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It is not a cheap imitation or a pruned down version of the ritual It is the. actual stuff It does not have the patriarchal bias to the age old traditions when. woman was God It talks openly about subjects such as use of sex in ritual and. hence brushed aside by many practitioners as being accessible only through. surrendering your body mind and soul to a Guru, Each heading can be interpreted as a question about a topic What follows is an. an attempt to clarify the concepts involved, Parashurama is an Avatar of Vishnu He has divided the Sri Chakra Puja into. four clearly defined time slots Lalita Rajashyamala Varahi and Para Puja to. Lalita is to be done in the morning in the creative center Rajashyamala in the. heart during midday Varahi in the evening at the eyebrow center and Para. Shakti at midnight in the crown This volume deals only with the first part. Lalita Puja, Some people combine all these differnt pujas into one unmanageably long. puja Neither the participants nor the people watching the pujas understand. what is going on They think that the longer the puja the better it is They. keep on adding to the puja from this book and that book and they are then. afraid to let go of this or that bit of the puja They loose their balance and. become angry with slightest disturbances to the puja like a child crying for. food For a devotee to become angry is to go down, You find a famous example of this in the story of Ramayana Vishwamitra was. a great king who wanted to attain to the highest knowledge of God He was. doing austerities for a long time Then Indra afraid that he will lose his. position as the ruler of Gods sent a celestial seductress called Menaka to stop. him from practicing celebacy in thought word and deed Vishwamitra got. attracted to Menaka and spent 10 000 years enjoying her Then he lost the. power he had obtained from his austerities He realized his mistake and he. told her No I don t want your child and I don t want you get lost He. pushed her away and then started again on the austerities gaining great merit. Then he went to Sage Vashishta s ashram And he told him Look I have. become great in austeritie Now you have to proclaim that I am a Brahma. Rishi self realized soul Vishishta says No you are not a Brahma Rishi to. test him Then Vishwamitra got angry and cursed Vishishta With that single. curse he lost all the power, The moral of the story is that sexual enjoyment is much less harmful than.
anger Whereas lust has taken 10 000 years to remove his power his anger. removed it in one instant That is the difference That is why they say if you. are practicing sadhana sincere devotion and you get angry you are not. making headway The signature of being on the proper path is that you must. remain unperturbed by anger or fear It is then that you are really on the way. Three Shaktis, Puja is done to Kriya Shakti Jnana Shakti and Iccha Shakti What is the. meaning and importance of these Shaktis in the Mother worship They are the. powers residing in the erotic jones of a woman All Goddesses are powers of. attention awarenesses residing in certain places or times Pure unbounded. awareness is considered to be the universal Mother Lalita All shaktis are Her. body parts Her body is space and time,Gouri Kriya Lakshmi Jnana Saraswati Iccha. The word mother brings to our minds usually the one who gives birth to I. was born out of her womb and that is my place of birth The birth channel the. yoni vagina is the only entity that really qualifies to be called the mother It is. indeed a temple where the Goddess who gives birth is located We call the. Goddess there as Gouri creatrix The yoni is also the place where billions of. sperms who are trying to get a chance to live are destroyed That is why she is. known as Kali destroyer Gouri is the one who accepts the seed and gives it. life and Kali is one who accepts the seed but destroying it That is why it is. important to worship Kali during menstruation when conception is not. possible They are different yet they arelocated at the same place called by. different names at different times They are both located in the Muladhara. Chakra So as the Mother of all who gives birth to us through her yoni Gouri. is worshipped in the yoni She is the base in which the Linga phallus of Siva. stands Lalita Sahasram speaks of Bhagaradhya worshipped in yoni There. are so many names in the Lalita Sahasranama that relate to such explicitly. sexual aspects of the Mother Goddess worship, At one time there were fertility rites where the love between man and woman. was offered as an intimate service to the Goddess Devi the universal mother. is located in the Swadhisthana chakra Swa by self adhisthana residing in. The place where Devi is residing in is the genitals. The seat of the Kundalini power the energy which gives supreme pleasure of. orgasm is located in the genitals The starting point of Kundalini is known as. Kumara He is like the young Siva The big Siva is the male linga phallus. Kumara his son the small linga in the female is the clitoris The female linga. is the seat of happiness and pleasure and the origin of Kundalini Shakti. The first movement of the Kundalini is to make you lose your sense of body. identificatiion and that is exactly what happens in orgasm You are flowing. out of yourself as the seed and you lose all your tensions The word orgasm is. used in Tantra in the broader context as losing all your tensions If you are worried. losing your worry is an orgasm, There was one fellow who used to wear shoes three times under size He used. to walk with those shoesall day long And he used to have excruciating pain. throughout the day And people asked him Why do you wear those. undersized shoes and bear the pain He said There is only one happiness left. in my life and that is when I remove this shoe from my foot only then I feel. extremely happy We are all wearing this undersize shoe called this body. and once you find the release from this body you find happiness the only. happiness that we know and that is called an orgasm We want repetion of. that happiness because we want to be permanently in that state The only way. to achieve that is to recognize whenever there is stress developing and to be. let go of that stress This is the main point of Tantra Try to be in a state of. constant orgasm to be in the perpetual union between Siva and Shakti. The mother who gives birth is called Gouri Man is very incidental to the. process of creation He just deposits a seed in the womb and then walks out. And there finishes his duty We think we are the mothers of our children that. we beget But are they our children They are not they are the children of. Gouri Do we know how to give form to that formless seed How to make the. face the eyes the ears how to make the tongue how to put the taste in the. tongue