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Product Application, This Comfort Control provides electronic control of 24 VAC single stage heating. and cooling systems,System Types Power,Gas oil or electric heat with Common wire only. air conditioning Common wire with battery backup,Warm air hot water high efficiency. furnaces heat pumps Changeover Options,Heat only with fan Selectable manual or. Cool only auto changeover modes,System Settings,Heat Off Cool Auto.
Fan Settings, Must be installed by a trained experienced technician. Read these instructions carefully Failure to follow these instructions can. damage the product or cause a hazardous condition, Check the ratings in this booklet to verify that this product is suitable for your. application see page 12, Always test for proper operation after installation see page 8. CAUTION ELECTRICAL HAZARD, Can cause electrical shock or equipment damage Disconnect power before. beginning installation,MERCURY NOTICE, If this product is replacing a control that contains mercury in a sealed tube do not.
place the old control in the trash Contact your local waste management authority. for instructions regarding recycling and proper disposal. Table of contents,Installation Appendices, Pre installation checklist 2 Quick reference to controls 10. Wallplate installation 3 Quick reference to display 10. Wiring 4 Battery replacement 10,Wiring diagrams 5 In case of difficulty 11. Power options 6 Accessories replacement parts 12,Comfort Control mounting 6 Specifications 12. Setup and testing,Installer setup 7,Installer system test 8. Explanation of features 9,Installation tips, Install the Comfort Control about 5 feet 1 5m above the floor in.
an area with good air circulation at average temperature. Do not install in locations where the Comfort Control can be affected by. Drafts or dead spots behind doors and in corners,Hot or cold air from ducts. Sunlight or radiant heat from appliances,Concealed pipes or chimneys. Unheated uncooled areas such as an outside wall behind the Comfort Control. Pre installation checklist,Package contents, Check to make sure your package includes the following items. Programmable reference Owner s Guide,Comfort Control card. wallplate attached to back,Wall anchors and AA alkaline.
mounting screws batteries 2,Required tools supplies. No 2 Phillips screwdriver,Small pocket screwdriver. Drill bit 3 16 for drywall 7 32 for plaster,Electrical tape. Level optional,Wallplate installation, Remove battery holder Remove the wallplate from the. Pull here to remove wallplate Comfort Control as shown at left then. from new Comfort Control follow directions below for mounting. 1 Insert quick reference card in slot,in back of Comfort Control.
2 Pull wires through wire hole,3 Position wallplate on wall level and. mark hole positions with pencil,4 Drill holes at marked positions as. shown below then tap in supplied,wall anchors, Insert quick reference card 5 Place wallplate over anchors insert. and tighten mounting screws,Drill 3 16 holes for drywall. Drill 7 32 holes for plaster,Wire hole Mounting screws.
Wall anchors, CAUTION ELECTRICAL HAZARD Can cause electrical shock or equipment damage. Disconnect power before wiring,Keep wires in this Wiring. shaded area,1 Loosen screw terminals insert,wires into terminal block then. re tighten screws,2 Push excess wire back into the. wall opening Keep wires in shaded,area as shown at left.
Terminal 3 Plug the wall opening with non,flammable insulation to prevent. drafts from affecting Comfort,Control operation,Terminal Designations. G Fan relay,W O Heat relay or changeover valve,terminal for heat pumps. B Common wire from secondary side,R Rc terminals of cooling system transformer. In single transformer system leave metal, jumper in place between R Rc Remove Y Compressor contactor.
metal jumper if two transformer system,R Heating power Connect to. B terminal secondary side of heating,B is the common wire terminal system transformer. W O terminal Rc Cooling power Connect to,If Comfort Control is configured for a heat. secondary side of cooling,pump in the Installer Setup changeover valve. is configured for cool O factory setting system transformer. Wire specifications,Use 18 to 22 gauge thermostat wire.
