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Installation Instructions, A SELECTING A TOYOTA TRANSMISSION For the next most straight forward 1984 through 1996. Toyota pickup truck non turbo and not 4WD The, The transmission this kit was designed around is what gearing on these is significantly different than a stock TR6. Toyota calls the W58 These W58 transmissions came making the first 3 gears shorter than stock See the chart. in many Toyota cars and trucks in the US and all over below. the world The main things you need to look for when. choosing your W58 transmission are listed below The 1992 1997 Lexus SC300 5 speed manual. transmission will work also Gear ratios vary slightly from. Some w58 transmissions have a remote mounted shifter one model of transmission to another If you can identify. which hangs off the rear of the transmission such as the exact model number the table below compares the. on the Lexus SC300 For these transmissions you will gear ratios of the typical Triumph four speed transmission. need to replace a part that Toyota calls the shift lever with your model Toyota 5 speed transmission See the. housing The correct shift lever housing is Toyota part chart below for some of the more popular transmission s. 33502 14100 this part comes stock on the Celica Supra gear ratios. and Pickup These shift lever housings are becoming. increasingly hard to find as new old stock is drying up As Identify which shift lever housing you have There is. an alternative Moss has developed a shift lever housing a larger and a smaller outside diameter shifter lever. part 440 440 which will allow the use of transmission housing The adapter block must fit over this housing. which came with the remote shifter Note you must See the figures on the next page to identify which adapter. remove the tail housing from the transmission to install block you need. either shift lever housing This can be a little tricky to. do Refer to the shift lever housing instructions for more Just as with the outside of the shift lever housings there. information See the figures on the next page to identify is a lager and smaller inside diameter Again see the. the remote mounted transmission and the shift lever figures on the following page to identify the parts you. housings None of the HVDA 5 speed conversions come need. with a shift lever housing You will need to purchase it. separately All HVDA kits come standard with parts that fit the large. adapter block and large adapter plug because they are. Since there are variations in the transmissions that must the most common If your transmission has the smaller. be accommodated by the kits it s recommended that shift lever housing Moss does stock the small adapter. you get the transmission in advance Once you have the block part 440 388 and small adapter plug part 440. transmission and have verified that it is good you can 383 and must be purchased separately if needed Make. order the kit you need for your Triumph Several models sure to measure both the outside and inside of your. of Toyota manual transmissions can be used for the shifter housing. conversion, As an alternative you can just replace whatever shift lever. For the most straight forward and closest to stock housing you have with the Moss shift lever housing part. gearing look for a transmission from a 1982 through 440 440 Using the Moss shift lever housing eliminates. 1985 Celica or 1982 through 1986 Supra the latter the need for either adapter block or plug at the expense. being harder to find of taking the tail section off the transmission to replace. the Toyota shift lever housing See the instructions for. 440 440 to decide if this is right for you,Table 1 Gear Ratios. 1982 1985 1984 1996,TRIUMPH CELICA PICKUP TRUCK,GEAR TR2 6.
First 3 140 1 3 285 1 3 166 1 3 285 1 3 950 1 3 830 1. Second 2 001 1 2 041 1 1 904 1 1 984 1 2 140 1 2 060 1. Third 1 333 1 1 322 1 1 310 1 1 275 1 1 380 1 1 430 1. Fourth 1 000 1 1 028 1 0 969 1 1 000 1 1 000 1 1 000 1. Fifth 0 820 1 0 815 1 0 783 1 0 810 1 0 840 1, Reverse 4 280 1 3 153 1 3 250 1 3 786 1 4 368 1 4 368 1. Part 440 135 2 Modified 12 18,Installation Instructions. Possible sources for W58 transmissions,Local wrecking yard. Craigslist,Jim Cox 502 376 9149 or jacox1 aol com,Toyota Shift Lever. Remote Mounted Shifter Housing 33502 14100,Standard Mounted Shifter.
