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Kramer Electronics Ltd,Introduction 1,New Features in Kramer Network Version 2 1 1. New Features in Kramer Network Version 2 0 1,New Features in Kramer Network Version 1 0 6 2. New features in Kramer Network version 1 0 4 2,Backward Compatibility 2. Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 3,Installation 4,Registration 7. System Configuration Page 13,Configuring and Managing Devices 13.
Creating and Managing Locations 35,Configuring the Rooms 40. Manage Page 57,Arranging and Designing the ROOM VIEW 57. Managing Pro AV and AV Streaming Devices 73,Reports Page 85. DEVICE STATUS Report 85,ACTIVITY LOG Report 88,CONTROL LOG Report 92. Administration Page 96,Users Management 96,Devices Management 103.
Managing Settings 109,About Page 129,KRAMER NETWORK Contents i. Kramer Electronics Ltd,Introduction, Welcome to Kramer Electronics Since 1981 Kramer Electronics has been providing a world of. unique creative and affordable solutions to the vast range of problems that confront video. audio presentation and broadcasting professionals on a daily basis In recent years we have. redesigned and upgraded most of our line making the best even better. This online user manual accompanies the KRAMER NETWORK application software. Download up to date Kramer user manuals and Installation guides from the Internet at this. URL www kramerav com manual Kramer Network,New Features in Kramer Network Version 2 1. Device discovery across the subnet,Management of devices that do not support P3K. Automatic detection of VIA devices,EDID management.
Multi deployment of matrix devices by replicating the configuration of one matrix to. multiple devices with the same IN OUT configuration. KDS 6 video streaming preview,KDS 4 video recording. Video wall configuration and identification,Kramer Maestro new generic message trigger. 30 day device status report option,New Features in Kramer Network Version 2 0. Enhanced device management including remote operation FW upgrade and auto. discovery of modular matrices, Integrated Maestro room automation for use with any device or location. Email SNMP trap notification,Increased security with LDAP authentication.
Comprehensive integrated room scheduling, Fully customizable user scripts for endless applications actions. Completely new look feel,Multi language support online help. KRAMER NETWORK Introduction 1,Kramer Electronics Ltd. New Features in Kramer Network Version 1 0 6, Added video over IP device support KDS EN4 KDS DEC4. Added video over IP device support KDS EN6 KDS DEC6. Support for Dante devices and Pro AV matrix devices. Added Pro AV Master room controllers physical and virtual control panels for real time. Support for device firmware upgrade, Added report log for control events activity users and device status.
New features in Kramer Network version 1 0 4,Added Kramer Network Administrator Utility. Fully supports install uninstall repair and update processes. Server runs in the background the console window was removed. Improved room controller project presentation support. Fixed various bugs,Backward Compatibility, When upgrading KRAMER NETWORK version 1 0 4 to a higher version you need to reload. the virtual room controller krnt projects in Room View using Kramer K Config 3. KRAMER NETWORK Introduction 2,Kramer Electronics Ltd. Getting to Know KRAMER, KRAMER NETWORK is an IP based enterprise management software platform for AV. networks Using any laptop PC or tablet KRAMER NETWORK lets AV IT Administrators. easily configure route control and manage Kramer Pro AV devices room environments and. IP streaming devices from a single point in the network via a user friendly web based. KRAMER NETWORK s scalability is unique in the world of AV IT convergence with its flexible. architecture and smart GUI making managing a network of hundreds of ports as easy as. handling a sports bar or retail facility, KRAMER NETWORK can be installed on standard enterprise virtual or cloud servers for.
easy management and control of the entire AV and IP product range as well as legacy AV. Dante and other devices, The platform features enhanced security with intuitive user access management of specific. audio or video sources rooms and predefined scenarios as well as LDAP authentication IT. and AV managers can also easily monitor the system s health status and track the connection. between a source and a destination,KRAMER NETWORK features. User friendly web based GUI easily access and use from anywhere anytime. Automated device detection reduce configuration time with instant and automated. device detection in the network,User access management. delegate user access to specific audio or video sources rooms and predefined. Topological AV system mapping easily drill down to visualize a specific network site. building or room to start managing AV devices, View system status at a glance quickly identify critical issues in the Network including. at the source destination connection level, Enhanced security with LDAP user authentication SSL TLS secure connection option.
and advanced user management enabling you to create different levels of access for. different users, Powerful built in room automation enhance any device or location with built in Kramer. Maestro room and device automation configuration and management. Detailed site topology easily drill down to visually examine a specific location. Live alert and response proactive notifications such as email and SMNP traps keep. you informed of issues in your system,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 3. Kramer Electronics Ltd, Fully customizable scripts increase the functionality of your system by creating custom. scripts in almost any language to provide for the specific needs of a project. Integrated room scheduling and management synchronized with your Outlook. Multi lingual Support,Online Help, Remote maintenance save time and budget with no need for on site visits. Control over IP control a virtually unlimited number of devices with access to a rich. dynamic library of 3rd party device drivers, Software based solution KRAMER NETWORK installs on standard or virtual IT.
servers reducing your total cost of ownership no need for a dedicated server. Easy installation and use simply install and start using the platform in minutes with no. need for programming, Scalability to any size of installation support hundreds of devices simultaneously. Easy Click Connect system make connections remotely between inputs and outputs. on a physical matrix from anywhere on the network, Easy devices firmware upgrade update device firmware remotely from a centralized. location with a single click, Reports show device activity logs user status and administrative logs for user. activities, Search filters find devices easily and quickly with search filters such as Device Name. User Name and Device Activities based on time periods or specific dates. Installation,To install KRAMER NETWORK, 1 open the installation wizard and follow the directions online.
