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Page 2 Skaru r Monthly June 2019,Volume 10 Issue 5. June 9 2019 2nd Annual Flea Market Community Yard Sale. Tuscarora Nation House Walmore Road Lewiston NY 9am 2pm Haudenosaunee Grand Council. FREE Open to the Public Vendor fee 20 due before set up proceeds go. Tuscarora Council of Chiefs, to the Six Nations Agriculture Society at the NYS Fair Indian Village. and Clanmothers,FMI www nabshc org info nabshc org. June 23 2019 Niagara Gorge Geology Walk Niagara Gorge. HAUDENOSAUNEE ENVIRONMENTAL, Discovery Center Niagara Falls NY 10am 12pm This hike will be led TASK FORCE HETF. by geologist Stan Radon an engineering geologist with the New York. State DEC Office This tour is a part of the Land Conservancy s multi year Oren Lyons Political Co Chair. Restore the Gorge project which will maintain and enhance the ecological Henry Lickers Scientific Co Chair. diversity of the remarkable Niagara Gorge FMI www wnylc org David Arquette HETF Director. June 29 2019 Skywoman Iroquois Dance Theater Seneca Art. Culture Center Auditorium Ganondagan Victor NY 3pm 4pm 8. TUSCARORA ENVIRONMENT, person The Dance Theater brings the story of Skywoman to life through PROGRAM TEP.
traditional songs dance and regalia The 10 performers in the 40 minute. one act production share the traditional Iroquois Creation Story about the Rene Rickard TEP Director. origin of the Earth and the positive message about Seneca and rrickard hetf org. Haudenosaunee values and worldview FMI www ganondagan org Bryan Printup GIS Planning. bprintup hetf org, July 12 13 2019 174th Tuscarora Nation Picnic and Field Days Taylor Hummel Env Technician. Tuscarora Picnic Grove Mt Hope and Walmore Road Tuscarora Nation thummel hetf org. NY Traditional foods Tuscarora princess contestant 10K 2 5 Mile Fun. Run hand drum competition parade smoke dance competition and more. FMI tuscarorapicnic org,Following the United Nations Earth. August 1 4 2019 2019 Eastern Native Youth Food Sovereignty Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 the. Summit Presque Isle ME The Summit is organized by the Intertribal Haudenosaunee held a Grand Council to. discuss the environmental degradation of, Agriculture Council hosted by Aroostook Band of Micmacs in Maine and. our communities In accordance with the, sponsored by the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Service The Great Law of Peace the Grand Council. event is open to all tribal youth ages 14 22 Learn about native food passed and agreed based on. agriculture FMI Zach Ilbery ilbery indianag org www indianag org Haudenosaunee protocols and cultural. 918 689 0757 beliefs to establish the Haudenosaunee. Environmental Task Force HETF, August 15 2019 Reinstein Woods Home Energy Action Workshop.
Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Environmental Education Center. Depew NY 6 30pm 8 30pm Discover solar power programs and The SKARU RE MONTHLY is the. official publication of the Tuscarora, incentives available for your home and community Explore home energy Environment Program You can submit. efficiency programs and learn practical tips for saving money by articles artwork photographs editorials. conserving energy Door prizes and refreshments provided FMI and letters of love and happiness to. www dec ny gov education html reinsteinwoods dec ny gov. SKARU RE MONTHLY,c o Tuscarora Environment,5226E Walmore Road. Tuscarora Nation, ON THE COVER 1912 Tuscarora women The Lewiston NY 14092. photo is one of many we have collected from 716 264 6011. outside sources like museums historical societies, libraries and public domains If you have some old www tuscaroraenvironment org. photos that you would like to share please contact. us Nya we or our Facebook page,Tuscarora Environment.
