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2010 Logitech Inc All rights reserved Logitech s trademarks are either registered trade . marks or trademarks of Logitech in the US and other countries All other trademarks are the. property of their respective owners , LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL. Contents,Introduction 1,Getting to know your Harmony 700 1. How your Harmony 700 works 1, Devices inputs and Activities 1. The buttons on your Harmony 700 2, What s on the Harmony 700 s screen 3. Navigating screen options 3,Using your Harmony 700 4.
Selecting an Activity 4, Using the Remote Assistant 4. Controlling your devices individually 4, Using your favorite channels 5. Turning off your devices 5, Recharging your remote 5. Using the Help button 6,Setting up your Harmony 700 for the first time 7. Overview 7, Creating your user account 8, Connecting your Harmony 700 to your computer 8.
Setting up the devices you want to control 8, Setting up Activities 9. Updating the remote 9, Determining your inputs 10. Device worksheet 11, Testing your remote 12,Changing your setup 13. Adding and changing Activities 13, Adding and changing devices 13. Adding a passthrough device to an Activity 14, Changing buttons for a device or Activity 15.
III, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL, Teaching commands using your old remote 15. Setting up favorite channels 16, Troubleshooting problems with your Harmony 700 17. Getting help with your Harmony 700 18, Using the on remote help 18. Glossary 19, Product Specification 21,IV, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL. Introduction, The Logitech Harmony 700 remote is your answer to effortless home entertainment .
With one button Activities you can go from watching TV to watching a DVD or. listening to music with a single touch The guided online setup steps you through the. configuration of your Harmony 700 so you ll soon be ready to sit back and relax . Whether you re new to Harmony products or you consider yourself an expert this User. Manual provides you with the information you need to get you going . Getting to know your Harmony 700,How your Harmony 700 works. The Harmony 700 is an Activity based infrared IR universal remote control Using. Harmony software you can set up the Harmony 700 to control up to 8 devices . The Harmony 700 delivers powerful Activity based control using Smart State. Technology This technology allows the Harmony 700 to keep track of the devices it. controls so it always knows which of your devices are on . Devices inputs and Activities, To make the most of your Harmony 700 you need to understand the following terms . devices inputs and Activities ,Devices, Devices are the components of your entertainment system They re things like your TV . cable box DVD player or game console ,Inputs, Inputs are connections on the back of your devices Inputs are used to connect your. devices to each other When you want to go from watching TV to watching a DVD or. listening to music you typically need to switch your TV and or audio receiver to the. correct input For example if your DVD player is connected to your TV using the HDMI. 1 input then the TV needs to be set to HDMI 1 to watch a DVD . Activities, An Activity is something you do with your entertainment system like watching TV .
listening to music or playing a game Your Harmony remote automates Activities so. that a single button turns on all the necessary devices for each Activity and switches. them to the required inputs For example pressing the Watch TV button might turn. on your TV your cable or satellite receiver and your audio receiver and switch to the. correct video and audio inputs , For information on how to select an Activity or how to switch between Activities see. Selecting an Activity on page 4 , 1, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL. The buttons on your Harmony 700, The All Off button turns off all the devices in the current. The buttons on the Activity , Harmony 700 may have The Activity buttons start the appropriate Activity The. different functions or More Activities button displays a list of all Activities on the. control different devices remote screen , depending on the The Help button starts the on remote help For more.
information see Using the Help button on page 6 , Activity or device For. more information see The arrow buttons below the screen allow you to move. through various options on the remote screen The center. Changing buttons for button below the remote screen and the side buttons. a device or Activity on beside the screen let you choose those options . page 15 The Menu button opens the menu on the screen of the. appropriate device , The Exit button closes the menu or guide on the screen of. the device , All off, The Info button opens the information section of the guide. Watch TV Watch a Movie on the screen of the appropriate device . Help, Listen to Music More Activities, The Guide button opens the guide on the screen of the. appropriate device , The page up and page down arrows help you move.
quickly through the guide or menu on the screen of the. appropriate device , The color coded buttons perform cable satellite and. teletext functions , Menu Info, The volume button changes the volume for the appropriate. device , Exit Guide, The directional pad arrows allow you to move through. menus or on screen guides , Vol OK Ch, The channel button changes the channels . The mute button mutes the sound , The previous channel button returns you to the last channel.
you were on , 1 2 3, The playback area includes play pause fast forward rewind . abc def skip and other buttons for your PVR DVD player or VCR . 4 5 6, ghi jkl mno, pqrs, 7 8 9, wxyz, The number pad has the digits 0 9 . tuv, 0 E, clear enter, The enter button enters a selection from the number pad . The clear button clears an entry from the number pad . It is also used to enter the decimal place for HD channel. numbers ,2, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL,What s on the Harmony 700 s screen. Activities, When you press an Activity button Watch TV Watch a.
