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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Important Safeguards i,BBE Process Explained 1. Product Description 2,Applications 2,Front Panel Controls 3. Rear Panel Connections 4,Specifications 5,General Operation 5. Application Diagrams 6 10,Service Warranty Maintenance 11. Calibration Procedures 12,Schematic Diagrams 13 16.
Congratulations on your purchase of the BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer a balanced two channel signal. processor that will benefit any recording or sound reproduction system You now own a very unique. signal processing device with no equal in the audio world Whether you purchased the BBE 882i for. your recording studio P A DJ system or instrument rack you will find the 882i s rugged. construction and careful electronic design a welcome addition to your sonic arsenal. Thank you for your purchase and for the trust that you ve placed in BBE We are committed to. bringing you the finest products with useful and unique features to serve your audio needs. The BBE Process What it Is, Loudspeakers have difficulty working with the electronic signals supplied by an amplifier These difficulties cause such. major phase and amplitude distortion that the sound reproduced by the speaker differs significantly from the sound. produced by the original source, In the past these problems proved unsolvable and were thus relegated to a position of secondary importance in audio. system design However phase and amplitude integrity is essential to accurate sound reproduction Research shows. that the information which the listener translates into the recognizable characteristics of a live performance are. intimately tied into complex time and amplitude relationships between the fundamental and harmonic components. of a given musical note or sound These relationships define a sound s sound. When these complex relationships pass through a speaker the proper order is lost The higher frequencies are delayed. A lower frequency may reach the listener s ear first or perhaps simultaneously with that of a higher frequency In some. cases the fundamental components may be so time shifted that they reach the listener s ear ahead of some or all of. the harmonic components, This change in the phase and amplitude relationship on the harmonic and fundamental frequencies is technically. called envelope distortion The listener perceives this loss of sound integrity in the reproduced sound as muddy. and smeared In the extreme it can become difficult to tell the difference between musical instruments for example. an oboe and a clarinet, BBE Sound Inc conducted extensive studies of numerous speaker systems over a ten year period With this knowledge. it became possible to identify the characteristics of an ideal speaker and to distill the corrections necessary to return. the fundamental and harmonic frequency structures to their correct order While there are differences among various. speaker designs in the magnitude of their correction the overall pattern of correction needed is remarkably consistent. The BBE Process is so unique that 42 patents have been awarded by the U S Patent Office. Product Description, The BBE 882i is a dual channel single rack space device for use in 4dBu balanced line applications Each of the two.
independent channels has a Lo Contour control Process control and a 5 segment LED input level meter A single. function button switches the BBE process on or off in both channels which is useful for comparing the processed sound. to the unprocessed sound An LED next to the function button glows green when the BBE process is on and red when. the process is off The Lo Contour controls are for adjusting the level of phase corrected low frequencies in the program. material The Process controls are for adjusting the level of phase corrected high frequencies in the program material. Things to Remember, The BBE 882i is designed to work with 4dBu signal levels This is suitable for use with professional P A systems. recording studios or nightclub sound systems The BBE 882i drives load impedances down to 600 Ohms and supplies. a maximum output level of 23dBu Plugging a guitar microphone or other high impedance device directly into the. BBE 882i will not work properly as its input impedance is less than 14 7K Ohms. The BBE 882i is connected into the signal chain in series with the signal path the same way a graphic equalizer or. limiter would be The output of a mixer pre amp or other sound source feeds the input of the BBE 882i Setting up. the BBE 882i as an echo send device like a digital reverb is not recommended as the processed effect is not fully realized. when summed with the original source audio, WARNING To prevent possible speaker or amplifier damage always. power up peripheral devices first wait 10 seconds and then turn on the power. amplifier Turn off power amplifier first then power down peripheral devices. APPLICATIONS,Music and P A Systems, The BBE 882i is a welcome addition to any live sound P A system because the BBE circuit dramatically improves the. clarity and intelligibility of vocals and musical instruments Night club and mobile DJ systems will also benefit greatly. from the BBE Process with more depth detail and punch over the entire mix The 882i can be hooked up to any P A. or DJ sound system exactly like an equalizer would When using in conjunction with an equalizer the 882i should be. added after the equalizer in the signal chain In the event that the equalizer is being used for drastic tone alteration. then insert the 882i before the equalizer in the signal chain Placement either before or after an equalizer should have. no negative effect on the 882i unit or its processing ability however most users find they prefer more modest use of. their equalizers once the BBE 882i has been added to their sound systems. Instrument Racks, The BBE 882i will deliver surprisingly good results in guitar bass and keyboard rack systems Electric guitars have added. bite chunk and improved definition As Guitar Player magazine said BBE is the most cost effective improvement. you can add to your rig Acoustic guitars processed with the 882i have a breathtakingly natural sparkle and presence. Bassists will delight in the BBE 882i s ability to bring much more punch to the bottom end without muddying up the. midrange The 882i is also great for keyboard rigs with everything from the latest samples to a vintage Rhodes. benefiting equally from the patented BBE process,Recording Systems.
