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IS THE SEQUEL SERIES TO, T he dragons have declared war on humans Two of the seven dragon. sanctuaries have already fallen Will Wyrmroost be next. After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kendra and Seth. Celebrant King of Dragons prepares to unleash his fury and take con. trol of his native preserve Armed with information from a new ally. Ronodin the dark unicorn Celebrant seeks a legendary talisman the. dominion stone, However the powerful stone is protected by a cursed castle Can. Kendra and Seth foil Celebrant s plan and beat him to his prize Will. the two young caretakers rally enough support from the creatures of. Wyrmroost to quell the uprising and protect the world from draconic. Cover illustration by Brandon Dorman Book design Shadow Mountain Art direction Richard Erickson Design Sheryl Dickert Smith. dominion One thing is for certain dragons are wicked smart It will take. more than Kendra Seth and their current allies to outwit and outmatch. the wrath of the Dragon King,MARKETING PLANS, Major six figure national marketing campaign Five week Brandon Mull school tour at the end. of October through November focusing on hotspot regions including Phoenix So CA Rocky. Mountains Pacific Northwest Reader s Guide Posters bookmarks flyers video trailer. STRICT ON SALE DATE OCTOBER 23 2018, Hardcover 5 1 4 x 7 3 4 416 pages 18 99 Juvenile Fantasy Magic ISBN 978 1 62972 486 7. Unabridged Audio ISBN 978 1 62972 490 4 9 CDs 34 99. eISBN 978 1 62973 703 4, To order contact your usual bookseller or call us at 800 453 3876.
Sales inquiries and reviewers contact,Ilise Levine ilevine shadowmountain com. For media inquiries contact Jill Schaugaard jschaugaard shadowmountain com. For ebook advance reader review copies visit our online catalog. http edelweiss abovethetreeline com Click on Shadow Mountain Publishing. s UNCORRECTED PROOF,ADVANCE READING COPY NOT FOR SALE. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE FOR PUBLICATION WITHOUT CHECKING AGAINST THE FINISHED BOOK. UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY, Attention Reader This is an uncorrected proof for re. view purposes only All information page count price. and trim size is tentative and may change without no. tice Please refer to the final printed book when quoting. from this copy as editorial changes may still be made. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. Also by Brandon Mull,Fablehaven,The Candy Shop War.
Five Kingdoms,Dragonwatch,The Caretaker s Guide to Fablehaven. Fablehaven Book of Imagination,Spirit Animals,DO NOT DUPLICATE. UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY,I l lu st rat e d by. B ra n d o n D o r ma n,DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. 2018 Brandon Mull, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or.
by any means without permission in writing from the publisher Shadow. M ountain at p ermissions shadowmountain com The views expressed. herein are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily represent the. position of Shadow Mountain, All characters in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to actual. persons living or dead is purely coincidental,Visit us at shadowmountain com. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. CIP data on file,ISBN 978 1 62972 486 7,Printed in the United States of America. Alexanders Print Advantage,10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,DO NOT DUPLICATE. UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY,ap te r On,Old Friends.
T he red maned dragon coiled in the courtyard rippling. scales flashing in the sunlight tail swishing lazily. Prowling forward the lengthy body unfurled several sets of. legs working to bring the leonine head ever closer to the. lone boy Yawning the dragon displayed a jagged array of. yellowed fangs surrounding a fat tongue, What s the matter the dragon inquired in a slightly. mocking tone Speak Move, Large nostrils approached the boy s face and flared sniff. ing The nearby mouth was probably big enough to swallow. him whole Or at least to bite off the top half of his body. Seth willed himself to lean away To lift an arm To mur. mur a reply,His body refused to respond He could not twitch a. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. D ra g o n wat c h W rat h of the D ra g o n K i n g. finger He could not glance away He was utterly paralyzed. by dragon fear,Nothing the dragon asked You re not really in any.
