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UNIVERSITYOFDELHI Department,ofComputerScience,Bulletin of Information. M Sc Computer Science,MCA Master ofComputer Applications. Dr Sunil Kumar Muttoo,HeadoftheDepartment,FACULTY MEMBERS. 1 Mr PradyotKantiHazra AssociateProfessor,2 Dr Sunil KumarMuttoo AssociateProfessor. 3 Dr NaveenKumar AssociateProfessor,4 Dr PunamBedi AssociateProfessor.
5 Dr Neelima Gupta On Leave AssociateProfessor,6 Dr VasudhaBhatnagar On Leave AssociateProfessor. ADMINISTRATIVESTAFF,1 Mr RamRaiSinghBedi Office In charge. 2 Mr RajbirGiri Office Attendant,TECHNICALSTAFF,1 Ms DevkiRawat Technical Assistant. 2 Mr BanshrajRam LaboratoryAttendant,3 Mr Anand Singh LaboratoryAttendant. Office Address Department of Computer Science,Room No 113 First Floor.
Faculty of Mathematical Sciences,New Academic Block. University of Delhi Delhi 110007, Phone 91 11 27667591 91 11 27667059 91 11 27667725Extn 1336. Fax 91 11 27662553,Email head cs du ac in,office cs du ac in. Website http www du ac in http cs du ac in,TableofContents. 1 Introduction 1,2 ImportantDates and Timings 2,3 EligibilityConditions 3.
4 Relaxations 4,5 Reservations 5,6 Concession in Application Fee 6. 7 Merit List 6,8 Certificate Requirement 6,9 CertificatesRequiredforReservedCategories 6. 10 EnrolmentinSeveralCourses 7,11 ApplicationFee 7. 12 AdmissionTicket 8,13 AgeRequirement 8,14 AdmissionofForeignNationals 8. 15 AdmissionProcedure 8,16 ProgramStructure 9,17 ProgramFee 9.
18 NumberofSeats 9,19 HostelAccommodation 10,20 Library 10. 21 ComputingFacilities 10,22 PlacementCell 10,23 ImportantPoints 10. 24 InstructionsforEntranceTest 11,25 ConductRules for Entrance Test 12. 26 SyllabusfortheEntranceTest 13,27 Jurisdictionof StatutoryAuthorities 15. 28 SampleQuestions 15,1 Introduction, Established in the year 1922 University of Delhi is one of the most prestigious.
institutionsin India Sinceitsinceptionithas beenacentre ofacademic excellence The. DepartmentofComputerSciencewasestablishedinUniversity ofDelhiintheyear1981 with. theobjective ofimpartingqualityeducationin thefield ofComputerScience. The department runs two postgraduate courses MCA M Sc Computer Science and. also offers full time Ph D Program, The department also monitorsfour year Program B Tech Computer Science offered by. constituent colleges of University of Delhi,Masterof ComputerApplications MCA. Three yearMasterofComputerApplications MCA programmeatthe departmentwas startedin. 1982 and was amongthefirstsuchprogrammes in India Sincethen it hasbeen immensely. popular and one of the most sought after MCA courses in India The. departmentisproudofitsmore than800alumniatimportantpositionsininformation technology. industryand academia in India and abroad,M Sc ComputerScience. Two yearM Sc ComputerScience courseintroducedintheyear2004in thedepartment aims to. developcorecompetence in ComputerScience and preparethe students to carry out. researchanddevelopment work aswell as takeupacareer in theITindustry. DoctorofPhilosophy Ph D, The Departmenthas strongresearch interestsin diverse branches ofComputerScience. andoffersaDoctorofPhilosophy Ph D programmeaimedatproducingquality researchers. 2 ImportantDates and Timings Candidates are advised to note the date timing mentioned. in the tables given below,M Sc ComputerScience,Available on the websites http www du ac in w e f.
Centralized registration,March 10 2014 to April 18 2014. Entrance Test Date Saturday June 14th 2014,Reporting TimeforEntranceTest Part I 9 30 AM. TimeforEntranceTest Part I 10 00 AM,Reporting TimeforEntranceTest Part II 1 30 PM. TimeforEntranceTest Part II 2 to 5 PM, Submission of resultofqualifyingexamination July 7th 2014. Bachelor s level Tentative,1st Admission List Tentative July 14th 2014.
2nd Admission List Tentative July 17th 2014,MasterofComputerApplications MCA. Available on the websites http www du ac in,Centralized registration. w e f March 10 2014 to April 18 2014,Entrance Test Date Sunday June 15th 2014. Reporting TimeforEntranceTest,TimeforEntranceTest,InterviewSchedule Tentative July 2nd to 5th 2014. Submission of result of qualifying examination July 7th 2014. Bachelor s Level Tentative,1st Admission List Tentative July 14th 2014.
