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3 Useful English saying hello and good bye, a Read the words and expressions Which mean hello Which mean good bye. See you later See you tomorrow Bye,Hey Hi Hello,b 1 3 Listen and number the expressions. Hello I m May I m,from 1 to 6 Then practice with,from China. other students,c 1 4 Complete the conversation,with the words in the box Then. listen and check,later I m Hey ne Bye are,Yara Hi Chris.
Chris 1 Yara,Hi I m Yara I m fteen I m from How 2 you. Brazil My friends at school are,Yara I m 3 And you. Olivia Chris Steve and May,Chris 4 good,Yara OK See you 5 Have a. good day at school,Chris You too 6,d Work with other students Practice the. conversation with your names,4 Vocabulary numbers 1 20.
a 1 5 Write the numbers Then listen and check, fourteen zero nine twenty eleven six three seventeen. one two four ve seven eight ten,twelve thirteen fteen sixteen eighteen nineteen. b 1 6 Listen Repeat the numbers and C heck it out,point to the words. Saying math problems, c Work in pairs Say and solve the 7 3 10 Seven plus three equals ten. math problems 8 4 4 Eight minus four equals four,2 x 3 6 Two times three equals six.
1 4 3 2 7 x 2 3 3 16 4,5 4 10 8 49 41 AM NSst U1 indd 5. Next Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 5 4 30 10 12 00 16. 6 15 12 4 07 PM,Lesson 2 Who s that,1 Listening, a 1 7 Listen Who knows Haruki Who doesn t know him. b Listen again and complete the student identity cards. 2 Grammar and speaking question words, a 1 8 Complete the questions Then listen and check. Where Who How old What,1 s this This is Susana 3 are you I m thirteen. 2 s your name I m Haruki 4 are you from I m from Chile. b Read the examples in 2a Complete the word order for questions and sentences. subject to be am is are C heck it out,Grammar to be contractions.
1 Questions question word,2 Sentences you are you re. she is she s,c Unscramble the questions and answer them. he is he s,1 what s name your it is it s,we are we re. 2 old you are how,they are they re,3 you from where are. d Work in pairs Ask and answer about other students at Los Angeles International School. Student A turn to page 100 Student B turn to page 107. NSst U1 indd,Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 6 5 4 10 8 51 18.
6 15 12 4 07 AM,PM NSst U1 indd 7,3 Reading and grammar this and that. a Read the comic and number the scenes in order,GULP HE ISN T CUTE. HELLO I M CLARE AND THIS,HE S A TEACHER YUCK,IS MY FRIEND KERRY. WHO S THAT,I THINK HE S A,NEW STUDENT,HEY THERE I M MR SMITH. I M YOUR NEW HISTORY HE S CUTE LET S GO,TEACHER MEET HIM.
b Read again What s the difference between this and that. 1 refers to a person or thing that is near,2 refers to a person or thing that is far. 4 Speaking and writing,a Ask other students Copy and complete the table. What s your name My name s Lisa,Name Age From,Lisa 13 years 5 months Monterrey. b Work in groups Test each other about other students. Who s this that It s Jon How old is he He s thirteen Where s he from He s from Santa Cruz. c Work in pairs Introduce your partner to other students. Hi I m Lucia This is Mariana She s thirteen and she s from San Diego. 5 4 10 8 51 18 AM NSst U1 indd, Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 7 4 30 10 12 00 17. 6 15 12 4 07 PM,Your Space Your celebrities,1 Celebrity experts.
a Look at the jigsaw pieces,Who are the famous people. What do you know about them,b 1 9 Listen to the interview. Who is the mystery star,c Listen again and write the. questions you hear,d Work in pairs Role play the,e Now play the game with. celebrities you know,2 Key pal pro le,BANDERA DE GRAN a Who s the key pal.
NSst U1 indd,Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 8 10 7 10. 6 15 12 3 29,4 07 PM NSst U1 indd 9,About NS Contact Support Links Forum. 3 Nominate a key pal,a Write questions for the,information in the table. b Interview a classmate and,complete the pro le Name. Cell phone number,E mail address,4 My favorite star.
a Read about Lucy s favorite star,and number the ideas 1 5. age profession,name nationality,favorite song,b Now write about your favorite. athlete singer or actor,Want to nd out about your,favorite star Go to. www biography com, Z Before you take the Next Step go back to page 4 Can you do everything in Unit 1 Part A. 10 7 10 3 29 PM NSst U1 indd 9, Next Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 9 5 5 10 7 39 35.
6 15 12 4 07 AM,Lesson 3 She s a singer,1 Vocabulary and listening professions. Take the Next Step Unit 1 Part B, a Match the photos with the professions Talk about professions with a and an. Say if things are true or not with to be,1 a tennis player. a Write about your favorite stars,2 a secretary,3 a doctor. 4 a teacher d,5 an actor,6 a singer,7 a taxi driver.
