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SOAS Library www soas ac uk library archives, Where To Begin Example If you know your ancestor was a missionary in Zanzibar use the. Mundus place name index to find out which missionary societies worked in. Zanzibar and where to find their archive records, A If you are lucky enough to know both the name of the missionary and. the society for which he she worked find out where the archives and. useful publications relating to that society are kept See page 3 onwards The World Missionary Atlas Edinburgh House Press 1925 Classmark. SCRR Ref 136, Gives details of the different missionary societies working at the date of. B If as is more usual you know the region of mission work e g India publication lists the areas in which each society worked and has an. index of mission station locations, China etc but not the society for which your ancestor worked you may. find the list of sources on the following two pages useful Example If your ancestor was a missionary in Bangalore India use the atlas to. find out which missionary societies were working in that area and at what dates. Finding Your Ancestor s, The Missionary Register 1813 1855 Classmark CWML H800.
Missionary Society, Gives listings of UK missionaries and details of their society up to 1855. If you do not know which missionary,society your ancestor worked with the. The Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions ed Gerald H. following sources may help,Anderson Macmillan NY 1998 Classmark SCRR Ref 097. The Mundus Gateway to Missionary, Gives brief biographies of 2 400 prominent figures in the history of. Collections in the UK, Christian missions Note most entries are for American missionaries.
http www mundus ac uk,An online listing of UK missionary society. China Missions,archive collections It includes a, searchable index of place names and A Century of Missions in China 1807 1907 ed D MacGillivray Shanghai. an interactive world map 1907 Classmark CWML A 17 5 SCRR. Lists protestant missionaries to China and their missionary socities. SOAS Library www soas ac uk library archives, The Chinese Recorder Index a guide to Christian Missions in Asia 1867 Tracing your Ancestor in the Missionary Society. 1941 ed Kathleen Lodwick Scholarly Resources Inc 1986 Classmark Archives at SOAS. Per 24 23723, This research tool has a person index and a list of missionaries to China Over the last thirty years. by affiliation The references take you to relevant pages in the SOAS has built up a large. periodical The Chinese Recorder collection of missionary. society materials comprising,missionary society archives.
Repertoire des Jesuits de Chine de 1552 a 1800 by Joseph Dehergne personal papers. SJ Rome 1973 Classmark CC266 2 323988 photographs and large. quantities of printed, Contains detailed biographical information about the early Catholic. missionaries to East Asia,India Missions If you believe that your. ancestor worked for one of,our missionary societies the. Indian Missionary Directory ed B H Badley Lucknow 1881 Classmark. following sources may help you locate further information. CWML C 4 22 SCRR, Contains information on British European and North American. missionary societies and missionaries working in India from 1706 to 1881 China Inland Mission. Formed in 1865 by James Hudson Taylor to take Christianity to China. South Seas Missions, and particularly the inland provinces After 1951 forced to withdraw.
from China, Messengers of Grace evangelical missionaries in the South Seas 1797. 1860 by Niel Gunson Melbourne 1978 Classmark HN266 389089 Published works. Appendix contains lists of missionaries working in the South Seas. Hudson Taylor China s Open Century by A J Broomhall published. 1981 89 7 vols Classmark CC266 0092 453138, Has a detailed personalia section at the end of each volume. SOAS Library www soas ac uk library archives, Archive sources History of the London Missionary Society 1895 1945 by Norman Goodall. Registers of UK CIM, Lists missionaries working between 1895 1945 but without biographical. missionaries 1853 1895,Requisition as CIM Box 11, and non UK missionaries Gales of Change The Story of the London Missionary Society 1945 77.
