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terrapinn com stemcell,TOP 50 stem cell influencers. terrapinn com loyaltyasia,Who are the most influential people in. the global stem cell and cell therapy field, This is the question we asked our blog subscribers LinkedIn group members and. anyone in our contact network to compile a comprehensive list of the Top 50 as. named by you, The following 50 personalities were picked based on their career achievements. whether this was groundbreaking discovery and research or innovation funding. lifetime dedication or simply because they might have inspired others to do well It is. great to see that we have representatives from all aspects including industry. governments philanthropy academia and even showbiz. Thank you to everyone who has helped us compile the list and please feel free to. share it with your colleagues,blogs terrapinn com totalbiopharma.
TOP 50 stem cell influencers,terrapinn com loyaltyasia. Paul Knoepfler Dr Catherine Prescott Michael Werner. Associate Professor Owner Partner, UC Davis School of Medicine Biolatris Holland and Knight. Cathy brings over 20 years of experience in,artnermwerner alliancerm or. Michael Werner has more than 25 years of,Dr Paul Knoepfler is an Associate Professor in. research management and business within healthcare law lobbying policy. Cell Biology and Human Anatomy at the UC, the life science and venture capital sectors development and regulatory experience in.
Davis School of Medicine where his lab studies, She is the Founder Director of Biolatris Ltd Washington In addition to forming the. stem cells and cancer He is also a faculty, Co founder and Director of UniverCELL Market Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and. member of the UC Davis Genome Center and, Chair of the UK National Stem Cell Network serving as its Executive Director he is also a. leader of the Cancer Stem Cell Initiative at the, Advisory Committee Director of the EESCN partner at the law firm Holland Knight. UCD Comprehensive Cancer Center He also,Life Sciences Advisory Board member for the LLP.
teaches graduate courses in stem cells and is an,Worcester Polytechnic Institute MA USA and. instructor for the histology course at UCD School, Advisory Committee member for the charity He focuses on issues affecting biotechnology. of Medicine He is a cancer survivor patient, DebRA Cathy is experienced in technology and pharmaceutical companies researchers. advocate writer and is currently the only, assessment market positioning business and research institutions health care. faculty level academic blogger on stem cell, development strategic planning raising investors physicians and patients with.
research in the world, venture funds and private investment She is a particular expertise in regenerative. recognised opinion leader within the stem cell medicine. and regenerative medicine business sector,TOP 50 stem cell influencers. terrapinn com stemcell,terrapinn com loyaltyasia,Eduardo Bravo Dr Christian Schneider Ram Mandalam. Chief Executive Officer Chair President and Chief Executive. TiGenix CAT European Medicines Officer,Agency Cellerant Therapeutics. Mr Bravo has more than 20 years, Dr med Christian K Schneider is Senior Ram Mandalam joined the company in.
experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Medical Officer at the Danish Health and 2005 Ram was previously Executive. He held several senior management, Medicines Authority formerly the Danish Director of Product Development at Geron. positions at Sanofi Aventis including Vice, Medicines Agency since 2011 At the Corporation where he managed the. President for Latin America a division with, European Medicines Agency he is the development and manufacturing of cell. 2000 employees and sales of more than 1, Chairman of the Committee for Advanced based therapies for treatment of.
billion At Sanofi Aventis he also held senior, Therapies CAT since 2009 and also the degenerative diseases and cancer Prior to. positions in Marketing and Sales for Europe, Chairman of the CHMP Working Party on Geron he was Director of Developmental. and he was General Manager for Belgium, Similar Biological Biosimilar Medicinal Research at Aastrom Biosciences where he. Prior to his tenure at Sanofi Aventis Mr, Products Between September 2007 and July was responsible for the research and. Bravo was for 7 years at SmithKline, 2011 he was a member of the Committee for development programs involving ex vivo.
