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Thank You EN,Thank you for purchasing a Haier Product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance The instructions con. tain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure. safe and proper installation use and maintenance, Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper. use of the appliance, If you sell the appliance give it away or leave it behind when you move house make sure. you also pass this manual so that the new owner can become familiar with the appliance. and safety warnings,Warning Important Safety information. General information and tips,Environmental information.
Help protect the environment and human health Put, the packaging in applicable containers to recycle it. Help to recycle waste of electrical and electronic ap. pliances Do not dispose appliances marked with this. symbol with the household waste Return the product. to your local recycling facility or contact your municipal. of it Remove the door catch to prevent children and pets to get closed in the appliance. EN Content,1 Safety information 4,2 Product description 7. 3 Control panel 8,4 Programmes 12,5 Consumption 13. 6 Daily use 14,7 Eco friendly washing 19,8 Care and cleaning 20. 9 Troubleshooting 23,10 Installation 26,11 Technical data 30.
12 Customer service 32,1 Safety information EN,ing safety hints. Make sure there is no transport damage,Make sure all transport bolts are removed. Remove all packaging and keep out of children s reach. Handle the appliance always with at least two persons because it. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and. above and persons with reduced physical sensory or mental ca. pabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been. given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance. in a safe way and understand the hazards involved, Keep away children under 3 years of age from the appliance un. less they are constantly supervised,Children shall not play with the appliance. Do not let children or pets come close to the appliance when the. door is open,Store washing agents out of reach of children.
vent laundry from being entangled If necessary use an appropri. ate bag or net, Do not touch or use the appliance when barefoot or with wet or. damp hands or feet, Do not cover or encase the appliance during operation or after. wards to allow any moisture or dampness to evaporate. Do not place heavy objects or sources of heat or damp on top of. the appliance, Do not use or store detergent or dry cleaning agent in. close vicinity to the appliance, Do not use any sprays in close vicinity to the appliance. Do not wash any garments treated with solvents in the appliance. without having dried them previously in the air,EN 1 Safety information.
Do not remove or insert the plug in the presence of. Do not hot wash f ke materials, Do not wash any laundry which is polluted with our. Do not open detergent drawer during any wash cycle. Do not touch the door during the washing process it gets hot. Do not open the door if the water level is ly over the porthole. Do not force the door to open The door is tted with a self lock. device and will open shortly after the washing procedure is ended. undertaking any routine maintenance and disconnect the appli. ance from the electrical supply to save electricity and for safety. Hold the plug no ce,Maintenance cleaning, Make sure children are supervised if they carry out cleaning and. maintenance, Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply fore un. dertaking any routine maintenance, Keep the lower part of the porthole clean and open door and de. tergent drawer if appliance is not in use to prevent odours. Do not use water spray or steam to clean the appliance. Replace a damaged supply cord only the manufacturer its ser. Do not try to repair the appliance yourself In case of repair. please contact our customer service,Installation, The appliance should placed in a well ventilated place Ensure.
a location which allows opening the door fully, Never install the appliance outdoors in a damp place or in an area. which may prone to water leaks such as under or near a sink. unit In the event of a water leak cut power supply and allow the. machine to dry naturally,1 Safety information EN,Installation. Install or use the appliance only where the temperature is above. Do not place the appliance directly on a carpet or close to a wall. or furniture, Do not install the appliance in direct sunlight or in the near of heat. sources e g stoves heaters, Make sure that the electrical information on the rating plate. agrees with the power supply If it does not contact an electri. Do not use multi plug adapters and extension cables. Make sure only the delivered electric cable and hose set are used. Make sure not to damage the electric cable and the plug If dam. aged have it replaced by an electrician, Use a separate earthed socket for the power supply which is easy.
accessible after installation The appliance must be earthed. Only for UK, pliance is installed the plug should be accessible. no leakage,Intended use, This appliance is intended for washing machine washable laun. dry only Anytime follow the instructions given on the label of each. garment label It is designed exclusively for domestic use inside the. house It is not intended for commercial or industrial use. use may cause hazards and loss of of all warranty and liability claims. EN 2 Product description,2 1 Picture of appliance,Front Fig 2 1 Rear side Fig 2 2. 1 23 4 5 6 7,Cotton Cotton HW80 B14876,Mix Delicate. Synthetic Duve t,Underwear Express15 mi n,Baby Care Hygienic.
