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Pathfndr bk Page 2 Thursday June 17 1999 11 02 AM,Trimble Survey Controller. User Guide,Version 10 0,Part Number 44011 00 ENG,Revision A. Corporate Office Software and Firmware License Limited. Trimble Navigation Limited, Documentation Group This Trimble software and or firmware product. 645 North Mary Avenue the Software is licensed and not sold Its use is. Post Office Box 3642 governed by the provisions of the applicable End. Sunnyvale CA 94088 3642 User License Agreement EULA if any. U S A included with the Software In the absence of a. Phone 1 408 481 8940 1 800 545 7762 separate EULA included with the Software. Fax 1 408 481 7744 providing different limited warranty terms. www trimble com exclusions and limitations the following terms. and conditions shall apply Trimble warrants that, Copyright and Trademarks this Trimble Software product will substantially. conform to Trimble s applicable published, 1992 2001 Trimble Navigation Limited All specifications for the Software for a period of.
rights reserved ninety 90 days starting from the date of. The Sextant logo with Trimble Geodimeter, GPS Pathfinder and GPS Total Station are Warranty Remedies. trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United States Patent and Trimble s sole liability and your exclusive remedy. Trademark Office under the warranties set forth above shall be at. Trimble s option to repair or replace any Product, The Globe Triangle logo Trimble CMR or Software that fails to conform to such warranty. CMR FastStatic Micro centered MS750 Nonconforming Product or refund the. PowerLiTE Trimble Link Trimble Geomatics purchase price paid by you for any such. Office Trimble RoadLink Trimble Nonconforming Product upon your return of any. Survey Controller Trimble Survey Office Nonconforming Product to Trimble in accordance. TRIMCOMM TRIMMARK TSC1 TSCe with Trimble s standard return material. WAVE and Zephyr are trademarks of Trimble authorization procedures. Navigation Limited,All other trademarks are the property of their. respective owners,The following U S patents cover the Trimble.
Survey Controller software 6021376 6016118,5986604 5969708 5831573 5614913 and other. patents pending,Release Notice,This is the July 2001 release Revision A of the. Survey Controller User Guide part number,44011 00 ENG It applies to version 10 0 of the. Trimble Survey Controller software, The following limited warranties give you specific. legal rights You may have others which vary,from state jurisdiction to state jurisdiction.
Warranty Exclusions and Disclaimer TRIMBLE NAVIGATION LIMITED IS NOT. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OPERATION OR, These warranties shall be applied only in the event FAILURE OF OPERATION OF GPS SATELLITES. and to the extent that i the Products and OR THE AVAILABILITY OF GPS SATELLITE. Software are properly and correctly installed SIGNALS. configured interfaced maintained stored and, operated in accordance with Trimble s relevant Limitation of Liability. operator s manual and specifications and ii the, Products and Software are not modified or TRIMBLE S ENTIRE LIABILITY UNDER ANY. misused The preceding warranties shall not apply PROVISION HEREIN SHALL BE LIMITED TO. to and Trimble shall not be responsible for defects THE GREATER OF THE AMOUNT PAID BY YOU. or performance problems resulting from i the FOR THE PRODUCT OR SOFTWARE LICENSE OR. combination or utilization of the Product or U S 25 00 TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT. Software with products information data PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW IN NO. systems or devices not made supplied or specified EVENT SHALL TRIMBLE OR ITS SUPPLIERS BE. by Trimble ii the operation of the Product or LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT SPECIAL. Software under any specification other than or in INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. addition to Trimble s standard specifications for WHATSOEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. its products iii the unauthorized modification or OR LEGAL THEORY RELATING IN ANY WAY TO. use of the Product or Software iv damage THE PRODUCTS SOFTWARE AND. caused by accident lightning or other electrical ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION AND. discharge fresh or salt water immersion or spray MATERIALS INCLUDING WITHOUT. or v normal wear and tear on consumable parts LIMITATION DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF. e g batteries BUSINESS PROFITS BUSINESS INTERRUPTION. LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION OR ANY, THE WARRANTIES ABOVE STATE TRIMBLE S OTHER PECUNIARY LOSS REGARDLESS OF. ENTIRE LIABILITY AND YOUR EXCLUSIVE WHETHER TRIMBLE HAS BEEN ADVISED OF. REMEDIES RELATING TO PERFORMANCE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY SUCH LOSS AND. THE PRODUCTS AND SOFTWARE EXCEPT AS REGARDLESS OF THE COURSE OF DEALING. OTHERWISE EXPRESSLY PROVIDED HEREIN WHICH DEVELOPS OR HAS DEVELOPED. THE PRODUCTS SOFTWARE AND BETWEEN YOU AND TRIMBLE BECAUSE SOME. ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION AND STATES AND JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW. MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED AS IS AND THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL. OF ANY KIND BY EITHER TRIMBLE DAMAGES THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT. NAVIGATION LIMITED OR ANYONE WHO HAS APPLY TO YOU,BEEN INVOLVED IN ITS CREATION.