1887 1970 Requisition as ed by Bernard Thorogood London 1994. CIM Vol 88, Lists missionaries working between 1945 1977 but without biographical. See also the indexes to the details,CIM China Council and CIM. periodical China s Millions Obituaries and other personal information can be found within The. published from 1875 Missionary Magazine and Chronicle of the London Missionary Society. SOAS has copies from 1822 to 1966,Archive sources,Council For World Mission formerly the London. Missionary Society Candidates Papers completed forms papers and correspondence of. Formed in 1795 as a non denominational society eventually became applicants to the LMS 1796 1940. the missionary arm of Congregationalist Churches Worked in China. Portraits and photographs of individual missionaries. India Central and Southern Africa Madagascar the South Seas and. the West Indies Register of Missionary Children 2 vols. Published works, London Missionary Society a Register of Missionaries 1796 1923. compiled by James Sibree Classmark CWML R562 SCRR, This has an alphabetical index of missionaries missionary wives and.
missionary deputations and contains brief biographical summaries. The History of the London Missionary Society 1795 1895 by Richard. Lovett London 1899 2 vols,SOAS Library www soas ac uk library archives. Japan Evangelistic Band Methodist Missionary Society. Founded at Keswick in 1903 by the Rev Barclay Buxton and Alpheus The Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society forerunner of the MMS was. Paget Wilkes to evangelise Japanese living in South West Japan and on founded in 1813 though Methodists had been carrying out missionary. West Coast of North America work since 1786 The Society worked in the Caribbean China India. West and Southern Africa,Published works and Australasia. The Reward of Faith in the life of Barclay Fowell Buxton 1860 1946 by B Other Methodist Missionary. Godfrey Buxton 1949 work was carried by the,Primitive and United. Thank You Lord The Eightieth Anniversary of the Japanese Evangelistic Methodists These merged. Band 1903 1983 by Eric Gosden 1982 with the WMMS in 1932. Published works,Melanesian Mission Weslyean Methodist. The Melanesian Mission was founded in 1849 by the then Bishop of New Missionary Society. Zealand George Augustus Selwyn 1809 1878 to evangelise the The History of the Wesleyan. Melanesian islands of the South West Pacific Ocean i e the Solomon Methodist Missionary Society. Islands Santa Cruz and Northern New Hebrides Islands by G C Findlay and. W W Holdsworth 5 vols,Published works,London 1921 Classmark.
The History of the Melanesian Mission by E S Armstrong London 1900. Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church. God s Gentlemen a history of the Melanesian Mission 1849 1942 by. David Hilliard Queensland Australia 1978 Lists minisiters including missionaries working for the Methodist church. with details of their career history,Includes biographical notes on 27 missionaries. Obituaries may be located if death date known in the Minutes of. Archive sources Methodist Conference MMS Library holds vols 1744 and in the. Missionary Notices, List of members of the Melanesian Church Requisition as Mel M Box 23. SOAS Library www soas ac uk library archives, Primitive Methodist Missionary Society Locating the Archives of Other Missionary Societies. Ministers and circuits in the Primitive Methodist Church a directory 1819 The Mundus Gateway. present by William Leary Teamprint 1990 If you discover that your missionary ancestor served with a different. missionary society you will need to find the location of the archives of. United Methodist Missionary Society that society, United Methodist Ministers and their circuits Complied by Oliver A. The Mundus Gateway enables researchers to locate the archive. Beckelegge London 1968, collections of missionary societies across the UK To search the.
database go to http www mundus ac uk, Presbyterian Church Of England Foreign Missions The Mundus Gateway contains descriptions of more than 400. Committee collections held in over 40 institutions in England Northern Ireland. Scotland and Wales,Founded in 1847, Worked in South West Mundus offers a wide range of searching tools including free text. China Formosa name geographic and subject searches and searches using clickable. Taiwan East India maps,Bangladesh and,Malaysia Contact Details. Published works,Special Collections Reading Room,Working his purpose out Library. the history of the English School of Oriental and African Studies. Presbyterian Mission 1847 1947 by Edward Band PCE London 1948 Thornhaugh Street Russell Square. Lists PCE missionaries working during that period,Telephone Tel 44 0 20 7898 4180.
Email docenquiry soas ac uk,Web www soas ac uk library archives.

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