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Flow Control, Tyco Flow Control is a diversified global designer manufacturer. distributor installer and service provider of valves actuators. instrumentation and related products which are used to. transport isolate control and measure the flow of liquids and. gases for a broad spectrum of markets including,The Power Generation Market. Tyco Flow Control represents some of the world s most. experienced and recognized brand names such as, Anderson Greenwood Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation. Biffi Actuators Clarkson Crosby Dewrance Fasani FCT Gulf Valve. Hancock Hovap Intervalve Keystone KTM Kunkle L M Valve. MCF Valves Morin Actuators Narvik NeoTecha Penberthy. Prince Raimondi Rovalve Sapag Sempell Vanessa,Varec Westlock and Yarway. We specialize in the complete steam,power generation cycle.
Including boiler startup operation bypass and over pressure. protection superheater and reheater attemperation isolation and. overpressure protection main steam isolation vents drains steam. turbine startup control and protection steam turbine bypass and. overpressure protection circulation pump isolation boiler feed pump. and steam turbine drive control and protection water treatment. feed water heater isolation burner slurry isolation and ash. handling flow control and bypass systems,www tycoflowcontrol com. Power Industry,Table of Contents, Actuators and Control Systems 2 Biffi Keystone Morin and Westlock. Blow Off and Blowdown Valves 3 Hancock and Yarway, Boiler Safety Valves 4 Anderson Greenwood and Crosby. Boiler Trim Valves 5 Hancock and Yarway,Butterfly Valves 6 Keystone. By Pass Systems 7 Dewrance KTM and Sempell, Check Valves 8 Dewrance Gulf Valve Hancock Intervalve.
Prince and Sempell, Control Valves 9 Clarkson Keystone KTM Sempell and Vanessa. Desuperheaters 10 Yarway, Globe Stop Stop Check and Non Return Valves 11 Intervalve and Raimondi. Instrumentation Products 12 Anderson Greenwood, Isolation Valves 13 Clarkson Dewrance Intervalve Keystone KTM. Raimondi and Vanessa, Knife Gate and Slurry Isolation Valves 14 Clarkson L M Valve and Rovalve. Liquid Level Indicating Systems 15 Clarkson Keystone KTM Sempell and Vanessa. Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves 16 Anderson Greenwood. Pressure Relief Valves 17 Anderson Greenwood and Crosby. Pump Protection Products 18 Sempell and Yarway,Safety Selector Valves 19 Anderson Greenwood.
Severe Service Valves 20 Rovalve,Steam Conditioning Valves 21 Sempell. Steam Traps 22 Yarway, Steam Turbine Protection Valves 23 Dewrance and Sempell. Tank Protection 24 Anderson Greenwood and Varec,Service Operations 25. Combined Cycle Plant Diagram 26 27,Conventional Power Plant Diagram 30 31. Revised Edition September 2007, Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International.
Monel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation. Teflon is a registered trademark of E I DuPont de Nemours and Company. Actuators and Control Systems,Biffi Keystone Morin and Westlock. Type Multi turn Quarter turn Linear,Design Electric Pneumatic Hydraulic. Standard ASME DIN,Form Forged Cast Fabricated,Materials Aluminum Carbon Steel Alloy Steel. Service ESD On Off Turbine Trip Modulating,Sizes 1 2 thru 60 inches 10 thru 1500 mm. Biffi ICON Intelligent non intrusive Westlock ICoT 5200 LCD that allows Keystone EPI2 Electric actuator for. multi turn electric actuator for automated calibration of the quarter turn valves and dampers For. positioner System calibration is output torques to 17 700 lb in. performed easily requiring only minutes to,accomplish An on board microprocessor.
uses the calibration data to provide,accurate operation over the full span of. valve travel during normal operation, Keystone MRP Direct mounting spring Morin Series B or C Ductile iron Keystone 79U Spring return and. return and double acting pneumatic stainless steel quarter turn spring return double acting pneumatic actuators Rack. actuators Compact rack and pinion and double acting actuators Output and pinion design for all types of quarter. design delivers maximum output torques torques to 240 000 lb in turn valves. in a small package Output torques to, 27 624 lb in double acting and to 10 155 Morin Series S Stainless steel spring. lb in spring return return and double acting pneumatic. quarter turn actuators Output torques to,240 000 lb in. Biffi GIG Direct Gas Actuator A full Combined Cycle Plant. line of gas over oil and hydraulic actuation see pages 26 27 1 thru 19. for use in upstream and pipeline,applications Conventional Power Plant.
