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ON SLIDE 1,INTRODUCTION 10 MIN, 1 GAIN ATTENTION Watch the video In the video you will see. how an inexperienced operator caused thousands of dollars of. damage to buildings and equipment ON SLIDE 2 VIDEO EBFL MMV. ACCIDENT 54 Did you notice that the operators disregarded. any safety concerns Nor did he utilize the proper load charts. Because of the lack of training this operators caused thousands. of dollars of damage By paying close attention to this lesson. you will understand the proper procedures associated with load. charts and will not be like the civilian operators causing. thousands of dollars of damage,ON SLIDE 3,2 OVERVIEW Good morning my name is the purpose. of this lesson is to give you the tools knowledge and skills. to safely and effectively operate the Extended Boom Forklift in. support of Engineer operations ON SLIDE 4 I will cover. operator safety and symbols characteristics and capabilities. operator controls operator indicators starting procedures. Stabil TRAK systems changing attachments and load charts. ON SLIDE 5,3 LEARNING OBJECTIVES,INSTRUCTOR NOTE, Introduce the learning objectives Have students read the. Enabling Learning Objective out of their student handout. a TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE,1 Provided engineer equipment tools equipment. records and references conduct engineer equipment preventive. maintenance so that equipment is checked and serviced per the. appropriate technical manual and action deficiencies are. recorded per TM 4700 15 1H 1345 MANT 1001,2 Provided an MMV an engineer requirement and.
engineer equipment records and forms operate the Military. Millennia Vehicle MMV extended boom forklift to safely meet. operational requirements with no injury to personnel or damage. to the equipment 1345 HEOP 1002,b ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVES. 1 Given the description and characteristics of the. EBFL MMV with the aid of references identify the, characteristics per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002a. 2 Provided an EBFL MMV engineer equipment record, and forms tools petroleum oils and lubricants and with the. aid of references perform operations checks before during and. after per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002b,3 Provided an EBFL MMV engineer equipment records. an forms and references perform material handling operations. per TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002c,4 Provided an EBFL MMV attachments tools.
engineer equipment records and forms and references change. attachments per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002d. 5 Provided an EBFL MMV tools petroleum oils and, lubricants equipment records and references conduct. preventive maintenance per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 MANT 1001b. ON SLIDE 6, 4 METHOD MEDIA This lesson will be taught utilizing the. lecture demonstration and practical application methods I. will be aided with the use of video computer aided graphics. your outline and actual end item of equipment,INSTRUCTOR NOTE. Explain Instructional Rating Forms to Students,ON SLIDE 7. 5 EVALUATION You will be evaluated with a 25 question. written examination on training day 4 at 0800 as well as a. performance examination on training day 5 at 0800 at training. area 244 Material Handler Phase,ON SLIDE 8, 6 SAFETY CEASE TRAINING CT BRIEF If at any time you the.
student see any unsafe act react immediately to let the Primary. Instructor know Safety is paramount and is everyone s. responsibility Every morning the EBFL MMV Operational Risk. Management ORM worksheet will be briefed prior to any. operation of the equipment,ON SLIDE 9, TRANSITION Are there any questions on what we will be covering. today how we will cover it or how you will be evaluated If. not then let s move into our first topic Operator safety and. Alert Symbols,BODY 34HRS 45MIN,ON SLIDE 10,1 OPERATOR SAFETY AND ALERT SYMBOLS 10 MIN. a Description The safety alert symbol is used with. signal words to attract the operator s attention towards. messages found within the manual and on hazard decals located on. the vehicle The safety classifications in order of severity. are as follows,ON SLIDE 11,1 Danger The signal word Danger indicates an. imminently hazardous situation Which if not avoided will. result in death or serious personal injury,ON SLIDE 12. 2 Warning The signal word Warning indicates a, potentially hazardous situation Which if not avoided could.
