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Disclaimer, While PDS Infotech P Ltd makes every effort to deliver high quality products we do not guarantee. that our products are free from defects Our software is provided as is and you use the software at. your own risk, We make no warranties as to performance merchantability fitness for a particular purpose or any. other warranties whether expressed or implied, No oral or written communication from or information provided by PDS Infotech P Ltd shall create. a warranty, Under no circumstances shall PDS Infotech P Ltd be liable for direct indirect special incidental or. consequential damages resulting from the use misuse or inability to use this software even if PDS. Infotech P Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages. These exclusions and limitations will apply in all jurisdictions. Information in this document is subject to change without notice No part of this manual may be. reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or any means electronic or. mechanical including photocopying and recording for any purpose other than the licensee s personal. use without the written permission of PDS Infotech P Ltd. All trademarks used herein are properties of their respective owners. Copyright PDS Infotech P Ltd All rights reserved,PDS Infotech P Limited.
6 Hungerford Street,The Regency 4th Floor,Kolkata 700017. Phone 91 33 22875500 9836490007,Email info pdsinfotech com. Website www pdsinfotech com,TDSMAN User Manual Page 1. Table of Contents,1 Preface 5,1 1 Audience 5,1 2 Manual Organization 5. 1 3 Document Convention 5,1 4 Abbreviation 6,1 5 Video Demo link 6.
2 Software Installation and Registration 7,2 1 Hardware and Software Requirement 7. 2 2 Software Installation and Registration 7, 2 3 Multiuser Upgradation and Client Registration 17. 3 Overview 20,3 1 Description of the different TDS TCS Forms 20. 3 2 Key Functions of TDSMAN Process Overview 20,3 2 1 Processing of Returns 20. 3 2 2 Correction of TDS Returns 22, 3 3 Getting familiarized with the Action Buttons of TDSMAN 22.
4 Masters 23,4 1 Company Deductor Master 23,4 2 Deductee Master 28. 4 3 Employee Master 31,5 Regular Returns 34, 5 1 Selection of Parameters for filing the Returns 35. 5 2 Challan and Deductee Entry 37,5 3 Generation of Return 47. 5 4 Entering the Receipt Number of the Return 48,6 Certificate Report Printing 51. 6 1 Quarter Wise Reports 51,6 2 Certificate Printing 54.
6 3 Party Employee wise Detailed 56,6 4 Party Employee wise Summary 57. 6 5 Challan Report 60,6 6 Summary Report Deductions 61. TDSMAN User Manual Page 2,6 7 Summary Report Deductors 63. 6 8 Correction Statement 64,6 9 Correction Log 67,6 10 Query Reports Challan Deductee 68. 6 11 Master Lists 70,6 12 File Generation Log 72,7 Preparation of Correction Returns 74.
7 1 Import data for Correction 74,7 2 Make Corrections 75. 7 3 Generate Correction Return for Submission 82,8 Importing of External Data 84. 8 1 Import from Excel Workbook 84,8 2 Import from TDS File 87. 9 TRACES Modules 88,9 1 PAN Name Extractor 88,9 2 Request for TDS Conso file online 90. 9 3 Request for Form 16A 91,9 4 Request for Form 16 Part A 92.
9 5 Request for Form 27D 93,9 6 Request for Defaults Justification Report 94. 9 7 Request for TAN PAN file 95,9 8 Download Requested File 96. 9 9 View Default Summary 98,9 10 View Statement Status 101. 9 11 View Challan Status 103,9 12 View TDS TCS Credit 105. 9 13 Validate 197 Certificates 107,10 Other Utilities 110.
10 1 View Update Document 110,10 2 Monthly TDS Calculator Salary 110. 10 3 PAN Verification 111,10 4 Rename PDF files 113. 10 5 Predict Defaults 114,10 6 Verify Challans 115. TDSMAN User Manual Page 3,10 7 Export Data to Excel 117. 10 8 File Return Online 119,10 9 Form 3CD TDS Section 122.
