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doporu en paliva a maziva,reccomends Fuels and Lubricants. BENELLI Q J, Tato p ru ka je ned lnou sou st vozidla a je p ed na s vozidlem v p pad prodeje. Hlavn rysy zde popisovan z st vaj nem nn, Benelli QJ srl si vyhrazuje pr vo prov st zm ny kdykoliv to pova uje za nezbytn pro zlep en kvality a technick ch vlastnosti sv ch model. Benelli Q J srl nep eb r odpov dnost za p padn chyby a omyly v jeho technick a informa n p ru ce pr vo na reprodukci t to p ru ky zcela ne. bo jejich sti a v jak koliv form je vyhrazeno celosv tov. Zm nky nebo vyobrazen produkt t et ch stran jsou jen informativn a spole nost Benelli QJ nenese dnou odpov dnost za pou it t chto produkt. Prvn vyd n 2008,BENELLI Q J, This manual is to be regarded as an integral part of the vehicle and is to remain with the vehicle in case of sale. The essential features described herein remaining unaltered Benelli Q J srl reserves the right to make any changes whenever deemed necessary to. improve the quality andtechnical characteristics of its models. Benelli Q J srl shall not beheld responsible for any errors contained in its technical or information manuals The right to reproduce this manual in whole. or in part and by any means whatsoever is reserved worldwide. The mention or representation of third parties products is for information only and constitutes no engagement on the part of Benelli Q J srl which. assumes no responsibility as to the use of such products. First edition 2008,Produced by,Benelli Q J SSMT,Strada della Fornace vecchia sn.
61100 Pesaro PU ITALY, Tento n vod byl vypracov n s c lem poskytnout jasn a jednoduch n vod k provozu Obsahuje n vod k jednoduch dr b jako i pravideln m. kontrol m kter mus b t prov d ny prost ednictv m dealera nebo autorizovan ho servisu Benelli. Tento n vod obsahuje i daje o tom jak prov d t jednoduch opravy Operace jin ne popsan v tomto manu lu vy aduj speci ln vybaven nebo. zvl tn technick dovednosti Doporu ujeme aby tyto kony prov d l obchodn k Benelli nebo autorizovan servis. Text zv razn edou barvou obsahuje d le it informace o provozu vozidla a j zdn bezpe nosti. THE MANUAL, This instruction manual has been drawn up with a view to providing a clear and simple guide to operation Also covered are simple maintenance. operations as well as the periodic checks to be performed by a Benelli Dealer or Authorized Workshop The booklet also contains indications on how. to perform simple repairs Operations other than those described in this manual require special equipment and or specific technical skills We. recommend having these operations performed by a Benelli Dealer or Authorized Workshop The text highlighted in grey contains important. information on vehicle operation and riding safety. PRO SPR VNOU J ZDU, Symboly uveden n e jsou velmi d le it Pou vaj se pro zv razn n st manu lu kter m by m l ten v novat zvl tn pozornost Jak m ete vid t. rozd ln symboly ten m usnad uj identifikaci textu kter rozd luj obsah do p slu n ch oblast. FOR PROPER RIDING, The symbols shown on the following page are very important They are used to highlight parts ot the manual to which the reader should. pay special attention As you may see the ditferent symbols make it easy tor the reader to identify to which area the matter being dealt. with is to be related,NEPORU ENOST VOZIDLA,Bezpe nost osob Ochrana ivotn ho prost ed VAROV N.
varov n varov n Chybn nebo ne pln dodr ov n t chto. Chyba nebo nedodr en t chto pravidel Poskytuje daje o tom jak se chovat aby pravidel m e m t za n sledek v n. m e v n ohrozit bezpe nost pou it vozidla nepo kodilo ivotn prost ed ohro en bezpe nosti a integrity vozidla. nebo tak propadnut z ruky, PEUPLES SAFETY PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT WHOLENESS OF THE VEHICLE. WARNING Provides indications on how to behave in WARNING. Failure to fully comply with these order that using the vehicle should not harm Failure to fully comply with th se. prescriptions may seriously jeopardize the environnent prescriptions may resuit in serious damage. people s safety to the vehicle and in some cases void the. OBSAH 1 vod 1 INTRODUCTION,CONTENTS 7 Z kladn informace 7 GENERAL INFORMATON. 10 Ulo en hlavn ch komponent prav strana 10 LOCATION OF MAIN COMPONENTS LEFT SIDE. 11 Ulo en hlavn ch komponent lev strana 11 LOCATION OF MAIN COMPONENTS RIGHT SIDE. 12 Ovl d n d tek 12 HANDLEBAR CONTROL,13 P strojov panel 13 INSTRUMENT PANEL. 13 Zapalov n z mek azen 13 IGNITION SWITCH STEERING LOCK. 14 Tankov n 14 REFUELLING,16 Dopln n paliva olejem 16 MIXED OIL TOPPING UP. 17 Tlumi e 17 MUFFLER,18 Pneumatiky 18 TYRES,19 Prostor pro p ilbu 19 HELMET COMPARTMENT.