Movie or Listen to Music the Activity starts and the. commands for that Activity appear on the screen The. commands that appear may apply to any of the devices that. you use for that Activity For example if you re watching a. DVD your remote screen displays functions and commands. for your DVD your TV and other devices you use in the Watch. a DVD Activity , When you press the More Activities button the remote screen shows all Activities you. have defined ,Devices, When you are viewing Activities on your remote s screen you. switch to device mode by pressing the center button below. Devices The Harmony 700 s screen displays a list of your. devices From this screen you can select a device then view. the commands that are available for that device ,Favorite channels. If you have favorite channels set up on your Harmony 700 . they will appear on the remote s screen when you start the Watch TV Activity then. select Favorite Channels If the favorite you are looking for doesn t appear on first. page press the right arrow button to move to the next page of favorites . IR Status Indicator, The status indicator flashes in the bottom right corner whenever command is being. sent from your Harmony 700 ,Navigating screen options.
The buttons surrounding the remote s screen allow,you to navigate the screen options . The arrow buttons help you move through each, page of options while the side buttons allow you to. choose an option , The center button lets you switch between Activities. and devices or return to the devices list , The upper right corner of the screen shows the current page number and how many. pages there are in total , 3, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL.
Using your Harmony 700, Selecting an Activity, You can start an Activity by pressing the appropriate. Activity button or by pressing the More Activities button. and selecting one of the Activities that appear on the. remote s screen , To switch to a new Activity press the appropriate Activity. button or use the More Activities button to choose. another Activity , The Harmony 700 will take care of powering on the. required devices powering off the ones not needed and. changing inputs if necessary , Using the Remote Assistant. The Harmony 700 s Remote Assistant appears on the remote screen when you. disconnect the remote after syncing and when you start an Activity It guides you. through the Activity For example when you select the Watch TV Activity the Remote. Assistant asks you if the TV is on and if the other devices in the Activity are configured. properly , You can temporarily turn off the Remote Assistant by pressing the button beside the.
Turn off Assistant option on the remote s screen The Remote Assistant will reappear. after the next sync , Controlling your devices individually. In some cases you may want to control a device individually You may for example . want to access a function not included in the current Activity such as picture in . picture , When you are in an Activity or on the More Activities screen pressing the center. button shows you a list of your devices Choose the device you want to control If. necessary use the arrow buttons to find the page with the desired device Once you. select the device the Harmony 700 screen shows the commands for that device . Choose the desired command , Once you ve finished press the center button to return to Activities mode . If you find yourself regularly switching to device mode to perform a. particular function you should consider adding that function to an. Activity For more information see Setting up Activities on page 9 . 4, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL,Using your favorite channels. You can set up favorite channels for your TV or your cable or satellite receiver For. more information see Setting up favorite channels on page 16 . To select a favorite channel , 1 Press the Watch TV button .
2 On your remote s screen select the Favorite Channels option Your favorite channels. will appear on the screen , 3 If you have set up more than four favorite channels they will appear on multiple. pages Use the buttons below the screen to move between pages . 4 To jump to a favorite channel simply press the button beside the channel number or. icon ,Turning off your devices, Press the All Off button to power off all the devices used in the Activity . You don t need to turn off devices when switching between. Activities The Harmony 700 ensures the proper devices for the. Activity are on or off ,Recharging your remote, Your Harmony 700 comes with an AC adaptor for charging the. batteries in your remote To recharge the batteries just insert. the USB cable into the top of the remote plug the other end of. the cable into the AC adaptor and then plug the AC adaptor. into a wall outlet and charge , Only use NiMH replacement batteries size AA. R6 with a minimum of 1800 mA , Caution Risk of explosion if battery is replaced.
by an incorrect type Use and replace only with, same type and rating as the battery provided . Charge only with the power outlet adapter, provided with your remote . 5, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL, Using the Help button. Because obstacles or distance can interfere with the signals the Harmony 700 sends. when it starts an Activity for example someone walks between your Harmony 700. and the TV when you press Watch TV or you re very far away from the system when. you start an Activity your Harmony 700 can become out of sync with your devices . To fix the problem use the Help feature on your remote . 1 On the remote press the Help button , 2 Answer the questions and follow the instructions on. the Harmony 700 s screen The Harmony 700 re sends. commands to make your remote in sync with your, devices .
3 To access advanced help features press and hold the Help. button for 5 seconds , If you have used the Help feature to fix the problem several. times in the past you may be asked some questions to. help fix the problem permanently When you re done with. this process the Harmony 700 will be in sync with your. devices , Before pressing the Help button be sure you ve addressed the cause. of the problem for example remove any obstacles from the line of. sight ,6, LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL,Setting up your Harmony 700 for the first time. Overview, You set up your Harmony 700 using a guided online setup process called My Harmony . It asks you a series of questions about your entertainment system as it walks you. through the following steps , 1 Creating your user account The setup walks you through creating a user account on My.
Harmony You may also be prompted to download and install software . 2 Connecting your Harmony 700 to your computer The software ensures that your. computer and Harmony 700 are communicating with each other . 3 Setting up the devices you want to control My Harmony walks you through entering the. manufacturer and model numbers of the components of your entertainment system. LOGITECH HARMONY 700 USER MANUAL Introduction The Logitech Harmony 700 remote is your answer to effortless home entertainment With one button Activities you can go from watching TV to watching a DVD or listening to music with a single touch The guided online setup steps you through the

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