see pages 30 31 1 thru 27,Blow Off and Blowdown Valves. Hancock and Yarway,Type Globe Angle Straightway Unit Tandem. Design Needle Globe and Seatless,Standard ASME,Form Cast Forged. Materials Iron Carbon Steel Alloy Steel, Pressure Class ASME Class 150 thru 2700 PN 25 thru 290. Sizes 1 2 thru 21 2 inches 10 thru 65 mm, Yarway Blow off Valves Specially Yarway 5800 Hy drop Designed for Hancock 5505 Specifically designed to.
designed for the punishment of blow off continuous blowdown but also works withstand the deleterious effects of. service in boiler systems with pressures well for sampling high pressure vents continuous blowdown service that is so. of 3 206 psig designed in conformance boiler feed pump bypass relief high damaging to conventional valve types. with all code requirements pressure drop services,Combined Cycle Plant. see pages 26 27 1,Conventional Power Plant,see pages 30 31 1 25. Boiler Safety Valves,Anderson Greenwood and Crosby. Type Safety Controlled Safety Relief Valves,Design Spring Pilot Power Operated. Standard ASME DIN,Form Cast Forge Block Body,Materials Carbon Alloy Stainless Duplex Steel.
Pressure Class ASME Class 150 thru 4500 PN 25 thru 760. Sizes 1 2 thru 30 inches 10 thru 750 mm, Crosby HCI High performance drum Crosby HCA 118W Supercritical safety Anderson Greenwood 727 High. superheater and reheater safety valve valve for start up flash tanks convection temperature metal trim design with. with unique ISOFLEX disc design pass mix header superheater and advanced reverse flow technology dual. reheater for service to 5 000 psig pilots with safety selector valve manifold. 345 barg available optional as remote actuated,dump valve. Crosby HE Unique ISOFLEX disc Crosby HL Replaceable full nozzle with Crosby HSJ Replaceable full nozzle. design and back pressure assisted FLEXI DISC design external blowdown with FLEXI DISC design open or closed. reseat features meets the most stringent bias adjustment for easier reseat setting bonnet selection for application in low. demands of capacity and reseat pressure steam generators. performance,Combined Cycle Plant,see pages 26 27 1 2 3 14. Anderson Greenwood 5100 Conventional Power Plant, Modulating non flowing pilot safety relief see pages 30 31 1 2 3 16. valve for economizer service with set,pressures up to 6170 psig 425 40 barg.
Boiler Trim Valves,Hancock and Yarway,Type Globe Angle Straightway Wedge Gate Ball. Design T Pattern Y Pattern Full Bore Reduced Bore,Standard ASME DIN. Form Cast Forged, Materials Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel. Pressure Class ASME Class 150 thru 4500 PN 25 thru 760. Sizes 3 8 thru 4 inches 10 thru 100 mm, Hancock 5525W 2 and 5535W 2 Hancock 7000 T pattern globe stop Hancock 5500 Reliable leak tight. Combination valves and flow control valve direct contact metal to metal performance under high temperature and. instrument valve seating All valves feature no bonnet joint pressure conditions. Hancock 950 An unobstructed flow Hancock 4000 Flow is distributed Yarway 5617 Offers the power industry. passage and metal to metal seating evenly and simultaneously across the a value engineered product with. makes this valve ideal for applications entire seating surface protecting the minimum maintenance and maximum. where high velocity or highly viscous fluids seating surfaces from erosion service life resulting from its unique in line. must be handled with minimum flow loss renewability feature The one piece body. eliminates all pressure welds threads,and their related problems.
Combined Cycle Plant,see pages 26 27 1 2 3 4,Conventional Power Plant. see pages 30 31 1 2 3 4,Butterfly Valves,Type Butterfly Valve. Design High Performance Resilient Seated,Standard ASME. Materials Cast Iron Ductile Iron Stainless Steel Carbon. Steel Rubber Lined Alloy Steel,Pressure Class Class 125 150 ASME 150 ASME 300. Keystone Figure 106 Large diameter, Sizes 1 thru 102 inches double flanged valve offered in a variety.
