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Table of Contents,1 Introduction 5, 1 1 Overview of Features for Schools and Organizations 5. 1 2 System Requirements 6,1 3 What Should I Do First 6. 2 Types of Accounts 7, 2 1 User Accounts for Students Trainees and Test Takers 7. 2 2 Administrator Accounts 7,2 2 1 The Master Administrator Account 8. 3 Types of Activities on the Web Site 9,3 1 Training Modules 9.
3 2 Tests and Exercises 9,3 3 Tutorials and Basics 10. 3 4 Games 10,3 4 1 Goalie 10,3 4 2 Trivia Challenge 10. 3 4 3 Meteor Storm 11,3 4 4 Typing Racer 11,4 Setting up User Accounts 12. 4 1 Choose your Mode 12,4 1 1 Self Guided Mode 12,4 1 2 Computer Guided Mode 12. 4 2 How to Create an Account 14,4 3 Dealing with Conflicting User IDs 14.
4 4 Options Available for Each User Account 14, 4 4 1 Using Rhythm and Sound Effects to Enhance the Learning Experience 16. 4 4 2 Preventing Users from Changing their Passwords 16. 4 5 Neatly Organizing Large Numbers of Users 17,4 6 Moving Users Around 17. 4 7 Uploading a Large Number of Users to the Web Site 17. 4 7 1 Creating and Uploading the Tab Delimited Text File 17. 4 7 2 Uploading Changes To Your Students 18,4 7 3 Making Corrections to an Upload 18. 4 7 4 Deleting Users During an Upload 18,4 8 Resetting Accounts Starting Over 18. 5 Creating Your Own Tests and Exercises 19,5 1 How to Create an Exercise 19.
5 2 Types of Exercises 20,2020 Custom Solutions Page 2. 5 3 Including Pictures 20,5 3 1 Obtaining the URL to a Picture 20. 5 3 2 Choosing the Correct Location for a Picture 20. 6 Assigning Activities to Users 21,6 1 Options Available for Assignments 21. 6 2 How to Make Assignments 21, 6 3 Handling Discrepancies in Current Assignments 21. 6 4 Navigating the Tree of Exercises and Training Modules 22. 6 5 Using Assignments along with Computer Guided Mode 22. 7 Administering Typing Tests 24,8 Grading and Adding Comments 25.
8 1 How to Assign Grades and Add Comments 25,8 2 Reviewing Grades and Comments 25. 9 Using Reports to Track Progress 26,9 1 Accessing the Reports Area 26. 9 2 Types of Reports 26,9 2 1 Typing Speed Reports 26. 9 2 2 Training Module Report 26,9 2 3 Computer Guided Mode Report 27. 9 2 4 Usage Reports 27,9 2 5 User Information Report 27.
9 2 6 Test Setup Report 27,9 3 Printing Downloading and E Mailing Reports 27. 9 4 Using Reports to Save Student Data Long Term 28. 9 5 Limitations of the User Activity Reports 28,9 5 1 Out of order activities 28. 9 5 2 Duplicate activities 28,9 5 3 Time zone differences 28. 9 5 4 Calculation of time spent on the site 29,10 Features for Students with Special Needs 30. 10 1 Very Short Exercises 30, 10 2 Easiest Skill Level of Goalie and Meteor Storm 30.
10 3 Adjustable Accuracy and Speed Requirements 30. 10 4 One Handed Typing Training 30, 10 4 1 Configuring a Student Account for One Handed Typing 30. 10 4 2 Use of the Sticky Keys Setting 31, 10 4 3 Accessing the One Handed Training from a Student Account 31. 10 5 Support for Handwriting and Speech Input 31, 10 5 1 Additional Methods of Writing Production 32. 10 5 2 Exercise Format and Usage 33, 10 5 3 Getting Started with Exercises for Different Writing Methods 33. 10 5 4 Handling Multiple Pages of Writing 34,2020 Custom Solutions Page 3.
