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Thank you for purchasing the SoClean 2 While the SoClean is designed to fit many PAP models. PAP disinfecting system some models require additional parts or set up steps. If you do not currently have these parts they can be. This manual contains a product overview and key setup purchased from SoClean or an authorized reseller. instructions Once connected you ll find that daily. See SoClean com for PAP model details, disinfecting of your PAP equipment has never been easier. The SoClean patented process destroys 99 9 of PAP SoClean is committed to developing innovative and safe. germs bacteria and other pathogens without the need ways to improve the health and well being of PAP users. for water or harsh chemicals The SoClean 2 allows you Please feel free to contact us with any questions you. to use disinfected PAP equipment daily without the need may have at SoClean com contact. to disconnect, Data on file See Indication of Use Cautions Specifications. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 2 2 22 19 12 46 PM,TABLE OF CONTENTS. INDICATIONS FOR USE CONTRAINDICATIONS,SPECIFICATIONS WARNINGS CAUTIONS 2. YOUR HEALTH OZONE SAFETY 4,CLASSIFICATION MANUFACTURER SYMBOLS FCC NOTICE 5.
SPECIFICATIONS WARNINGS CAUTIONS, Indications for Use The SoClean 2 is a general Positive Specifications. Airway Pressure PAP disinfecting device and is intended Electrical Characteristics. to be used in the home An individual who uses Positive. AC Adapter input AC 100 240V 50 60HZ 0 5A, Airway Pressure PAP equipment can use the SoClean 2 to. destroy 99 9 of germs and bacteria and other pathogens AC Adapter output DC 12V 1 5A Max. on PAP equipment or when the user wants the added,Power Consumption 18W Max. benefit of thorough PAP system disinfection, The SoClean 2 attaches to a PAP machine and runs daily Environmental Characteristics. while the mask is inside the Disinfecting Chamber The. Operating 10 C to 38 C 50 F to 100 F, SoClean 2 does not need to be disconnected before using.
15 to 70 humidity,your PAP machine, Contraindications for Use Do not use the SoClean Storage and Transport Conditions. device if a fragrant essence is used in the PAP water 20 C to 55 C 4 F to 131 F. reservoir or if highly fragrant detergents are used to 15 to 70 humidity. disinfect the PAP equipment Discontinue use if acne or. rash develops along mask contact line Ozone Concentration. 10 ppm 5 min when measured 1 cm from the,ozone generator output tubing interface on the. Person s with acute or chronic respiratory conditions such SoClean device assuming the starting ozone. as asthma bronchitis and sensitive or irritated breathing concentration is 0 3 ppm prior to turning the. passages mouth nose throat should consult with their SoClean device on. medical doctor before using this product,Physical Characteristics. Read this User Manual before operating,Dimensions 7 875 x 7 25 x 8 875. the equipment, Use this product only in the manner described in this User Weight 5 6lbs.
Manual If the equipment is used in a manner not specified. Cord Length 4 8, by the manufacturer the safety protection provided by the. equipment may be impaired,Data on file, DISCLAIMER SoClean does not represent through the use of the term disinfect disinfectant or disinfection. herein or in other documentation a kill rate of more than 99 9 of germs and bacteria in PAP equipment. 2 INDICATIONS FOR USE CONTRAINDICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS WARNINGS CAUTIONS. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 2 2 22 19 12 46 PM, WARNING Ensure the correct Clock time and Cycle WARNING Do not use in explosive air environments. Start time are set on your SoClean 2 before using near gas vapors or other flammables etc Do not. your PAP machine Pay particular attention to the place any flammable or ignitable items on top of the. AM PM setting if using 12 hr mode Failure to do so SoClean 2. may result in the SoClean 2 device operating at an. unexpected time WARNING Keep the SoClean Lid closed until the. green status light illuminates approximately 2 hours. WARNING In the event of loss of power to your after completion of Disinfecting Cycle. home or the SoClean 2 device ensure the correct, Clock time and Cycle Start time are set on your WARNING Do not remove gasket from Hose Detect. SoClean 2 before using your PAP machine Failure to Switch slot. do so may result in the SoClean 2 device operating at. an unexpected time CAUTION The Lid Gasket is removable Ensure that. the Lid Gasket is properly installed before operating a. WARNING Do not physically alter the Hose Detect Disinfecting Cycle. Switches on your SoClean 2 device Inspect the, Hose Detect Switches regularly for damage or WARNING Do not dismantle the SoClean 2.