result in death or serious personal injury,ON SLIDE 13. 3 Caution The signal word Caution indicates a, potentially hazardous situation Which if not avoided may. result in minor or moderate injury,ON SLIDE 14, 4 Caution The signal word Caution used without the. safety alert symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation. Which if not avoided may result in property damage. ON SLIDE 15, b Operator Safety When operating the EBFL MMV there. are certain guidelines one must follow to ensure his her own. safety the equipment and of the others working around the same. 1 Fasten Seat Belts The fastening of seat belts will. occur prior to the operator starting the machine or operating. any of the control within the confines of the operators cab. 2 Controls are in Neutral Ensure that prior to, starting the forklift that the machine is in neutral neutral.
lick lever is engaged and the multifunction joystick is in a. neutral position This is done to ensure that no unexpected. movements of vehicle occur,3 Parking Brake and Neutral Lock Lever It is. important to double check to ensure that the parking brake and. neutral lock lever are engaged prior to starting the machine. If not the machine will not start,ON SLIDE 16,4 No Passengers The EBFL MMV is not equipped with. a personnel carrier No passengers are permitted to be. transported on the machine,5 Pinch Points Operators must stay clear of pinch. points The Two most obvious pinch points are the wheels and. boom assembly If for any reason you need to check these areas. extreme caution must be taken Ensure the machine has been shut. down and there is not an operator present in the cab. 6 Cab Security The EBFL MMV is equipped with a, Rollover Protective Structure ROPS and Falling Object. Protective Structure FOPS These two devices provide the. operator with protection in case of a rollover or a falling. object The EBFL MMV cab is rated to with stand 33 000lbs of. ON SLIDE 17, 7 360 Degree Walk Around The Operator will conduct a.
360 degree walk around of the machine prior to mounting and. after dismounting the machine Any and all discrepancies will. be annotated on the trip ticket NAVMC 10523 All, discrepancies of serious nature will be reported to the Primary. Instructor immediately, 8 Three Points of Contact Operators will ensure that. when mounting or dismounting the machine they maintain three. points of contact facing the machine Two hands one foot one. hand two feet,9 Ground all Attachments The operator will ensure. that fork attachment is placed level on deck prior to. dismounting the machine, 10 Caution on Slopes The operator must ensure that. extreme caution is taken when operating the EBFL MMV on sloped. terrain Utilizing the frame sway feature is not recommended. while on sloped terrain,ON SLIDE 18, 11 Direction of Travel Often times the area allotted.
for equipment to work in is small and enclosed or shared by. other equipment Therefore the operator must ensure he she. looks in the direction of travel,12 Hearing Protection Hearing protection will be. worn prior to operating the EBFL MMV Hearing protection must. be worn within 50 feet of an operating EBFL MMV,13 Bulky Loads Bulky loads will be carried in. reverse direction travel speed will be slow and the carry. height of 12 18 inches slightly tilted back,ON SLIDE 19. TRANSITION Thus far we have talked about Operator safety and. Alert symbols Are there any questions thus far If not than. I have a question for you Question What does the signal word. Warning indicate and the result of failing to comply Answer. Warning indicates a potentially hazardous situation which death. or serious personal injury may occur by failing to comply. ON SLIDE 20,2 CHARACTERISTICS AND CAPABILITIES 15 MIN. a Dimensions The height of the MMV at its highest point. with the boom in the lowered and stowed position is 93 7 9. It is 101 8 5 wide and 248 20 8 long without any, attachments Knowing the dimensions is necessary for.
transporting the tractor as cargo to aloe for maximum use of. space and ensuring it can clear obstacle enroot, b Weight The gross vehicle weight is 26 900lbs This is. without attachments on the machine Type 1 carriage 11K Forks. weights is 1 300 lbs and Type 2 carriage 7K forks weights is. ON SLIDE 21,c Lift Capacity,1 Type I Fork Carriage The EBFL MMV equipped with. a type I fork carriage which can lift a maximum weight of. 11 000 lbs, 2 Type II Fork Carriage The EBFL MMV equipped with. a type II fork carriage which can lift a maximum weight of. Type II 7 000,Type I 11 000 lbs,ON SLIDE 22, d Lifting Height The maximum lifting height of the. MMV EBFL is 42 feet 4 inches This measurement is measures. from the ground to the bottom of the fork tines, e Maximum Reach The maximum reach forward is 30 feet.
