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LE T T ER F R OM L EAD ER SHI P, The Paper and Packaging How Life Unfolds campaign moves into. year five in July The ongoing campaign could not have been better. timed with the convergence of strong consumer fueled spending. and the desire for more sustainable packaging alternatives both. driving customers to choose paper and fiber based packaging. Consider this Since the start of the campaign, The spread between how positively consumers feel about paper. vs plastics has widened from 14 points to 19 points in support. 67 say the environmental benefits of paper outweigh risks. up 10 points since first tracked in November 2016 and. 67 say trees a renewable resource make paper and,packaging a smart choice. Even better 77 of consumers see our industry as innovative. a 10 point increase from 2015 And 70 think more highly of. brands that use paper based product packaging a 26 point. Despite turbulent recycling markets the majority of consumers. 75 for all paper categories say they continue to find recycling. all forms of paper and fiber packaging worthwhile No doubt our. well timed campaign is helping to buffer the increased media. spotlight on waste, Read on to learn how a strategy leveraging modern technology. and media is allowing us to engage more deeply with customers. We start year five with momentum and purpose reaching. consumers and business decision makers alike We could not. do it without you Thank you,JENNIFER MILLER,Chair Paper and Packaging Board and.
Chief Business Sustainability Officer Sappi,MARY ANNE HANSAN. President Paper and Packaging Board, Isobar May 2019 Data reported on Expressives aware of the campaign. C O NS U M E R R E SEAR CH,Expanding our reach,The Paper Packaging How Life Unfolds campaign. continues to generate campaign awareness and positive. feelings toward our industry and products Our target. remains the 38M consumers we call Expressives as, well as the highly valued business decision makers. Metrics around their preference for paper based products. along with how our industry is viewed serve as a,campaign report card.
REPUTATION,The paper and,packaging industry,continues to be. viewed more,favorably than,other industries PAPER PLASTIC. BAS ED O N A 100 POINT SCALE,INNOVATIVE,ENVIRONMENTALLY. 67 77 SMART,AUG 15 M A Y 19 AU G 15 MAY 19, The paper and packaging Trees a renewable resource. industry makes innovative make paper and packaging. products products a smart choice, Isobar May 2019 Data reported on Expressives aware of the campaign.
C O NS U M E R R E SEAR CH,Paper has a meaningful,presence in a digital world. storing and archiving,information and providing,dynamic marketing materials. like direct mail TM,Storing keeping,information on. paper is valuable,in a digital world,AUG 15 MAY 19. Direct mail is,a good source,of information,AU G 15 MAY 19.
75 continue to find recycling,all forms of paper and fiber. packaging worthwhile, Isobar May 2019 Data reported on Expressives aware of the campaign. C O NS U M E R R E SEAR CH,GREATER IMPACT,Paper based packaging. means reliability and,security but also,elevates the brands. that use it,Paper based product,packaging is an essential.
part of everyday life,AUG 15 MAY 1 9,Consumers think. more highly of,companies brands,that use paper,based product. AU G 1 5 MAY 19,Products that come in paper,based product packaging feel. more premium,AUG 15 M AY 1 9, Isobar May 2019 Data reported on Expressives aware of the campaign. CO NS U M E R E N G AG EM ENT,Count on it,Our sharpened consumer engagement strategy has.
amplified our role as a newsmaker and influencer, As a result our share of voice is measurably louder. and clearer our campaign initiates 35 of positive, conversations on news and social media about paper and. packaging That s an impressive five percentage points. up from 30 since July 2018 alone,SHARE OF VOICE 35. JULY 1 2017 TO JULY 1 2018 TO,MAY 31 2018 MAY 31 2019. Powering the heightened visibility is our portfolio of. popular video content a direct response to growing. consumer appetite 54 of consumers want to see, more video content from a brand or business they support.
VIDEO VIEWS CLICK,Consumers are clicking to,watch top performing video. content consistently driving,page views on our site Top. 130 488 099,performing video content,like our TV ads The Next. Great Package design,contest and our Faces,of the Forest sustainability. stories helped drive,VIDEO VIEWS,video views J U LY 1 2 0 1 8 T O MAY 31 2019.
