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Introduction How to Use this Guide, This guide was based on continual research conducted by the Prime Stage Artistic Director on reluctant and. struggling readers and the results of a study Prime Stage conducted with students and teachers from two schools. that explored how to Connect kids to literary classics through the theater and in the classroom The study s. participants made the following significant recommendations. Provide resources that help students connect the literature the play and their lives. Provide resources that help teachers create engaging and enriching experiences. Change the name of the curriculum or study guide to a Resource and Tour Guide. Introduce the world of literature and the world of the play to help students and teachers. adequately prepare for the experience of seeing literature come to life on stage. Reluctant and Struggling Readers Much research is conducted on students designated as reluctant and struggling. readers There are many websites devoted to this subject links to some of these can be found on the education. pages of our website In summary reluctant readers want choice help navigating through complex literature and. experiences to share their responses with peers and adults Baker 2002 Gambrell 1996 Ivey 2002 Reeves 2004. Sumara 2002 Tovani 2001 Struggling readers need support with vocabulary chunking ideas rather than. decoding words visualizing expressing what they see and how to ask questions as they read. This guide addresses those concerns by providing a range of information that reluctant readers can choose to. explore read and discuss as they discover 12 Angry Men For struggling readers complex or unfamiliar. vocabulary is highlighted to help you create word walls or other strategies that address comprehension and. ultimately enjoyment of the literature, Visualization Imagery Imagination Wilhelm 2004 in Reading is Seeing proposed addressing visualization can. Heighten motivation engagement and enjoyment of reading. Enhance comprehension of both narrative and expository tests. Stimulate prior knowledge, Provide a template for more sophisticated strategies such as inferring. Develop awareness of one s reading processes metacognition. Increase reader s ability to share critique and revise what is learned with others. Improve test scores, Imagery Recreating in one s mind the sights sounds smells tastes and touches described by an author Clewell. 2006 Pictures in this guide can help your students visualize and describe what they read and see. How to use this guide This guide is not a collection of lesson plans While you will find lesson suggestions. throughout the guide the guide is designed to provide material that will enrich your lessons with students. encourage them to read the literature improve their vocabulary with words highlighted in bold that may be. unfamiliar to them and comprehension of the literature and stimulate an enjoyment of reading and exploring. literature The guide is designed to help you find ways of helping your students see the literature not just as. words on pages but as vibrant images characters settings conflicts and ideas that relate to their lives today. We hope you find this Resource and Tour Guide useful helpful and enjoyable Thank you. Statement of Prime Stage Theatre s Commitment to Literacy. Literacy in relation to adolescent learners is defined by Jetton and Dole 2004 as constructive. fluent strategic motivated and a lifelong pursuit, Theater has demonstrated its effectiveness as a strategy to teach reading speaking and.
listening skills focus discipline teamwork and patience as well as any sport On the middle. school and high school level it helps teachers build a better understanding of the world an. enjoyment of English languages and reading Good teachers strive to help their students. connect to the literature by connecting it to their own world This puts the literature into a. framework for students to understand and appreciate Good actors bring the characters from. the pages to life giving them full dimension providing a multi sensory experience allowing. students to see and vicariously live in the literature The mission of Prime Stage to Bring. Literature to Life provides the best of both disciplines Prime Stage Theatre has the privilege. through generous funding from local foundations to realize its mission of addressing. adolescent literacy through theatrical productions and educational programs Our distinctive. Adopt a School Program Resource Guides Teacher Workshops and Mentor Program make. theater accessible to middle school and high school educators students and their families. Through theatre students connect literature to their lives and to the larger community in. which they live,Prime Stage where seeing is believing. A word about the lessons, Our Education Resources include activities that we suggest you do with your class to. enhance your fieldtrip to Prime Stage Some activities and lessons are appropriate for doing in. class before attending the play on the bus ride to the theater and after you return to school. The lessons which have been designed by fellow teachers and culled from on line resources. meet PA Humanities and National Standards for Arts Education Please let us know which. sections are most helpful as you prepare your students for a fieldtrip to Prime Stage. Please view our website and use us as a resource for teaching literature in your classrooms. Prime Stage Where Literature Comes to Life www primestage com. Wayne Brinda Ed D Artistic Director and Founder of Prime Stage Theatre. Deborah H Wein Education Director,Mimi Botkin Educator. A Note from the Director Rich Keitel,Twelve Angry Men is generally acknowledged to be. one of the greatest courtroom dramas of all time,Reginald Rose the playwright was a juror on a.
manslaughter trial and he was so fascinated by the. dramatic possibilities inherent in his experience that. he decided to turn it into a live one hour teleplay A few years later. Henry Fonda produced and Sidney Lumet directed the acclaimed film in. 1957 Since then there have been countless stage and screen adaptations. all over the world The McCarthy HUAC hearings were televised from April. to June 1954 Twelve Angry Men was first broadcast on September 12. 954 There was clearly a connection between the two. I had early dreams of becoming a lawyer and was pre law for two years in. college before being bitten by the theatre bug I loved the truth and irony. of the Paul Simon lyric but I would not be convicted by a jury of my. peers The jury system is a great feature of our American democracy I. hope all of the audience members who see this show will understand the. sacred duty we have to serve as jurors and will treat their call for jury duty. reverentially and will not consider it a pain and try to get out of it The. defendant on trial in this play is unseen and poor but as Juror 8 says. Suppose you were the one on trial You would want a jury to discuss your. case seriously, I am firmly against capital punishment and I encourage people to check. out the Innocence Project at Point Park University The state has a lot of. power to convict and the rich and powerful has a huge advantage in our. justice system One of the last bastions of defense is that 12 ordinary. citizens can sift out the truth After my grandfather was brutally murdered. in 1975 I admit I had thoughts of revenge but an eye for an eye leaves. the whole world blind,Enjoy the show, Twelve Angry Men is a 1954 American drama by Reginald Rose. It tells the story of a jury member who tries to persuade the other. eleven members to acquit the suspect on trial on the basis of. reasonable doubt In 2007 12 Angry Men was selected for. preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library. of Congress as being culturally historically or aesthetically. significant For a list of additional films in the Archive see. http en wikipedia org wiki National film registry,www loc gov film filmnfr. Reginald Rose Playwright December 10 1920,April 19 2002 was an American film and. television writer most widely known for his work,in the early years of television drama.
