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Introduction, Disaster strikes Family members and friends are calling police stations hospitals fire. departments and other agencies searching for victims Days pass and you re still trying to. determine how many people are involved in the incident and who they are. Unthinkable That s exactly what occurred in New York City following the terrorist attacks on. September 11 2001 when two commandeered jetliners struck the World Trade Center Towers. As officials in New York City learned that day as did others after the 2005 tsunami and again in. the USA following Hurricane Katrina when unprecedented actions occur whether natural. disaster terrorist attack or epidemic there is no time to build systems to assist in the collection. of missing person s information and the identification of victims. A system for identifying victims in a catastrophe is already deployed in the City of New York. The Unified Victim Identification System UVIS developed by Connecticut based Sapphire. International Inc is a disaster management system that manages and coordinates all of the. activities related to missing persons reporting and victim identification In concert with the City s. 311 call center UVIS enables a centralized communications and data collection processes to. support the family assistance center FAC This coordinated system is essential to developing an. accurate manifest of potential victims a critical step in victim identification Most importantly. the coordinated UVIS 311 call center system keeps the lines of communication open to the. families friends and associates of possible victims Such a resource is invaluable in the chaos. that follows any tragic event, For more information or to request UVIS please contact. Louis Sell,UVIS Project Manager,Office of Chief Medical Examiner. 421 East 26th Street 10th Floor,New York NY 10016,Office 212 323 1855. Email lsell ocme nyc gov,Web www nyc gov ocme,UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 2.
What is UVIS, The Unified Victim Identification System UVIS is a web browser based application that can. greatly enhance the victim identification process UVIS was developed from knowledge gained. during responses to major catastrophes such as the September 11 2001 attacks the American. Airlines Flight 587 crash in addition to lessons learned from national and international disasters. The City of New York Office of Chief Medical Examiner the largest Medical Examiner. operation in the nation its Department of Forensic Biology the New York Police Department. NYPD the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications DoITT the. NYC Office of Emergency Management OEM the NYC Mayor s Office and other agencies. throughout the City provided direct input into its development. Today UVIS is ready to assist in the event of a terrorist attack hurricane earthquake pandemic. flu event or other mass fatality incident UVIS can deal with both open and closed manifest. incidents i e when there are no decedent missing person s lists and when a decedent missing. persons list is available and includes a built in Dental Identification Module UDIM. UVIS is designed to handle multiple types of scenarios and can manage up to 156 simultaneous. events if needed For example a terrorist operation may target different discrete areas of a large. city multiple incidents as was the case on July 7th 2005 when a series of coordinated bomb. blasts hit London s public transport system during the morning rush hour resulting in more that. 121 000 call center reports, Most importantly UVIS enables the OCME to meet its primary objectives following a. catastrophic incident They include, Investigate Recover Process Decedents in a Dignified and Respectful Manner. Accurately Determine Cause Manner of Death, Perform Accurate Efficient Identification of Victims. Provide Families with Factual Timely Information in a Compassionate Manner. Conduct Rapid Return of Victims to their Legal Next of Kin. Lessons Learned, A centralized means for collecting missing person reports from the public is needed.
This centralized process needs to be accessible by a number of agencies for data. comparison,UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 3. A person potentially involved in an incident may be reported as many as 100. times by loved ones friends and family Missing person reports of the same. person may be collected multiple times due to the following. o The same person can be reported in different ways leading to inflated numbers. e g Richard Richie Rich Rick,o Names can be misspelled. o Names can be duplicated,o Often reporter contact information is not kept. o Data can contain errors and omissions, The government needs to have an established mechanism for communicating with citizens. following a major incident, The government needs a centralized system with significant missing person reporting.
capabilities to support and develop a valid manifest. UVIS was developed to incorporate solutions for each of these lessons learned. In the event of a mass fatality incident in New York City. UVIS is immediately activated A message is broadcast directing the public to call 311 or 212. NEW YORK to report persons potentially involved in the incident. Callers are asked to report the following categories of people as potential victims. Anyone known to be in the area at the time of the incident. Anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the incident and has not been. heard from since, After an established amount of time has passed the public is asked to call about anyone missing. who may have been in the general area, If a manifest of victims exists as in an airline incident it is uploaded into the system as a starting. point for an inclusive list of all victims The call center in these types of incidents is typically not. activated to avoid confusion, Call Center operators record information about possible victims in UVIS A typical interview. takes approximately three minutes A call center can receive hundreds of thousands of calls in a. very short time In the London bombing attack more than 4 000 calls were received in the first. hour alone, As the Call Center is building a manifest of possible victims Forensic Investigators are in the. field and on the scene with tablet PCs and other handheld devices such as the Symbol MC75. gathering evidence and critical information These data are recorded on wireless devices and. transmitted back to the central database At the same time digital cameras are used that. automatically tie in to the evidence case numbers and are time date place stamped This process. UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 4, enables information such as age gender body description personal property and.