20 Tabulka mazadel 20 TABLE OF LUBRICANTS, 23 B n a preventivn kontrola 23 RUNNING IN AND PRELIMINARY CHECK. 24 Probl my 24 TROUBLESHOOTING,25 Elektrick startov n 25 ELETRIC START. 26 Start nakopnut m 26 KICK START, 27 Zastaven a parkov n vozidla 27 STOPPING AND PARKING THE VEHICLE. 28 i t n vozidla 28 CLEANING THE VEHICLE,29 Dlouh neaktivita 29 PROLONGED INACTIVITY. 30 Transport vozidla 30 TRASPORTING THE VEHICLE,31 dr ba vozidla 31 MAINTANING THE VEHICLE.
39 krt c ventil 39 THROTTLE,40 Tlumi e 40 SUSPENSION. OBSAH 41 Baterie 41 BATTERY, CONTENTS 43 Dob jen baterie 43 RECHARGING THE BATTERY. 44 Zapalovac sv ka 44 SPARK PLUG,45 Karoserie 45 BODYWORK. 46 P edn sv tlo 46 HEAD LIGHT,47 Zadn sv tlo 47 REAR LIGHT. 48 Osv tlen SPZ 48 NUMBERPLATE LIGHT, 49 i t n vzduchov ho filtru 49 CLEANING THE AIR FILTER.
50 Kotou ov brzda 50 DISC BRAKES, 54 Kontrola a v m na pojistek 54 CHECKING AND REPLACING THE FUSES. 55 P evodovkov olej 55 TRANSMISSION OIL,56 Kola 56 WHEELS. 61 V fukov syst m demont 61 EXHAUST SYSTEM DISASSEMBLY. 62 Specifikace 62 SPECIFICATION,63 Zapojen 63 WIRING DIAGRAM. Z kladn informace V dy mus b t dodr ov n z kon o The ROAD TRAFFIC ACT must be respected. silni n m provozu at all times,Useful information, Ve ker manipulace zam en na zv en All TAMPERINGS aimed at increasing piston. v konu motoru s lu rychlost a celkov v kon displacement power speed and the general. motocyklu jsou posti iteln z konem performance of the motorcycle are punishable. vysok mi pokutami v etn zabaven by the law with heavy fines including the. motocyklu je neplatn homologace a sequestration of the motor cycle the new. registrace motocyklu homologations and or new registration. Manipulace jak hokoliv tohoto druhu zbavuje Tampering of any kind releases the. v robce odpov dnosti a v echna pr va na manufacturer of any liability and all rights of. xxxxxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxxxx,z ruku propadaj guarantee are forfeited.
Modifikace nebo zm na polohy t tku MODIFICATION or alteration of the position of. optick jednotky sv tel houka ky zp tn ch the plate the optical units lights warning. zrc tek se trest podle z kona a m za horns and rearview mirror is punishable by. d sledek ztr tu z ruky a poji t n law and will result in forfeiture of the. Fig 2 guarantee and the insurance cover, Identifika n t tek vozidla je n sleduj c The IDENTIFICATION DATA of the vehicle is. slo podvozku viz obr 1 as follows chassis number see figure 1. xxxxxxxxxxxx, slo motoru viz obr 2 engine number see figure 2 registration. Numero motore registra n slo numberAlteration of the chassis number will. Zm na sla podvozku bude m t za n sledek result in penal and or administrative sanction. trestn a nebo spr vn sankce pro pachatele for the offender. Z kladn informace P jem alkoholu drog nebo jak hokoli Intake of alcohol drugs or any type of. typu l ku m e zp sobit ospalost medicine may cause sleepiness. Useful information ospalost nebo patnou koncentraci drowsiness and or poor concentration If. Pokud se nec t te fit ne i te you do not feel fit do not drive. Je t eba maxim ln koncentrace ve v ech sm rech You need MAXIMUM CONCENTRATION in all con. Proto neku te nepijte ne t te a nebo netelefonujte ditions Therefore do not smoke drink eat read and or. b hem j zdy phone during driving, Pro bezpe n j j zdu pro sebe a ostatn doporu ujeme For SAFER DRIVING for yourself and others we. V dy hodnocen stavu povrchu vozovky recommend, D vejte pozor na dopravn zna en Always evaluate the road surface conditions. namalovan na povrchu silnice kter jsou Be careful on the traffic signs painted on the. asto p inou ztr ty p ilnavosti road surface which are often the cause of. P izp sobit j zdu podle po as viditelnost a losing grip. I ntenzita dopravy Adapt driving according to the weather. V dy m jte sv tla a sm rov ukazatele conditions visibility and traffic intensity. ist Always keep the lamps and direction indicators. Pravideln kontrolujte stav a ijetost clean, pneumatik Regularly check the condition and inflation of the.