The BBE 882i can be used as an effect on individual tracks or applied overall during mixdown The BBE process works. very well to liven up the final mix which is why the BBE 882i and 482i models are popular for use in both recreational. and professional recording studios,FRONT PANEL CONTROLS. 1 2 3 4 5 6, 1 LED DISPLAY The LED display is used to indicate the output signal level of the BBE 882i Each number on the. front panel corresponds to the output signal level measured in decibels Example The 10 indicates a 10dBu. signal level 0 refers to 0dBu and so on Once an input signal level has been established increasing the BBE. PROCESS and LO CONTOUR will increase the output signal and cause more LEDs to illuminate The Clip LED. monitors the input signal level The Clip LED will illuminate at 20dBu giving a 3dBu warning of the impending. distortion at 23dBu the actual clip point, 2 LO CONTOUR Each channel is equipped with a LO CONTOUR CONTROL This control regulates the amount of. phase corrected bass frequencies, 3 PROCESS Each channel is equipped with a PROCESS CONTROL This control regulates the amount of phase. corrected treble frequencies, 4 BBE FUNCTION This push button switch allows for quick comparison of processed with unprocessed sound.
When the switch is pushed in the process is on and the indicator LED is green When the switch is out the process. is off and the indicator LED is yellow, 5 CHANNEL B These controls function the same as CHANNEL A. 6 POWER This switch controls primary power to the BBE 882i. REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS, 1 AC POWER CORD Plugs into AC power receptacle U S Model 100 120Vac 50 60Hz. All other models 220 240Vac 50 60Hz, 2 FUSE Turn cap on fuse holder counter clockwise to remove fuse Note For U S Model replace with 250Vac 1 2A. Fastblow type fuse For all other models replace with 250Vac 125A Fastblow type fuse. 3 OUTPUT The output of the BBE 882i can be taken from the 1 4 stereo TRS Phone Jack or the XLR Jack Both. are balanced and the same point electronically This allows both outputs to be used simultaneously eliminating the. need for a Y cord in the event multiple balanced outputs are required The recommended single load impedance. is at least 10k Ohms If both outputs are being used a minimum of a 22k Ohm load per device is required The. load is determined by the input impedance of the next subsequent component in the signal chain The. maximum output is rated at 23dBu Pin 2 is considered the hot or signal The output impedance of the BBE. 882i is 600 ohms NOTE Actual output level will vary due to the selected position of the BBE Process and the actual. input signal level If both the XLR and Phone Jacks are being used both must be either balanced or unbalanced. Otherwise a loss of signal level will occur, 4 INPUT The input of the BBE 882i is a balanced connection Although is can be either a TRS 1 4 stereo Phone Plug. or an XLR Plug it is recommended that only one input source be used Both jacks are the same point electronically. however due to the input output impedance characteristics of most audio devices a loss of signal may occur and or. damage to a component if both inputs are utilized Pin 2 is considered the hot or signal The input impedance. of the BBE 882i is 14 7k Ohms The maximum signal level is 23dBu. 5 CHANNEL A These connections function the same as CHANNEL B. Specifications,Frequency Response,process mode Program controlled.