Moss Shift Lever Housing,Part 440 440,Part 440 135 3 Modified 12 18. Installation Instructions, Before you buy your transmission do the following NOTE Make sure the steel bushing inside the dog. is present If not it must be replaced Toyota dealer. 1 Check the hole pattern at the interface of the bell part. housing to the transmission It should be identical to. the one shown See the view of the transmission to 3 Calculate the gear ratios by putting the. bell housing bolt pattern below transmission each gear spinning the input shaft. and counting the revolutions of the output shaft, 2 Inspect the transmission for wear as follows You may think you have a Celica or Supra box and. find out it is a truck box with shorter 1st and 2nd. a Look for wear in the input shaft Reject any gears It s better to find out now. transmission that has noticeable play in the,input shaft. b Put the transmission in neutral and turn the shaft. The shaft should turn lightly and smoothly in, c Turn the input shaft in each gear The output shaft.
should slip through your fingers Again the shaft,should turn smoothly and noiselessly in each. d Finally remove the shift tower and inspect the,bushing inside the gear selector dog for wear. or damage A beat up selector dog indicates,abuse and high mileage. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4,Figure 1 Transmission Bell Housing Hole Pattern. 3 4 4 1 11 4 4 31 4 4 22 0 4,Part 440 135 4 Modified 12 18.
Installation Instructions, B SELECTING YOUR HVDA CONVERSION KIT C REQUIRED TOOLS. We urge you to identify the pilot bushing and rear Shop manual for your Triumph. transmission mount bracket on your car before ordering. a kit This will ensure you get the correct set of part to fit Jack and 4 jack stands. your car We don t know the exact chassis number for the. switch over of the pilot bushing Also some cars can have Oil drain pan. parts from a different year vehicle,6 combination square. Near the end of these instructions you will find a bill. of materials and two diagrams Please have a look at SAE and Metric wrenches and sockets. the diagram to identify the style of transmission mount. bracket required for your car The change over for the Set of metric Allen wrenches. rear transmission bracket is somewhere in the early TR6. model years It is best for you to identify which style you 3 16 Allen Wrench. need before ordering your kit,Torque wrench, 4 cylinder TR s TR250 and early TR6 engines will use a. long 1 pilot bushing that fits in the end of the crankshaft 24 metal straight edge. and into the flywheel Later TR6 have a smaller hole in. the crankshaft and will use a shorter bushing that Machinist s ruler 1 100th in. fits only into the flywheel This is the bronze bushing. which supports the transmissions input shaft It is helpful Machinist s calipers. to know which crankshaft flywheel combo you have, You can order a bushing separately but it can delay Utility knife. the installation process if your car has a crankshaft or. flywheel from a different year Soft hammer copper lead or plastic. 440 115 should be ordered for 1952 1967 TR2 Flashlight and or drop light. throughTR4A This kit includes only the long 1 pilot. bushing for early crankshafts This kit includes steel Small file. transmission mount brackets suitable for TR2 through. early TR6 Small mechanic s magnet, 440 134 should be ordered for 1968 1972 TR250 Required and suggested materials supplies.
through early TR6 This kit includes both long 1 and. short pilot bushings to cover both crankshafts Cyanoacrylate adhesive gel commonly known as. This kit includes steel transmission mount brackets super glue. suitable for TR2 through early TR6,High temperature gear grease. 440 135 should be ordered for 1973 1976 TR6 This, kit includes only the short pilot bushing for TR6 Parts cleaning solvent. flywheel This kit includes the cast aluminum rear, transmission mount bracket suitable for late TR6 Brake parts cleaner. When you call to order your kit please specify Dot 4 hydraulic brake fluid. Year of your car De natured alcohol CAUTION READ MSDS and use. proper safety equipment,What style of transmission mount aluminum. casting or steel brackets Maximum strength thread locker red. 1 or pilot bushing if you know Medium strength thread locker blue. Do you need a Moss shift lever housing 440 440,Do you need a small adapter block 440 388 or.
plug 440 384,Part 440 135 5 Modified 12 18,Installation Instructions. Suggested gear oils one of the following,Warnings Support the car with jack stands. DO NOT work under the car when it is only,supported by jacks cinder blocks stacks. Caution Do not use common 90w hypoid,of wood or any other object that might tip. gear oil or synthetic oil in the Toyota,over or collapse.
transmission Use only the Toyota approved,gear oil listed below otherwise you will. Disconnect the battery cables before,have trouble shifting. working on the car Keep a certified fire,extinguisher nearby in case of fire. Redline gear oil mt 90, Royal Purple Synchromax 75 90w D TRANSMISSION AND CLUTCH REMOVAL. Kendall gear oil 75w or equivalent Follow the procedures specified in your Triumph shop. manual s to do the following,Or check with your Toyota dealer.