SOFTWARE SOME STATES AND,JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS. ON DURATION OR THE EXCLUSION OF AN,IMPLIED WARRANTY SO THE ABOVE. LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU,Class B Statement Notice to Users This. equipment has been tested and found to comply,with the limits for a Class B digital device. pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules These limits,are designed to provide reasonable protection.
against harmful interference in a residential,installation This equipment generates uses and. can radiate radio frequency energy and if not,installed and used in accordance with the. instructions may cause harmful interference to,radio communication However there is no. guarantee that interference will not occur in a,particular installation If this equipment does. cause harmful interference to radio or television,reception which can be determined by turning the.
equipment off and on the user is encouraged to,try to correct the interference by one or more of. the following measures,Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment,and the receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a,circuit different from that to which the receiver. is connected,Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV.
technician for help,Changes and modifications not expressly. approved by the manufacturer or registrant of this. equipment can void your authority to operate this,equipment under Federal Communications. Commission rules,About This Manual,1 General Operation. Introduction 2,Starting the Trimble Survey Controller software 2. The Trimble Survey Controller Screen 3,Status Bar 6.
Map button 8,Favorites menu 8,Enter button 9,Softkeys 9. Shortcut keys 9,Online Help 11,Entering Data 11,Using Quadrant Bearings 12. Using the In Field Calculator 13,Time date options 14. Reviewing the Database 15,Coordinate View Setting 16. Deleting and Restoring Points Lines or Arcs 17,File Management 19.
Messages 20,Sound Events 20,Status Line Messages 21. Trimble Survey Controller User Guide v,2 Coordinate Systems. Introduction 24,GPS Coordinate System 24,Local Coordinate Systems 25. Local Datum 25,Datum Transformation 25,Map Projection 26. Horizontal and Vertical Adjustments 27,Calibration 27.
Calibration Calculations 28,Local Control for Calibration 29. Why Calibrations Are Needed 29,Operations That Require Calibration 30. Copying Calibrations 32,Using a Datum Grid File 32. Selecting a Datum Grid File 32,Using a Geoid Model 34. Selecting a Geoid File 35,Working with Ground Coordinates 36.
Setting up a Ground Coordinate System 36,Choosing a Coordinate System for a GPS Survey 38. Choosing a Coordinate System for a Conventional Survey 39. 3 Job Operations,Introduction 42,Job Management 42. Creating a Job 42,Selecting a Coordinate System 43. Opening a Job 46,Copying a Job 46,Copying between Jobs 46. Reviewing the Job Database 47,vi Trimble Survey Controller User Guide.
Map of Current Job 48,Selecting Features 51,Using the Map for Common Tasks 52. Background Map 54,Status of Current Job 55,Selecting Comma Delimited csv Files 56. Transferring csv Files 56,Accessing Points in csv Files 57. System Units 58,System Settings and Corrections 60. Cogo Settings Screen 61,Options Softkey 61,Distance Display 61.
Curvature Correction 63,Azimuth Display 63,South Azimuth 64. Grid Coordinates 64,Magnetic Declination 65,Subdivide Pts Code 66. Project Height 66,4 Data Transfer,Introduction 68,Data Transfer between the TSCe Data Collector and. the Office Computer 68,Using the Trimble Data Transfer Utility 69. Using the Trimble Data Transfer Utility with,the Microsoft ActiveSync Software Enabled 69.