inability to move up down Failure of the Hose, Detect Switches on your SoClean 2 may result in CAUTION Do not place Neutralizing Pre Wash. the SoClean operating at an unexpected time in the PAP reservoir Neutralizing Pre Wash is for. cleaning your PAP equipment only,WARNING Keep away from water sources including. rain bathtubs sinks and pools To clean wipe with a CAUTION Please be sure the black Injection. damp cloth Do not submerge the SoClean device in Hose from the back of the SoClean is connected to. liquid or use chemical cleaners your PAP before operating your SoClean device. WARNING Keep away from children Do not place WARNING If a strong ozone odor is detected. any living thing inside the Disinfecting Chamber when the SoClean is operating turn the SoClean. during use 2 off by disconnecting the AC power adapterand. inspect the SoClean 2 for visible damage such as, WARNING Do not inhale from the Injection Hose or cracks in the enclosure or tubing along with tubing. the Injection Hose outlet on the back of the device connections. WARNING Do not breathe through your PAP mask if WARNING Do not route your PAP hose through. the SoClean is operating a Disinfecting Cycle both Hose Detect Slots while or after using your. PAP This may result in the SoClean device running,at an unexpected time. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 3 2 22 19 12 46 PM,YOUR HEALTH OZONE SAFETY.
Precautions for Beneficial Use of the SoClean 2, Ozone the triatomic form of oxygen O3 is known Ozone quickly dissipates in the atmosphere If you. as activated oxygen accidentally interrupt the disinfecting cycle and release. Ozone is an effective invisible disinfectant ozone by opening the Disinfecting Chamber before the. end of the disinfecting cycle simply step away from. The SoClean 2 uses ozone to disinfect Positive Airway the SoClean 2 to avoid unintended exposure. Pressure PAP equipment ozone contacts the PAP, equipment only not the user The smell of ozone is detectable at low concentrations. by some people The scent of ozone has the, The SoClean 2 is designed to produce only enough characteristic of a sweet chlorine like smell. ozone for effective disinfection of your PAP equipment. If you smell ozone and believe the SoClean device is. While breathing large amounts of ozone can irritate not operating correctly disconnect the power to the. breathing passages of humans following the device and contact SoClean. instructions for use ensures that SoClean 2 users,will not breath large amounts of ozone. WARNING If a strong ozone odor is detected when, the SoClean is operating turn the SoClean 2 off by.
disconnecting the AC power adapter and inspect the. SoClean 2 for visible damage such as cracks in the. enclosure or tubing along with tubing connections,WARNING Person s with acute or chronic. respiratory conditions such as asthma bronchitis, colds flu and sensitive or irritated breathing passages. mouth nose throat should consult with their medical. doctor before using this product, 4 YOUR HEALTH OZONE SAFETY CLASSIFICATION MANUFACTURER SYMBOLS FCC NOTICE. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 4 2 22 19 12 46 PM,CLASSIFICATION MANUFACTURER SYMBOLS FCC NOTICE. Classification, US FDA Class I per 21 CFR 880 6890 General purpose disinfectants.
