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UNCLASSIFIED,AMENDMENT CERTIFICATE,Amendment Chapter s Amendment Effected date. AL1 Part 2 Chapter 5 Editorial Change 22 Mar 18,Part 5 Chapter 3 Editorial Change. Part 6 Chapter 10 New,Part 7 Chapter 8 Editorial Change. Part 7 Chapter 9 Editorial Change,Part 9 Chapter 6 Editorial Change. Part 9 Chapter 8 Editorial Change,AL2 Part 8 Chapter 6 New 26 Apr 18.
AL3 Part 1 Chapter 3 Editorial Change 13 Sep 18,Part 1 Chapter 4 Editorial Change. Part 2 Chapter 1 Editorial Change,Part 2 Chapter 5 Editorial Change. Part 2 Chapter 6 Editorial Change,Part 2 Chapter 7 Editorial Change. Part 3 Chapter 6 New,Part 4 Chapter 2 Editorial Change. Part 4 Chapter 3 Editorial Change,Part 5 Chapter 1 Editorial Change.
Part 5 Chapter 2 Editorial Change,Part 6 Chapter 4 Editorial Change. Part 7 Chapter 2 Editorial Change,Part 7 Chapter 7 Editorial Change. Part 7 Chapter 8 Editorial Change,Part 7 Chapter 9 Editorial Change. Part 9 Chapter 4 Editorial Change,Part 9 Chapter 7 New. Part 11 Chapter 2 Editorial Change,Part 11 Chapter 6 New.
AL4 Part 2 Chapter 1 Editorial Change 10 Dec 18,Part 3 Chapter 7 New. Part 7 Chapter 4 Editorial Change,AL5 Part 2 Chapter 1 Editorial Change 15 Feb 19. Part 2 Chapter 4 Minor Amendment,Part 7 Chapter 3 Editorial Change. Part 7 Chapter 4 Minor Amendment,Part 7 Chapter 9 Several Amendments. Part 9 Chapter 3 Minor Amendment,Part 10 Chapter 2 Minor Amendment.
Part 11 Chapter 3 Editorial Change,UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN. MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL,Date issued 07 September 2017. Issued by People Policy and Employment Conditions Branch with the. authority of Deputy Secretary Defence People, Document This manual will be reviewed five years from its date of issue or. management sooner if necessitated by business requirements and to ensure it. continues to meet the intent of Defence s policy on this subject. Minor amendments may be made at quarterly intervals. commencing three months after the date of issue, Availability The latest version of this manual is only available from. Defence manuals Its currency cannot be guaranteed if sourced. from other locations It is is not available for public release. Policy domain People Domain Personnel Policy,Accountable Deputy Secretary Defence People.
Policy owner First Assistant Secretary People Policy and Culture. Policy contact Directorate of Military People Policy. Definitions Definitions that apply to this manual are at Annex 1A. UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN,Part 1 Preliminaries i. Part 2 Entry and Re entry i, Part 3 Medical and Physical Employment Standards i. Part 4 Alcohol and Prohibited Substances i,Part 5 Performance Appraisal and Promotion i. Part 6 Postings i,Part 7 Personnel Management i,Part 8 Training and Development i. Part 9 Discipline and Unacceptable Behavior i,Part 10 Transfers Resignations Separations i.
Part 11 Personnel Support Policy i,UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED. MILPERSMAN Part 001,PART 1 PRELIMINARIES,UNCLASSIFIED. UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001,Chapter 1 1 1,Military Personnel Policy Manual 1 1. Introduction 1 1,Policy statement 1 1,Definitions 1 2. Monitoring and reporting 1 2,Related legislation and publications 1 3.
Chapter 2 2 1,Reserved 2 1,Chapter 3 3 1,Military Personnel Policy Manual Glossary 3 1. Chapter 4 4 1, Military Personnel Policy Manual Privacy notice 4 1. Introduction 4 1,Policy statement 4 1,Definitions 4 1. Scope and applicability of this chapter 4 2,Privacy statement 4 2. Collection and use of personal information 4 2,Disclosure of personal information 4 4.