10 10 Pay TAX online Challan 281 Auto Fill 124,10 11 Print Challan 281 125. 10 12 Backup and Restore 126,10 13 Software Update 131. 10 14 Healthy Practices of using TDSMAN 132,TDSMAN User Manual Page 4. TDSMAN is a state of the art software solution enabling the companies deductors to keep in pace. with the ever changing TDS filing procedures by the Income Tax authorities TDSMAN helps in. generation of TDS TCS return Correction of the returns filed earlier irrespective of the software in. which the earlier return was filed and generation of various reports and certificates. It adapts to your business regardless of whether it is corporate banking insurance Government. bodies or SMEs individuals, TDSMAN is a versatile and configurable tool that enables return generation of all type of Forms Form. 24Q Form 26Q Form 27Q Form 27EQ in line with the requirements of Income Tax authorities. 1 1 Audience, This manual is intended to assist the users both trial and licensed of the TDSMAN software.
1 2 Manual Organization, This manual starts with the detailed description of installation and registration of the TDSMAN. software This is followed by the overview of the complete software including the different forms that. are used for filing the TDS TCS returns Then it continues to provide the detailed description of the. process for filing of the returns Correction of the returns filed and the generating of various. certificates and reports,1 3 Document Convention, This guide uses the following formatting conventions. Figure 1 1 Document Convention Guide,TDSMAN User Manual Page 5. 1 4 Abbreviation,Figure 1 2 Table of Abbreviation,Abbreviation Full Form. TDS TAX Deducted at Source,TCS Tax Collected at Source.
TAN Tax Deduction or Collection Account Number,PAN Permanent Account Number. DDO Drawing and Disbursing Officer,CIT Commissioner of Income Tax. PAO Pay Account Officer,IT Income Tax,1 5 Video Demo link. In quite a few modules video help is available The below image will be displayed in such modules. Click on this image for viewing the video,TDSMAN User Manual Page 6. 2 Software Installation and Registration,2 1 Hardware and Software Requirement.
PC Pentium 1 GB RAM,Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution,Windows 7 or higher version. 150MB Hard disk space,2 2 Software Installation and Registration. TDSMAN operates on the NET framework of Microsoft If the system already has the NET framework. in place TDSMAN directly installs otherwise the NET framework and its components are installed. followed by TDSMAN, To install the software insert the TDSMAN CD in your PC Right click on the setup file and click on Run. as Administrator to start the setup file After Administrator confirmation of the windows you will get. the following screen,Figure 2 1Software Installation Step 1. Click Next button to get the following interface where you can view the EULA End User License. TDSMAN User Manual Page 7,Software Installation Registration.
Figure 2 2Software Installation Step 2, Click Next button to get the following interface where you can view the default folder in which. TDSMAN software is to be installed or you select a different destination folder where you want to. install the software,TDSMAN User Manual Page 8,Software Installation Registration. Figure 2 3 Software Installation Step 3, Use the Browse button in case you desire to change the installation folder Before installing if so. desired click on Disk Cost button to get information of the availability of the disk space on your. After you have selected the destination folder click on the next button to get the following interface. TDSMAN User Manual Page 9,Software Installation Registration. Figure 2 4Software Installation Step 4, Click on the Next button to confirm and start the installation procedure On completion of this you.
will get the following interface,TDSMAN User Manual Page 10. Software Installation Registration,Figure 2 5 Software Installation Step 5. Click on Close button to exit the installation, Click on the software icon created on the Desktop to launch the software The software needs to be. registered with PDS Infotech P Ltd before one can start using the same For TDSMAN registration. you will get the following interface,TDSMAN User Manual Page 11. Software Installation Registration, Registration of the software can be done on the following ways.
Online internet connection required,The procedure of each is explained below. ONLINE REGISTRATION, Select Online on the above interface and click on Next button The following interface is displayed. Figure 2 6 Registration Process, Enter the Serial Number provided to you along with the software package and then click Next to. TDSMAN User Manual Page 12,Software Installation Registration. Figure 2 7 Online Registration Process Step 1, On entering the valid serial number you get the following interface.
Figure 2 8 Online Registration Process Step 2,TDSMAN User Manual Page 13. Software Installation Registration, Provide your details and click Next to proceed and complete the registration process You will get the. following confirmation screen where you have to select Finish button to exit the registration process. Figure 2 9 Online Registration Process Step 3,TDSMAN User Manual Page 14. TDSMAN User Manual Page 6 1 4 Abbreviation Figure 1 2 Table of Abbreviation 1 5 Video Demo link In quite a few modules video help is available The below image will be displayed in such modules Click on this image for viewing the video Abbreviation Full Form TDS TAX Deducted at Source TCS Tax Collected at Source TAN

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