2nd Admission List Tentative July 17th 2014,3 Eligibilityconditions. a Master of Computer Applications MCA,Examination Passed. Any bachelor degree from the University of Delhi with at least one paper in. Mathematical Sciences Mathematics Computer Science Statistics Operational. Research under annual mode at least two papers in Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics Computer Science Statistics Operational Research in semester mode. or an equivalent degree,Minimum Percentage Required. 60 marks in aggregate, The candidates who are appearing in the final year examinations of the degree on the. basis of which admission is sought are also eligible to apply. b M Sc Computer Science,Examination Passed, i B Sc Honours Computer Science 10 2 3 scheme from University of Delhi or any.
other University whose examination is recognized as equivalent to University of Delhi. Minimum Percentage Required,60 marks in aggregate, ii B Sc Applied Physical Sciences with Mathematics and Computer. Science B Sc General Mathematical Sciences 10 2 3 scheme with Mathematics. and Computer Science from University of Delhi,Minimum Percentage Required. 60 marks in the aggregate with 60 marks in Computer Science and Mathematics. separately, iii Any Bachelor s Degree 10 2 3 of University of Delhi with at least six papers in. Computer Science and two papers in Mathematics under Semester system at least. three papers in Computer Science and one paper in Mathematics under Annual. Examination System or any other University whose examination is recognized as. equivalent to University of Delhi,Minimum Percentage Required. 60 marks in the aggregate with 60 marks in Computer Science and Mathematics. separately, Note The candidates who are appearing in the final year examinations of the degree on.
the basis of which admission is sought are also eligible to apply in all category. mentioned above,4 Relaxations,a ScheduledCaste Scheduled Tribe. Theminimumeligibility requirement for theScheduledCaste Scheduled Tribecandidates. willbethattheymusthavepassedthequalifyingdegreeexamination Providedthatthe. minimumeligibility foradmissiontopost graduate coursesbetheminimumpassmarks of. the qualifyingexaminationconcernedof theUniversityofDelhi In thecaseofScheduled. Castes ScheduledTribescandidateswhohad passed thelastqualifyingexaminationfrom. otheruniversities theyshouldhavesecuredatleastthesamepercentageofpassmarks at the. qualifyingexaminationasprescribed fortheequivalentexaminationofDelhi. Universityforpurposesofadmission tothe Post graduatecoursesof thisUniversity. Thatwhere the admission isbased on screening writtentest post graduate courses the. ScheduledCastes ScheduledTribescandidateswouldberequiredtotakethetestbut their. merit list bedrawn separatelyand permittedas per thereservationquota. b Other BackwardClasses, TheOBCcandidatesshallbegivenarelaxationintheminimumeligibilityinthe qualifying. examinationandintheminimumeligibility ifany intheadmissionentrancetestto the extent. of 10 of theminimum eligibility marks prescribed for the General Category. candidates Forexample ifthe minimumeligibilityforadmission toacourseis60 forthe. GeneralCategorycandidates theminimumeligibilityfortheOBCswouldbe54 i e. 60 less10 of60 andiftheminimumeligibilityinentrancetestis 40 forGeneral. Categorycandidates the, minimumeligibilityforOBCswouldbe36 i e 40 less10 of40. All thoseOBCcandidateswhomeettheminimumeligibility marksinthe qualifying. examinationandtheminimumeligibilitymarks ifany intheentrancetestshallbeeligibleforad. missionintheorderoftheirmerit keepinginviewtheavailabilityofseatsreserved forthem. The OBCcandidateswhobelongtothe Non, CreamyLayer andwhosecastesappearintheCentralListoftheOBCsonlyshallbeeligibleto. beconsideredforadmissionunder theOBC Category,c PersonswithDifferent Ability PWD.
ThePWD candidates withnotlessthan 40 disabilityshallbegivenarelaxationinthe. minimumeligibilityinthequalifyingexaminationandintheminimumeligibility ifany in. theadmissionentrancetest totheextentof5, d Children WidowsoftheeligibleArmed Forces Personnel CW. A concessionof 5 marks in the minimum eligibility requirements in the qualifying. examinations,5 Reservations, a ScheduledCaste Scheduled Tribe Other BackwardClasses. Reservation of seatsinadmissionstovarious post graduate coursesshallbe in. thefollowingmanner,Schedule Caste 15 oftotal intakein. eachcourse Schedule Tribe 7 of totalintake ineach, course OtherBackwardClasses 27 of totalintake ineach course. Theseatsreservedfor the SC STshall befilledbytheSC STcandidatesonly However. inthecaseofnon availabilityoftheeligiblecandidatesthereservedseats may be. interchangedbetweentheSC ST Ifstillany seatremainsunfilled thesameshallbeleft. Theseatsreserved fortheOBCs shallbe filledwiththeOBCstudentsonly OnlyifOBC. candidates possessingthe minimumeligibilitymarksare notavailable in the OBC. category thenthevacantOBCseatsshallbeconvertedintoGeneralCategory. seatsinaccordance with theadmissionschedulenotifiedbytheUniversity. b SupernumerarySeats,i Personswith DifferentAbility PWD.
