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Amendment Log,Version no Date Change Brief Section Change. number Description,Table of Content,1 0 Introduction 1. 1 1 Audience 1,1 2 Purpose of this document 1,1 3 Conventions 1. 1 4 References 1,1 5 Definitions Glossary 1,1 6 Problem reporting 2. 1 7 User organisation 3,2 0 Product features 3,2 1 Minimum System Requirements 4.
3 0 General Operating Instructions 4,3 1 User Registration 4. 3 2 Apply for Grants 5,3 3 Grant Allocation 8,3 4 Grant Release 8. 3 5 Statement of Expenditure 9,3 6 Utilization Certificate 11. 1 0 Introduction,1 1 Audience, Users of this software application will be from Universities and UGC The users are expected to have a basic. understanding of using a computer and familiarity with the usage of keyboard and mouse. 1 2 Purpose of this document, This document attempts to describe the operational aspects of the software application with a view to assist all those.
who will be using the software The document provides step wise instructions for handling various aspects of the. software with visual screens for easy and better understanding It also describes the error messages encountered. while working with the software with appropriate remedial actions required to be taken by you. 1 3 Conventions, The document follows the font settings for Chapter Heading Sub Headings at various levels and text as indicated below. Chapter Heading Arial Black 12 pt Bold,Sub Heading Level 1 Arial Black 10 pt Bold. Sub Heading Level 2 Arial 10 pt Bold,Body Text Arial 10 pt. 1 4 References, 1 User Manual Template NIC TPL 004 version 1 1 prescribed as per NIC Quality Standards. 1 5 Definitions Glossary, This section gives a glossary of terms used in the rest of the document.
Term Description,GDA General Development Assistance. MHRD Ministry of Human Resource Development,UGC University Grants Commission. SO Sanction Order,UC Utilization Certificate,SoE Statement of Expenditure. 1 6 Problem Reporting, In case of any problem related to the software or to this document please contact support ugc nic in. 1 7 User organisation, The University Grants Commission UGC is a nodal agency for coordination determination and maintenance of.
standard of teaching research extension and examination in the university system of Higher Education in India In. order to ensure effective region wise coverage throughout the country the UGC has decentralised its operations by. setting up six regional centres at Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Bhopal Guwahati and Bangalore The head office of the. UGC is located at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in New Delhi with two additional bureaus operating from 35 Feroze. Shah Road and the South Campus of University of Delhi as well. Its objective is as follows,Promoting and coordinating university education. Determining and maintaining standards of teaching examination and research in universities. Framing regulations on minimum standards of education. Monitoring developments in the field of collegiate and university education. Disbursing grants to the universities and colleges. Serving as a vital link between the Union and the State governments and institutions of higher education. Advising the Union and the State governments on the measures necessary for improvement of university. In order to achieve the objective number of schemes have been implemented by UGC One such schemes is General. Development Assistance GDA Scheme, Under this scheme Financial Assistance is being provided to the Central State and Deemed Universities for their. overall development covering aspects like enhancing access ensuring equity imparting relevant education improving. quality making the administrative effective enhancing facilities for students augmenting research facilities and any. other plans of universities,2 0 Product Features, GDA application captures the complete life cycle of GDA scheme starting from proposal submission for. financial assistance till submission of Utilization Certificate by the Institutions The salient features are. Registration by the Institutions,Submission of proposal for financial assistance. Automatic SMS Email messages,Allocation and release of Grants.
Generation of Sanction Letter, Submission of Statement of Expenditure and Utilisation Certificate. Approval of the,Registration of the Online submission of. registration by,Institution GDA scheme proposal,by the institution. Approval of the Examination of the,Grant allocation by. proposal by UGC proposal by the,committee UGC,submission of.
Release of Grant by Issue of Sanction Statement of. UGC Letter by UGC Expenditure by,Institution,submission of Utilization. Stop Certificate by Institution,2 1 Minimum System Requirements. As it is a web based application the minimum system requirements for accessing the application are. Internet Explorer 10 and above,Internet Connection. 3 0 General Operating Instructions, As this is a web based application Type http eschemesugc gov in in the address bar of the browser to invoke the. application,3 1 User Registration, In order to use this application users should get themselves registered as described below.
1 All asterisk marked fields are mandatory, 2 User should attach ID card in PDF format only maximum size limit 19 MB. 3 On successful registration a confirmation message will be sent to user s registered mobile number e mail id. 4 All new registered users should wait for approval from their concerned UGC officer Administrator. On receiving approval of the registration user should login and enter update Institute profile and Bank details. Users should go to Institute Profile tab and update their institute profile. Institute Profile,3 2 Apply for Grants, After Completion of filling up the Institute Profile user can apply for the scheme. Scheme navigation is shown below, Through this form users are able to apply for the scheme by clicking on the Apply button The following form. will get opened, In this form code 36 is visible only for central universities for rest code 36 is not applicable. Fill up the details and click the Next button User shall generate the PDF form by clicking at the link in the following. Generating file, After downloading the proposal users should get it signed by concerned officer and get it uploaded The user.
should upload the file by choosing file from the local machine and then clicking submit button in the following. Uploading file, On successful submission a unique SRN Service Request Number is generated which is automatically sent to. the user s registered mobile number and e mail User may also note down the SRN Service Request Number. The concerned UGC officer will examine the proposal submitted by the university The status of the application is. updated on Dashboard Users can verify the status of application as shown below. Verify the status of application,Status could be one the following. 1 Under Processing,2 Pending User Clarification,3 Approved. 4 Rejected, In the Pending User Clarification status user shall view the comments of the UGC Officer and upload the. documents proposal after making the necessary modification. Pending User Clarification tab, On clicking the Upload Documents users are able to attach the required document proposal as shown below.
If the proposal has been approved then user should wait for the allocation of Grants. 3 3 Grant Allocation, When UGC officers allocate Grants to the University College then message will be sent to the respective. registered university mobile number and e mail address. After getting message about the allocation of grants the concerned university college can verify the details as. shown below,Grant Allocation,3 4 Grant Release, After Allocation of Grants users should wait for the message regarding release of Grants. On releasing funds to university college the message is sent to the registered Mobile number email address The. users can verify the information as shown below,Grant Release Details. After releasing the funds UGC officer will upload a sanction letter for the corresponding released amount User. can then download the sanction letter for reference purpose and can verify the same. For getting the 2 term grant the registrar should upload the Statement of Expenditure of 1 term. 3 5 Statement of Expenditure, Statement of Expenditure uploading process is shown below. On clicking Upload for the desired financial year the following screen appears. After filling up details click on Next button The following form will be opened. Statement of Expenditure may be prepared giving details in the respective grant head Click Next to continue. PDF document can be generated and downloaded by clicking link given below. After downloading the PDF the user will get it signed by concerned officers and then upload the signed. document In case you have logged out of this application you can upload the SoE from Draft tab and. upload the signed document by choosing file from the local machine and clicking Submit button in the. following screen, After successful submission a message will be displayed on your screen that your Statement Of Expenditure has.
been successfully submitted After submitting Statement of Expenditure user can upload Utilization Certificate. procedure for which is given below,3 6 Utilization Certificate. Click Upload for the desired financial year, Fill up the requisite details and click Next Button. After downloading the UC users should get it signed by concerned officer and get it uploaded Users will get. the message after successful submission of the UC,. Amendment Log Version no Date Change number Brief Description Section Change

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