of seat and disc materials to meet many,service conditions Fully rubber lined. valves are available for abrasive services, Keystone Figure 990 920 One piece Keystone Series 60 Cartridge style Keystone Series 61 Ideally suited for. thin profile disc stem allows for molding of seat used in applications with high many general industrial valve applications. elastomer or polymer and is also available pressure vacuum corrosive and erosive such as cooling systems water. in stainless steel or alloy materials Thin media Disc are available in variety of treatment chemical mining food and. profile allows for high Cv and good metals as well as elastomer polymer and beverage as well as bulk handling Two. control Kynar piece body with extended neck allows. clearance for flanges and insulation, Keystone Figure AR1 AR2 Dovetail Keystone K LOK ASME Class 150 and Keystone Figure 221 222 Molded in. retained rubber seat allows for easy field 300 rated valves available with a soft seat allows for 250 psi tight shutoff and. replacement Available in a variety of seat metal seat or API 607 4th edition lug style is rated for bi directional dead. body disc and seat materials which certified firesafe seat Double offset end service at full pressure. provide solutions to many applications design allows for high cycle life and less. Combined Cycle Plant, Keystone Dubex RMI AWWA Butterfly see pages 26 27 2 6 8 10 13. Valves Torque seated greater torque results in 15 17. improved tightness Closing torque is in direct, relation with the shutoff pressure which results in Fossil Fired Plant.
smaller actuator selections at lower pressures see pages 30 31 2 6 8 10 14. The resilient disc seal is replaceable in line 15 17 18 26 27. By Pass Systems,Dewrance KTM and Sempell,Type Angle Three Way Plug. Design By Pass Changeover Medium Operated,Spring Loaded. Standard ASME DIN,Form Cast Forged,Materials Carbon Steel Alloy Steel. Pressure Class ASME Class 150 thru 4500 PN 25 thru 760. Sizes 21 2 thru 20 inches 65 thru 500 mm, KTM 3 way A single KTM 3 way valve Sempell Style DH Three Way control. replaces several 2 way valves saving valve for mixing or separating flow with. valuable space and simplifying piping low pressure drops. Dewrance Feedheater By Pass,Valve Automatically allows by pass.
of heater during tube failures,Combined Cycle Plant. see pages 26 27 13,Conventional Power Plant,see pages 30 31 9 15. Check Valves, Dewrance Gulf Valve Hancock Intervalve Prince and Sempell. Type Check,Design Non Return Lift Check Piston Swing. Tilting Disc Wafer Double Door,Standard ASME DIN,Form Cast Forged.
Materials Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel. Pressure Class ASME Class 125 thru 4500 PN 20 thru 760. Sizes 1 4 thru 36 inches 6 thru 900 mm, Prince Wafer Swing Disc Check Gulf Valve MB Double door spring Sempell KR250 Forged valve. Valve Provides smooth action during loaded wafer check valve which offers designed for high pressure and high. reverse flow conditions with or without low cracking pressure and optimum temperature applications in the power. weights levers and damper options space utilization and petrochemical industries. Dewrance HPTDCV Pressure seal Intervalve Tilting Disc Equipped with a Hancock 4081 Especially efficient in. tilting disc check valve designed to deliver dome to balance weight and a spring high pressure high temperature steam. quick opening and immediate closing with assisted closure to avoid slamming water and chemical applications. reverse flow,Combined Cycle Plant,see pages 26 27 1 19. Hancock 5540 Spring loaded Conventional Power Plant. valve may be installed in any see pages 30 31 1 18 24 26. position horizontal or vertical,piping applications The spring also. helps reduce noise and minimize,the effect of pulsating flow. Control Valves,Clarkson Keystone KTM Sempell and Vanessa.
Type Globe Angle Globe Offset Quarter turn,Design Cage Trim Low Noise. Standard ASME DIN,Form Cast Forged,Materials Carbon Steel Alloy Steel. Pressure Class ASME Class 150 thru 4500 PN 25 thru 760. Sizes 1 thru 24 inches 25 thru 600 mm,Biffi ICON Mounted. Morin B Series Mounted,Westlock ICoT, Sempell Style 115 Steam conditioning Keystone K LOK ASME 150 and 300 Vanessa QTL Quarter turn. and turbine by pass valves for HP LP and high performance butterfly valve non rubbing design with a unique. IP applications incorporates a two piece stem which triple offset geometry that eliminates all. allows higher Cv with increased range of seat to seal rubbing throughout. control the valve s 90 rotation,Clarkson C Valve Provides both high.
performance and long life in the toughest, environments and features a truly variable Sempell Style 142 Water con. Tyco Flow Control is a diversified global designer manufacturer distributor installer and service provider of valves actuators instrumentation and related products which are used to transport isolate control and measure the flow of liquids and

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