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LIMITED WARRANTY CIDENTAL INDIRECT SPECIAL OR CONSEQUEN. TIAL DAMAGES Some states do not allow the exclu, JK Products Services JK warrants your tanning unit. sion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. to be free of structural defects in material and workman. and the above limitation or exclusion will not apply to. ship under normal use for its lifetime JK will at its. residents of some states This One Year Warranty gives. discretion repair any structural defect which materially. you specific legal rights and you may have other rights. affects the performance of the tanning unit or replace the. which may vary from state to state,tanning unit,JK Products Services Inc makes no guarantees on. For twelve 12 months following the purchase date of your. income return on investment market conditions perfor. tanning unit JK will provide replacements for parts that. mance etc with any undertaking using its products and ser. prove to be defective in material or workmanship with. vices Past performance is not indicative of future results. the following exceptions fluorescent lamps are warranted. against manufacturer s defects for a period of thirty 30 All warranty service must be performed by an authorized. days acrylics are warranted against manufacturer s defects service person using only JK authorized replacement parts. for a period of one 1 year prorated following the pur Use of non authorized parts may void your warranty All. chase date of your tanning unit Standard ground shipping labor charges must be authorized by JK prior to the start of. charges will be covered for the entire twelve 12 months repairs and must not exceed the established rates and time. of this warranty period Any upgraded shipping method allotment policies established by JK Contact JK Products. charges will be paid for by the customer Services for the authorized Service Center nearest you. This warranty is serial number specific and only applies. Labor costs associated with repair or replacement work. to tanning units purchased through an authorized JK Dis. covered by this warranty will be reimbursed for repair or. tributor This warranty is extended to the individual or legal. replacement work required to be performed for a period. entity whose name appears on the original sales document. of ninety 90 days following the purchase date of your. and may not be transferred to any other individual or legal. tanning unit Normal wear and tear damage from misuse. entity This warranty is void if the tanning unit is modified. or abuse damage incurred in transit or damages resulting. from unauthorized repairs or modifications are not cov in any manner from its original design. ered by this warranty Warranty coverage does not include To obtain warranty service contact your place of pur. cosmetic abnormalities such as scratches nicks dents or chase Proof of purchase including serial number is re. other cosmetic changes that do not materially interfere quired for verification. with the function of the tanning unit,THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY MADE IN LIEU OF. ANY OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MER. CHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR,PURPOSE WHICH ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED No.
one has the authority to change or modify this One Year. Warranty in any respect Proof of purchase including se. rial number is required for any warranty coverage,IN NO EVENT SHALL YOUR DISTRIBUTOR OR. THE MANUFACTURER BE LIABLE AT LAW OR IN,EQUITY FOR ANY LOSS LIABILITY DAMAGE OR. EXPENSE IN AN AMOUNT IN EXCESS OF THE PUR,CHASE PRICE RECEIVED OR FOR LOSS OF USE. OR PROFITS LOSS OF TIME INCONVENIENCE,4930655 02,RENTAL OR SUBSTITUTE PRODUCTS LOSS OF. BUSINESS LOSS OF INCOME OR ANY OTHER IN,2 Ultimate Envy 134 Assembly and User Manual.
Thank you for purchasing this tanning bed Contents. It has been designed to provide years of de,Unpacking and inspection 6. pendable service for you,Pre installation Planning 6. Please read all the instructions in this booklet, before installing and using the unit Always Electrical Requirements 6. be sure to observe all safety precautions Disassembly 7. Assembly 20,Electrical Connections 32,Mood Mode Lighting 33. Remote Connections 34,T Max Products 34,T Max Wireless Remote System 34.
Remote System Hook up Scenarios 34,Operation 38,Before You Tan 38. Exposure Times 38,The Keypad 39,The Tanning Session 40. Care and Maintenance 41,Cleaning After Use 41,Thorough Periodic Cleaning 41. Cleaning the Canopy and Bench 41,Mechanical Inspection 41. Opening Replacing Acrylics 42,Removing Replacing Fluorescent Lamps 42.