Delay Temp Speed Extra,Steam Start Pause,Anti allergy. Daily Wash,Self Clea n,Spin Drain R7 R5,R8 R9 R10 R6. 7 1 Iron bars I1 I2,2 Transportation bolts T1 T4,1 Detergent 5 Panel 3 Rear wall reinforcements. Softener drawer 6 Service ap 4 Power cord,2 Work top 7 Adjustable feet 5 Water inlet valve. 3 Display 8 Door 6 Drain hose,4 Programme selector.
7 Rear wall reinforcement screws,2 2 Accessories, Check the accessories and literature in accordance with this list Fig 2 3. Inlet hose 6 Blanking Drain hose Noise reduc Warranty User Bottom plate. assembly plugs bracket tion pads card manual,3 Control panel EN. Cotton Cotton HW120 B14876,Mix Delicate,Synthetic Duvet. Underwear Express15 min,Baby Care Hygienic,Anti allergy Wool. Daily Wash Self Clean,Sport Spin Drain,Delay Temp S peed Extra Steam Start Paus e.
12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4,Function buttons,1 Detergent Softener Drawer 6 Steam 11 Child lock. 2 Display 7 Extra rinse 12 Delay,3 Programme selector 8 Speed. 5 Start Pause button 10,Note Acoustic signal,In following cases an acoustic signal sounds. when pressing a button at the end of programme, when turning the programme selector in case of failures. The acoustic signal can be deselected if necessary see DAILY USE. 3 1 3 1 Detergent drawer,1 Compartment Bleaching agent for cotton syn.
thetic programme,2 Compartment Liquid detergent for programme. 3 Compartment Softener Conditioning agent etc,4 Compartment Powder detergent for programme. Please refer to the information on detergent package. to obtain recommendation for using detergent in vari. ous washing temperatures,3 2 3 2 Display, If the appliance is on display will light up the actual sta. washing time spin speed temperature etc will appear. Dela y Temp S peed Extra Stea m S tart Pause,EN 3 Control panel. Display symbols, Programme status indication Programme cycle indication.
Remaining opera,Display for washing time end time, Remaining delay delay as well as error codes and Steam. time service information, Automatic weighing Wash cycle Rinse cycle Spin drainage cycle. 3 3 Program selector 3 3, By turning the knob Fig 3 3 one of 16 programmes Cotton. can be selected its default settings will be displayed Synthetic Duvet. Underwear Express15 min,Baby Care Hygienic,Anti allergy Wool. Daily Wash Self Clean,Sport Spin Drain, Press this button Fig 3 4 gently to switch on the dis 3 4.
play is shining Press it again for about 2 seconds to. vated after a while machine will shut down automatically. 3 5 Start Pause button 3 5, Touch this button Fig 3 13 gently to start or interrupt. the currently displayed programme,Start Paus e,3 Control panel EN. 3 6 Function buttons,The function buttons Fig 3 6 enable additional op. tions in the selected programme before program start. Delay Temp Speed Extra Steam,The related indicators are displayed. gram all options are disabled, If a button has multiple options the desired option can.
be selected by pressing the button sequentially, To delete the setting or to cancel the setting process. press the function button until the desired LED lights. Not all functions are available for all programmes see. PROGRAMMES,Note Factory settings, there is no special requirement default settings are recommended. 3 6 1 3 6 1 Function button Extra Rinse, Press this button Fig 3 6 1 to rinse the laundry more. intense with fresh water This is recommended for,people with sensitive skin. Rinse By pressing the button several times one to maximum. additional cycles can be selected,sing times,3 6 2 Function Delay.