Skaru r Monthly June 2019 Page 3,2019 Native Earth. Environmental Youth, A week long educational experience for indigenous youth focused on land skills and environmental stewardship including both. traditional ecological knowledge and academic environmental science. All Native American youth in the Northeast entering grades 9 11 this fall 2019. Monday August 12 at 9 30am to Sunday August 18 at 5 30pm. The program meets in Onondaga Territory at the SUNY ESF main campus in Syracuse NY We will travel to the Adirondacks. for the remainder of the week using SUNY ESF s Adirondack Ecological Center in Newcomb NY as our base At the end of. the program we will return to Syracuse, To bring together Native youth from the Northeast region to learn traditional cultural philosophies and practices as well as. environmental science tools that will help us care for Mother Earth In addition to learn about further educational opportunities in. the environmental sciences as well as environmental careers At last but not least to have fun and build community. The program application consists of three parts An informational form A one page essay describing why you would like to. participate in the program and explaining how you will bring the program back to your community One letter of. recommendation from a teacher or community leader The letter should be submitted separately to one of the program. coordinators Neil Patterson Jr, FREE The program is sponsored by the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at the SUNY College of Environmental. Science and Forestry SUNY ESF Funding is provided through a partnership with the New York State Department of. Environmental Conservation Thus the program is FREE for participants You must cover costs of transportation to and from the. CHAPERONES, Would your parent or another community member over age 25 like to participate We are looking for a few adult chaperones.
who will receive an honorarium to cover their expenses See the application for more details and to indicate interest. HOW TO APPLY,Deadline to apply June 15 2019, Native Earth will notify you with their decision by June 20 2019. You can apply online at www esf edu nativepeoples nativeearth htm. OR print and send the application to, Neil Patterson Program Coordinator Contact information. SUNY ESF Neil Patterson Jr nvpatter esf edu,1 Forestry Drive Sarah Howard 315 679 7678. Syracuse NY 13210 showar01 syr edu,Page 4 Skaru r Monthly June 2019. By Bryan Printup,The Buffalo Evening News,Friday February 27 1914.
Indians Defeated Central At Hockey,Pretty Stiff Game at La Salle in Which the. Tuscaroras Showed a Clean Pair of Heels,LA SALLE Feb 7 The champion Tuscarora Indians. hockey players proved too much for Central High of. Buffalo as the Injuns sent the schoolers down to a 10 to. 4 defeat in a well played game here yesterday afternoon. The score at half time was 5 to 9 in favor of the Indians. But in the closing period Captain Murphy Thompson, Eller of Central got together with some combination. work and four goals resulted The Indians duplicated. their score of the first half but they were given one of. the stiffest battles of the season Murphy Eller and. Lumbard starred for Buffalo with Jones and Gansworth. as the best bets for the red skins The line up,ABOVE Circa 1940s John Gansworth. CENTRAL 4 INDIANS 10,Lombard g g Mt Pleasant,Hillery p p T Mt Pleasamt.
Muckler c p c p Maxom,Murphy r r Anderson,Eller c c Garlow. Higgins r w r w Gansworth,Wolcott l w l w Jones, Referee Kean La Salle goal umpires Jones Central and. Pierce Indians timer Mitchell Niagara Falls time of. period 20 mins score end of first half Indians 5,Central 9 substitutions Adams for T Mt Pleasant. Thompson for Higgins stops Lomard 9 Mt Pleasant 7,penalties Garlow Jones and Wolcott 2 minutes each. goals Murphy 2 Eller 1 Thompson 1 Garlow 5,Gansworth 3 Jones 2 attendance 400.
The Indians are now claiming the hockey championship. of Western New York Among the teams the red skins, have defeated La Salle Central and Nichols Efforts are. ABOVE Abt 1896 Patterson family at their homestead now being made to book Lafayette Masten Park and. on Moyer Road Hamburg for Tuesday Thursday and Saturday dates. Skaru r Monthly June 2019 Page 5,Page 6 Skaru r Monthly June 2019. Ne ye kwawe ta kwahshek REGISTRATION FORM for,Tuscarora Language Program SAVE THE LANGUAGE CAMP. tuscaroralanguage gmail com HE TAHK 2019,Skaru r Une hsak w. Dear Potential Camper,The Ne ye kwawe ta kw hshek,Tuscarora Language Program is holding a week long.
immersion camp from 9am 4pm Monday July 15th, Friday July 19th We will meet at the Tuscarora Nation. Building 5226 Walmore Rd Tuscarora Nation via Phone. Lewiston NY 14092 Camp begins with a Tobacco, Burning at 8 30am Monday morning This year s theme. is Skaru re Une hsake w Tuscarora In The House, Camp is open to all e kwehe we There is a registration There is a non refundable registration fee of. fee of 25 and an educational requirement of 1 year of 25 00 per camper due at the time of your. HS 9th grader entering 10th grade there s no maximum registration Due to limited spaces Save me a. age Lunch and snacks are provided vegetarian options space is not allowed If you are a returning camper. will be available please consider reusing last year s binder. All language skill levels are welcome as always the. and receive a Logo Sticker, emphasis is on immersion speaking Our main goals are. to continue to share various learning techniques re visit. the orthography reading and writing system and THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS. speaking practice all while in a fun and engaging JUNE 30th 2019 or until camp is full. atmosphere, Text Betsy Bissell 228 1640 or Lynette Printup 390.