This measurement is taken from the front of the tires to the. front of the fork carriage, f Fuel Capacity The EBFL MMV fuel capacity is a total. 50 gallons of JP of diesel The fuel tank is located directly. behind of the operators cab,ON SLIDE 23, g Electrical System The EBFL MMV is equipped with a. 24 volt negative ground electrical system There is a NATO. slave receptacle located in the engine compartment and utilized. in slave starting a downed tractor, h Engine The EBFL MMV is equipped with a Cummins 4 5L. Diesel engine that produces 110Hp 2500 RPM and 305 Ft lbs of. torque at 2500 RPM The EBFL MMV uses a Cummins electric. grid engine heater to warm the engine block for cold starting. 1 Engine Oil The EBFL MMV s engine can utilize, multiple engine lubricants based climate temperature The. most common fluid utilized is 15w 40 oil,ON SLIDE 24.
i Transmission The EBFL MMV is equipped with a, hydromantic transmission that provides four gears forward and. three gears in reverse However while in reverse the forth. gear may be selected on the travel selector lever but the. transmission will only reach third gear,1 Maximum Speed The EBFL MMV can travel at a. maximum speed of 20 MPH,2 Transmission Oil Unlike your previous forklift. lesson the EBFL MMV transmission has a dipstick check that. should be checked only when HOT to receive an accurate reading. The EBFL MMV transmission requires 10w oil,j Hydraulic System The EBFL MMV hydraulic system. has a 41 3 gallon capacity and incorporates a hydraulic site. glass check located behind the hydraulic tank in the. engine compartment,1 Hydraulic Oil The EBFL MMV hydraulic system.
requires 10w oil, k Fording The EBFL MMV has fording capability with. a maximum fording depth of 36 inches,ON SLIDE 25, TRANSITION We have just finished covering characteristics and. capabilities are there any questions If not then I have a. couple of questions for you Question What is the maximum. lifting height of the EBFL MMV Answer 42 feet 4 inches. ON SLIDE 26 Question What kind of check is the EBFL MMV. transmission Answer Hot check,ON SLIDE 27,3 OPERATOR CONTROLS 15 MIN. ON SLIDE 28,a Operators Cab,1 Accelerator Pedal Pressing down the pedal. increases engine and hydraulic speed of the vehicle The pedal. is spring loaded and when released the engine will return to. idle speed,2 Service Brake Pedal Pressing down on the pedal.
decreases the speed of the vehicle by applying the service. brakes to the axels In the event of engine power loss the. service brakes can still be applied for braking, 3 Steering Wheel Turning the steering to the left or. right steers the machine in the corresponding direction. Anyone of the three steering modes are selectable However it. is important to know that as the machine turns the attachment. will extend beyond the machine s turning radius,4 Horn Button The horn button is located in the. center of the steering wheel The horn will not function when. the blackout lights are activated,Steering Wheel,Service Brake. Accelerator Pedal,ON SLIDE 29,5 Ignition Switch The ignition switch has three. positions off run and start The off position shuts down the. engine as well as the entire electrical system The run. position allows switches and indicators to be powered on The. start position engages the engine and starts the machine. INSTRUCTOR NOTE, To engage the start position the ignition switch must first be.
placed in the run position After this is done the ignition. switch must be pushed in and twisted at the same time for the. engine to crank,ON SLIDE 30,b Left side of Dash,1 Steering Selector Switch The switch will be. utilized to engage the EBFL MMV into one of three steering. modes front wheel four wheel and crab steering,INSTRUCTOR NOTE. Briefly explain the differences of the three steering modes. The class should already be familiar with these modes as they. were taught in their previous forklift lesson, 2 Parking Brake Switch The Parking Break Switch must. be engaged to permit engine starting A red LED on the parking. characteristics per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002a 2 Provided an EBFL MMV engineer equipment record and forms tools petroleum oils and lubricants and with the aid of references perform operations checks before during and after per the TM 10794B OR A 1345 HEOP 1002b 3 Provided an EBFL MMV engineer equipment records an forms and references perform material handling

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