bypass mode 10Hz to 50kHz 0 5dBu 0dBu input,Signal to Noise 92dBu. THD process mode less than 0 025 at 0dBu input 20 20kHz. bypass mode less than 0 002 at 0dBu input 20 20kHz. Maximum Output 23dBu may vary due to control settings. Input Impedance 14 7k Ohms balanced 1 4 TRS phone jack or XLR jack Pin 2 hot or. Output Impedance 600 Ohms balanced 1 4 TRS phone jack or XLR jack Pin 2 hot or. Sensitivity 45dBu for maximum process,Maximum Process 12dBu boost at 5kHz 0dBu input. Lo Contour 12dBu boost at 50Hz 0dBu input,0dBu 0 775Vrms. Power Requirements U S Canada Japan models 120VAC 50 60Hz 8 WATTS. Standard model 220VAC 50 60Hz 8 WATTS,Fuse Replace with the same type FASTBLOW fuse. U S Canada Japan models 250Vac 1 2A Fast blow type fuse. Standard model 250Vac 125A Fastblow type fuse,Dimensions 19 W x 5 5 D x 1 7 H.
Shipping Weight 7 lbs, Note Due to continuing product improvement specifications and design are subject to change without notice. General Operation, THE BBE 882i IS A BALANCED LINE LEVEL SIGNAL PROCESSOR AND IS TO BE CONNECTED. PRIOR TO THE POWER AMP IN ANY AUDIO SYSTEM SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE MAY BE. INFLICTED TO THE BBE 882i OR ANY SUBSEQUENT COMPONENT IN THE SYSTEM IN THE. EVENT THE OUTPUT OF A POWER AMP IS CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE INPUT OF THE. In order to reduce the risk of damage to any equipment properly connect all cables and power cables before turning. on any components in the system Most important of all ALWAYS TURN ON THE POWER AMPLIFIER LAST TO AVOID. DAMAGING THE SPEAKERS OR THE AMP, The BBE 882i may be utilized in a number of different environments and its results may vary accordingly Because both. channels are completely independent from each other only one channel of the BBE 882i may be used or each channel. processing a different signal source The effects loop is the ideal placement in the signal chain of a guitar application. In a pre amp keyboard or P A application the BBE 882i works best as the last component in the signal chain just. before the crossover or power amp Important In a P A application never connect the BBE 882i into the effects loop. The inherent phase shift of the BBE Process will cause phase cancellation resulting in a partial loss of signal. BBE and Equalization, The most common question asked of the BBE Sound Inc service department is Where does the BBE Processor. connect in the signal chain before or after the equalizer Many people find that the same amount of equalization is. no longer needed if at all when a BBE processor is used Additionally the amount of equalization used will help. determine the BBE 882i s proper location in the signal chain If the EQ is being set to give the room a flat response as. determined by a spectrum analyzer the BBE 882i will work properly before or after the EQ Placing the BBE 882i after. the EQ is recommended If the EQ is being used for drastic tone alteration the recommended placement would be. before the EQ Neither of these configurations will harm the BBE 882i. LIVE APPLICATION NON POWERED MIXER, Connect the BBE 882i to the output of the mixing console The output of the BBE will drive.
either a crossover or a power amplifier directly If an equalizer is being used refer to BBE and. Equalization section under General Operation,LIVE APPLICATION POWERED MIXER. There are a couple of ways to configure the BBE 882i into a powered mixer The ideal method. would be into Pre Amp Out Power Amp In section of the console If your console does not. have this option use the main or channel insert points. The BBE 882i can be utilized in the recording studio on individual instruments or on groups of. BBE 882i will not work properly as its input impedance is less than 14 7K Ohms Set Up The BBE 882i is connected into the signal chain in series with the signal path the same way a graphic equalizer or limiter would be The output of a mixer pre amp or other sound source feeds the input of the BBE 882i Setting up

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