Nya we 7879 for registration forms OR contact, Lynette Printup the Ne ye kwawe ta kw hshek tuscaroralanguage gmail com for information on. Tuscarora Language Program how to register electronically and pay by Credit. Debit Card, Tuscarora you see a fly in your house help it get back. outside instead of swatting it,Ruhsnya hre Gnat,Une we Lady Bug. Word C wekac ik e wara kye All kinds of bugs,Ru e re Wood tick. Ru te yu Mosquito,Rutihste re Housefly,Kahahsti ne hs Dragon fly.
Na werk Flea,Ruhtke ye Millipede,C ihkwe ke h Grasshopper. Ruc i ne kw Ant,By Taylor Hummel Yure hkwa hne It itches. Uhtya rheh Worm,Katya thar Hornet s nest,T hough some people find them scary. beetles flies bees moths and,butterflies are some of the biggest. Ru c iru kwahs It stings him,Uhstwa hrare Caterpillar.
BTW Here is the pronunciation key to help,you with the letters A good suggestion is to. pollinators around They visit flowers to Usnaru ru Butterfly say letters and words out loud to help your ear. become accustomed to the Tuscarora sounds, feed off of pollen and then transport Ru ta hke Bee Tuscarora Pronunciation Key. pollen to other flowers over the course of Yawe ta hse Bee swarm a law e hat i pizza u tune e hint c juice. their adventures These bugs are c h cheese h hoe m mother s same t do th. responsible for assisting over 80 of the Ru ta hke yawe ne Beehive too k gale kh kale n inhale r hiss before a. world s flowering plants Without them Ru ta hke u re weh Honey consonant or word final run trilled elsewhere. w cuff before a consonant other than y or word, humans and wildlife wouldn t have much Ru terhe ruhu y Bumblebee final way elsewhere y you sy fish. to eat or look at Unfortunately the loss uh oh long vowel high pitch low. Ruki ya hske Spider pitch Adapted from Blair A Rudes Tuscarora. of habitats as well as the use of, pesticides is destroying the population of Ruki ya hske une reh Spider web English. these important creatures So next time Uhsnuka ne h Firefly. Skaru r Monthly June 2019 Page 7,What you need to know about.
By Anabel Gutierrez,Pesticides,B ackground, Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used to. kill repel or control pests such as weeds insects, rodents and fungi There are twelve different types of. pesticides the three most common are herbicides weed. killer insecticides insect killer and insect,repellant like DEET. How is this relevant to all of us A couple examples of. pesticides include Round Up Clorox and Raid ant,he Problem. While the FDA approves what ingredients goes into pesticides this does not. mean the chemicals used are non toxic or do not have to be displayed to the. public Because pesticides are used to protect crops from pests everyone is. exposed to low levels of toxic chemicals through their diet and water More. notably the pesticides runoff into water sources poisoning fish and other. aquatic life which could ruin aquatic ecosystems, Water pollution is one of the effects of both weed and insect killers Rainfall.
and wind washes away the pesticides from the land and goes into local bodies of. water When pesticides are sprayed on top of crops the weed and insect killers. are able to flow below the surface and into groundwater While the water would. be contaminated and deemed unsafe to drink fish are able to take up some of the. chemicals and end up in our bodies after consuming the contaminated fish It is. nearly impossible to remove any contaminants in the water It would take decades. to have the contaminated water flushed out of the source. hat can you do, You can make your own weed killer that is safe for both you and your pet All of. the recipes require common household items like spices or oils mixed with water. Check out this website for a couple of examples of safe pesticides https. But in the closing period Captain Murphy Thompson Eller of Central got together with some combination work and four goals resulted The Indians duplicated their score of the first half but they were given one of the stiffest battles of the season Murphy Eller and Lumbard starred for Buffalo with Jones and Gansworth

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