Replacement Lamps 42,Removing Replacing Face Tanner Lamp 43. Troubleshooting 44,Updating Timer Software 46,4930655 02. Parameters 46,Ultimate Envy 134 Assembly and User Manual 3. DANGER Ultraviolet radiation Follow instructions Avoid overexposure As with. natural sunlight overexposure can cause eye and skin injury and al. lergic reactions Repeated exposure may cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer WEAR. PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR FAILURE TO MAY RESULT IN SEVERE BURNS OR LONGTERM IN. JURY TO THE EYES Medications or cosmetics may increase your sensitivity to the ultraviolet radiation. Consult physician before using sunlamp if you are using medications or have a history of skin problems. or believe yourself especially sensitive to sunlight If you do not tan in the sun you are unlikely to tan from. the use of this product Children the elderly or fair skinned people who always burn easily and either never tan or tan. minimally should not use this equipment, To use lie down under canopy and pull down as far as adjustment will allow Do not use without clear plastic panels in. place Untanned persons should not tan on consecutive days during their first week of tanning Never tan more than once. a day Tanning normally appears after the first few sessions and maximizes after approximately four weeks Tan once or. twice per week thereafter to maintain appearance Persons already having a base tan may begin at advanced levels cor. responding to the extent of their base tan, RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE TIMES IN MINUTES MAXIMUM EXPOSURE TIME IS 20 MINUTES.
Level 1 Week 1,Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5,Skin Type 1st 3rd Sessions. I Sensitive Skin Burns easily and severely and does not tan NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TANNING. II Light Burns easily and severely and tans minimally 4 8 12 16 20. III Normal Burns moderately and tans average 6 10 15 20 20. IV Dark Burns minimally tans easily and above average 8 12 16 20 20. New lamps emit approximately 10 more ultraviolet radiation during the first 50 hours of operation Recommended tan. ning times should therefore be reduced by approximately 10 during that period. WARNING Read the instructions booklet before using this sunlamp product All persons in the room should wear. protective eyewear when lamps are on Recommended eyewear provided eyeshields or equivalent eyewear as defined. under 21 CFR 1040 20 Other types of eyewear may not provide adequate protection Failure to use protective eyewear. may result in severe burns or other eye injury If discomfort develops discontinue use and consult a physician. THE FOLLOWING LAMPS HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED FOR USE IN THIS EQUIPMENT. ETS ELITE Select Model F71 T12 100W BP,Heraeus OH C 400 EF facial unit if equipped. Disconnect power before attempting to clean relamp or engage in the maintenance of this product. THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE EARTH GROUNDED, This product is in conformity with performance standards for sun lamp products under 21 CFR PART 1040 20. and ANSI UL Standard 482 Certified to CAN CSA Standard C22 2 NO 224. 4930655 02,4 Ultimate Envy 134 Assembly and User Manual. DANGER Rayonnement ultraviolet Veuillez suivre les instructions vitez une exposition excessive. Tout comme pour les rayons du soleil une exposition excessive peut causer des blessures. aux yeux et la peau et provoquer des r actions allergiques Une exposition r p t e peut causer le vieillissement pr. matur de la peau et provoquer le cancer de la peau PORTEZ DES LUNETTES PROTECTRICES LE NON RESPECT. DE CETTE CONSIGNE DE S CURIT PEUT ENTRA NER DE GRAVES BR LURES OU DES L SIONS OCULAIRES. LONG TERME Les m dicaments ou les produits cosm tiques peuvent augmenter votre sensibilit au rayonnement. ultraviolet Consultez un m decin avant d utiliser la lampe solaire si vous prenez des m dicaments si vous souffrez d une. maladie cutan e ou si vous croyez tre particuli rement sensible aux rayons du soleil Si vous ne bronzez pas au soleil il. est peu probable que vous bronzerez sous une lampe solaire Les enfants les personnes g es et les personnes qui ont. une peau claire qui br le facilement ne bronze jamais ou alors tr s peu ne devraient pas utiliser cette lampe. tendez vous sous la partie sup rieure puis abaissez celle ci aussi bas que possible N utilisez pas la lampe sans les pan. neaux de plastique transparents La premi re semaine de bronzage les personnes qui n ont pas un h le initial ne doivent. pas se faire bronzer tous les jours Ne vous faites jamais bronzer plus d une fois par jour Le bronzage commence normale. ment appara tre apr s les premi res s ances il atteint son apog e au bout d environ quatre semaines Les personnes. qui ont d j un teint h l peuvent commencer des niveaux plus lev s selon l importance de leur h le initial. TEMPS D EXPOSITION RECOMMAND EN MINUTES LE TEMPS D EXPOSITION MAXIMAL EST DE 20 MINUTES. lev 1 Semaine 1,lev 2 lev 3 lev 4 lev 5,Type de peau 1ere 3e.