Storage of personal information 4 4, Consequences for the non provision of personal information 4 5. Access and seeking correction of your personal information 4 5. Related manual chapters 4 5,Related legislation and publications 4 5. Chapter 5 5 1,Delegations 5 1,Introduction 5 1,Policy statement 5 1. Definitions 5 1, Precedence of legislation regulations and policy 5 1. Management of delegations 5 2,Delegation schedules 5 2.
Guidance for decision makers 5 2,Limitations and restrictions 5 3. Archival action 5 3,UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001. MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL,INTRODUCTION, 1 1 Policy and procedures that govern the administration and management of. Defence members are detailed in legislation Acts and Regulations Defence. Instructions manuals and many other documents The Military Personnel Policy. Manual MILPERSMAN is designed to provide Defence personnel and where it is a. term of their contract contractors consultants and outsourced service providers with. a primary source document for non financial personnel policy advice and guidance. 1 2 The breadth and complexity of conditions and policies under which Defence. members serve are considerable They are complicated further by the number of. areas responsible for the development and maintenance of Australian Defence Force. personnel policy This manual will periodically direct the reader to other sources of. supporting information and complementary advice,POLICY STATEMENT. 1 3 MILPERSMAN forms a key element of personnel policy for use by. commanders and supervisors who should consider the guidance contained in this. manual together with the Defence Act 1903 Defence Regulation 2016. Defence Instructions manuals and single Service policy documents to ensure their. non financial personnel policy understanding is complete. 1 4 This manual is an administrative policy framework document that applies to. all Defence personnel and where it is a term of their contract contractors. consultants and outsourced service providers, 1 5 The Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force require Defence personnel.
to comply with provisions in this manual unless the particular circumstances warrant. departure from the provisions, Some provisions in this manual may support Defence personnel to comply with. obligations that exist in,a applicable laws, b directives and determinations issued under the Defence Act 1903. c Defence Instructions, Defence personnel must not depart from the provisions in this manual in a way that. would result in any breach of those obligations,UNCLASSIFIED. UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001, When considering a possible departure from this manual the Secretary and the CDF.
require Defence personnel to, a consider whether the proposed departure would be inconsistent with. i applicable laws, ii directives and determinations issued or the Defence Act 1903. iii Defence Instructions,If yes the departure is not permitted. b consider whether a proposed departure is reasonable and justified in the. circumstances and will produce a better outcome for Defence. c consult their supervisor wherever practicable about a proposed departure. a properly informed decision also involves consulting the policy owner. d be responsible and accountable for the consequences of departing from or. not adhering to the content of this manual including where such departure or non. adherence results in a breach of applicable laws or leads to adverse outcomes for. Defence personnel may be subject to performance management administrative. action or in some circumstances disciplinary action where their decision to depart. from provisions in this manual involves serious errors of judgement. Failure to adhere to administrative policy may result in a breach of legislation or other. legal requirement and sanctions under that legislation may apply. Defence personnel who are authorised by the Secretary to execute contracts on. behalf of the Commonwealth should consider whether there is a specific and. documented reason to include in the terms of a contract the requirement to comply. with the provisions of this maual and if so include such terms. DEFINITIONS, 1 6 MILPERSMAN Part 1 Chapter 3 Military Personnel Policy Manual. Glossary contains a glossary of common terms while subsequent parts and chapters. may include specific definitions as required,MONITORING AND REPORTING.
1 7 Assistant Secretary People Policy and Employment Conditions ASPPEC. has overall responsibility for monitoring development and implementation of. MILPERSMAN Under the direction of ASPPEC the Directorate of Military People. Policy DMPP will develop and maintain MILPERSMAN policies. UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001,RELATED LEGISLATION AND PUBLICATIONS. 1 8 Parts and chapters of this manual will include links to related legislation and. publications as necessary,Sponsor ASPPEC DMPP,UNCLASSIFIED. UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001,UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED. MILPERSMAN Part 001,MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL GLOSSARY. Accountable officer is a member of the Enterprise Business Committee appointed. by and accountable to the Secretary and the CDF for policies residing in their policy. domain and the framework documents that explain those policies. Accredited laboratory is a laboratory accredited by the National Association of. Testing Authorities Australia It is an accredited authority for the purposes of Part. VIIIA of the Defence Act 1903, Active Reserve The Defence Act 1903 creates the Permanent Forces and the.