Born in Manhattan he attended City College from, 1937 to 1938 He served in the Army 1942 46 attaining the rank of first lieutenant Rose started writing. for television in 1951 for CBS and eventually worked for all three major networks. Note The original play used Twelve and the movie used 12. Personal quotes It was such an impressive solemn setting in a great big wood paneled courtroom. with a silver haired judge it knocked me out I was overwhelmed I was on a jury for a manslaughter. case and we got into this terrific furious eight hour argument in the jury room I was writing one hour. dramas for Studio One then and I thought wow what a setting for a drama Rose about his. inspiration for Twelve Angry Men, Twelve Angry Men made its debut LIVE on television on the CBS program Studio. One on September 20 1954, For years the original TV production of Twelve Angry Men was considered lost However in 2003. Joseph Consentino a researcher producer for The History Channel discovered a kinescope of the Studio. One production in the home of the late New York defense attorney and later judge Samuel Leibowitz. Twelve Angry Men a timeline, 1954 Reginald Rose s television play Twelve Angry Men. airs on Studio One on CBS, 1957 Rose adapts his teleplay to create a film version.
12 Angry Men He co produced the film with the star. Henry Fonda, 1964 Rose s legit theater version premiers on the West End. 1997 In response to questions about reasonable doubt. raised during the OJ Simpson trial William Freidkin. directs a new movie version with a racially diverse. cast for Showtime, 2004 Twelve Angry Men premiers on Broadway It had a 5. limited run from October 2004 to April 2005,Identifying the Characters. Juror 1 the foreman of the,jury an assistant coach. Juror 2 the short man with,the high voice who worked in a.
Juror 3 the angry man who,had a son he didn t speak to. Juror 4 the wealthy,stockbroker,Juror 5 the man who. demonstrated how to use the switch blade,Juror 6 the housepainter. Juror 7 the man who was in a hurry to leave because he had tickets to a baseball. Juror 8 Mr Davis the man who persuaded the others that the boy may not be guilty. Juror 9 Mr McArdle the old man with the keen eyesight. Juror 10 the man who was prejudiced,Juror 11 the watchmaker a refugee from Europe. Juror 12 the tall thin man with glasses who worked in advertising. Why do you think the author gave only two jurors names What traits can you use to. identify the others,This play has also been produced as.
Hint Twelve Angry Jurors with a cast of,men and women Why do you think. To identify the others you can refer to,the original the original production used only. them by their juror number occupation,personality trait or appearance. References within the Script, Clarence Darrow April 18 1857 March 13 1938 was an American lawyer and. leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union best known for defending. teenage thrill killers Leopold and Loeb in their trial for murdering 14 year old Bobby. Franks 1924 and defending John T Scopes in the so called Monkey Trial 1925 in. which he opposed the statesman William Jennings Bryan See www primestage com. to access the curriculum for last year s production of Inherit the Wind. James Walter Thompson 28 October 1847 16 October 1928 was the namesake of the. JWT advertising agency and a pioneer of many advertising. techniques, El Train A rapid transit subway underground elevated.
railway or metro politan system is an electric passenger. railway in an urban area with high capacity and frequency and. which is grade separated from other traffic Rapid transit. systems are typically either in tunnels or elevated above street. level Outside urban centers rapid transit lines sometimes run. grade separated at ground level, Khrushchev Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev Russian Nikita. Sergeyevich Khrushchyov April 17 1894 September 11 1971 served as General. Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964 following the. death of Joseph Stalin and Chairman of the Council of Ministers from 1958 to 1964. Khrushchev was responsible for the de Stalinization of the USSR as well as several. liberal reforms ranging from agriculture to foreign policy Khrushchev s party colleagues. removed him from power in 1964 replacing him with Leonid Brezhnev. Men s Hair and Clothing Styles of the 1950 s, Men s hair was short sometimes slicked back Suits were conservative generally dark tones of. black grey navy brown etc Following World War II there was a shortage of fabric so men s vests. were not in style,The Sequence of Events in the,Criminal Justice System. 1 A crime is committed,2 The police begin to investigate. 3 The police identify a suspect,4 The police question the.
5 The police arrest the suspect,6 The police take the suspect. into custody,7 The suspect is booked,8 The suspect appears in court. for the initial appearance,9 The county attorney charges. the suspect with a crime,10 The suspect pleads not guilty. 11 A public defender is appointed,for the suspect,12 Challenges to violation of the.
Constitution such as illegal,13 Probable cause hearing. Twelve Angry Men Directed by Rich Keitel March 7 15 2009 The New Hazlett Theater Pittsburgh PA Teacher Resource and Tour Guide Wayne Brinda Ed D Artistic Director and Founder Deborah Wein Education Director Mimi Botkin Educator Prime Stage Theatre is supported in part by the following foundations The Grable Foundation 2 Introduction amp How to Use this Guide This guide was based on

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