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Table of Contents,1 Introduction 1,Package Contents 1. Minimum System Requirements 2,Features 2,Getting to Know the Router 4. 2 Connecting the Router 9,Setting Up the Router 9,Computer Network Configuration 11. Configuring the Router 13,Home Page 15,3 Configuring My Network Settings 17. Accessing My Network 17,Using My Network 18,4 Creating a Wireless Network 25.
Overview 25,Wireless Status 26,Basic Security Settings 28. Advanced Security Settings 30,Configuring a Wireless Windows XP Client 38. Connecting a Wireless Windows XP Client 40,5 Using Network Connections 45. Network Home Office 46,Ethernet Connection 51,Coax Connection 54. Broadband Ethernet Connection 57,Coax Broadband Connection 62.
WAN PPPoE WAN PPPoE 2 68,6 Configuring the Router s Security 75. General 77,Access Control 79,Port Forwarding 82,DMZ Demilitarized Zone Host 83. Port Triggering 84,Remote Administration 86,Static NAT 88. Advanced Filtering 89,Security Log 92,7 Using Parental Controls 99. Activating Parental Controls 99,Advanced Parental Controls 101.
Wireless Broadband Router User Manual,8 Using Advanced Settings 103. Firmware Upgrade 105,Firmware Restore 107,Configuration File 108. System Settings 109,Date and Time 114,Scheduler Rules 115. Routing 117,IP Address Distribution 119,Diagnostics 123. Restoring Default Settings 124,Reboot the Router 124.
MAC Cloning 125,ARP Address Resolution Protocol Table 125. Local Administration 127,Remote Administration 128. Dynamic DNS 128,DNS Server 130,Network Objects 132. Universal Plug and Play UPnP 133,Protocols 135,9 Monitoring the Router 137. Router Status 137,Advanced Status 138,10 Troubleshooting 141.
A Quality of Service 145,Traffic Priority 145,Traffic Shaping 149. B Specifications 161,General 161,Wireless Operating Range 162. LED Indicators 162,Environmental 162,Introduction, Thank you for purchasing the Wireless Broadband Router The Wireless. Broadband Router supports Multimedia over Coax Alliance MoCA a new net. working standard that allows digital entertainment and information to be trans. mitted and distributed to multiple devices over coaxial cables The Router also sup. ports Ethernet and Wi Fi networking making it the most versatile router available. If you want to take your home or office networking to the next level the Wireless. Broadband Router is sure to be one of the keys to your success. Package Contents,s Wireless Broadband Router,s Black Power cord. s Yellow cable Ethernet 6 ft,s White cable Ethernet 10 ft.
s Quick Start Guide,s Installation Guide,s User Manual CD. s Wireless Networking Guide,Wireless Broadband Router User Manual. s Wall mount template,s Vertical stand,s Warranty,Minimum System Requirements. s Computer with Ethernet capability, s Microsoft Windows 98SE Me 2000 or XP Mac OS 9 or greater Linux. s Internet Explorer 5 0 or higher Netscape Navigator 7 0 or higher. s TCP IP network protocol installed on each computer. s Supports multiple networking standards including. WAN Ethernet and MoCA interfaces,LAN 802 11g 802 11b Ethernet and MoCA.
s Integrated wired networking with 4 port 10 100 Mbps Ethernet switch. s Integrated wireless networking with 802 11g access point featuring. 802 11g enabled to support speeds up to 54 Mbps wirelessly. 802 11b backward compatible communicating with 802 11b wireless. products at speeds up to 11 Mbps,s Enterprise level security including. Fully customizable firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection. Content filtering with URL keyword based filtering parental control. customizable filtering policies per computer and E mail notification. Denial of service protection against IP spoofing attacks intrusion and. scanning attacks IP fragment overlap ping of death and fragmentation. Event logging,Chapter 1 Introduction,Intrusion detection. MAC address filtering,DMZ hosting,Access control, Advanced wireless protection featuring WPA WEP 64 128 bit encryp. tion 802 1x authentication and MAC address filtering. ICSA certified,s Other Features,DHCP server option. DHCP server PPPoE server auto detection,DNS server.