1 Disconnect the battery,Transmission front oil seal Napa part 11615. Carquest National 1981 2 Put the car up on four jack stands. Transmission rear oil seal Napa part 14753 3 Remove the seats the center console as applicable. Carquest National 223840 the carpeting the transmission cover and the shift. lever boot,Hand cleaner,4 Drain the oil out of the transmission. Clean shop cloths, 5 Bleed all of the fluid from the clutch master cylinder. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS and slave cylinder, Use good shop practices and common sense when 6 Remove the clutch slave cylinder connecting hose. doing these procedures Don t take any chances that and mounting bracket. might risk someone s safety Follow all manufacturer s. warnings cautions and recommendations when doing the 7 Disconnect and remove the starter motor. conversion Read the MSDA on all products before using. them 8 Support the engine from below, 9 Support the transmission from below with the floor.
10 Remove the transmission and rubber mounts the, driveshaft the pressure plate the pilot bushing and. the clutch disc,11 Remove the flywheel from the engine Remove the. transmission cross member from the chassis Late,TR6 s only also keep the cross member for re use. Part 440 135 6 Modified 12 18,Installation Instructions. E BELL HOUSING CONVERSION from the Triumph gear shift lever if it is present It is. not uncommon for this item to be missing If there is. From this point on a number in brackets XX one in there do not put it back in. corresponds to a part in the bill of materials and exploded. diagram the end of these instructions Refer to the 17 Prepare the shifter by cleaning the end including the. exploded BOM diagram for a visual refer plunger hole with solvent such as denatured alcohol. or acetone Clean the inside of the nylon ball in the. 12 Remove the Toyota bell housing with the throw out same fashion and dry both items thoroughly The. bearing carrier fork and lever by removing the ten shifter must be absolutely oil free in order for the. attaching bolts and lock washers Save the bolts lock adhesive to keep the ball in place Tip Use coffee. washers and two locating dowel pins for re use filters to wipe the parts clean Continue to clean the. parts until the coffee filters are still white after wiping. the parts Any contaminates will show on the white,Caution Both locating dowel pins must be.
installed for proper clutch operation,18 Apply a drop or two of the adhesive inside the. nylon ball Push the nylon ball 190 firmly onto the. shifter 200 Be certain that the ball is on straight. 13 Inspect the input shaft for burrs or other damage and fully seated on the shifter Reposition the ball. Clean it with solvent and lightly grease it with high if necessary before the adhesive sets up Wipe off. temperature gear grease any excess with a paper towel In the event that the. ball is not positioned correctly and the adhesive has. already started to set you can only remove the ball. by soaking the components in acetone for a few,Caution Don t allow grease or oil to get on. minutes This is a tight fit even without the adhesive. the new clutch disc flywheel or pressure, so some effort is required to remove the ball from the. 19 After you are satisfied that the ball and shifter are. in good alignment allow the glue to cure for a few. 14 Try the new clutch disc 400 on the spline It should minutes Then with the remainder of the tube of glue. move back and forth freely If not clean the splines run a filling bead around the top of the ball where the. again and check for burrs or other damage Remove shifter exits This will seal out oil and provide a firm. the clutch disc and permanent seal for the shifter ball Set the shifter. aside in a vertical position and allow the adhesive to. 15 Install the new HVDA bell housing 10 on the Toyota cure for twenty four hours. Triumph 5 Speed Conversion Installation Instructions For 1952 1967 TR2 TR4A Part 440 115 1968 1972 TR250 TR6 Part 440 134 1973 1976 TR6 Part 440 135 Caution These instructions are provided to you only as an aid for your modification You make these modifications at your own risk Use prudence and caution at all times We cannot assume responsibility for any injuries or damages that

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