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40 to 63 percent reduction of hydrocarbon and period before during and after the plaza. carbon monoxide and approximately 16 percent upgrades 5. reduction of nitrogen oxide in the study area 3,New Jersey A study conducted in late 2000 to. Implementation Examples evaluate the New Jersey Turnpike Authority ETC. Georgia The Georgia State toll authority is system implementation estimated a reduced. currently offering an application Peach Pass delay at the toll plazas for all vehicles by. GO for iPhones and Android phones that allows approximately 85 percent for a total savings of. drivers to register the number of passengers in about 2 1 million vehicle hours per year 6. the vehicle to avoid being charged the typical San Francisco California Researchers have. toll The phone application allows the same user,developed several models for assessing ETC. access as home computers provides toll users to benefits and costs One study ran a model using. check the status of their account The,actual data for the ETC system at the Carquinez. application is similar to that of an E ZPass Flex Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area The model. which allows drivers to change their toll status estimated that the project would generate a. in real time 4,benefit cost ratio of 40 over the 10 year. Several phone application developers are also evaluation period Time saving is a major direct. currently working on creating programs that benefit of ETC but other benefits include energy. allow drivers to pay tolls via mobile phones saving emission reduction and service. Typical systems require the driver to enter the improvement Toll patrons were the primary. license plate number before or immediately after beneficiaries 7. their trip The application is then directly linked. to a PayPal account or bank card that is Application Techniques and Principles. automatically charged on recognition of the Typical ETC systems are comprised of four. vehicle from gantry mounted cameras This subsystems automatic vehicle classification. method of payment can avoid the expensive AVC violation enforcement system VES. method of image based tolling and allow the toll automatic vehicle identification AVI and. authority to better serve non account holders 4 transaction processing which includes a back. office and customer service center,Florida ETC lanes started to be widely deployed.
in toll facilities in the early 1990s First as a Automatic Vehicle Classification AVC systems. simple upgrade of manual lanes where the consist of sensors installed in the toll lanes to. converted dedicate ETC lane was still collocated detect and classify the vehicles for proper tolling. within a traditional plaza and later with the The AVC technique is most commonly performed. advances in RFID and camera technologies to using overhead equipment laser or infrared. process vehicles at freeway speeds with ETC detectors or intelligent detector loops. only facilities such as ORT and AET facilities embedded in the pavement but the detectors. There have been numerous studies that can also be placed on the roadside The sensors. document the benefits of ETC In Florida s are capable of perceiving and classifying vehicles. University toll plaza the addition of Open Road in the open road tolling or all electronic tolling. Tolling to the existing ETC mainline toll plaza environments. decreased delay by 50 percent for manual cash Violation Enforcement System The primary. customers and by 55 percent for automatic coin goal of VES is to reduce the number of toll. machine customers and increased speed by evaders with the assistance of multiple types of. 57 percent in the express lanes These results solutions These methods range from fairly basic. are based on data collected during a 20 month audible and or visual alarms to complex. For more information please refer to http mobility tamu edu mip strategies php. systems such as automatic license plate tag list and providing customer support to name. recognition camera based solutions Police a few The violation processing center s main. enforcement and toll gates are other types of function is to process the images of the licenses. successful VES but can be costly and inefficient plates identify violators and mail notices. for high traffic volumes, Camera based VES captures images of each Most of the technological issues have been. vehicle s front and or rear license plates overcome after two decades of successful ETC. depending on the toll authority s regulations implementations The current issues with. The necessary equipment consists of a camera implementing ETC systems are related to. or array of cameras an illumination system interoperability and technology selection. and a controller card or computer that interfaces Although all the toll facilities within Texas are. with the lane controller and or the back office currently interoperable that is one tag can be. A camera based VES with plate recognition used on all toll facilities there is a lack of. serves a dual purpose of enforcement and video interoperability with other states and with toll. tolling facilities at border crossings and in Mexico The. Automatic Vehicle Identification The AVI need for interoperability between border. systems properly identify each vehicle to charge crossings and toll roads within the United States. the toll to a particular customer This ETC will continue to increase as toll roads are built. method is typically done with various AVI near the border. technologies such as a bar coded label affixed to Technology selection directly impacts. the vehicle proximity card radio or infrared interoperability If a toll agency selects a. transponder and automatic license plate different RFID protocol then it might not be able. recognition A majority of the AVI systems used to read customers from away agencies Cities. involve radio frequency identity RFID and and local toll authorities should work together to. plate recognition technologies The RFID system create a compatible system throughout the state. uses an antenna to communicate with a, transponder in each registered vehicle while Who Is Responsible. video tolling identifies the license plate and The local toll authority the TxDOT toll division. charges a customer or sends a bill to un or a concessionaire can be responsible for the. registered drivers with help from the implementation of an ETC system depending on. Department of Motor Vehicle s address database the toll location In most cases a systems. integrator contractor designs and implements,Back Office and Customer Service The back. these types of systems and the operations and,office consists of the host and or plaza system. maintenance is performed by either the toll,customer service center and violation.
