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User Manual,1 Notes on this manual 4,1 1 Scope of Validation 4. 1 2 Symbols Used 4,1 3 Target Group 5,2 Preparation 6. 2 1 Safety Instructions 6,2 2 Explanations of Symbols on Inverter 7. 3 Product Information 9,3 1 Overview 9,3 2 Major Characteristics 10. 3 3 Datasheet 11,4 Packing checklist 13,4 1 Assembly parts 13.
4 2 Product Appearance 14,4 3 Product Identification 15. 4 4 Further Information 15,5 Installation 16,5 1 Safety 16. 5 2 Mounting Instructions 17,5 3 Safety Clearance 17. 5 4 Mounting Procedure 19,5 5 Safety lock 21,6 Electrical Connection 22. 6 1 Safety 22,6 2 Overview of Connection Area 23,6 3 AC Side Connection 24.
6 4 DC Side Connection 27,6 5 Communication and Monitoring Device 32. 7 Display 33,7 1 LCD Panel 33,User Manual,7 2 LCD Display 34. 7 3 Set Language 36, 7 4 Instructions of Safety Standard selection when power up 37. 7 5 State Information 38,8 Recycling and Disposal 39. 9 Troubleshooting 40,10 Abbreviation 41,11 Contact 42.
User Manual,1 NOTES ON THIS MANUAL,1 1 Scope of Validation. The main purpose of this User s Manual is to provide instructions and detailed. procedures for installing operating maintaining and troubleshooting the following two. types of ReneSola Inverters,Replus 1000TL,Replus 1500TL. Replus 2000TL, Please keep this user manual all time available in case of emergency. 1 2 Symbols Used, DANGER indicates a hazardous situation which if not. avoided will result in death or serious injury, WARNING indicates a hazardous situation which if not.
avoided can result in death or serious injury or moderate. CAUTION indicates a hazardous condition which if not. avoided can result in minor or moderate injury, NOTICE indicates a situation that can result in property. damage if not avoided,User Manual,1 3 Target Group. Chapter 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 and Chapter 11 are intended for anyone who is. intended to use ReneSola Grid Tie Solar Inverter Before any further action the operators must. first read all safety regulations and be aware of the potential danger to operate high voltage. devices Operators must also have a complete understanding of this device s features and. Do not use this product unless it has been successfully installed. by qualified personnel in accordance with the instructions in. Chapter 5 Installation, Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 are only for qualified personnel who are intended to install. or uninstall the ReneSola Grid Tie Solar Inverter, Hereby qualified personnel means he she has the valid license. from the local authority in, Installing electrical equipment and PV power systems.
up to 1000 V,Applying all applicable installation codes. Analyzing and reducing the hazards involved in,performing electrical work. Selecting and using Personal Protective Equipment,User Manual. 2 PREPARATION,2 1 Safety Instructions,DANGER due to electrical shock and high voltage. DO NOT touch the operating component of the inverter it. might result in burning or death, TO prevent risk of electric shock during installation and.
maintenance please make sure that all AC and DC terminals. are plugged out, DO NOT stay close to the instruments while there is severe. weather conditions including storm lighting etc, The installation service recycling and disposal of the. inverters must be performed by qualified personnel only in. compliance with national and local standards and,regulations Please contact your dealer to get the. information of authorized repair facility for any maintenance. or repairmen, Any unauthorized actions including modification of product. functionality of any form will affect the validation of warranty. service ReneSola may deny the obligation of warranty. service accordingly,User Manual,Public utility only.
The PV inverter designed to feed AC power directly into the. public utility power grid do not connect AC output of the. device to any private AC equipment, The PV inverter will become hot during operation please. don t touch the heat sink or peripheral surface during or. shortly after operation,Risk of damage due to improper modifications. Never modify or manipulate the inverter or other components. of the system,2 2 Explanations of Symbols on Inverter. Symbol Description,Dangerous electrical voltage, This device is directly connected to public grid thus all. work to the inverter shall only be carried out by,qualified personnel.
DANGER to life due to high electrical voltage, There might be residual currents in inverter because. of large capacitors Wait 10 MINUTES before you,remove the front lid. NOTICE danger,This device directly connected with electricity. generators and public grid,Danger of hot surface, The components inside the inverter will release a log. of heat during operation DO NOT touch aluminum,housing during operating.
User Manual,An error has occurred, Please go to Chapter 10 Trouble Shooting to remedy the. This device SHALL NOT be disposed of in,residential waste. Please go to Chapter 9 Recycling and Disposal for,proper treatments. Without Transformer, This inverter does not use transformer for the isolation. German mark of conformity,The inverter complies with the requirement of the.
German Grid Regulations,Certified Safety, The inverter complies with the requirements of the. Equipment and Product Safety Act in Europe,Standards Association of Australian. The inverter complies with the requirement of the,Equipment with the CE mark fulfils the basic. requirements of the Guideline Governing Low Voltage. and Electromagnetic Compatibility,No unauthorized perforations or modifications. Any unauthorized perforations or modifications are. strictly forbidden if any defect or damage,device person is occurred ReneSola shall not take.
any responsibility for it,User Manual,3 PRODUCT INFORMATION. 3 1 Overview,Industrial Layout,Excellent Heat Elimination. Effective Shield For DC AC Communication Connections. User Manual,3 2 Major Characteristics, ReneSola inverter has following characteristics which make ReneSola inverter High. Efficiency High Reliability High Cost Effective Ratio. Wide DC input voltage and current ranges enables more PV panels connected. Wide MPP voltage range ensure high yield under various weather conditions. High MPP tracking accuracy ensure the minimum power loses during converting. Complete set of protection methods, Also following protection methods are integrated in ReneSola inverter. Internal overvoltage,DC insulation monitoring,Ground fault protection.