10 5 5 Correcting Transcription and Character Recognition Errors 35. 10 5 6 Measurement of Speed and Accuracy 35,10 5 7 Reviewing Students Work 35. 10 5 8 Creating your Own Exercises for Different Writing Methods 35. 10 6 Compatibility with Alternate Input Systems 36. 10 6 1 Using Manual Timing for Some Devices 36, 10 7 Determining the Best Hardware and Software Setup 36. 10 7 1 Specifying Test Setups 37, 10 7 2 Generating a Test Setup Comparison Report 37. 10 8 Entering Test and Exercise Results Manually 38. 11 Adding Additional Administrator Accounts 39,11 1 The Master Administrator Account 39. 11 1 1 Determining which Account is the Master 39, 11 2 How to Add Edit and Delete Administrator Accounts 39.
11 3 Transferring Users Between Administrator Accounts 39. 12 Miscellaneous 41,12 1 Allowing Users to Type Something Original 41. 12 2 Using the site with the LessonBoard colored keyboard 41. 12 3 Updating Contact Information and Changing your User ID and Password 41. 13 Best Practices 42, 13 1 For a School Group your Students by Expected Graduation Year 42. 13 2 Use the Unique ID field 42,2020 Custom Solutions Page 4. 1 Introduction, TypingTraining com is a web based service providing online typing training and testing. Because it is web based no software installation is needed All that is needed are computers or. mobile devices with internet access Providing an online service in this way has a number of. advantages over conventional software installed from a CD or download Installation time and. effort are dramatically reduced plus administrators and students can access their accounts from. any device with an internet connection, TypingTraining com can be customized to meet the unique needs of students at all ages and.
levels of skill It also has a number of features for students with special needs. 1 1 Overview of Features for Schools and Organizations. TypingTraining com offers the following key features for schools and organizations. Quick and easy setup due to being an online service. Training modules which show students correct finger positioning and technique using. large bold and clear graphics, Over 2500 built in typing tests and exercises covering a wide range of topics These can. be very short 1 to 2 words or very long 300 words and all levels in between. Optional animated coaches to guide users step by step The coaches talk providing. encouragement and feedback, Administrator accounts which provide a central location to. Manage user accounts,Generate reports,Assign activities. Create your own tests and exercises,Assign and manage grades. 4 typing games Trivia Challenge Goalie Meteor Storm and Typing Racer. One handed typing training for students with the use of only one hand. The ability to go beyond typing and submit work produced by speech or handwriting. For students with special needs the ability to try out various software hardware setups. and techniques and objectively determine which is the best. Free upgrades As the web site is enhanced current users receive the updates. automatically at no charge, Support for mobile devices Students can use iPads and Android tablets for their training.
using an external keyboard Administrator features can also be accessed from a. smartphone,2020 Custom Solutions Page 5,1 2 System Requirements. Detailed system requirements are posted online at,typingtraining com system requirements html. 1 3 What Should I Do First, If you want to get started quickly without studying this manual in depth the very first thing to do. is log into your administrator account and go to the Users and Groups area Depending on. how you set up your account you would have either picked out an administrator user ID and. password when purchasing or you would have received an e mail containing this information. Each user or student has his or her own account with a unique user ID and password Your first. step is to create one or more accounts by clicking on the New User or New Student button. You will find lots of online help on the various options you will be presented with. 2020 Custom Solutions Page 6,2 Types of Accounts, All users of TypingTraining com both teachers and students access the site using a unique user. ID and password Administrators have the responsibility of setting up and maintaining accounts. for those using the site for training and testing, 2 1 User Accounts for Students Trainees and Test Takers.