8 a pilot f, b 1 10 Listen to a game show Who are they talking about. Rafael Nadal Cristiano Ronaldo Miley Cyrus,c Listen again Write two facts about the person. 2 Grammar a and an, a Read the sentences What is the rule for using a and an. She s a designer He s a pilot He s an actor She s an engineer. C heck it out, b 1 11 Listen and write sentences about the people. Grammar a and an,1 She s an actor We always use a and an.
before professions,3 Pronunciation and speaking the schwa. a 1 12 Listen to two sentences Which sounds more natural. I m a doctor, b Work in groups Take turns miming a profession and guessing. You re an actress,NSst U1 indd,Next 10 Book 21x29 3 indd 10. Step 1 Student 4 30 10 12 00 21,6 15 12 4 07 PM NSst U1 indd 11. 4 Reading and vocabulary countries and nationalities. a Match the photos with the information,a Jonas Brothers c Adriana Lima.
b Jet Li d Shakira, 1 She s a singer musician and dancer She s Colombian. 2 They re a popular American music family They live in Wyckoff New Jersey. 3 He s Chinese and an actor One of his famous movies is The Forbidden Kingdom. 4 She s a Brazilian model She has brown hair and green eyes. b Write the country or nationality,Country Nationality Country Nationality. 1 Spain 5 American,2 German 6 Portuguese,3 Japan 7 Britain. 4 Colombia 8 Brazilian,c Complete the sentences with their nationalities. 1 Ronaldinho 3 Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley,2 Rafael Nadal 4 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
5 Grammar and speaking yes no questions with to be. a Match the questions with the answers C heck it out. 1 Are the Jonas Brothers doctors Yes she is Vocabulary nationalities. 2 Are you ten years old No they aren t Nationalities in English. 3 Is Shakira Colombian No I m not begin with a capital letter. Australian Polish Greek,b Write questions and answers. 1 Maria Sharapova Brazilian 3 Alizee French, 2 Gael Garcia Bernal singer 4 the Jonas Brothers singers and actors. c Work in groups Choose a famous person Ask and answer questions to guess who it is. Are you a man Yes I am Are you American,4 30 10 12 00 21 PM NSst U1 indd. Next 11 Book 21x29 3 indd 11,Step 1 Student 5 4 10 9 01 39. 6 15 12 4 07 AM,Lesson 4 That s my uncle,1 Listening.
a 1 13 Marco and Steve are at a party Listen and,check what they talk about. actors athletes pop singers,b Listen again and complete the dialogue. Marco My mom likes Justin Timberlake He s her,favorite singer but my 1 doesn t. like him Mariah Carey is his favorite,Steve Emily and I like 2 She s our. favorite 3 My mom and dad like,Shakira too She s their favorite.
Marco Shakira Yuck,Steve So 4 your favorite singer. 2 Grammar possessive adjectives Subject Possessive. pronouns adjectives, a Find words in the dialogue to complete the table. b Work in groups Ask and answer about your favorite. singers and actors,Who s your favorite singer actor. Where s she he from she,What are her his famous movies songs. 3 Vocabulary family members,a Complete the family tree.
mother grandfather brother uncle cousin father,grandmother. b Work in pairs Draw your family tree Take turns talking about your family. This is my Aunt Ana She s a teacher,NSst U1 indd 12 Book 21x29 3 indd 12. Next Step 1 Student 4 30 10 12 00 24,6 15 12 4 08 PM NSst U1 indd 13. a Look at Steve s online photo album Match the costumes with the family members. 1 Dracula Steve,2 a pirate Grandpa,3 a witch Uncle Brian. 4 The Hulk Grandma,5 a doctor Emily,6 a princess Aunt Carla.
b Read the puzzle Who is Steve talking about,1 She isn t my aunt She s my aunt s sister. 2 She s Chilean She s Marco s mother,3 He isn t my dad My dad is his brother. 4 They aren t Chilean They are my dad s,mom and dad. 5 Grammar negative sentences with to be,a Underline negative verbs in the puzzle. b Correct the sentences,1 Miley Cyrus is a soccer player.
C heck it out,Grammar negative to be,2 Robinho and Kak are Portuguese. I m French I m not French,You re fteen You aren t fteen. She he it s here She he it isn t here,We re doctors We aren t doctors. 3 Beyonc s an American politician They re from the USA They aren t from the USA. 4 You re Canadian,4 30 10 12 00 24 PM NSst U1 indd. Next 13 Book 21x29 3 indd 13,Step 1 Student 4 30 10 12 00 25.
6 15 12 4 08 PM,Learning English for the future,Cognates in technology. a Work in groups Write as many words related to technology as you can. computer DVD, b Read the ad and underline words related to technology. c Answer the questions,1 Which three products play music. 2 Which two products have a camera,3 Which two products have Internet access. d Which ones do you know how to use Make two lists. I know how to use I don t,e Compare with your group.
I know how to use a computer and e mail Me too I don t. I don t know how to use a USB drive Me neither I do. NSst U1 indd,Next 14 Book 21x29 3 indd 14,Step 1 Student 4 30 10 12 00 26. 6 15 12 4 08 PM NSst U1 indd 15,Project Famous people. a Read the information about the famous person and complete the table. This is Zac Efron He was born on,October 18 1987 and he is from. San Luis Obispo California He Age,has one brother Dylan He s an. Nationality,actor and he s famous for the,movies High School Musical 1 3 Profession.
and Hairspray I like Zac Efron,Famous for,because he s a great actor and. b Complete the information about the famous people. Student A turn to page 100 Student B turn to page 107. c Work in groups of three Choose three famous people Find a photo of each and complete. the fact les,Name Name Name,Age Age Age,Nationality Nationality Nationality. Profession Profession Profession,Famous for Famous for Famous for. d Write a short biography about your star Stick the biography and photo on a group poster. e Put the posters on the classroom walls Present your person to your classmates. Z Before you take the Next Step go back to page 10 Can you do everything in Unit 1 Part B. 4 30 10 12 00 26 PM NSst U1 indd 15 Book 21x29 3 indd 15. Next Step 1 Student 4 30 10 12 00 27,6 15 12 4 08 PM. NEW STUDENT HE S CUTE LET S GO MEET HIM HELLO I M CLARE AND THIS IS MY FRIEND KERRY NSst U1 indd 6 5 4 10 8 51 18 AM NSst U1 indd 7NNext Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 7ext Step 1 Student Book 21x29 3 indd 7 4 30 10 12 00 17 PM66 15 12 4 07 PM 15 12 4 07 PM

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