Beecham in sales positions both nationally, Medicinal Products for Human Use CHMP expansion of human bone marrow stem. and internationally Mr Bravo holds a, co opted for the area of Advanced Therapies cells and dendritic cells Dr Mandalam. degree in Business Administration and an, Gene Cell and Tissue Therapies received his Ph D in Chemical Engineering. MBA INSEAD and is co Chair of the,from the University of Michigan. Alliance of Advanced Therapies,blogs terrapinn com totalbiopharma.
TOP 50 stem cell influencers,terrapinn com loyaltyasia. Dr Alan Lewis Dr Paul Laikind Susan Solomon, Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer. Medistem ViaCyte New York Stem Cell, Dr Lewis is currently a Management Paul K Laikind has over 25 years of. Foundation, Consultant to various specialty leadership experience in the biotechnology Susan L Solomon is Chief Executive Officer. biopharmaceutical companies He was most and life sciences industry in San Diego A and Co Founder of The New York Stem Cell. recently President CEO and Chariman of serial entrepreneur Dr Laikind co founded Foundation NYSCF a non profit. Ambit BioSciences and previously President and held top executive positions at three San organization established in 2005 to. and CEO of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Diego companies that each went public accelerate cures through stem cell research. Foundation and President CEO and Director before ultimately being acquired These. of Novocell Inc include Gensia Pharmaceuticals Inc A longtime health care advocate Ms. Viagene Inc which like Gensia was Solomon is a founding member and current. Dr Lewis currently serves as a Director of founded upon technology Dr Laikind helped President of NYAMR New Yorkers for the. BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc and BIOCOM to create and most recently Metabasis Advancement of Medical Research is on the. He holds a Ph D in pharmacology from the Therapeutics Inc where he served as Executive Committee for the Alliance for. University of Wales in Cardiff and completed President and Chief Executive Officer Regenerative Medicine and she has been a. his postdoctoral training at Yale University member of the Board of Directors of the. Dr Laikind holds a B S in Biochemistry from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation New. the University of California Davis and a York Chapter Ms Solomon was also a. Ph D in biochemistry from the University of member of the Strategic Planning Committee. California San Diego of the Empire State Stem Cell Board. TOP 50 stem cell influencers,terrapinn com stemcell.
terrapinn com loyaltyasia,Dr Gael Margolin Fred Gage Dr Jan Nolta. Chief Executive Officer Professor Laboratory of Stem Cell Program Director. Gamida Cell Genetics UC Davis,Salk Institute,Dr Nolta is the Director of the Stem Cell. Dr Margolin is the president and CEO of, Fred H Gage a professor in the Laboratory Program at UC Davis School of Medicine and. Gamida Cell Prior to joining the company, of Genetics concentrates on the adult directs the new Institute for Regenerative. Dr Margolin served as vice president of, central nervous system and unexpected Cures The current research in Dr Nolta s.
Denali Ventures LLC where she specialized, plasticity and adaptability to environmental laboratory is focused on developing. in investments in pharmaceutical and, stimulation that remains throughout the therapies that will use mesenchymal stem. biotechnology companies Dr Margolin also, life of all mammals His work may lead to cells MSCs to deliver factors for treating. worked at Teva Pharmaceuticals where she, methods of replacing or enhancing brain Huntington s disease and other disorders. was responsible for new product initiatives, and spinal cord tissues lost or damaged due and injuries Her group focuses on bench to.
evaluation of investment opportunities for, to Neurodegenerative disease or trauma the bedside research and she has been. the R D division and multiple drug,involved in numerous clinical trials of gene. development programs Dr Margolin holds a, His work may lead to methods of replacing and cell therapy She is scientific director of. Ph D in Biology from the Weizmann Institute, brain tissue lost to stroke or Alzeimers the new Good Manufacturing Practice clean. of Science and was a post doctoral associate, Disease and repairing spinal cordsdamaged room facility at UC Davis where stem cells of.
at the Yale University School of Medicine, by trauma He is the President elect of the different types are being isolated or. ISSCR expanded for clinical trials,blogs terrapinn com totalbiopharma. TOP 50 stem cell influencers,terrapinn com loyaltyasia. Keith Murphy Dr Robert Preti Anthony Atala, Chairman and Chief Executive Co Founder President and Director Read Bio. Officer Read Bio CSO Institute for Regenerative, Organovo Progenitor Cell Therapy Medicine Wake Forest.
