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University of Hawai i at Hilo HOHONU 2015 Vol 13, lived equally not unlike the Golden Race of Greece act that the pharaohs the only ones believed to have. The next was called tretayuga in which morals declined the ability to communicate with the Gods directly had. and mankind had to learn their duties and appeal to the to make offerings on a daily basis to the sun god Ra. gods Michaels 300 Next came dvaparayuga when If they did not the gods could die and balance would. humans became greedy and envious The world is be lost forever resulting in the end of the world The. currently in kaliyuga in which the rulers are known to Mayans did not believe that their gods could die but. be restless there is much dishonesty and death people also made scheduled sacrifices to stave off the end of. take more than they give power is short lived money is days Newman 11 The Greek culture was also heavily. too central and bad character traits are rewarded rather inlaid with ritual and customs most of which revolved. than punished Michaels 302 around the happiness of the gods A lack of respect for. It is believed that at the end of kaliyuga a new the Gods such as was committed by the Silver Race. avatar of the god Vishnu will appear as a white horse and of Greek mythology led to their destruction by Zeus. save the good people from the end of days The world Buxton 54. will burn due to a 100 year drought and then it will rain Another culture with a cyclical concept of. for 100 years creating a flood that will destroy the world the end of the world was that of the Hopis The Hopi. Michaels 302 After all of this a new cycle will begin emergence story says that mankind is currently in its. Though cyclical in nature the Hindu apocalypse myth fourth world such as the Hindu belief states that the. has some connections to the linear tales of the Bible and world is in its fourth Day of Brahma The people of the. the Greek flood myth All tell the story of a flood that third world sent a bird into the sky to find an opening to. wipes out humanity though in Hindu belief it is set to a world above once the one in which they lived became. happen in the distant future rather than having happened too unlivable and corrupt Newman 250 Again there. in the distant past As far as the Christian belief goes is a theme of humanity slowly falling apart due to its. there is also a mention of a white horse appearing at the own evils The story of the Hopis somewhat inverses this. end of days in both apocalypse tales one as the God of pattern due to the fact that they are reaching out of their. creation and destruction Vishnu and the other as an world to another one to become better not because of. agent of God The Hindu belief can also be compared to an annihilation and revival on the part of the Gods such. the Five Races in the Greek mythology In both stories as it was in The Five Races of Man. there is a steady decline in the character and living of The people of the third world climbed a ladder. the human races as they are destroyed and regenerated into the sky and into the fourth world but accidentally. Though the Greek story does not tell exactly how the brought a witch with them This was discovered through. Race of Iron will end the Hindu belief insists it will be in the death of the chief s child as everyone knew that there. a great flood would be no death and pain if there had been no evil. Undoubtedly the best known culture for its brought up with them As they are about to cast the witch. apocalyptic ideas more than anything else is that of back into the third world the chief looks down and sees. the Mayans They had a cyclical idea of the end of the his deceased child far below He decides not to close the. world and believed that it had happened multiple times hole and so evil was allowed to come into the fourth. Interestingly enough they believed that the great flood world Newman 251 There was no true description of. ended the previous cycle of the world which harkens how the world would end but it was believed that it. back to the Greeks Christianity and the foretelling of would be brought about by lack of respect for the planet. the Hindus The Mayans were diligent astrologers and Newman 255. created multiple calendars from their studies One of More commonly expressed in religion than. these calendars told the supposed date of the end of mythology is the idea of a linear state of the existence. this cycle of the world to fall on December 21 2012 of the world a beginning and an end without repetition. Newman 90 There is not much said beyond the date One mythology that did partake in the prophesizing of. of the cycle s end Rather than prophesize the possible the end of days was that of the Norse The Norse end of. ways in which the destruction may take place the the world Ragnarok is complete chaos ended by a great. Mayans committed more of their time to blood sacrifice battle between the gods and the giants There are said to. which they believed kept the world from ending before be several signs that Ragnarok is coming soon McCoy. the cycle was complete Newman 94 In this way they Ragnarok Midgard one of the nine worlds of Norse. resemble the Egyptian culture mythology inhabited primarily by humans will become. The Egyptians did not necessarily believe in gripped in three years of war followed by three years of. a predestined end of the world even though it was Fimulvetr the winter of winters It is told that there will. believed that when the world did end the god Nun the be great suffering incest and other sexual depravities. primordial waters would reclaim the earth This alone as well as endless bloodbaths Grossley Holland 173. sets them apart from many other belief systems They Not long thereafter Loki and his son the wolf Fenrir will. believed that the world had once been balanced and this both break the chains in which the Gods imprisoned. balance ma at was disrupted when the god Seth killed them and will begin Ragnarok Loki will descend upon. his brother Osiris Newman 11 It was because of this the earth on the ship Naglfar The Ship of the Dead. University of Hawai i at Hilo HOHONU 2015 Vol 13, surrounded by giants McCoy Ragnarok When the days In the New Testament the prophecies of apocalypse. guardian of the realms Heimdall sees this coming he appear in the Book of Revelations supposedly written by. will leave his mountain home Himinbjorg and blow the apostle John Browne 55 The Old Testament also. the horn Gjall warning the Gods that Ragnarok is finally has its own version of the Book of Revelations written. upon them Grossley Holland 174 by Daniel who was said to have been a seer prophet. After this the wolf Skoll will rise and eat the and dream interpreter for the Babylonian court Browne. sun followed by his brother Hati who will destroy the 58 There was also Paul or Saul who claimed to have. moon At this point the stars will vanish and earthquakes had a vision from God and believed that the world. and tidal waves will rock the earth as people