Pou it obou brzd zaru uje zachov n dobr stability Using both BRAKES guarantees maintain ing good. scooter Pokud je povrch vozovky mokr nebo tam je stability of the scooter If the road surface is wet or there is. mal p ilnavost doporu uje se pou t brzdy opatrn little grip it is recommended to use the brakes gently to. aby nedo lo uklouznut avoid slipping, Jezd te v dy spr vn a to zejm na Always drive properly and in particular. s ob ma rukama na d tk ch with both hands on the handlebars. s nohama na stupa k ch with feet resting on the footres. se te na sedle t seated on the saddle, nerozj d jte se se scootrem na stojanu do not start with the scooter on the stand. nevzp nejte scooter na zadn kolo do not rear up on the back wheel. Neodtahujte nebo se nenechte odtahovat jin mi Do not TOW or have yourself towed by other vehicles. Z kladn informace vozidly As a precaution against THEFT we recommend. Useful information Jako prevenci proti kr de i doporu ujeme Never leave the key in the steering lock. nikdy nenech vejte kl v zapalov n Park in a safe place. parkujte na bezpe n m m st Secure the scooter to something fixed fastening a. zajist te scooter k n emu pevn mu et zem s chain and padlock to the anti theft hook. visac m z mkem Copy the identification data of the vehicle and. zkop rujte identifika n daje vozidle a uschovejte keep it in a safe place. je na bezpe n m m st, V dy pou vejte palivo a mazadla doporu ovan Always use the FUELS AND LUBRICANTS. Benelli kter jsou uvedena v tabulce maziv Pou it recommended by Benelli and indicated in the table of. jin ch produkt ne jsou doporu eny m e lubricants Using products other than those. zp sobit nefunk nost scooteru a omezit nebo recommended may cause the scooter malfunctioning. ohrozit jeho v kon and limit or compromise its performances. Pou vejte pouze origin ln p slu enstv Use only ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES as. doporu en v robcem Benelli nab z irokou k lu recommended by the manufacturer Benelli offers a. p slu enstv kter zaru uje zachov n range of accessories which ensures maintaining the. technick ch funk n ch a estetick ch vlastnost technical functional and aesthetic characteristics of. scooteru kter jsou rovn v souladu s pravidly the scooter also in compliance with the regulations of. silni n ho provozu Neorigin ln p slu enstv m e the road traffic code Non originai accessories may. ohrozit j zdn vlastnosti a zp sobit rizika idi i compromise driveability of the scooter with obvious. risks to the driver,B hem j zdy je d le it v dy nosit spr vn oble en. Oble en sv tl ch barev V s inn viditeln j mi i v It is important to always wear proper clothing during. noci Nenoste t epetaj c se sou sti oble en jako driving Wearing bright colours makes you more. jsou ly kravaty nebo cokoliv jin ho kde by visible also at night Do not wear fluttering garments. pohybuj c se sti mohly uv znout nebo se zapl st such as belts ties scarves or anything else which. do zen could get caught up in the moving parts or interfere. with driving, Sezn men s vozidlem Hlavn komponenty ulo en na prav stran MAIN COMPONENT LOCATION RIGHT SIDE.
Familiarizing with the 1 z mek zen z mek sedla 1 Steering lock switch Saddle lock. vehicle 2 prostor pro baterii 2 Battery compartment. 3 v fuk 3 Exhaust,4 tlumi 4 Silencer,5 dr k zna ky 5 Plate holder. 6 n dr na benzin 6 Petrol tank, 7 prostor pro p ilbu pod sedlem 7 Helmet compartment under saddle. 8 registra n slo podvozku 8 Chassis registration number. 9 op rka nohy pasa ra 9 Passenger footrest, Sezn men s vozidlem Hlavn komponenty ulo en na lev stran MAIN COMPONENT LOCATION LEFT SIDE. Familiarizing with the 1 vzduchov filtr 1 Air filter. vehicle 2 bo n podp ra 2 Side prop stand,3 bo n zp tn zrc tka 3 Side rearview mirrors. 4 p edn sv tlo 4 Front lights assembly,5 zadn sv tlo 5 Rear lights assembly.
6 p edn ukazatele sm ru 6 Front turn indicators,7 zadn ukazatele sm ru 7 Rear turn indicators. 8 osv tlen SPZ 8 Numberplate light,9 hlavn stojan 9 Central stand. U ite n informace,Useful information, Ovl d n na lev stran d tek CONTROLS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE. 1 HANDLEBAR,1 zadn brzdov p ka 1 Rear brake lever, 2 varovn tla tko houka ka 2 Warning horn push button. 3 p ep na ukazatelu sm ru 3 Turn indicator switch, 4 sv tlo p ep na 4 Flashlights and upper lower beam switch.
3 downwards, 3 2 Ovl d n na prav stran d tek CONTROLS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE. 1 stop tla tko 1 Stop switch,2 ovl d n plynu 2 Throttle control. 3 p edn brzdov p ka 3 Front brake lever,4 startovac tla tko 4 Starting button. U ite n informace,Useful information,P strojov panel INSTRUMENT PANEL. 6 1 kontrolka v stra n ch sv tel 1 Turn indicator warning light. 5 2 kontrolka p edn ho d lkov ho sv tla 2 Front driving beam warning light. BENELLI Q J This manual is to be regarded as an integral part of the vehicle and is to remain with the vehicle in case of sale The essential features described herein remaining unaltered reserves the right to make any changes whenever deemed necessary to improve the quality andtechnical characteristics of its models shall not beheld responsible for any errors contained in its technical or

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