LAN IP and WAN IP address selection,MAC address cloning. Port forwarding,PPPoE support, QoS support end to end layer 2 3 featuring Diffserv 802 1p q prioriti. zation configurable upstream downstream traffic shaping random early. detection and pass through of WAN side DSCPs PHBs and queuing to. LAN side devices, Remote management and secured remote management using HTTPS. Reverse NAT,Static NAT,Static routing,Time zone support. VLAN multicast support,VPN IPSec VPN passthrough only.
Wireless Broadband Router User Manual,Getting to Know the Router. This section contains a quick description of the Router s lights LEDs ports etc. The Router features several indicator lights on its front panel and a series of ports. and switches on its rear panel,Front Panel, The front panel of the Router features ten indicator lights Power WAN Ethernet. WAN Coax Internet LAN Ethernet 4 LAN Coax and Wireless. Power Light, The Power light displays the Router s current status If the Power light glows. steadily green the Router is receiving power and fully operational When the. Power light flashes rapidly the Router is initializing If the Power light is not illu. minated or glows red when the Power cord is plugged in and the Power switch is. turned on the Router has suffered a critical error and technical support should. be contacted,WAN Ethernet Light, The WAN Ethernet light illuminates when the Router is connected to the. Internet via Ethernet If flashing data traffic is passing across the port. WAN Coax Light, The WAN Coax light glows steadily or flashes when the Router is connected to.
the Internet via coaxial cable,Chapter 1 Introduction. Internet Light, When the Internet light glows steadily green the Router is connected to the ISP. Internet Service Provider If it glows amber there is a physical connection to. the ONT Optical Network Terminator but authentication has not taken place. i e no IP address is present,LAN Ethernet Lights 1 2 3 4. The LAN Ethernet lights illuminate when the Router is connected to a local. network via one or more of its Ethernet ports If flashing data traffic is passing. across the port s,LAN Coax Light, The LAN Coax light glows steadily or flashes when the Router is connected to a. local network via its Coax port,Wireless Light, The Wireless light illuminates when the Router s wireless access point is turned.
on If flashing data traffic is passing across the wireless connection. Wireless Broadband Router User Manual,Rear Panel, The rear panel of the Router features seven ports Coax WAN Ethernet LAN. Ethernet 4 and Power as well as a Reset button and Power switch. The Coax port connects the Router to the ISP or other devices using a. coaxial cable,Reset Button, To restore the Router s factory default settings press and hold the Reset button. for approximately ten seconds The reset process will start about ten seconds. after releasing the button When the Router resets all the lights on the front. panel turn off and then some of the lights start flashing The Router has com. pleted its reset process when the Power light glows steadily green. M Caution Do not unplug the Power cord from the Router dur. ing the reset process Doing so may result in the loss of the. Router s configuration information If this occurs reset the. Router again,WAN Ethernet Port, The WAN Ethernet port connects the Router to the ISP using an Ethernet cable. LAN Ethernet Ports 4, The LAN Ethernet ports connect devices to the Router via Ethernet cables to cre. ate a local area network LAN The LAN Ethernet ports are 10 100 Mbps auto. sensing ports and either a straight through or crossover Ethernet cable can be. used when connecting devices to the ports,Chapter 1 Introduction.
Power Switch,The Power switch powers the Router on and off. Power Port, The Power port connects the Router to an electrical wall outlet via the. Power cord,Wireless Broadband Router User Manual,This page left intentionally blank. Connecting the, Connecting a computer or local network to the Wireless Broadband Router is a. simple procedure varying slightly depending on the computer s operating system. but designed to seamlessly integrate the Router with the computer or local net. work Moreover addition configuration to access the GUI is not required when tak. ing advantage of Universal Plug and Play support in Windows XP. The Windows default network settings dictate that in most cases the setup pro. cedure described in the Computer Network Configuration will be unnecessary. For example the default DHCP setting in Windows 2000 is client requiring no. further modification, However Verizon advises following the setup procedure described below to verify all.