I know Seth wanted to say You re my assistant Marat. usually stayed in human form but he had made an excep. tion today after Seth had requested a chance to test his abil. ity to resist dragon fear If his sister Kendra could do it there. had to be a way, Come on Seth chimed a little voice from his pocket. Calvin champion of the nipsies could keep his composure. in the presence of a dragon and he was only a couple of. inches tall Try smiling When I was just a boy I remember. my papa could smile his way out of anything, Seth could hear Calvin but couldn t turn his head to see. him Seth could breathe He could feel his heart beating. But his mouth refused to form words His muscles would not. budge not even to pull his lips into a smile He was a dragon. tamer while holding Kendra s hand But now he was speech. less and immovable This wasn t fair She could maintain. her composure while confronting a dragon alone even in. the presence of Celebrant the Dragon King,What made all of this even more humiliating was. that this encounter was staged Seth knew the dragon was. a friend and meant him no harm There was no rational. reason to fear Why couldn t his intellect overpower his in. stincts Was he really this spineless, The long body reeled in as the dragon shrank into a. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY.
Old Friends, mild Asian man in elaborate silken robes The climate of. fear evaporated and Seth could move,I wasn t scared Seth insisted. Very few can resist dragon terror Marat said, Sure I was frozen Seth admitted but I wasn t afraid. Your mind was free Marat asked That is something,But I still could have killed you at my leisure. Am I just not desperate enough Seth asked, Petrified people are routinely devoured by dragons.
Marat said They remain immobilized throughout the pro. cess Trust me all of them are plenty desperate,What made the difference for Kendra Seth wondered. She is fairykind Marat said She found a way to bring. her power to bear As a shadow charmer you might in time. do likewise,Any tips Seth asked,I m no shadow charmer Marat said And I don t feel. dragon terror You need a different tutor Have you asked. your sister,No way Seth said Her power is different from mine. What s she going to teach me How to befriend fairies. Kendra could teach anyone a great many things, Marat said Perhaps your reluctance relates to her being. your sister, Of course it does Seth said Who wants their sister.
to teach them anything, My sister helped me learn arithmetic Calvin piped up. from his pocket,DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. D ra g o n wat c h W rat h of the D ra g o n K i n g. Big deal Seth said That s just math Kendra can talk. to dragons alone And I can t,Your nipsie might have ideas Marat said. I m not sure I can help much Calvin said I don t, have techniques like holding my breath or crossing my fin. gers My only advice is not to get scared,You don t get scared of dragons Seth asked.
Not to where it freezes me Calvin said I can t explain. how or why except I don t really get scared of anything. Really Seth asked, I know dragons could kill me Calvin clarified I don t. want to die or get maimed The danger makes me alert not. Marat I want to try again Seth said Get ready for, Could you perhaps pause your exercises for a moment. a voice asked from behind Seth, He turned to find Agad emerging from a door into the. courtyard The wizard dressed in traveling clothes and a. cloak was followed by Newel Doren and Tanu, The arrival caught Seth so off guard that he hardly. knew where to look first It had been longest since he had. seen Tanu so his eyes settled there The Samoan potion. master wore a large pack and several pouches dangled from. his belt Still broad and thick he looked a tad leaner than. when Seth had last seen him,Tanu Seth cried Have you lost weight.
Not on purpose he replied with a pained smile I,DO NOT DUPLICATE. UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY,Old Friends, have been swimming in choppy waters Things are messy. We re here too Newel said with a wave,Been eating well Doren added patting his belly. Seth had seen both satyrs just a couple of days before. when he had gone back to Fablehaven through the telepor. tation barrel What are you guys doing here,Things were getting dull without you around Newel. We like to be where the action is Doren said,Since when Seth challenged You guys run from.
everything, Newel squinted one eye We like to be in the vicinity of. the action Not necessarily getting our hands dirty. Or chopped off Doren added, Life can be like television from the proper distance. Newel explained,Bringing the satyrs was my idea Agad said Seth I. thought you would find value in their companionship dur. ing these troubled times, You told us there were acres of food Doren accused. The storerooms beneath this keep are all I promised. Agad mumbled,Remember our road trip to see the Singing Sisters.