3 oftotalintake 1 eachforthepersonswithlowvisionorblindness hearing. impairedandlocomotordisability orcerebralpalsy interchangeableincaseofnon. availabilityofcandidatesin thesub categories, ii Children WidowsoftheeligibleArmed Forces Personnel CWCategory. 5 of theseats in eachcourse, Asperthe guidelinesapprovedby theAcademicCouncil admissionsofcandidates. belonging toCWcategories have to bemadein thefollowingorder ofpriorities. I Widows Wards ofDefencepersonnelkilledin action, II Wards of servingpersonnel and ex servicemen disabledin action. III Widows WardsofDefence personnelwhodiedin peacetimewith death. attributabletomilitaryservice, IV WardsofDefence personnel disabledinpeace timewith disabilityattributable. tothemilitaryservice and, V WardsofEx servicemenpersonnel andserving personnel.
includingpersonnelofpoliceforceswhoareinreceipt ofGallantry Awards. Category V Gallantry, Awards include ParamVirChakra AshokChakra SarvottamYudhSevaMedal Maha. VirChakra KirtiChakra UttamYudhSevaMedal VirChakra ShauryaChakra YudhSev. aMedal Sena NauSena VayusenaMedal Mention in Despatches. President sPoliceMedalforGallantry PoliceMedalfor Gallantry. Authorities Competent toissuecertificates underCWcategory. Secretary Kendriya SainikBoard Delhi,Secretary RajyaZilaSainikBoard. Office in Charge RecordsOffice,1 Class StipendiaryMagistrate. MinistryofHomeAffairs for Police personnel in receiptof Gallantry Awards. iii Foreign Nationals 5 seatsinfirstyearofeachcourse. TheforeignnationalsseekingadmissionintheUniversity itscollegesshallhaveto. getthemselvesregisteredwiththeForeignStudentsRegistry incompliancewiththe. Schedulenotifiedby the FSR NoForeignstudentswillbeadmitteddirectlybythe. Department Colleges, iv Sports ECAPersons upto5 oftotal intakein eachcourse. Admissionunder these categoriesshall bemade in accordance with. theguidelines issued bytheUniversityfromtimetotime. 6 ConcessioninApplicationFee, Thecandidatesbelongingto theScheduledCaste Scheduled Tribes andPersonswith.
different abilityshallbecharged theadmission form entranceexaminationfeeat. concessional rates,7 Merit List, Themeritlist forthe generalcategory seatswillcompriseofall thecandidatesintheorder. ofmerit It willalsoinclude SC ST OBCcandidatesiftheycomeinthe. generalmerit Admissiontogeneral category seatswillbestrictly intheorderofmerit. withoutexcludingSC ST OBCcandidates,8 Certificate Requirement. At the time of admission all certificate are to be produced in original and one set. photocopy of self attested,9 Certificates Required for ReservedCategories. Acandidateapplyingforanyreservedseatmentionedintheprevioussectionisrequired to. submit thefollowingcertificate asthecasemaybe, a SC ST OBCCertificate For admissiontoaseat reservedfor Scheduled Caste. Scheduled Tribes OtherBackwardClasses attested copy ofcertificateshouldbe. submitted fromanapproveddistrictauthoritystatingtheScheduledCaste Schedule. Tribe OBCtowhichthecandidatebelongs Alistofapprovedauthoritiesisgiven below. 1 District Magistrate Additional DistrictMagistrate Collector Deputy. Collector Deputy Commissioner AdditionalDeputy Commissioner FirstClass. StipendiaryMagistrate CityMagistrate notbelow therankofFirstClass. StipendiaryMagistrate Sub DivisionalMagistrate TalukaMagistrate Executive. Magistrate ExtraAssistantCommissioner, 2 ChiefPresidencyMagistrate AdditionalChiefPresidencyMagistrate.
PresidencyMagistrate,3 RevenueOfficernotbelowthe rankof Tehsildar. 4 SubDivisionalOfficeroftheareawherethecandidateand orhis her. familyresides, 5 Administrator Secretary to Administration Development Officer Lacadive and. MinicoyIslands, b EntitlementCard Certificate ThecandidatesunderCWcategorywillberequiredto. provide attested photocopy of Entitlement Card Certificate from the competent. c Certificatef or D if f er e nt l y a b l ed,PW D Candidates Foradmissiontoaseatreserved for. physicallyhandicappedcandidate thecandidatesshouldsubmit amedical certificate. and Computer Science from University of Delhi Minimum Percentage Required 60 marks in the aggregate with 60 marks in Computer Science and Mathematics separately iii Any Bachelor s Degree 10 2 3 of University of Delhi with at least six papers in Computer Science and two papers in Mathematics under Semester system at least

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