begin to would end in the first century Browne 62 63 This can. rise from the underworld Grossley Holland 173 The be compared to the many oracles of the Greek culture. Gods will rise and battle the giants and the undead perhaps most popularly the oracle of Delphi to who. Many of the gods will die in this battle and the earth will people traveled far and wide to hear prophecies of the. eventually sink into the sea McCoy Ragnarok This future. bares some similarities to the Egyptian belief that one Even though there is a lot of controversy. day the primordial waters of the universe will consume concerning who wrote what and when as well as what. the world again may actually happen at the end of days there are a. The earth is then reborn out of the ocean as a few things that can be surmised in general about the. paradise in which the remaining gods who had survived Christian idea of the end of the world At the end all. the battle will reside Grossley Holland 176 Two good Christians will be lifted from the earth and saved. humans Lif and Lifthrasir who had hidden themselves for eternity by Jesus This is referred to as the Rapture. in Yggdrasil the tree that connects all of the nine worlds There will also be an Antichrist whose reign of earth. will join them The two go on to repopulate the earth will bring untold suffering in many forms This time of. Grossley Holland 176 This is comparable to the story suffering is referred to as the Tribulation and it is said that. of the Garden of Eden and its tenants Adam and Eve in it will last for seven years At the end of the Tribulation. the Christian belief although obviously inversed in the there will be a massive battle between the Antichrist and. sense that they appear after the end of our world and not Jesus which is known as the battle of Armageddon By. at its origin Lif and Lifthrasir can also be compared to the end of this battle the Antichrist will be beaten and. the survivors of the floods such as Deukalion Pyrrha Christ will ensure that the world is rid of all evil pain. Noah and his wife Naamah all of whom are given the and death Browne 51 52. task of repopulating the earth The changes caused by time and expansion. Zoroastiranism is a religion that also ends the of the Christian religion created an atmosphere for the. world in a great battle This religion centers itself on the blending of cultural and religious beliefs One of the. constant fight between good and evil In the beginning most interesting of these is the Apocalypse of Peter a. of time the god of light Ohramzd created mankind text created in an attempt to convince pagans of the. to strengthen his power against the dark god Ahiram Christian ideas of the world s end Newman 42 This. Newman 12 At the end of the world the savior was combined with the Greek oracles of Sibyl at the end. Saoshyant will rise and destroy the god of darkness and of the second century In the text the earth is destroyed. evil Newman 17 This will take place in an epic battle after the angel Uriel opens the gates of the underworld. the victory of goodness will result in divine judgment releasing the dead as well as the giants of the Biblical. and the reward of an eternal happiness Amanat 2 flood and the Titans of Greek mythology God will then. It is common in linear beliefs of the end of come down to earth followed by Christ the angels. the world for saviors to appear which help mankind Moses Abraham and the Hebrew patriarchs There will. overcome the great destruction and move into a different be a great judgment in which the good will be rewarded. plane of existence In the Zorotarian religion that savior and the wicked will be persecuted Newman 43. is Saoshyant the accidental progeny of Zoroaster the In the Norse Zoroastrian and Christian beliefs. founder of Zorotarianism Newman 17 In Hindu belief as well as the Apocalypse of Peter it is believed that the. Vishnu will return and save the good people on earth world will end in a great battle This contrasts greatly to. Undoubtedly the most well known savior of end times the cyclical nature of the other mythologies including. is Jesus who is destined to return to earth and save all the Greek Mayan Mesopotamian Hindu and Hopi. of those who are deserving of Heaven This act will be in which the end of the world has already happened. the break between the two ages of the world the present and may or may not happen again Common themes. era overrun by evil and the presence of the Devil and among the cyclical patterns of mythology are the flood. the Triumph of God Brunel 86 and a steady decline in humanity The Greek Mayan. Despite the popularity of the belief in Jesus s Mesopotamian and Hindu beliefs all included a great. Second Coming there is some speculation as to exactly flood that has happened or will happen and the Norse. what occurs at the end of the world in Christian belief and Egyptian mythologies claim that whenever the world. There are many versions of the Bible each lending itself does end it will be swallowed by the universal sea In. a bit differently to what is said to happen at the end of the Greek Hindu Mesopotamian and Hopi beliefs. University of Hawai i at Hilo HOHONU 2015 Vol 13, humanity is often its own undoing although in the case said for the near hysteria that the world underwent as. of the Greeks and the Mesopotamians the gods stepped 2012 neared Word about the Mayan calendar ending. in whereas the Hindu and Hopi beliefs left the change on December 21 2012 got out and resulted in hordes. from one world to the next to the simple passage of time of documentaries academic articles and news stories. or the people themselves across America This seems to lend itself to the fact that. Mankind s obsession with the end of the world humans are drawn to the idea of the end. has continued into the present day There are endless The newest branch of the apocalyptic hysteria. ideas of how the world may come to an end There resides in a disease that may turn the living into the. are sets of environmental concerns which have arisen living dead Stories of zombies have been around for. in the past few centuries and have led to panic among ages mentioned in ancient texts such as The Epic of. some groups of people The most obvious is the issue of Gilgamesh and the Norse myth of Ragnarok the latter. climate change Due to the dense pollution created by who sail on a ship out of the underworld and became. mankind there is a fear of the earth being plunged into a focused concept in voodoo rituals These zombies. another ice age or becoming too hot to be habitable started as slave like beings under the control of their. The End of Days Tales of Apocalypse Across Time and Space Ariel Moniz English 302 Fall 2014 Since the beginning of mankind there have been stories told of the end These stories differ greatly across the globe but almost every culture has some story to be told of the end of humanity These myths most often follow one of two patterns cyclical or linear Cyclical stories of apocalypse

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