Using Microsoft Explorer with the Microsoft,ActiveSync Software Enabled 70. Data Transfer between the Trimble Survey Controller Software. and Another Device 72, Transferring ASCII Data to and from an External Device 73. Trimble Survey Controller User Guide vii,5 Using Feature and Attribute Libraries. Introduction 82,Transferring a Feature and Attribute Library 83. Creating a Feature and Attribute Library 83,Adding Deleting and Editing Feature Codes 84.
Collecting Feature and Attribute Information 85,Names and Symbols 86. Using Feature Codes with Predefined Attributes 86, Resurveying Points that Already Have Attributes 88. Entering Attributes for a Point Using Feature Codes. Without Predefined Attributes 89,Control Commands 90. Introduction 92,Transferring or Keying in Road Information 92. Reviewing the Road Information 93,Roading Records 93.
Staking out Points on the Road by Station and Offset 95. Select a Point on a Road 95,Select the Station to be Staked Out 96. Select the Offset to be Staked Out 98,Navigating to a Point on the Road 102. Measuring the As Staked Position 113,Measuring Positions on the Road 116. Determining Current Position Relative to a Road 116. Measuring Current Position Relative to the Road 119. 7 Key In Menu,Introduction 122,Points 122,Choosing a Method Lines 124. vi ii Trimble Survey Controller User Guide,Choosing a Method Arcs 127.
Boundaries 132,Horizontal Alignment 135, Notes for Keying in and Editing Horizontal Alignments 138. Vertical Alignment 139,Template Positioning 141,Superelevation and Widening 143. Templates 144,Keying In Elements 145,Reviewing a Definition 147. Editing a Definition 148,8 Cogo Functions,Introduction 152. Using Cogo Functions 152,Embedded Cogo Softkey 153.
Entering Feature Points Lines Arcs Names 153,Options Softkey 154. Multiple Solutions 155,Compute Inverses 155,Compute Intersections 156. Choosing a Method Intersections 156,Compute Areas 160. Compute Azimuths 162,Choosing a Method Azimuths 162. Compute Distances 166,Choosing a Method Distances 167.
Subdivide Lines 169,Choosing a Method Lines 169,Trimble Survey Controller User Guide ix. Subdivide Arcs 172,Choosing a Method Arcs 172,Traverses 177. Introduction 184,Generating Offsets 184,Options Softkey 185. Azimuths Angles 185,Choosing a Method Offsets 186,10 GPS Survey Styles. Introduction 192,The Concept of Survey Styles 192,Choosing a Survey Style 193.
Generating a Survey Menu 193,Using a GPS Survey Style 194. Options in a Trimble GPS Survey Style 195,The Style wizard 197. Creating and Editing a GPS Survey Style 198,Rover Options and Base Options 200. Radios 204,Topo Point 206,Observed Control Point 207. FastStatic Point 208,Rapid Point 208,Continuous Points 209.
Stakeout 209,Site Calibration 210,PP Initialization Times 212. Duplicate Point Actions 212,Differential Survey Styles 214. Differential Survey Types 214,x Trimble Survey Controller User Guide. Creating a Differential Survey Style 215,Field Techniques for Differential Surveying 216. 11 Antennas,Introduction 218,Measuring Antenna Heights 218.
Measuring the Height of an Antenna on a Range Pole 219. Measuring the Height of an Antenna on a Tripod 220. Measuring the Height of an Antenna When Using,a Ground Plane 221. Antenna ini File 222,12 Starting the Base Receiver. Introduction 224,Base Station Coordinates 224,Survey Integrity 225. Setting up the Equipment for a Real Time Survey 227. Using a GPS Total Station 5700 Receiver 227,Using a GPS Total Station 4800 Receiver 230. Using a GPS Total Station 4700 Receiver 232,Radio Solutions 234.
Operating Several Base Stations on One Radio Frequency 235. Radio Repeaters 237, Setting Up the Equipment for a Postprocessed Survey 239. Using a GPS Total Station 5700 Receiver 239,Using a GPS Total Station 4800 Receiver 240. Corporate Office Trimble Navigation Limited Documentation Group 645 North Mary Avenue Post Office Box 3642 Sunnyvale CA 94088 3642 U S A Phone 1 408 481 8940 1 800 545 7762

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