3 6 2 Press this button Fig 3 6 2 to start the program with. a delay End time delay could be increased in steps of. means end of programme cycle will be in 6 hours and. 30 minutes Touch Start Pause button to activate the. time delay, The time delay must be longer than the programme run. time Otherwise the programme will start immediately. For deactivating the time delay rotate programme se. Note Liquid detergent, If using liquid detergent it is not recommended to activate the end time delay. EN 3 Control panel,3 6 3 Function 3 6 3,Press the button Fig 3 6 3 can choose dif. ferent washing time This function does not apply to. Self Clean and Spin Drain programs,3 6 4 Function Steam. Press this button Fig 3 6 4 the steam program can 3 6 4. be selected When this program is selected the de, fault temperature is the max temperature of this pro.
gram You can select if you require this function when. programs Cotton Mix Synthetic Underwear Baby Steam. Care Anti allergy are used When you select the pro. gram Steam the icon light up to warn you the icon,turns when the program is canceled when you. select the program you can not change the tempera 3 6 5. ture If you press the temperature button the program. will be canceled Switch on the washing machine and. select this program If the washing machine is working Speed. you cannot select this program,3 6 5 Function Speed. Press this button Fig 3 6 5 to change or deselect the 3 6 6. speed of the program If no value is illuminated the laun. dry will not spin,3 6 6 Function Temp Temp, Press this button Fig 3 8 to change the washing tem. perature of the program,3 6 7 Child lock 3 6 7, This option blocks all panel elements against activation. After programme starts press button and,Delay Fig 3 6 7 for 3 seconds simultaneously The.
screen shows that at this time the selection Delay. of other function keys and the programme changing is. invalid and there is an invalid sound prompt Even if the. shutdown program will still remember the current state. Press the and Delay button again for 3 seconds to cancel th e child lock functio. n After the programme runs to the end Child lock program will be removed automatically. 4 Programmes EN,Detergent compartment for,1 Bleaching agent. 2 Liquid detergent,3 Softener conditioning agent etc. Yes Optional No 4 Powder detergent,Max Temperature. Extra Rinse,in kg in C,Program max Preset Fibre type. Cotton 12 902 40 Cotton 1400,Lightly soiled mixed,Mix 12 60 30 laundry of cotton and.
synthetics,Synthetics or mixed,Synthetic 12 60 40 fabrics 1200. Under wear 6 60 40 Cotton Synthetic 1000,Baby Care 6 902 40 Cotton Synthetic 1000. Anti allergy 6 902 60 Cotton 1000,Daily Wash 6 60 30 Cotton 1000. Sport 3 40 30 Sports Wear 1000,Cotton 902 Cotton standard pro. 12 30 gram for energy labelling,Delicate 1 30 30 Silk 600.
Duvet 3 40 40 Cotton fabrics 800,1 40 Cotton Synthetic 1000. Hygienic 6 902 902 Cotton Synthetic 1000,Wool 1 40 Woolen fabrics 800. Self Clean 0 902 902 600,Spin Drain 12 All fabrics 1000. Relating to dry laundry Water is not heated up, Choose 90 C wash temperature only for special hygienic requirements. Reduce detergent amount because programme duration is short. EN 5 Consumption, Temper Max load Energy Water Washing time Spin drying.
Programme ature in h min performance,in C in kg in kWh in L. 40 C 6 0 56 40 4 16 B,Cotton 60 C 6 0 81 41 4 42 B. 60 C 12 0 79 58 5 06 B, Standard programme for the Energy Labelling according to 2010 30 EU. Cotton 60 C 40 C with max spin speed setting, The standard 60 C and 40 C cotton programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled. cycle temperature,Note Auto Weight, The appliance is equipped with a loading recognition At low loading energy water and.
Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper use of the appliance If you sell the appliance give it away or leave it behind when you move house make sure you also pass this manual so that the new owner can become familiar with the appliance and safety warnings WARNING of it Remove the door catch to prevent children and pets to get closed

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