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I cunom Millinc Polley Z01H4,PUNJAB GOVERNMENT, I DEPARTMENT OF FOOD CIVIL SUPPLIES CONSUMER AFFAIRS. RICE PROCUREMENT BRANCH,CUSTOM MILLING POLICY,KHARIF MARKETING SEASON 2013 14. INTRODUCTION, PunJab is a major contributing state of rice in the central pool The handling. of food grain stocks is a major responsibility of the Punjab Government. The entire process right from receivmg food grains at the purchase centre. to 1ts cleaning drying storage transportation with min1mum wastage is the. ma111 concern of tne Department In order to maintain transparency proper. co ordmat1on between the procunng agenc1es and m1llers there IS a need. to frame a proper policy which can prov1de proper management financ1at. and admmistrahve mechanism to reach explicit goals. SCHEME FOR CUSTOM MILLING OF KHARIF 2013 14 PADDY, In order to ensure smooth operation of custom milling of Kharif 2013. 14 paddy 1 rocured by the procuring agencies the following scheme. called Scheme for custom milling of Kharif 2013 14 paddy shall be. followed by all the procuring agencies i e Pungrain Markfed. Punsup Punjab State Warehousing Corporat1on PunJab Agro Fo d. gra1ns Corporat1on the Food Corporation of lnd1a and the nee. millers rhelf legal he1rs For the purpose of custom milling of paddy. the Stale will be taken as a single llnit,2 PADDY TO BE CUSTOM MILLED ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS.
Marketing Season commences from the 1st day of October each. ear or as per the dates notified by the Government The puddy. amving 10 the mandis shall be procured by the Government. agencies as per the specifications laid down by the Government cf. India Paddy so procured shall be got milled from the rice millers of. the State as per various clauses provided in the Punjab Rice. Procurement Levy Order 19 83 No nee miller shall undertake the. work of custom milling of any agency under any circumstances. unless or unt11 duly allotted for the purpose In case any millt r. refuses the custom m1llmg work allotted to him by the concerned. procunng agency he shall invite penal action The following terms. ar d con 111ions shall be adhered to for the custom mitlrng of padd. Deptt of Food Civil,Supplies Consumer Affairs,Pb Chandigarh. Scanned with CamScanner,cwom Mijlinc Pql cy 101 14. during Kharif Marketing Season 2013 14 by all concerned miller. and violation if any shall be viewed seriously,3 QEFIN TIONS. In this pohcy unless the context otherwl e require. i A permanent milling centre means a permanent centre where. there is a cluster of rice mills located storage for food grains is. avaalable and where procurement staff of the agenCieS is. permanently posted and at which the procurement milling operations. are monitored controlled round the year, ii A temporary purchase centre means the one which operates. only dunng the procurement penod and no permanent staff of the. procurement agency is posted there round the year, iii A Mimdi means a place at which the procurement staff of the.
agencies is posted during the procurement season and at which the. procurement operations are carried out, iv A Permanent Storage Centre means a place at which storage for. foodgrains is avaalable and procurement staff of the agencies as. permanently posted round the year and at which the storage. operations are carried ouUmonitored round the year. vi The word centre means a particular place where there ts. avaalabahty of space for the permanent storage of paddy milling of. iJ Levy paddy means the paddy purchased by a nee miller with his. own resources, vit Cash security paddy means the paddy hfted by a rice miller after. mak1ng payment to Pungram at the rates and norms as prescribed. from time to time by the Government, viii Custom Milling paddy means the paddy purchased procured by. the procuring agencies including FCI and given to the ric m11ls for. ix Lessee means a miller who has taken a rice mill on lease for a. minimum period of 12 months from the original owner by way of a. deed duly regtstered under Regtslratron Act 1908 and duly. Incorporated tn the Revenue Records, x Miller means the owner or other person in charge of a rice mill. and Includes a person or authority which has the ultimate control. over the affairs of such mill and when the said affairs are entrusted. to a Manager Managing Director or Managing Agent such. Manager Managing Director or Managing Agent It may be a. Superintendent,Deptt of Food Civil,Supplies Co sumer Affairs.