Grid monitoring,Ground fault current monitoring,DC current monitoring. Integrated DC switch Optional,User Manual,3 3 Datasheet. Type Replus 1000TL Replus 1500TL Replus 2000TL,Max PV Generator Power Ppv Wp 1300 1750 2300. Max DC Voltage Vmax DC V 500,MPPT DC Voltage Range Vmppt V 80 300 120 450. Turn off DC Voltage Vmin DC V 80 120,Max DC Current Imax DC A 16 18.
Nominal DC Current IN DC A 8 5 14 16 5,Number of DC Connection 1. DC Connection MC4,Number of MPP trackers 1,Turn on Power Pmin DC W 10. Max AC Power Pmax AC W 1100 1650 2200,Nominal AC Power PN AC W 1000 1500 2000. Max AC Current Imax AC A 5 8 9 0 12 0,Nominal AC Current IN AC A 4 3 6 5 8 5. Power Connection Single phase, Grid Voltage Range According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 ENEL2010 C10 11 G83 1 AS4777.
Grid Frequency Range According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 ENEL2010 C10 11 G83 1 AS4777. Power Factor 0 99 30 of Full Load,Harmonic Distortion. THD at Nominal Output,AC Connector Plug in connector. Power Consumption,Own Consumption in,Pown AC W 30,Power Consumption at Night Pnig AC W 0. Power Consumption at 6,Efficiency,Max Efficiency at 360VDC 97 5. Euro Efficiency at 360VDC 96 6,MPPT Efficiency 99 9.
Safety and Protection,Internal Overvoltage Yes,Protection. DC Insulation Monitoring Yes,Earth Fault Protection Yes. Grid Monitoring According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 ENEL2010 C10 11 G83 1 AS4777. Earth Fault Current According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 ENEL2010 C10 11 G83 1 AS4777. Monitoring, DC Current Monitoring According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 ENEL2010 C10 11 G83 1 AS4777. Islanding Protection According to VDE 0126 1 1 RD1663 G83 1 AS4777. Normative Reference, EN 62109 EN 61000 6 1 EN 61000 6 3 EN 61000 6 2 EN 61000 6 4. CE Compliant According to,EN61000 3 2 EN61000 3 3 EN61000 3 12 EN61000 3 11.
Dimensions and Weight, Dimensions WxHxD 330x425x130 mm 13 0 16 7 5 1 inch. Weight 13 kg 28 7 lbs,User Manual,Environmental Limits. IP Protection Type IP 65 according to IEC 60529,Operating Temperature 20 C to 60 C. Relative Humidity 0 to 98 no condensation,Maximum Altitude above 2000. Noise Level dBA 40,General Data,Isolation Type Transformerless.
Cooling Concept Natural Convection, Housing Iron housing for inside or outside installation. Mounting Information Wall bracket,LED Display 3,LCD Display Backlight 16 x 2 Character LCD. Data Logger RS485 Optional Wi Fi GPRS Ethernet,Data Communication. Interfaces,Computer Communication RS232 as Option,Standard Warranty 5 Years Optional 10 25 years. User Manual,4 PACKING CHECKLIST,4 1 Assembly parts.
After you receive the ReneSola inverter please check if there is any damage on the. carton and then check the inside completeness for any visible external damage on the. inverter or any accessories Contact your dealer if anything is damaged or missing. Object Quantity Description,A 1 ReneSola inverter,B 1 pair DC connector. C 1 AC connector,D 1 Ring tool to disconnect DC connector. E 4 Screw ST6 50,F 4 Expansion tube,G 1 Installation and operating instructions. H 1 DC Switch Optional,User Manual,4 2 Product Appearance. Object Description,A Removable front shield,B LED light Green RUN.
C LED light Red FAULT,D LED light Yellow COM, E Function key for displays and choice of language. F Monitoring LCD with backlighting,User Manual,Object Description. A Plug connectors for DC input,B RS232 RS485 interface. C Terminal for grid connection AC output,4 3 Product Identification. You can identify the inverter by the side nameplate Information such as serial number. SN type of the inverter as well as inverter specifications are specified on the side. name plate The name plate is on the middle part of the right side of the inverter housing. And the following figure is the side name plate example as on Replus 1500TL. 4 4 Further Information, If you have any further questions concerning the type of accessories or installation.
please check our website www renesola com or contact our service hotline. up to 1000 V Applying all applicable installation codes Analyzing and reducing the hazards involved in performing electrical work Selecting and using Personal Protective Equipment PPE User Manual 6 2 PREPARATION 2 1 Safety Instructions DANGER DANGER due to electrical shock and high voltage DO NOT touch the operating component of the inverter it might result in burning or

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