Everyone using the site for training or testing will have his or her own user account to be used. for accessing the site For the quickest login they can enter their user ID and password at. typingtraining com login To simplify the login process this page could be added to the. bookmarks or favorites list on your computers, User accounts are using for training testing and report generation Because this is a web based. service accounts can be accessed outside of the school or office as well. 2 2 Administrator Accounts, Administrator accounts are used by anyone who needs to direct user activity This could include. teachers administrators therapists supervisors parents with multiple children or anyone who. needs this type of access, Administrator accounts are used to set up and direct user activities Specifically they are used to. do the following,Create and maintain user accounts. Create customized typing tests and exercises, Assign exercises When a someone has assigned exercises by default they are required.
to take them when they log on This behavior can be changed in the account s settings. Assign and manage grades,Generate reports and graphs to track progress. These items are discussed in greater detail in later sections of this document. It is not necessary for each administrator to have his or her own account. TypingTraining com is designed to allow administrators to share an account and access it. simultaneously User accounts can be placed into groups for easy record keeping and to allow. administrators quick access to only those individuals they are interested in Under certain. circumstances however it may be desirable to create additional administrator accounts See. section 11 for details,2020 Custom Solutions Page 7. Important Note NEVER give users access to the administrator account This account can be. used to modify or remove user accounts so only give out the user ID and password to trusted. individuals,2 2 1 The Master Administrator Account. The master administrator account is an administrator of administrators This special. administrator account can be used to create and manage all of the administrator accounts within. your organization It also has access to all users within all administrator accounts and allows. you to move users between administrator accounts, When creating custom exercises within the master administrator account these exercises are. available to everyone in your organization Custom exercises created within a regular. administrator account or only accessible to users within that administrator account. When your TypingTraining com account was first set up you would have been provided usually. by email with the user ID of your master administrator account This is the account that is set. For further information on working with additional administrator accounts refer to section 11. 2020 Custom Solutions Page 8,3 Types of Activities on the Web Site.
As users work their way through the web site they will work on a variety of different activities. Administrators can assign these activities explicitly allow the student to explore them freely or. let the web site guide them through these using the computer guided mode see section 4 1. 3 1 Training Modules,The purpose of the training modules is. to help individuals develop their,technique so they will hit the correct. keys with greater speed and accuracy,In the training modules animated. fingers show where each key is and,which finger to use to press it The. users can either follow along with this,animation or as their technique.
improves simply type at their own rate, Many of the training modules focus on individual fingers left index left middle etc Others. focus on simple words as well as capital letters numbers and punctuation There are also. training modules which focus on rows of the keyboard home row top row and bottom row. In the training modules users are not allowed to make mistakes and they must type the correct. letters in order to move forward,3 2 Tests and Exercises. The tests and exercises provide a,more real world environment in. which to practice typing Users are,allowed to make mistakes and are. scored on both speed and accuracy,A wide variety of tests and.
exercises are available on the web,site ranging in difficulty from. simple word lists to realistic,paragraphs A wide variety of. topics are covered to make these, more interesting for the student Using the administrator account custom tests and exercises can. also be created,2020 Custom Solutions Page 9,3 3 Tutorials and Basics. The Basics area contains some instructional videos on ergonomics and hand function as well. as an activity which allows users to see exactly which fingers to use to reach each key. The tutorials section in an advanced area available for users in self guided mode containing a. great deal of written material on typing as well as on computer input in general Younger users. will generally not find the written material to be interesting It is meant for an older audience. TypingTraining com offers the following online games. 3 4 1 Goalie,Goalie is a fast paced typing game with a.
soccer theme As the goalie the player s job,is to prevent the other team from scoring by. typing the words next to each ball before it,reaches the goal If too many balls reach the. goal the player is out of the game Scoring is,based on how quickly the user types as well. as how many balls reach the goal Goalie,features 10 skill levels and is suitable for all. 3 4 2 Trivia Challenge,Trivia Challenge is a trivia game with a twist.
keys with greater speed and accuracy In the training modules animated fingers show where each key is and which finger to use to press it The users can either follow along with this animation or as their technique improves simply type at their own rate 10 6 1 Using Manual Timing for Some Devices Administrator Manual

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