Shielded cable is not required,Wiring diagrams, Factory installed jumper Remove for 2 transformer systems only. Provide Power Supply disconnect means and overload protection as required. 2 In Installer Setup set system type to Heat Pump, Typical 1H 1C system 1 transformer Typical 1H 1C system 2 transformers. SINGLE STAGE GAS FURNACE SINGLE STAGE COOLING SINGLE STAGE OIL FURNACE SINGLE STAGE COOLING. 600 COMFORT CONTROL SINGLE STAGE SINGLE STAGE,600 COMFORT CONTROL. TERMINAL BLOCK GAS FURNACE OIL FURNACE,TERMINAL BLOCK. SINGLE STAGE,AIR CONDITIONER SINGLE STAGE,24VAC HOT 24VAC HOT AIR CONDITIONER.
powered by 24 VAC power, Connect common Jumper To wire the Comfort Control for AC. side of transformer,to B terminal,power connect the common side of. the cooling transformer to the B,terminal as shown at left. Important Remove R Rc jumper for,2 transformer systems only See wiring. diagram on page 5,Battery Backup Power,The Comfort Control can be powered.
by backup batteries when used with,AC power During power interruptions. the batteries will save time day set,tings and power the display. After installation batteries can be,changed without removing the. Install batteries in back of thermostat,Comfort Control from the wall. optional if AC powered see page 10,To Mount Comfort Control.
Align the 4 tabs on the wallplate,with corresponding slots on the. back of the Comfort Control then,push gently until the Comfort. Control snaps in place,Installer setup, Follow the procedure below to configure the Comfort Control to match the. installed heating cooling system and customize feature operation as desired. Function Setting, To begin press and hold the and fan Press or to change settings. buttons until the display changes Press next to advance to next function. Press done to exit and save settings, Setup Function Settings Options BOLD is as shipped settings.
1 System type 0 Gas oil or electric heat with air conditioning. 1 Heat pump, 2 Heat only 2 wire systems power to open close zone valves. normally open zone valves,3 Heat only with fan,4 Cool only. 3 Fan control 0 Gas or oil furnace equipment controls fan in heating. heating 1 Electric furnace Comfort Control controls fan in heating. 5 Heating cycle rate 5 For gas or oil furnaces of less than 90 efficiency. CPH cycles hour 1 For steam or gravity systems, 3 For hot water systems furnaces of over 90 efficiency. 9 For electric furnaces, Other cycle rate options 2 4 6 7 8 10 11 or 12 CPH. 9 Compressor 3 Recommended for most compressors, cycle rate CPH Other cycle rate options 1 2 4 5 or 6 CPH.
12 System setting 0 Manual changeover Heat Cool Off. adjustment 1 Auto changeover Heat Cool Auto Off See page 9. 2 Auto changeover only Auto See page 9,13 Adaptive Intelli gent 1 On See page 9. Recovery 0 Off,14 Temperature 0 Fahrenheit,display 1 Celsius. 15 Compressor 5 Five minute compressor off time See page 9. protection Other options 0 1 2 3 or 4 minute off time. 16 Schedule format 0 5 2 programmable weekdays and weekends. 1 5 1 1 weekdays Saturday Sunday programmable, 27 Heat temperature 90 Highest heating temperature setting. range stops 40 89 Heating temperature range increments of 1 F or 0 5 C. 28 Cool temperature 60 Lowest cooling temperature setting. range stops 61 99 Cooling temperature range increments of 1 F or 0 5 C. 31 Dehumidification 1 Cooling Droop, Control 2 Cooling Droop with Comfort RTM 15 seconds Fan Delay. 3 Cooling Droop with Comfort RTM 30 seconds Fan Delay. Installer system test, Follow the procedure below to test the heating cooling and fan.
System test System,number status, To begin press and hold the and Press to turn on system. buttons until the display changes Press to turn off system. Press next to advance to next test,Press done to terminate system test. System Test System Status,10 Heating system 0 Heat and fan turn off. 1 Heat turns on Fan also turns on immediately if Function 1 or 3 is. set to 1 see page 7,30 Cooling system 0 Compressor and fan turn off. 1 Compressor and fan turn on,40 Fan system 0 Fan turns off.