HubSpot2018,CO NS U M E R E N G AG EM ENT,WEBSITE TRAFFIC. VISITORS Once we capture attention,SPENT AN across any of our channels. print television videos digital,AVERAGE OF banners paid or earned media. our content sends consumers,to our website Reimagined for. a more robust user experience,howlifeunfolds com saw.
visitors double their time,on the site in the first month. M A R C H 1 3 1 2 0 19 of relaunch,New social and search content. and a stronger call to action,sparked an impressive 17 9. UPTICK IN VISITORS,TO THE WEBSITE,J U LY 1 2018 T O J U N E 3 0 2 0 1 9. We greeted site visitors,with engaging immediately.
actionable content they can use,in their daily lives by downloading. and printing And they re doing,DOWNLOADS it Customizable planner pages. for example have 61K page, O CT O B E R 1 2 0 1 8 T O J U N E 3 0 2 0 1 9 views and 13K downloads. C O NS U M P TI ON,Econometric report,INDEPENDENT REPORT CORROBORATES. POSITIVE CAMPAIGN DATA, An independent econometric model developed by Cornell University.
economist Dr Harry Kaiser confirms the positive impact of the Paper. and Packaging Board s P PB program on paper consumption This. model required by the USDA as part of P PB s checkoff mandate. quantifies the impact of the P PB campaign on short tons for the. five paper grades paying into the program including containerboard. paperboard kraft bond and printing and writing papers Overall. P PB s promotional efforts increased combined consumption by. 1 7 million tons per year for 2015 2018 compared to what it would. have been in the absence of the program In other words had. there not been a P PB campaign consumption would have been. 2 8 lower than it actually was for 2015 2018,Report pending USDA review. 20 1 8 F I N A N C I A LS,STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION. 000 as of December 31 2018,Cash 5 837,Assessments Receivable 6 141. Prepaid Expenses 71,Total Current Assets 12 049,Property Equipment Net 133. Total Assets 12 182,Liabilities and Net Assets,Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses 267.
Deferred Rent 9,Total Current Liabilities 276,Deferred Rent Net of Current 56. Total Liabilities 332,Net Assets,Without Donor Restrictions Board Designated 870. Without Donor Restrictions 10 980,Total Net Assets 11 850. Total Liabilities and Net Assets 12 182,STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES. 000 as of December 31 2018,Assessments 24 433,Interest Income 41.
Total Revenue 24 474,Program Expenses 23 434,General and Administration 1 119. Federal Government User Fees 95,Total Expenses 24 648. Change in Net Assets 174,Net Assets at Beginning of Year 12 024. Net Assets at End of Year 11 850, This report is a summary of the financial statements incorporated in the annual audit report. issued by Councilor Buchanan Mitchell PC for the year ended December 31 2018 The. complete financial statements and notes are available upon request from P PB. CA M P A I G N SH OWCASE,Strategy in motion, No longer can an advertiser rely exclusively on TV.
or print ads to persuade millions of people to change. minds or habits Today the Paper Packaging How, Life Unfolds campaign optimizes technology a highly. intuitive website and an arsenal of integrated tools. to tell compelling stories of environmental,stewardship innovation productivity. and learning Leveraging a strategic,mix of advertising digital media. public relations and social media,we are successfully engaging with. target audiences achieving record,highs in website traffic and.
increasing perception,relevance and usage,SUSTAINABILITY. AS EASY AS 1 2 TREE,Faces of the Forest short form. videos are at the root of our,resource stewardship messaging. Forestry families from U S wood,baskets tell stories of care and. conservation of forests used,for paper In Meet the Town.
of Falmouth Maine an entire,town regenerates and protects. its forestland Since premiering, WATCH these compelling in May 2019 this video alone has. testimonials at our How Life received 2 1 million video views. Unfolds YouTube channel and 36 7K clicks,CA MP A I G N SH OWCASE. PACKAGING INNOVATION ADDING VALUE, When what s inside matters count on boxes The signature line. from our television advertising reinforces the attributes of Casey. the brand ambassador who ensures that products mailed in paper. based packaging arrive safe and sound But innovative design. and materials do more than protect Our industry has introduced. fresh thinking with e commerce ready packaging eco friendly food. packaging that reduces waste and premium packaging that adds. value to the brand it represents,The Next Great Package.