Figure 1 KRAMER NETWORK Installation Wizard,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 4. Kramer Electronics Ltd,2 Click NEXT,3 Check Upgrade or Uninstall. Figure 2 Upgrading KRAMER NETWORK, 4 Click NEXT The list of devices to upgrade or install appears to the left. Figure 3 Upgrading KRAMER NETWORK Components,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 5. Kramer Electronics Ltd, Following the installation of Kramer Network Components and while K Config is.
installed KRAMER NETWORK database is created or updated and the following info. message appears,Figure 4 Data Base Updated, 5 Click OK and wait for completion of the installation process The KRAMER NETWORK. Administrator Utilities program opens, Figure 5 Kramer Network Administrator Utilities Window. The following message also appears,Figure 6 Installation is Complete. 6 Click FINISH,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 6. Kramer Electronics Ltd,Registration, Upon installation the Super user which is the built in user and the only user that can login for.
the first time should register the copy of the software to be able to use it When first logging in. as the Super user a registration pop up window appears. Figure 7 Registration Window,To register KRAMER NETWORK. 1 Fill in the details name company country and so on. Figure 8 The Registration Form,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 7. Kramer Electronics Ltd,2 Select the license type, Go to www kramerav com product Kramer Network for further details. 3 Once selected click Request New License The license request window appears. Figure 9 License Request Window, 4 Select one of the three license handling options. Copy the license key and paste it to the email text. Send it to the default email on your computer,Download the file and send as an attachment.
KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 8,Kramer Electronics Ltd. For example when clicking Send by email the email is ready to be sent. Figure 10 Send License Request by Email, 5 Once you get the license file click Upload License and download the license you have. received KNL file,Figure 11 The License Key File, Wait for the license to upload The web page reloads and the login page appears. KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 9,Kramer Electronics Ltd. KRAMER NETWORK is managed in three permission levels Super Admin and User see. Users Management on page 96 When you first open the KRAMER NETWORK enter the. default login for Super user,User super,Pass 12345.
6 Change the default password and click CHANGE,Figure 12 KRAMER NETWORK Changing the Password. Logging In, 1 Type your username and the new password and click LOGIN. Figure 13 KRAMER NETWORK Login,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 10. Kramer Electronics Ltd, If the program requires a license update the following message appears. Figure 14 Updating License,For details go to Registration on page 7.
The following page appears when opening for the first time. Figure 15 KRAMER NETWORK Main Page Opening for the First Time. You can use the tutorial as a quick reference guide for setting a streaming system or a. modular matrix Pro AV matrix system,2 Click CLOSE, Click on the top right at any time to access the tutorial documents and other. help issues,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 11. Kramer Electronics Ltd, The system automatically scans for connected devices as the main page appears. Figure 16 KRAMER NETWORK Main Page,Generally at any point you can. Click to search for help topics,Verify the current user.
Click Logout to exit KRAMER NETWORK,Click to enter exit full screen mode. Below the title bar click to view the full name of each page and click to view icons. Figure 17 KRAMER NETWORK Full Menu Names,KRAMER NETWORK Getting to Know KRAMER NETWORK 12. Kramer Electronics Ltd,System Configuration Page, The System Configuration page enables performing the following actions. Configuring and Managing Devices on page 13,Creating and Managing Locations on page 35. Configuring the Rooms on page 40,Configuring and Managing Devices.
Once the KRAMER NETWORK main window System configuration page opens for the. first time the ALL DEVICES subtab in the DEVICES tab appears and an automatic scan. finds all the connected and supported devices in the system. For each discovered device you can go to the Supported Device list see Supported. Devices List on page 109 to check which features are supported by KRAMER. NETWORK for this device For example a device may be detected by the system but. routing via MATRIX VIEW is not supported, The discovered devices are included within 5 built in folders. Pro AV Lists all the AV devices such as room controllers control gateways matrices. Video IP Rx Lists all the devices receiving video over IP. Audio IP Rx Lists all the devices receiving audio over IP. Video IP Tx lists all the devices transmitting video over IP. Audio IP Tx Lists all the devices transmitting audio over IP. Figure 18 System Configuration Page,KRAMER NETWORK System Configuration Page 13. unique creative and affordable solutions to the vast range of problems that confront video audio presentation and broadcasting professionals on a daily basis In recent years we have redesigned and upgraded most of our line making the best even better This online user manual accompanies the KRAMER NETWORK application software Download up to date Kramer user manuals and Installation

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