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flast qxp 8 30 06 4 29 PM Page xi, Introduction, The greater the difficulty the more glory in sur . mounting it Skillful pilots gain their reputation. from storms and tempests , Epictetus, his is a book forged from storms and tempests Roughly one year. T after the publication of The Psychology of Trading I left the pro . tected world of academic medicine to tackle the rough and tumble. world of proprietary trading in Chicago Gone were orderly therapy ses . sions in my Syracuse office Now my day started at 4 05 A M and proceeded. into evenings a steady blur of tracking overseas markets updating. research commuting into the city moving from office to office to help. traders as they traded and then returning home to prepare for the next. trading session If The Psychology of Trading was my view from the ivory. tower my integration of academic psychology and practical trading . Enhancing Trader Performance is my perspective from the trenches And. quite a view it has been , THE WINDING PATH FROM TRADING PSYCHOLOGY. TO TRADER PERFORMANCE, So much has happened since late 2002 when I sat in the food court of Weg . man s grocery finishing my book plunking away at my laptop sipping my. coffee My e mail inbox is fuller than it was back then it stands at 432 as. I write and I ve encountered traders from just about every conceivable. setting and market My personal web site and research blog register thou . sands of hits weekly including a surprising number from Europe Asia . and the Pacific Rim Each day I hear of the hopes dreams frustrations . xi, flast qxp 8 30 06 4 29 PM Page xii, xii INTRODUCTION.
and hurdles of traders around the world Such is the privilege and the. challenge of work in the trenches , Nothing however could have fully prepared me for the frontline expo . sure I faced at Kingstree Trading LLC in Chicago No longer was I merely. talking with traders about trading Now I was in the trading live real time . It is one thing to talk about what to do when a trader is caught in adverse. market movement with a thousand lot on It is quite another to work with. someone while that thousand lot is veering into the red at 12 500 a tick . Day after day on those front lines you learn a lot about trading and traders . You also learn quite a bit about yourself , This book reflects that learning . Every worthy book is like a symphony It is held together by a theme. that it explores and develops One of my great joys as a writer is that The. Psychology of Trading continues to sell as well today as it did when it first. hit the bookshelves I believe this is because its central theme that the. emotional problems faced by traders are extensions of the same problems. we all face in dealing with life s risks and uncertainties was both unique. and empowering transcending the simplistic advice too often associated. with trading psychology , I did not want to write another book until I had one that embodied an. equally promising theme For those of us devoted to writing a book is. something precious It is an opportunity to communicate with the many. people present and future that we will never be able to meet There is. very little of permanence that we leave behind when we depart this earth . Books even more than wealth or kin have the potential to outlive us to. make their mark on those yet unborn When you re an author you don t. want to squander that opportunity You want to do it right . And yet writing a book is like living a life You start with a set of plans. neatly outlined in your head only to look back later and wonder how you. could have possibly gotten to this point Edges of leaves contours of. clouds hills and plains there are very few straight lines in nature Nature. is jagged and rough bent and twisted She may not be neat but she s real . Real like a life lived Real like words flowing from an author s hand The. best we can hope for in books as in life is that we ve been faithful to our. themes that we ve followed their twists and turns with integrity . There have indeed been many twists and turns on the path to this. book but the theme has remained constant Trading is a performance dis . cipline and trading performance can be cultivated through the same. kinds of training activities that generate expertise in such diverse. domains as athletics chess and the performing arts That theme has led. me to scour research on performance scrutinize the training programs of. athletes elite military troops and medical professionals and especially . flast qxp 8 30 06 4 29 PM Page xiii, Introduction xiii. study the traders I ve worked with all in a quest to identify the ingredients. of sustained trading success , If I try to summarize the fruits of this quest in a single sentence my.
conclusion would be Trading performance is less a function of what. traders learn than of how they learn it Expertise is the outcome of a. process This process has clearly identifiable features and important appli . cations to the development of traders We see this process at work among. Olympic athletes and we witness it in world class manufacturing plants. and educational programs The what of learning is always changing . Physicians must keep up with the latest research traders face different. market conditions every few years The how of expertise development . however is a constant The same processes that generated exemplary per . formance in ancient Greece are present today in every field in which out . comes matter , Winding my way through performance research and the daily work. with traders perhaps my greatest shock has been the recognition that a. significant proportion of emotional problems affecting traders result. from departures from the principles of sound training When traders do. not find the markets and trading styles that match their talents and person . alities when they do not employ systematic training to translate talents. into skills and when they violate prudent risk management in eager hopes. of rapid profits they create needless frustrations and even traumas . Having never experienced a structured training process and built the. competence and confidence conferred by such learning these traders are. ill equipped to adapt to changing market conditions This no doubt has. been my most eye opening experience in trading s rough and tumble. world that trading success in the present so rarely ensures future suc . cess Market conditions and the edges that we find in markets change. so radically that ongoing success is guaranteed to no one The winners in. this trading world are not only those who train but those who sustain. enhanced learning processes That is why this book is not only for those. traders looking to make themselves successful but also for those seeking. to remake themselves , I hope that these pages drawing upon the insights of researchers and. practitioners far more steeped in the cultivation of expertise than I will help. traders think and rethink what it takes to achieve elite performance in. this most rewarding and challenging of arenas There is much in the trading. world that promises you success as a function of what you learn chart pat . terns indicator readings software displays and self help skills There are. few guideposts to the how of expertise My deepest wish is that Enhancing. Trader Performance becomes such a guidepost for you not only in trad . ing but in every area of your life in which performance counts . Enhancing Trader Performance Proven Strategies from the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology BRETT N STEENBARGER John Wiley amp Sons Inc ffirs qxp 8 30 06 4 30 PM Page iii

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