How to create the limbs that can grow and where each should be. located in what proportion what size What color eyes what looks None of. these things we know All of this happens automatically There is a power of. transformation which is coded in the genes which is doing this job And that. power Gouri is located in the womb It is the seed that we are worshipping. You cannot say that the seed is male or female So before the egg which came. first the egg or the hen It was the seed that came before either of them And. that seed is information knowledge in formation It is the seed that is Gouri. the bindu That is the first mother that we know of. In the womb initially you as the child experience a tremendous growth. potential Every moment you are multiplying yourself into two and it appears. as if there is an infinite possiblity of growth And you are enjoying that. happiness and richness available to you of the multiplication of yourself But. then after some time the womb being limited in size offers resistance to. growth And you are being confined And you don t like that confinement. You want to grow And after some time you are pushed out forcibly At first. you do not know what is touch you were not even breathing You were. floating in the womb for nine months You were breathing through your navel. through the blood of the mother At the time of birth you were pushed out. and suddenly a cold metal comes and grasps your head and pulls you out and. before you have learned how to transfer from one system of life to another. system your navel thread is cut At the time of birth you are fighting for life. This trauma is tremendous You cannot say that this trauma is not present in. ceasarean births because they also cut the navel cord From navel breathing. you have got to move to nasal breathing and that transition is very traumatic. After the birth process then immediately protection has to be given. nourishment has to be given Where does it come from It comes from the. Mother s breasts as her milk There she is known as Lakshmi She is the ocean. of milk that comes from the breasts of the female There the child feeds The. first milk that comes out of the mother s breasts has immunization properties. Do you know how to make that milk You ate food and it became milk That. power to give nourishment is what we call Lakshmi The nipples through. which milk comes is the location of the second aspect of the Mother we. Then the child grows and after some time it leaves the mother s breast and. looks for outside food The child is not interested in receiving nourishment. from the mother any more Neither is that mother able to provide it It receives. nourishment from knowledge Then the third mother comes into existence. That is Saraswati She is in the tongue When you are talking are you aware of. where the tongue has to go in order to create a certain sequence or sounds. No you are not aware Still that is the function of Saraswati to teach This. learning process starts at the age of about two and a quarter years The first. part is for nine months the second part for twenty seven months and in the. third part you are taken care of from then to 27x3 81months about 7 years of. age by Saraswati the third mother, In the Devi Mahatmyam in the first part there is only one chapter the second.
part has three chapters and the third part has nine chapters where you have to. dance your way through life with happiness and pleasure For that you have. toobstructions to your progress In this part you will find a great battle being. waged against all the demons and how the Devis overcome them one by one. The worst of these demons is Raktabija Raktabija means the triggering of one. thought from another, The Iccha Shakti is located as Saraswati at the tip of your tongue Jnana. Shakti is worshipped in the heart center and Kriya Shakti is worshipped in. the yoni If you want to manifest or create a physical form worship of the yoni. brings this power into you All your fears and sexuality are located in the first. two chakras Worship paying attention to feeling of respect removes your. negativities and paves the way to power and love Worship of the heart center. gives you the blessings of knowledge of protection of immunity of wealth of. prosperity Worship of the face gives you will power and emotional. intelligence called Iccha Shakti Especially when you concentrate on the. eyebrow center ajna chakra it develops your power to control yourself and. The Lalita Sahasranama talks in detail about these these various aspects There. is a mantra appropriate to worshipping the Devi in the heart center and that is. Raja Shyamala There is a mantra which cooresponds to the Ajna center. which is called Varahi There is a mantra cooresponding to the. Brahmarandhra the Sahasrara chakra and that is a single letter mantra called. Souh It is Para It is the hissing sound of the kundalini snake as it rises up the. spinal chord When it reaches the Sahasrara it opens its hood up and implodes. the cosmos into you Vishnu is sleeping under the hood of the serpent Sesha. It means that the cosmos and cosmic consciousness Vishnu is under the. protection of this Kundalini force It is both a creative and a destructive force. It creates order and destroys disorder, The symbolism of the snake is a universal archtype over the ages in various. cultures Imagine a snake crawling over your body and that you are a small. child and that you are not aware that it is a snake Or you have not learned to. name it as a snake What do you find You find a supreme pleasure in its. touch It coils around your limbs and a beautiful massage is being given to you. by the snake In this situation you are not naming it and not identifying it with. a situation that is potentially dangerous You just play with that This is the. nature of Siva The moment you associate that situation with the notion of fear. that it can kill you then the fear is related to the muladhara chakra On the one. hand there is pleasure and on the other hand there is fear This combination of. the pleasure fear complex is what is symbolized by the snake. If you look at the philosophical structure behind this you find that the snake is. something that moves in a wavy curvy fashion not straight They say that. when you are drunk you move in a wavy fashion you are not clear in what. direction you are moving But if a snake becomes drunk what does it do It. moves straight The mind and its thought patterns are like the snakes going. hither and dither in wavy fashions But when the mind becomes ste. Sri Chakra Puja Amrita Devipuram India 531001 Prologue This book had to be written to fill a gap There are millions of people in the world who are doing Sri Chakra Puja But very few understand the meanings of the mantras and procedures why they are being done what is a good way

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