EC EU MDD Class IIa per 93 42 EEC Annex IX Rule 15 Device is intended to disinfect medical devices. Designed by and Manufactured for, SoClean Inc 12 Vose Farm Road Peterborough New Hampshire 03458 USA. Produced by JDI Electronics Factory China,Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment WEEE. It is the responsibility of the end user to dispose Serial Number. of this equipment at a designated collection point. Do not use,Catalog Not made with Date of,if package. number natural rubber latex Manufacture,is damaged. FCC Notice, Please note that changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance.
could void the user s authority to operate the equipment. NOTE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 18 of the. FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation This. equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions. may cause harmful interference to radio communications However there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular. installation If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception which can be determined by turning the. equipment off and on the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna, Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV technician for help. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 5 2 22 19 12 46 PM,INCLUDED WITH YOUR SOCLEAN. Number Part Name SKU Description, This allows you to set up the SoClean 2 device on either the right or. 1 PN1214 left side of your PAP machine Place this plug in the hose slot that. Hose Slot Plug,you don t use, Disinfecting Place your mask in here when you wake up Close the lid to ensure. Chamber that the daily automated disinfecting cycle runs. Ensures tight seal around the Disinfecting Chamber when the. 3 Lid Gasket PN1215, SoClean 2 lid is closed Do not close the lid without this part in place.
Close the lid after you place your mask in the Disinfecting Chamber. 4 SoClean Lid N A, to ensure that the daily automated disinfecting cycle occurs. This Cartridge Filter converts ozone back into normal oxygen. Remove outer plastic wrapping and blue tape prior to. 5 Cartridge Filter PN1207, installation You can repurchase the Filter along with the Check. Valve as part of the Cartridge Filter Kit, The Hose Detect Switch detects when the SoClean 2 is configured. for operation by detecting the presence of the hose in the hose slot. when the lid is closed If no hose is detected the SoClean 2 will. Hose Detect, 6 N A not run a disinfecting cycle Hose Detect Switch operation can be. inspected by gently pushing down and releasing the gray plastic. switch and hearing an audible click The switch should move freely. down and up when gently pressed, The Neutralizing Pre Wash removes any material or odor that could.
Neutralizing react with ozone Wash your PAP equipment following the PAP. Pre Wash manufacturers instructions before connecting the SoClean 2 device. or when you receive a new mask hose or reservoir,6 INCLUDED WITH YOUR SOCLEAN. SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 6 2 22 19 12 46 PM,SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 7 2 22 19 12 46 PM. INCLUDED WITH YOUR SOCLEAN,Number Part Name SKU Description. Buttons display and cycle light indicator for SoClean. 8 Control Panel N A,functions See page 10 for details. Injection Hose The Injection Hose A B carries ozone from the SoClean. 9 PN1104 12,A B device to the PAP machine See page 16.
This item comes pre installed into the Injection Hose It is a. one way Check Valve that prevents water in your humidifier. reservoir from backing up into entering your SoClean device. 10 Check Valve PN1207, If you can see water in this clear tube replace the Check. Valve assembly immediately You can repurchase it along. with the Cartridge Filter as part of the Cartridge Filter Kit. PN1106 with,humidifier reservoir, Connects the Injection Hose A B to your PAP machine. 11 Injection Fitting PN1116 without See page 15,humidifier reservoir. not included, 12 AC Adapter PN1209 Supplies power to your SoClean 2 See page 16. Replacement Parts, You will replace some SoClean parts regularly due to normal wear The Neutralizing Pre Wash is also available for purchase if you run.
and usage A message appears on your SoClean after a certain out Follow your PAP manufacturer s instructions for cleaning your. amount of use typically around six months as a reminder to PAP equipment. replace the Cartridge Filter and Check Valve These two parts are. To reorder supplies contact your authorized reseller or visit. ordered as a set called the Cartridge Filter Kit PN1207. User Manual SoClean com SoClean 2 Automated PAP Disinfecting System SC1701 V7 Manual USA 0220 indd 1 2 22 19 12 45 PM Thank you for purchasing the SoClean 2 PAP disinfecting system This manual contains a product overview and key setup instructions Once connected you ll find that daily disinfecting of your PAP equipment has never been easier The SoClean patented process destroys 99 9

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