Newel asked Seth You introduced us to fast food And. convenience stores Any time we get permission to leave. our designated preserve is a thrill,Especially if the food is good Doren said And the. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. D ra g o n wat c h W rat h of the D ra g o n K i n g. Any news about Bracken Seth asked,Agad exchanged a glance with Tanu No glad tidings. the wizard said He had been captured and we found where. he was being held but he was already gone by the time we. arrived We have no idea who took him, Seth hated to hear Bracken was lost and he knew the. news would devastate his sister Do you think he s alive. I suspect so Agad said A quick examination of,the horn he left with Kendra will confirm.
Seth walked up to Tanu Did you help find him, I helped find his empty cell Tanu said We were try. ing Soaring Cliffs has become a perdition of rampaging. dragons We were lucky to get out alive, Sounds like the kind of adventure best viewed from a. distance Doren commented, That s one way to put it Tanu said The world is turn. ing upside down I understand there has been commotion. here as well, The dragons tested our defenses Seth said It looked. bad for a while Kendra and I recovered a scepter that. strengthened the keep s protections, And you made a firmer enemy of Celebrant in the pro.
cess Marat said,The Dragon King s enmity was inevitable Agad said. We are facing a global rebellion,Wait a minute Newel said You told us there was un. rest Not a worldwide rebellion,Unrest here Agad said A global rebellion is under. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. Old Friends, way We re laboring to stop it By no means is the uprising.
You can tell because we re not all dead yet Tanu said. But Blackwell Keep is secure Doren checked And,the storerooms. Locked up tight Agad said, A long low note was blown on a horn the hollow sound. gradually growing deeper before fading,What was that Doren asked. Start of the satyr hunt Tanu said with a grin,The proudhorn Marat said turning his gaze toward. the sky An unexpected dragon approaches, I think I may have left a scarf back at Fablehaven.
Newel said edging back toward the door A real important. one Striped,I ll lend a hand Doren offered,The dragon can t harm us Agad said I told you the. keep is protected,What dragon Seth asked,Let s find out Marat said. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. ap te r Two,Invitation,W hen the proudhorn blew Kendra was sitting cross. legged atop the keep s outer wall her back to, the battlements facing a semicircle of nine fairies All but.
one had dragonfly wings The other was the stockiest with. wings like a beetle They all seemed generally hardier than. the Fablehaven fairies still lithe and lovely but somewhat. more muscular and noticeably warier, Most of the fairies took flight at the sound of the horn. wings becoming a blur The others were on their feet ready. to spring Kendra stood and looked outward to find a gleam. ing dragon smaller than most gliding toward the Perch a. tower at the edge of the keep designated for conversing with. It s just Raxtus one of the fairies chirped,He s acting strange lately another remarked. DO NOT DUPLICATE,UNCORRECTED PROOF FOR REVIEW ONLY. I n v i tat i o n, Almost like a dragon a third said with a giggle The. other fairies tittered,I should go Kendra said He must have come to talk.
I thought we were talking one of the fairies com,It could be an emergency Kendra said Thank you. for attending We ll meet again tomorrow You have your. assignments Spread the word to the other fairies I want to. know about any suspicious dragon activity, Kendra turned and started trotting toward the Perch. Behind her she heard fairies murmuring about how bossy. she was but decided to ignore them Fairies were hard to. he dragons have declared war on humans Two of the seven dragon sanctuaries have already fallen Will Wyrmroost be next After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kendra and Seth Celebrant King of Dragons prepares to unleash his fury and take con trol of his native preserve Armed with information from a new ally Ronodin the dark unicorn Celebrant seeks a legendary talisman the

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