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Welcome from the Registrar 5,and Deputy President,Career Development and 6. Employability Strategy,The Five Priorities 9,Priority 1 11. Incorporate career development and employability, related activities in disciplinary appropriate ways. within programmes,Priority 2 12,Enhance and develop employability attributes. in our students and graduates,Priority 3 15,Establish and maintain excellent working.
relationships with our key stakeholders,Priority 4 16. Provide opportunities for students who want to,develop their creativity innovation enterprise. and entrepreneurial interests,Priority 5 19,Communicating our strategy to prospective. students and key stakeholders, Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 1. For over 150 years we have,produced the leaders in politics.
business industry the judiciary,the public sector and not for profit. organizations UCD graduates are,educated intellectually personally. and professionally possessing the,resilience to cope in a changing. technology enabled world,2 University College Dublin. Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 3. 4 University College Dublin, A university with a long standing tradition of an education that makes no.
apology for its intellectual challenge we take pride in developing the. personal and professional capabilities of students across the most diverse. curriculum in Ireland We value teaching and research a global outlook social. responsibility and preparing students for success beyond the classroom. The UCD Career Development and Employability In setting out this strategy we recognize that UCD. Strategy is grounded in the University Strategic is not only a leader in research and education but. Plan and brings with it a commitment to existing in graduate employability also We fully appreciate. and prospective students that we will provide an the need to build upon an established tradition of. educational experience that will define international graduates leading fulfilling and rewarding careers. best practice enabling UCD students to fulfil We will be dynamic in approach moving to meet the. their career potential For over 150 years we have changing needs of society and the economy staying. produced the leaders in politics business industry connected to the needs of prospective and current. the judiciary the public sector and not for profit students and encompassing the expectations of. organizations UCD graduates are educated government on graduate skills employability and. intellectually personally and professionally economic prosperity To our community of students. possessing the resilience to cope in a changing faculty staff and alumni we state our commitment. technology enabled world They have the creativity to career development and progression. to find solutions and new approaches and the, determination to succeed anywhere in the world Over the period of the strategy we aim to develop a. holistic educational experience that facilitates students. Today s career landscape is a changing one Graduates personal and professional development leveraging the. are likely to work in many roles and not have linear expertise of our faculty our professional staff and the. career progression Career commentators debate the excellent relationships with alumni and national and. role of robots and people in the future with predictions international employers Our students will have. that many established professions may disappear or opportunities to excel personally and professionally. change beyond recognition Through our curricular both within and outside of their Programmes of study. and co curricular activities UCD students are imbued. with the skills aptitudes and qualities that allow them. to embrace and not fear change and to thrive in careers. that do not yet exist Through our wide choice of, subjects UCD graduates will continue to be global Professor Mark Rogers. leaders in this evolving vocational landscape Deputy President Registrar and. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 5. UCD Career Development,and Employability Strategy, The UCD Career Development and Employability Students are encouraged to enhance their personal. Strategy focusses on graduate identity which is development by acting as peer mentors student. shaped through the provision of a diverse range of ambassadors student union representatives career. appropriate supports and learning opportunities development ambassadors or student tutors and. that allow students to progress on a developmental becoming active members of student societies and. journey from the start of their studies in UCD clubs and other related activities Students are also. Aligned with our mission we will support our encouraged to avail of international exchange. students in developing the skills competencies and opportunities. attitudes they will need to succeed in the dynamic. and global world we live in This range of provision allows students to reflect. on their experiences which they can translate, UCD students can choose from a portfolio of into compelling personal narratives This approach.
embedded supportive initiatives These supports meets the needs of students at appropriate times. and learning opportunities include those aimed during their journey and allows UCD to engage. at developing students employability skills and with students in a meaningful way The strategy. competencies understanding the graduate recognises the agency of students their diversity the. recruitment process relationship building with social constraints that can impact on employability. employers internships work research placements and the importance of close working relationships. enhancing graduates chances at remaining in that with employers so that students can reflect on their. employment area after graduation and acquiring and identities and deepen their understanding about. practicing skills through volunteering opportunities career development and employability. The priorities identified in this strategy will also be actioned and achieved. through policy and process directives arising from. The UCD Strategic Plan, The UCD Education Strategy Our Students Education and Experience 2015 2020. The Academic Council the University Management Team and the Governing Authority. The Higher Education Authority HEA Quality Qualifications Ireland QQI the National. Framework of Qualifications NFQ and relevant Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body. requirements,Cognisance will also be taken of,Ireland s National Skills Strategy 2025. Government Action Plans for Education,Irish Survey of Student Engagement. Details of how these five priorities will be achieved are summarised through the actions that follow. 6 University College Dublin, Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 7. 8 University College Dublin,Our five priorities are.
1 Incorporate career development and,employability related activities in. disciplinary appropriate ways within,programmes,2 Enhance and develop employability. attributes in our students and graduates,3 Establish and maintain excellent working. relationships with our key stakeholders,4 Provide opportunities for students. who want to develop their creativity,innovation enterprise and.
entrepreneurial interests,5 Communicating our strategy to. prospective students and key,stakeholders, Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 9. 10 University College Dublin,Priority 1,Incorporate career development and. employability related activities in,disciplinary appropriate ways within. programmes, 1 1 Offer a curriculum that prioritises critical analytical and creative thinking and the.
development of enduring life long skills and attributes in disciplinary appropriate ways. within programmes, 1 2 Expand the range of opportunities to facilitate students engagement with personal and. professional development and reflection on their future employment options in evolving. work situations, ffer students a variety of opportunities to develop their language skills and. intercultural competencies raising awareness across the university about funded supports. such as Erasmus to facilitate students securing internship and work experience in. international contexts, 1 4 Provide supports for students at appropriate points in advance of and during each cycle. of the internship and work experience activities that are part of UCD programmes. 1 5 Review UCD Academic Regulations to facilitate the inclusion of employability. statements within programmes as appropriate, 1 6 Introduce a Career Development process for PhD students and continue to enhance. the Researcher Career Framework for Post doctoral fellows to ensure provision of career. development support and the provision of transferable skills modules. Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 11. Priority 2,Enhance and develop employability,attributes in our students and graduates.
2 1 Engage students with the career development process at an early stage in their. studies as appropriate to their discipline, 2 2 Provide all students with opportunities to engage with personal and professional. development career counselling Graduate Recruitment Internship Fairs and skills. and employer led workshops using social media and regular electronic communication. 2 3 Enhance the employability of our students by offering a wide variety of opportunities to. enhance their options in the world of work through internships placements entrepreneurial. activities volunteering as active members of student societies as student union. representatives and through the development of co curricular skills awards the UCD. Embark Award and the UCD Advantage Award, 2 4 Ensure that students have multiple opportunities to engage with the Career Development. Centre within and outside the curriculum for personal and professional development through. a range of professional services and interventions that build students skills self efficacy and. self confidence leading to effective career development planning. evelop a structured Career Ambassadors Programme within the Career Development Centre. where students can serve as key liaisons to their student constituency This programme will. provide support to Careers Ambassadors through orientation and review meetings. 2 6 E nsure that the Career Development Centre Access and Lifelong Learning and the. International Office work closely with Colleges to guide the development of support services. and learning opportunities to better meet the differing career needs of our diverse student body. 2 7 E nsure that all students have equal access to impartial career counselling. and opportunities for personal and professional development. 12 University College Dublin, Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 13. Career Development and Employability Strategy 2015 2025 15 Establish and maintain excellent working relationships with our key stakeholders Actions 3 1 Establish an internal UCD Advisory Board to plan for an annual Employers Fora to discuss new developments and initiatives

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