Pb Chandigarh,Scanned with CamScanner,Cuatpm Mil lnc Ppllcy 2013 14. company duly registered under the Companies Act partnership. firm proprietorship firm individual or any other legal enUty or lessee. as defined above, xi Rice Mill means the plant and machinery with which and the. premises including the precincts thereof In which or in any part of. which rice milling operation is carried on, xll Mill Premises means a defimte place having defin1te. bou daries limits on wh1ch a nee mill is established paddy is stored. in the area meant for storage and rice milling operations are carried. xi1i Milling Season means the time allowed by the Government to. complete the procurement of paddy its custom milling and delivery. of rice to the Government In a specific Kharif year. xiv Family means a group of people who share ties of blood. marriage or adoption which includes the husband the wife and their. dependent children and having one common ration card. xv Defaulter means a mill miller who is yet to clear the entire dues of. rice and or seltle the accounts of any procuring agency agencies of. the prev1ous year s and as detailed 1n Clause 11 I. 4 REGISTRATION OF A RICE MILL, Each roce mill whiCh IS not reg stered prev ously with the FoOd. Suppl1es Department or where there 1S a change in the constitution of the. firm company or o ny other legal entity shall have to be registered. provisionaOy with the concerned Oistnct Food and Supplies Controller to. be eligible for custom milling cif the agencies paddy For this such rice. miller shall pay a fee of Rs 10 000 per mill apart from supplying other. relevant information as detailed in Anriexure 111 The. Provisional Registration Fees will not be refundable The registration of. rice mills shall be maintained on the website o f the department. 5 LINKAGE OF MANDIS AND RICE MILLS, The purchase centers mandis shall be linked with the nearest milling.
centre storage centre keep1ng tn view the availability of milling capacity at. the milling storage center s at which paddy is proposed to be stored got. milled All the procuring agencies shall make necessary arrangements of. linking the proposed purchase centerslmandis w1th the storage. poults milling centers i such a way so as to incur bare minimum. expenditure on transportation The agencies may also indicate at least one. alternate storage point where paddy could be stored in case of any. Superintendent,Oeptt of Food Civil,Supplies Consumer Affairs. Pb Chandt J alh,Scanned with CamScanner,Custom MIIIIM policy 2013 14. ex1gency This should be got done by the agencies at the time of allotment. of rice mills, Similarly storage of paddy at a particular milling centre shall depend. upon the clear and specific milling capacity available at that centre. 5 STOCK ARTICLES, For t e storage of custom milling paddy of the agency agencies. crates shall be arranged by the millert millers and they shall be pa1d user. charges for this Rs 15 per tonne of the paddy stored by the concerned. agency Gunnies Tarpaulins Polythene covers Nets etc shall be supplied. to the millers by the concerned agency,7 SHIFTING OF PADDY.
a WITHIN THE DISTRICT, Surplus paddy if any at a milling centre shall be shifted for its. storage to the nearest milling centre keeping in view the. availability of milling capacity at that centre In case the. nearest milling centre does not have adequate or surplus. m11fing capacity the surplus paddy shall be shifted to the next. nearest m1lilng centre and so on Plan for shifting paddy w1 hm. me district has to be got approved in advance from the. 01rectortCommissroner Food Civil Supplies Consumer. Affa1rs by the O F S C of the concerned district,b OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT. Surplus paddy if any available w1th any procuring agency in a. district would be shifted only as per the plan approved by the. Director Commissioner Food Civil Supplie s Consu01er. Affairs Punjab and against the submission of Cash Security. by the millers of the distnct where the paddy is propozed to. be shifted Provided that keeping in view the specific problem. of the districts and the exigencies of the situation the paddy of. any procurement agency can be shifted from one district to. another distnct or from one centre to another centre of the. same district rrespective of the fact whether the paddy in that. d1stnct centre is surplus or not, c It should be ensured that paddy is shifted directly from the. purchase centre mandi to the storage points mill premises and. no cris cross movement of paddy stocks takes place In case. any cris cross movement of paddy stoc s Is detected the. concerned O F S C Districl Manager of the district and Deputy. Supenntendent,Deptt of FOOd Civil,Supplies Consu er Affairs. Pb Chandigam,Scanned with CamScanner,CUJtCim Mlmnc Policy 2013 14.