Keith Murphy has more than 17 years of Robert Bob Preti PhD is the co founder. Anthony Atala M D is the Director of the, experience in biotechnology including President and Chief Scientific Officer of PCT. Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative, serving in Product Strategy and Director of Following the acquisition of PCT by NeoStem. Medicine and the W H Boyce Professor, Process Development roles at Amgen His 10 Inc in January 2011 he has also been. and Chair of the Department of Urology at, years at Amgen included four years as Global directing the development and expansion of. Wake Forest University, Operations Leader for the largest NeoStem s cell therapy pipeline as well as.
development program in Amgen s history participating in setting NeoStem s strategic. Dr Atala is a practicing surgeon and a,Phase 3 osteoporosis bone cancer drug direction. researcher in the area of regenerative, denosumab Prior to joining Amgen Mr Also active in the public health arena Bob medicine His current work focuses on. Murphy played a central role at Alkermes has served on the Stem Cell Banking growing new human cells tissues and. Inc on the development team for their first Committee and Cord Blood Subcommittee of organs. approved product Nutropin hGH Depot the New York State Department of Health. He holds a B S in chemical engineering from and on the New Jersey state Department of. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Health s Blood Bank Advisory Committee. and is an alumnus of the UCLA Anderson chairing the Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell. School of Management Processing Subcommittee,TOP 50 stem cell influencers. terrapinn com stemcell,terrapinn com loyaltyasia,Jeff Jonas Michael Hunt Geoff MacKay. Presiden Regenerative Medicine President and CEO Chief Executive Officer. Shire ReNeuron Organogenesis,Geoff MacKay has served in his current.
After a varied career in R D commercial Michael Hunt was appointed Chief. leadership role since December 2003 Mr, and entrepreneurial business roles Jonas Executive Officer of ReNeuron in July 2005. MacKay provides Organogenesis with, joined Shire in July 2008 as leader of the Prior to ReNeuron he spent six years at. significant global commercial experience, Speciality Pharmaceuticals SP Research Biocompatibles International plc sold to. spanning the pharmaceutical and, Development team BTG plc where he held a number of senior. biotechnology sectors,financial and general management.
Jonas has been closely involved with the positions His early industrial career was. Mr MacKay has been specifically involved, RM business since Shire acquired it as spent at Bunzl plc He sits on the. in the emerging field of regenerative, Advanced BioHealing in June 2011 BioIndustry Association s Cell Therapy and. medicine for the last decade He currently,Regenerative Medicine Advisory. serves as Chairman of the Board of, In addition to his role as head of the SP R D Committee and its Finance and Tax. Directors for the Massachusetts, team he has been leading the RM R D Advisory Committee He is a Senior Industry.
Biotechnology Council MassBio and as, team and has been a member of the RM Group member of the UK Government s. Chair of the Alliance for Regenerative, leadership team Office for Life Sciences and a member of. Medicine ARM,the UK Technology Strategy Board s,RegenMed Advisory Group. blogs terrapinn com totalbiopharma,TOP 50 stem cell influencers. terrapinn com loyaltyasia,Baron John Krebs Paul Kemp Robin Smith.
Principal of Jesus College CEO and CSO Chairman CEO. Oxford University Intercytex Neostem, Professor Lord Krebs is Principal of Jesus Paul has been involved in commercial Dr Robin L Smith became the Chief. College Oxford He is an internationally regenerative medicine for over 20 years He Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. renowned scientist in the field of behavioural has a successful track record in virtually all of NeoStem effective June 2 2006 after first. ecology aspects of the business from founding biotech joining the Company as Chairman of its. accelerate cures through stem cell research A longtime health care advocate Ms Solomon is a founding member and current Advancement of Medical Research is on the Executive Committee for the Alliance for York Chapter Ms Solomon was also a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Empire State Stem Cell Board sia om ma

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