52 x32 x24,Weight 15lbs Weight 115 lbs. Cost 31 212 Cost 156 060 Cost 155 060,Current Systems. RC 60 EOD MK 3 Mod 1 RONS MARCBOT,EOD TAMCN E1385 non EOD.
The RC 60 is a remote controlled steer The RONS provides an Explosive Ordnance Mission specific robot used by Engineers. skid loader designed for use in Disposal EOD Team with a remote standoff for the optical inspection of suspect. interrogating Vehicle Borne Improvised capability to perform explosive ordnance disposal objects Provides the ability to identify. Explosive Devices VBIED tasks in a high risk and or contaminated IEDs with standoff Allows patrols and. environment It complements the EOD convoys to continue mission Less. Technician when performing reconnaissance expensive than other robotic platforms. access render safe and disposal during extremely Robot Weight 32 lbs. Robot dimensions 24 x19 5 x13 5,hazardous explosive ordnance missions. Robot Height w antennas 48 in,OCU Weight 12 5 lbs, Size 75 x77 x60 Size 36 x42 x29 Camera Height Max 39 in. Weight 6200 lbs Weight 678 lbs Operating Range Up to 300 m LOS. Cost 654 023 Cost 226 637 Power Requirements 3 2590 or 390. Cost 19 000,Current Systems,PackBot 510 w FASTAC,non EOD TAMCN. CHARACTERISTICS,Weight 53 lbs Robot Only,OCU Weight 8 4 lbs. Dimensions W 20 3 L 27 H 16 Selected replacement,arm stowed for MARCBOT as.
Range LOS up to 1000M maneuver force,capability,MARSOC UUNS for Man Portable. SUGV 310 Dragon Runner 20, Weight 34 4 lbs 35 lb maximum Weight 49 5 lbs 35 lb maximum. requirement requirement, The battery used was a military The battery used was a military. standard BB 2557 standard BB 2590 with an,unauthorized modification. 1 04 minutes from large military ruck, sack configuration to operational set up 6 12 minutes from large military ruck.
sack configuration to operational set,2 19 minutes to stow in large military up. ruck sack from operational set up 5 16 minutes to stow in large military. Height w o flexible antenna 10 86 ruck sack from operational set up. inches Height w o flexible antenna 18 02,3 68 centimeters of ground clearance inches. 4 55 centimeters of ground clearance, 10 seconds to replace batteries no 1 51 minutes to replace batteries one. tools screw driver required,EOD PACKBOT Maneuver force. PACKBOT Non EOD,for camera,Multi and claw vs,since three.
part arm part arm,integrated,firing system,as another. difference,The chassis,is essentially,Control unit. Control is markedly,PackBot 510 with,Engineer Kit,Capability Increase Over. PackBot 510 w FasTac,PackBot 510 Chassis,PackBot 510 w FasTac is least. capable PackBot produced,PackBot 510 chassis is,common to all variants.
Power accessories are,Developer accessories are,E g payload tub kits AC. power adaptor etc,PackBot 510 w EOD Kit,Engineer Kit Upgrades. QuickClamp Picatinny Rail Kit,QuickClamp Fireset w Accessory Connector. QuickClamp Fireset w o Accessory Connector,QuickClamp Mount w Accessory Connector. QuickClamp Accessory Mount,WB 2 Glass Breaker,ICx Fido Explosives Detection Kit.
LWIR Thermal Camera Kit,Safe Firing System Key or Code Plug Kit. Universal SmartSpoolTM Fiber Optic Spooler,OCU Fiber Module. CMD Spool Kit,Proparms 20mm Recoilless Disrupter w Mount. Proparms 12 5mm Recoilless Disrupter w Mount,Richmond RE70 M3 Disrupter. Richmond RE12 12 Disrupter,Richmond Recoilless Disrupter Mount.
Pan Disrupter w Mount,Single Channel Shock Tube Initiator. USMC Ground Robotics Future Desired Capabilities EOD desired capabilities Family of like robotic systems small medium and large Identical capabilities separated by size

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