Reserves The Active Reserve is a pool of Reserve Force members who are. available for or are undertaking training or duty A member of the Active Reserve. will be assigned to Service Category SERCAT 3 4 or 5 depending on the nature of. their Reserve service, ADF Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Service ATOD is the Australian. Defence Force ADF provider of alcohol tobacco and other drug ATOD health The. Program provides leading practice clinical guidance and support to Regional Mental. Health Teams and other areas of Defence on stepped care approach policy. education training and alcohol and drug issues,UNCLASSIFIED. UNCLASSIFIED,MILPERSMAN Part 001,Table 3 1 Australian Defence Force ranks. Level Navy Army Air Force,E00 Recruit Recruit Aircraftman Woman. E01 Seaman Private Trainee Aircraftman Woman,E02 Seaman Private Aircraftman Woman.
E03 Able Seamen Private Proficient Leading,Aircraftman Woman. E04 N A Lance Corporal N A,E05 Leading Seaman Corporal Corporal. E06 Petty Officer Sergeant Sergeant,E07 N A Staff Sergeant N A. E08 Chief Petty Officer Warrant Officer Class 2 Flight Sergeant. E09 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer. E10 Warrant Officer of the Regimental Sergeant Warrant Officer Air. Navy Major Army Force,O00 Midshipman Officer Cadet Officer Cadet. O01 Acting Sub Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Pilot Officer. O02 Sub Lieutenant Lieutenant Flying Officer,O03 Lieutenant Captain Flight Lieutenant.
O04 Lieutenant Commander Major Squadron Leader,O05 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commander. O06 Captain Colonel Group Captain,O07 Commodore Brigadier Air Commodore. O08 Rear Admiral Major General Air Vice Marshal,O09 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Air Marshal. O10 Admiral General Air Chief Marshal, Administrative policy is a term used to refer collectively to a class of documents. that expresses the Defence senior leadership s approach to organising and. managing the organisation It consists of principles and rules that mandate. requirements of or provisions for members of the organisation what must be done. and procedures to assist in their implementation how it should be done. Administrative policy is contained in different document types according to the. intended purpose, Adult classified products refers to restricted or extra sale control materials.
including but not limited to internet literature CDs videos posters and computer. Adulterant is a substance used to compromise or attempt to compromise the. integrity of urine oral fluids or hair sample taken for the purpose of the Prohibited. Substances Testing Program,UNCLASSIFIED,UNCLASSIFIED. MILPERSMAN Part 001, Advanced Medical Assistant AMA The term AMA encompasses Advanced. Medical Assistants Medical Technicians Medical Sailors and enrolled nurses. Aggrieved Person as it relates to Protection Orders is a person seeking to be. protected by a Protection Order against a respondent s. Air and sea transit Temporary movement of ADF personnel for the purposes of. conducting a specific task not related to the mode of transport Air and sea transit. represents a change in the Defence member s employment environment and needs. to be considered on an individual basis, Alcohol Alcohol is any substance used for human consumption which contains more. than 0 5 ethyl alcohol, Alcohol and other Drug Program Adviser ADPA An ADPA is a volunteer who. has completed the Certificate CERT IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs Mental Health. work and provides preventative alcohol and other drug education and advice to a unit. or ship s company An ADPA also conducts initial screening assessments educative. interventions follow up support and aftercare to Defence members who are. assessed as being problematic users of alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol and other Drug Program Counsellors ADPC are Royal Australian Navy. RAN counsellors in support of the RAN Alcohol and Drug Program ADPC have a. CERT IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs Mental Health work and a Diploma of. Counselling An ADPC is responsible for developing implementing and managing the. MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL Roxanne Kelley Deputy Secretary Defence People Department of Defence CANBERRA ACT 2600 15 December 2017 UNCLASSIFIED AMENDMENT CERTIFICATE Amendment number Chapter s Amendment Effected date AL1 Part 2 Chapter 5 Part 5 Chapter 3 Part 6 Chapter 10 Part 7 Chapter 8 Part 7 Chapter 9 Part 9 Chapter 6 Part 9 Chapter 8 Editorial Change

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