communication parameters are valid and the physical cable connections are correct. Setting Up the Router, There are three parts to setting up the Router Connecting the Cables Configuring. the Router and Connecting Other Computers Set Top Boxes. Connecting the Cables, Note If a different router was being used disconnect it Remove. all router components including power supplies and cables. since they will not work with the Wireless Broadband Router. 1 Get the Router and black Power cord from the box. 2 Plug the black Power cord in the black port on the back of the Router and. then into a power outlet,3 Turn the Router on, 4 Make sure the Power light on the front of the Router is glows steadily green. 5 Plug the yellow Ethernet cable from the box into one of the four yellow. Ethernet ports on the back of the Router,Wireless Broadband Router User Manual. 6 Make sure the computer is powered on then plug the other end of the yellow. Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on the computer. 7 Make sure at least one of the Ethernet LAN lights on the front of the Router. glows steadily green This may take a few moments, 8 The phone company previously installed a high speed wall jack somewhere in.
the house Locate it and note its type Ethernet or coaxial If Ethernet follow. steps 8a and 8b If coaxial follow steps 9a and 9b Then continue to step 10. a If connecting via Ethernet get the white Ethernet cable from the box and. plug one end in the white port on the back of the Router. b Plug the other end of the white Ethernet cable into the high speed. Ethernet jack, 9 a If connecting via coaxial cable get a coaxial cable and connect one end to. the red Coax port on the back of the Router, b Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to a coax jack. 10 Make sure the Ethernet WAN light if connecting via Ethernet or Coax WAN. light if connecting via coaxial cable on the front of the Router glows steadily. green If connecting via coaxial cable this may take a few minutes. Note If the Ethernet WAN light or Coax WAN light does not. illuminate make sure the cable Ethernet or coaxial is con. nected properly at both ends,Chapter 2 Connecting the Router. Computer Network Configuration, Each network interface on the computer should either be configured with a stati. cally defined IP address and DNS address or instructed to automatically obtain an. IP address using the Network DHCP server The Router is set up by default with an. active DHCP server and Verizon recommends leaving this setting as is. Configuring Dynamic IP Addressing,To set up a computer to use dynamic IP addressing.
Windows XP,1 Select Network Connections in the Control Panel. 2 Right click Ethernet Local Area Connection then click Properties. 3 In the General tab select Internet Protocol TCP IP then click. Properties, 4 The Internet Protocol TCP IP Properties window appears. 5 Click the Obtain an IP address automatically radio button. 6 Click the Obtain DNS server address automatically radio button. 7 Click OK in the TCP IP Properties screen then click OK in the Local. Area Connection Properties screen to save the settings. Windows 2000, 1 Select Network and Dialing Connections in the Control Panel. 2 Right click on the Ethernet connection s icon then click Properties. 3 Select Internet Protocol TCP IP component then click Properties. 4 The Internet Protocol TCP IP Properties window appears. 5 Click the Obtain an IP address automatically radio button. 6 Click the Obtain DNS server address automatically radio button. Wireless Broadband Router User Manual,Windows 98 Me. 1 Select Network in the Control Panel, 2 Select the TCP IP settings for the network card then click Properties.
3 Click the Obtain an IP address automatically radio button in the IP. Address tab,4 Click Disable DNS in the DNS configuration tab. 5 Click OK in the TCP IP Properties screen, 6 Click OK in the Network screen to reboot and save the settings. Windows NT, 1 Click Network in the Control Panel The Network window appears. 2 In the Protocol tab select Internet Protocol TCP IP then click. Properties, 3 In the IP Address tab click the Obtain an IP address automatically radio. 4 In the DNS tab verify no DNS server is defined in the DNS Service Search. Order text box and no suffix is defined in the Domain Suffix Search. 2 Wireless Broadband Router User Manual 3 Chapter 1 Introduction Intrusion detection MAC address filtering NAT DMZ hosting Access control Advanced wireless protection featuring WPA WEP 64 128 bit encryp tion 802 1x authentication and MAC address filtering ICSA certified s Other Features DHCP server option DHCP server PPPoE server auto detection DNS server LAN IP and WAN IP address selection

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