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The Odyssey Unit Plan, Journal Write Journal Traits of a Journal Who is your Journal Predict what Journal Free Write. about a time when Hero hero you think will happen Grammar S V. someone told you Epic Epic Hero Notes Grammar S V to Jason Agreement. not to do something Parts of Speech Agreement Grammar S V Read the Intro to. but you did it Sentence Strip Watch Jason and the Agreement The Odyssey. anyway Activity Argonauts Watch Jason and the Begin Poetry. Grammar Argonauts Vocabulary Activity,N Adj Adv V Discussion on Epic. Odyssey Hero and the traits of a,Anticipation Guide hero in relation to. Class Discussion Jason and the,using Guide Argonauts. View the end of,Helen of Troy,parts about the,Trojan War.
Journal What is an Journal What do Journal What makes Journal Draw your Journal Free Write. obstacle in your life you think will happen a good leader interpretation of a Grammar. that you have had to in The Odyssey Grammar Cyclops Read The Odyssey. overcome How did Grammar S V Read The Odyssey Grammar Work on flow maps. you overcome it Agreement Work on flow maps Read The Odyssey. Grammar S V Begin reading The Work on flow maps,Agreement Odyssey. Student groups Students will create a,complete Poetry flow map of the. Vocabulary Activity events in the poem,Student groups and find examples of. present their words their terms in the,to the class poem. Journal If you Journal How do you Journal Write three Journal Assign Journal Free Write. could go on a think the film will be questions you have friends to The Grammar. journey where different The same about The Odyssey Odyssey movie parts Unit Test. would you go Grammar Grammar Explain why, What would be your The Odyssey film Finish watching The Grammar.
purpose Students create a Odyssey Review for Test, Grammar venn diagram Students complete their The Odyssey. Read The Odyssey comparing the film ot venn diagrams Jeopardy. Finish flow maps the text Study guide, LESSON Odyssey Course English 9 Teacher B Rhinehalt Date Day 1. Objectives 5 02 Demonstrate increasing comprehension and ability to respond personally to texts by. selecting and exploring a wide range of genres 6 01 Demonstrate an understanding of conventional. written and spoken expression, Students will be introduced to themes within The Odyssey learn about what happened before The. Odyssey and review parts of speech, F R TI GP IP C Activities Materials and Supplies Time. Bell Work Journal 4 5 sentences Write about a time Activinspire 20. when someone told you not to do something but you did Notebooks. it anyway Explain what happeend,Grammar Students will write three sentences about.
school They will then switch with a partner and lable the. parts of speech of each sentence, Teacher will briefly introduce The Odyssey as the next Handout 20. text that will be studied Teacher will then explain the. anticipation guide that students will complete, independently Students will complete the anticipation. When finished and waiting for others to finish students. may complete the back of the handout to test their. mythology IQ, Class will discuss 7 10 of the statements on the Oral Responses 25. anticipation guide by allowing certain students choose. which statement they would like to discuss, Students will view the end of Helen of Troy that shows Video 20. the events that occurred duirng the trojan war, Students will review the main idea presentend in the Oral Responses 5.
What do you think will happen in The Odyssey,Based on what we talked about today what are some. themes that may be in The Odyssey, Homework Students will complete the What Would Handout. You Do handout, F R Focus and Review TI Teacher Input GP Guided Practice IP Independent Practice C Closure. The Odyssey,Anticipation Guide, Directions Rate the following statements on a scale from 1 6 Keep these ratings. in mind as you read the Odyssey and consider whether Homer and various. characters in this poem feel the same way you do,1 2 3 4 5 6.
agree disagree,strongly strongly,1 There s no place like home. 2 Half the fun of going someplace is in getting there. 3 Revenge is sweet, 4 Winning isn t everything it s how you play the game that counts. 5 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,6 All s fair in love and war. 7 A man s home is his castle,8 The ends justify the means. 9 Saving face is important to me,10 What goes around comes around.
11 Good people usually get the reward they deserve. 12 Life is hard,13 Real men don t show their sensitive side. 14 Absence makes the heart grow fonder,15 A friend in need is a friend indeed. 16 Most people who give gifts want something in return. 17 You should be willing to die for your country, 18 If mothers and wives were in charge there would be no war. 19 You should express your anger,20 I d rather be a live coward than a dead hero. 21 Only the good die young,22 You shouldn t indulge freeloaders.
23 Sometimes a little deceit is necessary,24 There s a lot of truth in many superstitions. 25 You should take care of yourself and your family first then worry about the. rest of the world,Your Mythology IQ, From the myths and fairy tales you have read the stories you ve heard and the. cartoons you ve watched you have probably picked up a lot of information about. Greek gods and goddesses Several gods and goddesses make an appearance in. The Odyssey Some of these didn t acquire the reputation you may know about. until people after Homer told stories about them For instance Achilles didn t. have his problematic heel in The Odyssey, Match each of the names on the left with the description you think fits best. 1 Zeus A god of war,2 Amphitrite B supreme god of the Greeks. 3 Apollo C goddess of the sea,4 Poseidon D god of archery music and.