authority or a contractor,processing center The main functions of the. host and plaza systems are to aggregate Project Timeframe. transactional data from all the lanes data The timeline for adding an ETC system will differ. summarization report generation download of based on the size of the system and whether the. files such as a toll rates toll schedules and project is a new toll facility an upgrade or an. transponder status list The customer service addition to an existing toll facility The typical. center is responsible for processing the AVI and timeframe for deploying an ETC system may. video tolling transactions matching transactions vary from nine months for simple upgrade or. with account holders debiting the correct toll additions to two years or more for larger. amount managing accounts generating a valid systems. For more information please refer to http mobility tamu edu mip strategies php. Cost Data Needs, The cost of implementing an ETC system varies The practitioner should consider whether the. widely depending on the scope of the project toll system is a new installation an addition or. making it difficult to provide an exact cost The an upgrade of the existing area The throughput. system size number of lanes and collection requirements the technology used by the other. points shoulder coverage gantry type and type toll facilities for interoperability and the. of technology all affect the project price The possibility of video tolling is also needed when. cost is also affected by whether the system is implementing or improving a toll facility Other. new upgraded or added onto The price range necessary information includes the needs of. will change based on the level of customized variable pricing possible outsourcing and the. software required for the business rules the need to handle cash paying customers. back office operation outsource or in house,the project location and the necessary signage. The cost per ETC lane in an AET or ORT,environment ranges from 100 000 to 200 000. for the cost of the lane equipment and its,installation and assuming the project reuses.
existing back office software gantry and right,Electronic Toll Systems Best Practices. Type of Location Any toll facility, Agency Practices Interoperability agreements with other in and out of state toll agencies. Frequency of Reanalysis Monthly during the initial launch quarterly and annually thereafter. Supporting Policies or Actions Needed Enforcement policy for out of state violators. Complementary Strategies Adding new toll roads active traffic management variable pricing. improving lighting and signing and managed lanes,For More Information and References. 1 Persad Khali and Walton C Michael Toll Collection Technology and Best Practices Austin Center for. Transporatation Research 2007 Project 0 5217, 2 Cost Effectiveness Analysis of AVI ETTM for Florida s Turnpike System Center for Urban. Transportation Research University of South Florida Tampa 1992. 3 Saka A A Agboh D K Assessment of the Impact of Electronic Toll Collection on Mobile Emissions in. the Baltimore Metropolitan Area Presented at the 81st Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Washington D C 2002, 4 Georgia s State Toller Offers Mobile Phone App for Account Management on Express Lanes.
TollRoadsnews http www tollroadsnews com node 5711 Accessed January 31 2012. 5 ETC Benefits, http www itscosts its dot gov its benecost nsf ID 0786EF6A8384D176852573E5006D0C33. OpenDocument Query BApp Accessed December 12 2011, For more information please refer to http mobility tamu edu mip strategies php. 7 Research and Innovative Technology Administration Benefits Database. http www itscosts its dot gov its benecost nsf ID F679D6F9FD047AA68525733A006D53DC OpenDocum. ent Query BApp Accessed December 12 2011, 8 Li J D Gillen and J Dahlgren Benefit Cost Evaluation of the Electronic Toll Collection System A. Comprehensive Framework and Application Transportation Research Record 1659 TRB National. Research Council Washington D C 1999, For more information please refer to http mobility tamu edu mip strategies php. from a booth collects the toll Automatic c oin machines allow collectio n of several methods of payments such as coins tokens smart cards and credit cards without the need for a collector ETC is the most complex and latest method for collecting tolls Although it has been in use for more than 20 years ETC continues to evolve ETC lanes improve the speed and efficiency of traffic flow and

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