Innovative packaging design took,center stage with our breakout. reality show competition series,The contest challenged premier. designers to create paper based,packaging solutions for leading. brands like Moe s Southwest Grill,Zappos and Yotel Millions of. Americans tuned in to the video,shorts and full length versions.
of the design challenge driven,by advertising digital media. social media and public relations,activity This creative series on. packaging innovation delivered as,our highest performing marketing. initiative of the last year,IMPRESSIONS,across all platforms. and social channels,IMPRESSIONS,from earned media in relevant.
7 5M viewed the,trade and B2B publications,including FastCasual com. Innovation Summit Footwear,News Inverse media and,brandchannel com. ENJOY The Next Great Package design contest,at our How Life Unfolds YouTube channel. C A MP A I G N SH OWCASE,PRODUCTIVITY PAYS OFF,10 000 downloads More How and. printing Greater work and Why to Print,personal productivity Our Wirelessly.
campaign strategy is working Using Your,hard and smart Customizable Smartphone. gratitude journals New Year s,resolution checklists planner. pages and calendars encourage Print Your,paper usage at work and home Customizable. empowering productivity and Planners,everyday success. When making a big impression matters paper wins the day. Television spots featuring animated heroes Casey and Page. promise business and personal productivity and success. Brainstormingwriting,With a carefully curated,ecosystem of business content.
we introduced brainwriting a,modern approach to group. ideation Brainwriting spurs,more ideas and maximizes a. team s time and talent Print,ads web content social media. digital banners SEO and,advertorials taught consumers. why and how and drove, Digital banner ads ran on targeted them to howlifeunfolds com.
websites to increase website traffic to engage with and download. related content Time on site and,number of downloads jumped. C A MP A I G N SH OWCASE,DIGITAL PUBLISHER MENTAL FLOSS. RETURNS TO PRINT,Posts and articles,get readers thinking. about paper,We partnered with Mental Floss an,online platform for brain stimulating. learning activities and helped,relaunch their printed magazine.
after a three year hiatus Celebrating,modern paper and packaging stories. of personal and work productivity,our print and web articles and. exclusive presence populated,the smart hip glossy publication. and website,We re delighted to be partnering,with the Paper and Packaging Board. for the second year in a row We can t,imagine a better brand to help us.
bring back a special edition of our,much loved magazine. ER IN M C C A R T HY,Editor in chief of Mental Floss. BUY this special edition of Mental Floss,at Barnes Noble or Whole Foods. CA M P A I G N SH OWCASE,INCREASED VISIBILITY WITH. A greater push to reach business customers through LinkedIn. helped double our followers to over 5 843 Sought after business. decision makers responded enthusiastically to our packaging design. challenge thought leadership blogs and work productivity content. on this hardworking platform and we re rolling out more all the. time Add Paper and Packaging Board to your LinkedIn network to. join these meaningful conversations,BUSINESS DECISION MAKER.
including senior executives of big box retailers,consumer packaged goods and national brands. J U LY 2 0 1 8 T O J U LY 2019,IN FOLLOWERS IMPRESSIONS. from The Next Great Package design contest on LinkedIn. FA CE S OF OU R IND UST R Y,Casey Strong Page Proud. an industry salute,Our industry wide Casey Strong Page Proud contest. asked member companies to show us what they were,made of and they answered with strength and pride.
1 7 million tons per year for 2015 2018 compared to what it would have been in the absence of the program In other words had there not been a P PB campaign consumption would have been 2 8 lower than it actually was for 2015 2018 Report pending USDA review

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