1 Fan turns on, 70 Comfort Control 71 Software revision number major revisions. information 72 Software revision number minor revisions. for reference only 73 Configuration identification code major. 74 Configuration identification code minor,75 Production configuration date code week. 76 Production configuration date code year,CAUTION EQUIPMENT DAMAGE HAZARD. Compressor protection minimum off time is bypassed during testing To prevent. equipment damage avoid cycling the compressor quickly. Auto Changeover Setup Function 12,Auto Changeover is a feature used in. climates where both air conditioning and,heating are used on the same day When the.
system is set to Auto the Comfort Control,automatically selects heating or cooling. depending on the indoor temperature,Heat and cool settings must be at least 3. degrees apart The Comfort Control will,automatically adjust settings to maintain this. 3 degree separation called deadband,The 3 degree separation between heating. and cooling set temperatures is fixed and,cannot be changed.
Adaptive Intelligent Recovery Setup Function 13, Adaptive Intelligent Recovery eliminates guesswork when setting your schedule It. allows the Comfort Control to learn how long your furnace and air conditioner. take to reach the temperature you want, Just set your program schedule to the time you want the house to reach your. desired temperature The Comfort Control then turns on the heating or cooling at. just the right time to reach your scheduled temperature at your scheduled time. For example Set the Wake time to 6 am and the temperature to 70 The heat will. come on before 6 am so the temperature is 70 by the time you wake at 6. Built in compressor protection Setup Function 15,This feature helps prevent damage to the. compressor in your air conditioning or heat,pump system. Damage can occur if the compressor is re,started too soon after shutdown This feature.
Set Clock Day forces the compressor to wait for a few. minutes before restarting,During the wait time the message Cool On. Message flashes until safe,or Heat On heat pumps only will flash on. restart time has elapsed,the display When the safe wait time has. elapsed the message stops flashing and the,compressor turns on. Quick reference to controls,Digital display screen Battery holder.
Temperature buttons,Press to adjust temperature,Hold button. Press to override programmed,temperature control,Function buttons. Press to select the function displayed just above each button. Functions change depending on the task,Quick reference to display screen. Current inside temperature Low battery warning Current time day. Temperature setting,Current program period,System status. Wake Leave Return Sleep,On when calling for,heating or cooling.
Set Clock Day Schedule flashes when waiting for,Press to set time day or compressor restart. program schedules System setting,Heat Cool Auto Off. Fan setting,Function buttons, Press the button beneath each function to view or change. settings Functions change depending on the task,Battery replacement. Press and pull to remove Insert fresh AA,alkaline batteries.
then reinstall,battery holder,In case of difficulty. If you have difficulty with your Comfort Control please try the suggestions below. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily, Display is blank Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary. Make sure power switch at heating cooling system is on. Make sure furnace door is closed securely, Temperature Make sure heating and cooling temperatures are set to acceptable ranges. settings do not Heat 40 to 90 F 4 5 to 32 C,Cool 60 to 99 F 15 5 to 37 C. Heating system Check for 24 Vac at the equipment on the secondary side of the trans. does not respond former between power and common If voltage is not present check the. Heat On heating equipment to find the cause of the problem. appears on Check for 24 Vac between the heat terminal W and the transformer. screen common If 24 Vac is present the Comfort Control is functional Check. the heating equipment to find the cause of the problem. Check for loose or broken wires between the Comfort Control and the. heating equipment, Cooling system Check for 24 Vac at the equipment on the secondary side of the trans.
does not respond former between power and common If voltage is not present check the. Cool On cooling equipment to find the cause of the problem. 0 Gas or oil furnace equipment controls fan in heating 1 Electric furnace Comfort Control controls fan in heating 5 For gas or oil furnaces of less than 90 efficiency 1 For steam or gravity systems 3 For hot water systems amp furnaces of over 90 efficiency 9 For electric furnaces Other cycle rate options 2 8 10 11 or 12 CPH

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