GPS coordinates of where remains or evidence are found to be quickly collected and. entered into UVIS automatically, Simultaneously interview data DNA and other ante mortem information from the family of. victims are aggregated at Family Assistance Centers FAC via the UVIS FAC module. In the mortuary post mortem information is collected electronically All of the information is. catalogued which allows for a robust comparison of ante mortem and post mortem data a. function that ultimately supports a more accurate and expedited victim identification process. This system contributes to a more thorough timely and precise notification process for family and. friends the most important service the ME can facilitate in times of great stress. History of UVIS, 2001 Software is developed in response to Sept 11th and Flight 587 disasters out of which UVIS. 2004 The first version of UVIS is developed in anticipation of the NYC Republican National. Convention in 2004 This version has only the Call Center and Missing Person s modules. 2005 The Family Assistance Center Module is added to UVIS OCME and NYPD gain full Ante. Mortem Missing Persons interview capabilities, 2007 Documentation of the full cycle of victim identification is completed with the addition of. the Post Mortem module OCME now has the ability to track victims from Cradle to Grave A. forensic dental identification program was developed with new charting code and a smart search. 2008 In preparing for a possible Pandemic Influenza PI outbreak in the NYC area the PI. module is developed based upon the OCME s PI Surge Plan to Manage Decedents All 63. heath care facilities are connected to UVIS, 2009 UVIS continues to be developed and expanded in close collaboration with various Medical. Examiners and Coroners Offices throughout the country OCME and other Medical. Examiners Coroners offices provide important feedback for the future development of UVIS. UVIS is currently undergoing a major enhancement that will create a medicolegal case. management system that will be fully integrated with all disaster components laboratory systems. and external information sources,UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 5.
UVIS Capabilities, The Unified Victim Identification System UVIS is a disaster management application that. Tracks up to 156 Incidents at the same time, Provides for electronic uploads of manifests e g an airline manifest. Allows for tracking of open manifest with an undetermined number of victims. Provides a full data audit trail what data was entered changed by whom when where. Has been stress tested to 750 concurrent users,Offers a role based architecture. Provides deep security Microsoft Active Directory LDAP or UVIS based. UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 6,Components. Unified Victim Identification System UVIS,Ante Mortem Pan Flu Post Mortem.
Remains Disaster Victim,Management Identification,Call Center 311 Missing Persons. Family Assistance Reports,Center Case Management Reports. System CMS,Incident System Admin,Management,UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 7. Ante Mortem Section Capabilities,Call Center 311 Module. o Records information about reported missing persons A report is created for each reported. missing person, o Ability to record reports for multiple incidents If multiple incidents occur simultaneously.
the Call Center Module allows for recording information for more than one incident. o One caller can report multiple Missing Persons MP on the same call. o Records multiple follow up contact methods e g Cell email office contact Up to 5000. contact methods are allowed per report, o Records multiple addresses e g home office and hotel Up to 5000 addresses are allowed. per missing person reported, o Relationship filtering is based upon callers gender If the caller is male then relationship. to the missing person is limited to masculine relationships i e Father Brother Uncle etc. o Contains a 5000 word note area free text searchable per report. o In order to establish a hierarchy of likely victims missing person s reports are graded. based on specific questions asked of callers The established questions can be customized. for the incident,Missing Person Module, o UVIS allows for multiple locations to be established e g police station command center. o Tracks or works on multiple incidents If multiple incidents occur simultaneously this. module allows for recording information for more than one incident. o Searches for reported missing persons by any field e g last name first name date of. o Uploads electronic manifest e g hospital list airline manifest. o Activity log records all changes made by both system and user i e out going and in. coming calls and family member interaction notes, o Intelligent engine displays all like reports for consolidation into a confirmed missing. o Creates reports statistics confirmed MP list etc. Family Assistance Center Module, o UVIS allows for multiple locations to be established e g airport hotels etc.
o Facilitates DNA and personal effects collection by allowing each item to be bar coded for. tracking purposes,o Ante Mortem interview consists of 60 questions. o Automatically scans and uploads documents photos. o Creates and tracks appointments for follow up family visits. o Provides chain of custody for all collected items. UVIS Information Guide August 24 2009 Page 8, o Automatically scans and uploads all documents photos. o Manages and tracks family member interview process. o Provides the option to mail out DNA personnel effects kits to family members. o Creates reports statistics sample collection daily appointments etc. Records Module,o Provides chain of custody for all records. o Assigns barcode labels to all files and folders for tracking purposes. o Facilitates check in and check out via scanning folder barcode. o Automatically scans and uploads documents,o Records requests from. o Family Members,o Public administrators,Post Mortem Section Capabilities.
Field Operation Module,o Incident Management, o Collects and manages scene documentation information. o Stores photos,o Field Investigation,o Facilitates remains documentation. o Prints barcode labels for tracking purposes,o Stores photos and video. o Collection of Remains, o Manages body collection points temporary morgues and staging areas. o Stores photos,o Evidence Collection,o Prints barcode labels for tracking purposes.
o Stores photos,o Facilitates chain of custody,o Transportation. o Records when and by whom remains are relocated,o Tracks physical location of remains. A system for identifying victims in a catastrophe is already deployed in the City of New York The Unified Victim Identification System UVIS developed by

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