I Peau sensible br le facilement et ne bronze pas NON RECOMMAND. II Peau claire br le facilement et bronze tr s peu 4 8 12 16 20. III Peau normale br le et bronze de fa on mod r e 6 10 15 20 20. IV Peau fonc e br le tr s peu bronze plus facilement que la moyenne 8 12 16 20 20. Les lampes neuves mettent approximativement 10 de plus de rayons ultraviolets au cours des 50 premi res heures. de fonctionnement Le temps de bronzage doit donc atre r duit d environ 10 pendant cette p riode. AVERTISSEMENT Lisez le livret d instructions avant d utiliser cette lampe solaire Les autres personnes pr sentes. dans la pi ce doivent aussi porter des lunettes protectrices lorsque les lampes sont allum es Coquilles de protection. pour les yeux recommand es Les coquilles de protection fournies ou l quivalent tel que le stipule le document 21 CFR. 1040 20 Les autres types de lunettes protectrices peuvent ne pas assurer une protection ad quate Utilis sans lunettes. protectrices ce produit peut causer des br lures ou l sions oculaires graves Si vous souffrez d un malaise arr tez. l utilisation et consultez un m decin, SEULES LES LAMPES SUIVANTES ONT T HOMOLOGU ES POUR CET QUIPEMENT. ETS ELITE Select Mod le F71 T12 100W BP,Heraeus OH C 400 EF unit faciale s il y en a un. D brancher l alimentation lectrique avant de nettoyer l appareil d en faire. l entretien ou de changer les lampes,Cet quipement doit tre mis la terre. Ce produit est conforme aux normes de rendement pour les lampes solaires dans le documents. 4930655 02, 21 CFR partie 1040 20 ANSI UL 482 CAN CSA C22 2 N 224. Ultimate Envy 134 Assembly and User Manual 5, Unpacking and inspection Pre installation Planning.
Your new tanning bed arrives completely The following instructions outline a com. assembled The reason for this is to assure plete disassembly and reassembly Prepare. everything has been tested at the factory Be an area for disassembly to place items prior. fore performing any work inspect the unit to installation in the final space. carefully and identify any issues that may No hardware has been provided as the hard. have happened during shipping Notify the ware needed will be removed during the. transportation company immediately to re disassembly process Be sure to keep track. port any shipping damage of all hardware removed,Record the serial number of the unit in the. area provided at the back of this manual, This information will be required whenever Electrical Requirements. you call customer service You are responsible for preparing the facility. for your tanning bed Please have an electri,cian present at the time your tanning bed is. CAUTION installed That way the installation crew can. Proper assembly of your sunbed fully verify all functions before they leave. requires 3 4 people Plan to have This unit runs on 220VAC service and must. some helpers assist you be hardwired directly to a junction box on a. dedicated circuit A professional electrician, CAUTION is recommended for electrical installation. DO NOT lift the unit using the plastic This unit requires a minimum 20A cir. endcaps They are not designed to cuit breaker on a 3 phase line 3 wire plus. hold the weight of the unit and may ground Alternatively it requires a minimum. break causing damage to the unit and 30A circuit breaker on a single phase line 2. possible injury wire plus ground See page 32,Air from the room is used to cool the.
sunbed Maximum ambient room tem CAUTION,perature should be 80 F Place your. Use of a voltage source above 245V,sunbed no closer than 3 from any. wall Make sure nothing obstructs the AC may prevent proper operation. airflow into or out of the fan openings of the sunbed and could cause. A poorly ventilated room may cause damage and void the warranty. the unit to become hot and cause dis,4930655 02,comfort to the user. 2 Ultimate Envy 134 Assembly and User Manual 4930655 02 LIMITED WARRANTY JK Products amp Services JK warrants your tanning unit to be free of structural defects in material and workman ship under normal use for its lifetime JK will at its discretion repair any structural defect which materially

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