5 Ares E goddess of wisdom,6 Aphrodite F lame god of metal working. 7 Artemis G god of sea and earthquakes,8 Herm s H goddess of hunting. 9 Athena I goddess of love and beauty,10 Hephaestus J messenger of the gods. 11 Helios K queen of the kingdom of the,12 Persephone L sun god. 9 12 Wow You re an expert,6 9 Excellent but a little shaky.
Less than 6 You are about to make a number of,new acquaintances in high places. The Odyssey,What Would You Do, Directions In order to better understand some of the situations that characters in. The Odyssey will have to face take a look at the following situations and decide. what you would choose to do if they happened to you Write 3 4 complete. sentences for each situation, 1 You have been shipwrecked on an island You meet a god goddess who. falls in love with you and wants you to stay with them forever In return. they will make you immortal However all you really want to do is get. home and be with your family What would you choose Why. 2 Your husband wife went off to war with a group of people many of whom. returned ten years later Years go by and your husband wife still hasn t. returned A group of men women who all assume your husband wife must. be dead start courting you and have proposed You can t support. yourself and your son on your own but you haven t given up hope that. your husband wife is still alive and will return What do you do. 3 You are a young adult who lives with his mother Your father has been. presumed dead A large group of men have come courting for your. mother who doesn t want to believe her husband is dead Since she. refuses to pick one of them they stay at your house eating you out of. house and home They are loud and rude to you You want to get rid of. them but there is only one of you and dozens of them What can you do. LESSON The Course English 9 Teacher B Rhinehalt Date Day 2. PLAN Odyssey, Objectives 6 01 Students will demonstrate an understanding of conventional written and spoken. expression, Students will discuss epic and epic hero and demonstrate knowledge of the parts of speech through.
an activity, F R TI GP IP C Activities Materials and Supplies Time. Bell Work Journal 4 5 sentences What makes a hero Activinspire 10. What are four qualities a hero must possess Notebooks. Teacher will give presentation on epic hero and epic Activinspire 35. while students take notes Class will discuss examples Notesbooks. of heros throughout the presentation, Students wil review parts of speech using activinspire Activinspire 15. interactive presentation, Students will work in pairs to complete the parts of Sentence Strips 25. speech activity Each pair will be given a group of words. that have been cut out from a sentence strip The goup. will have to put the sentence in the correct order and. lable each part of speech on their own paper The 3. groups that finish first will then put their sentences on the. board One person from each group will read their,sentence and explain the parts of speech that the. labeled The class will then check the groups answers. Teacher will review main idea presented in lesson Oral Review 5. What kinds of characteristics to heros have, Give an example of someone who is a hero to you and.
how they fit what we discussed today, F R Focus and Review TI Teacher Input GP Guided Practice IP Independent Practice C Closure. Journal 4 5 sentences,Epic What makes a hero What are four. qualities a hero must possess,Epic Heroes,What is an Epic Epic Continued. A long story in poem form Epics were originally sung often to a harp. Epics contain information about the culture,that created them religion dress homes. An epic has a hero weapons and war roles of men and women. values and moral standards, The epic is the story of the hero s Epics contain clues to what the people who.
travels and his fights with monsters created them feared or did not understand. natural disasters death heavens storms etc,What do they all have. Traits of an Epic Hero, Has larger than life qualities possibly supernatural. Traits of an epic hero Traits of an epic hero,Is appealing. Is a natural opposite sex,leader of but rarely has. men an extended,relationship,Traits of an epic hero Traits of an epic hero.
Has good on,Defeats monsters bad guys and or,his or her side. fights gods,Ares the God,of War rode,along side the. Trojans aiding,them in war,Traits of an epic hero Traits of An Epic Hero. Is smarter than,Often everyone else,stands generally a. problem solver,Odysseus tricks,battle the Trojan s by.
Beowulf hiding inside a,fights big gift horse and,surprising them. Traits of an epic hero Traits of an epic hero,Has a weakness Makes long. that often journeys always on,destroys him or,her or leads to the move travels to. death find adventure,Achilles was shot Indiana Jones. and killed in his,vulnerable heel,travels the globe in.
that was not search of artifacts,dipped in the and adventure. river Styx,Traits of an epic hero,A Skilled Fighter. Subject Topic Area English Grade Level 9th Grade Key Vocabulary Phrases Plot Character Epic Poetry Prose Conflict Allusion Alliteration Consonance Assonance Allusion Imagery Metaphor Simile Onomatopoeia Personification Unit Designer Bethann Rhinehalt 1 Time Frame 15 days 2 Unit Goal s Students will read and understand The Odyssey and be able to apply poetry

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