Director equivalent official of the concerned agency shall be. held personally responsible, d Paddy from capacity deficit milling centres can be shifted to. the interested millers of other milling centres districts. e SECOND SHIFTING OF STORED PADDY, 1 In case of second shifting of paddy 1 e paddy already sh1fted. and stored at any particular place mill the procuring agency. shall shift pa Jdy to the rice mills already allotted to them after. getting approval from the Director Commissioner Food Civil. Supplies Consumer Affairs Punjab who shall give such. approvals keeping in view the availability of space and other. factors needed for the smooth delivery of rice by the stipulated. period in the central pool, 2 The paddy shall be shifted to only those rice mills which have. completed 100 of its original milling and that too subject to. Physical Verification Certification by the District Controller ot. the district concerned Specific reasons for, allowing disallow ng the proposal have to be recorded. f CASH SECURITY SCHEME, While shifting paddy under the cash security head the.
following instruct1ons may be kept in view, 1 Only the allotted rice mill would be allowed to lift paddy. under rhis Scheme Since the transfer of paddy under. this Scheme is on the basis of PR to PR all applications. for lifting of such paddy should have the,recommendation of the concerned DFSC who would. certify whether the concerned rice mill is a allotted rice. mill and would be in a position to mill the lifted paddy on. the basis of the rice rn1ll s past performance, 1i Transportation cost o f paddy against RO within or. outside the district would be borne on a 51 50 basis. between the rice miller and the concerned ager cy, Whe e addy 1s going to be shifted from a mandi centre. Within 1JO Kms a cap of Rs 15 per quintal on such,transportation shall ba there Any amount beyond.
Rs 30 per quintal hall be borne by the concerned, miller himself Beyond the distance of 100 Kms the cap. shall be Rs 22 50 per Quintal and any amount above. Superrnterrdefif,Deptt of Food Civil,Supplies Consumer Affairs. Pb Chandigarh,Scanned with CamScanner,Custom Millin Pollex 2013 14. Rs 45 per quintal shall be borne by the concerned,miller himself. oii No addit onal security amount shall be got depos1ted. from the millers for the paddy allotted to them under the. cash security head Only an agreement shall be signed. by the m1llers and the concerned agency tor th1s paddy. iv 1 A m111er shall be allowed to lift paddy aga1nst Cash. Secunt Scheme of the same agency to wh1ch he 1s,allotted for custom milling as far as possible.
v Paddy to be allotted against cash security shall be. allotted in multiples of 100 MTs Value of paddy stocks. for the purpose of calculating the amount to be, deposited by the millers as cash security shall be taken. as Rs 1001 per MT, vi For deposit of required cash security the R1ce Millers. shall collect pre pnnted Security Deposit Slip from the. District Manager Pungrain Duly filled shp shall be got. checked and s1gned from the Distnct Manager,Pungrain before deposu with any branch of the. designated Bank even 1f the paddy relates to any,procurrng agency. v1i The miller shall lift the paddy against cash guarantee. within seven days from the issuance of release order for. the additional paddy failing which the next eligible rice. miller shall be considered for allotment of additional. vii1 The security amount depos1ted by the rice millers for. allotment of paddy agamst cash guarantee shall be, refunded in total to them only after 31st March 2014 or.
on the completion of the custom milling whichever is. ix Loading and unload1ng charges of the paddy shifted. under the cash security head shall be borne by the. concerned agencies as paddy is being shifted on PR to. 8 ii STORAGE OF PADDY STOCKS, a Paddy shall be stored at the storage poinUrice mill by the. agency concerned a1 its own expe11ses Subsequent,Superintendent 01. 3 QEFIN TIONS In this pohcy unless the context otherwl amp e require i A permanent milling centre means a permanent centre where there is a cluster of rice mills located storage for food grains is avaalable and where procurement staff of the agenCieS is permanently posted and at which the procurement milling operations are monitored controlled round the year ii A temporary purchase

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