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MIxED VOICES SECuLAR,MIxED VOICES BEST TO BE SINgINg. IN DIFFICuLT TIMES,SECuLAR CME Building Bridges,Stephen Hatfield. Boosey Hawkes, ACROSS ThE FIELDS The main idea behind this unique work is that music. Eric William Barnum, is the ultimate gift and that all things must pass. Walton Music, Opening with a Latin phrase and theme by di Lassus.
Here is another example of Eric Barnum s masterful STEPhEN hATFIELD it moves into a jaunty Celtic flavored tune with a text. blending of great poetry and sensitive music ending constructed from anecdotes written by members of. with a soaring soprano solo A fine festival piece for the commissioning choir. high school choirs and beyond this work offers a 48020635 SATB 2 50. great palette of expression for the choir,08501729 SATB divisi a cappella 2 15. BOBOBO SuITE,CME Building Bridges,AjDE jANO arr Rory Magill and Kathy Armstrong. from Two Serbian Folk Songs Boosey Hawkes,arr Tina Harrington. Bobobo is a traditional dance of the Ewe people in the. Pavane Publishing,Volta Region of Ghana There are many variations. Ajde Jano is a kolo a simple line dance that traditionally is used as a time from village to village and many songs may used A. to visit This setting begins at a moderate dancing tempo then in the spirit village rendition is a lively event and will often last. of spontaneous fun suggested by the text accelerates to the end Part of the all day or night. Ron Kean Multicultural Choral Series 48019741 4 Part Treble. 08301883 SATB a cappella 2 10 and opt Bass a cappella 1 95. ALL ShALL BE WELL BONzORNO MADONNA,judith Clurman Choral Series good Day Dear.
Craig Urquhart Antonio Scandello ed John Leavitt,G Schirmer Inc Hal Leonard. The flowing lines of this short a cappella work are This delightful Italian madrigal will be a charming. woven into an elegant vocal tapestry that will create addition to any concert with imitative vocal phrases. an atmosphere of serenity and warmth alternating with homophonic sections and culminat. 50490037 SATB a cappella 1 90 ing in a dancelike ton dari don ton ton refrain. 08596791 SATB a cappella 1 80,AS ONE IS ONE,CME Conductor s Choice. ThE ChOIR INVISIBLE,Lee R Kesselman Rhapsody for Mixed Chorus. Boosey Hawkes Dominick Argento, Using short crisp phrases of language and repetitive Boosey Hawkes. musical motives this work is infused with energy Dominick Argento is noted for his lyricism refined. purpose playfulness surprise and humor For mixed sense of language and impeccable craft to the extent. voices contrabass or cello and piano that few contemporary composers can match This. 48020744 SATB 2 50 work a rhapsody for mixed chorus a cappella was com. missioned by The Cathedral Society of Washington,National Cathedral Poetry by George Eliot.
BAYEzA 48020830 SATB a cappella 1 95,OONOMOT hOT hOLO. Ceremonial Song,arr Pete Seeger Robert DeCormier,A ChORAL QuILT. Leonard Bernstein arr Jack Gottlieb, This South African folksong is quite simple to learn. Boosey Hawkes,and quite effective in performance with the parts. Composer Jack Gottlieb has drawn on his long, entering gradually and then taken away Intended as a.
experience with Leonard Bernstein to create this,morning ceremonial song it may be sung a cappella. unique choral setting that weaves together some of. ROBERT DECORMIER with guitar or piano,Bernstein s most famous works including Almighty. 50490087 SATB 1 90,Father Mass Make Our Garden Grow Candide. My House Peter Pan Somewhere West Side,Story Take Care of This House 1600 Pennsylvania. Avenue There Is A Garden Trouble in Tahiti,00450146 SATB 3 95.
MIxED VOICES SECuLAR,EARThSONgS I AM NOT YOuRS,CME From the Podium David Dickau. David L Brunner Walton Music, Boosey Hawkes Here is an impressive yet romantically intimate piece. The movements in this 9 minute choral suite speak by David Dickau inspired by the wonderful mood. of the wonders of nature and of the importance of of Sara Teasdale s poem A lovely choice for the. protecting our home and environment The World mature high school choir and beyond or for a festival. is Full of Poetry is a text by the 19th century geolo performance. DAVID L BRuNNER gist James Gates Percival In Safety and Bliss is a 08501733 SATB divisi 2 15. Buddhist writing from the Sutta Nipata We Join with. the Earth is a text from the United Nations Environmental Sabbath Program. With Oboe part,INDIAN SuMMER,48019685 SATB 2 50,CME Conductor s Choice. John Burge,Ej SAuLI TE DRI z PIE DIEVA Boosey Hawkes. from Under the Baltic Sun This setting of an Emily Dickinson text explores the. CME Conductor s Choice bittersweet quality of those few summer like days in. arr Imant Raminsh what should be fall comparing them to the bread and. Boosey Hawkes wine of the communion service The music explores. jOhN BuRgE the full palette of choral expression with dramatic. A movement of a larger suite Under the Baltic Sun, this Latvian folk song is the lament of an oppressed contrasts in dynamic range and vocal textures.
people For mixed chorus and piano the publication 48020737 SATB div a cappella 1 95. IMANT RAMINSh, includes text translation and IPA pronunciation guide. Orchestra score and parts available on rental from the publisher KOKA. 48020622 SATB 1 80,CME Conductor s Choice,arr Stephen Hatfield. FROM ThE LEE ShORE Boosey Hawkes, CME Conductor s Choice Lasting less than six minutes in duration this tradi. Stephen Hatfield tional Punjabi melody and text have been arranged. Boosey Hawkes for mixed chorus piano four hands and percussion. Written as a farewell to a beloved choir director The vocal style should be light and buoyant with a. this work is filled with meaning and imagery both few notated ornaments to give it the traditional Indian. textual and musical The text Bon voyage I ll be music quality Includes a pronunciation guide and. moving moving with the wind is illustrated by translation and extensive performance notes. slowly drifting melodies and ostinati until the final 48020627 SATB 2 95. quiet farewell 48020628 SSAA 2 95,48020793 SATB a cappella 1 90. hEAVEN TO EARTh jASMINE FLOWER,CME Conductor s Choice CME Conductor s Choice.
Stephen Hatfield arr Wayland Rogers,Boosey Hawkes Boosey Hawkes. Exploring themes of the traveler returning to home and family especially Numerous composers have been drawn to the haunt. during the holidays this work uses ostinati and superimposed lines of text in ing melody of the popular Chinese folk song Jasmine. a hypnotic jazz flavored style that evokes the foggy December weather of Flower This setting seeks to restore the tune to a. WAYLAND ROgERS more authentic stylistic palette with a few Western. St John Newfoundland, 48020792 SATB div a cappella 2 25 elements For mixed voices soprano solo flute and. optional plucked instrument includes translation and transliteration. 48020747 Soprano Solo and SATB 1 90,hOW I DISCOVERED AMERICA. CME Conductor s Choice,Francisco J N ez,Boosey Hawkes. This breathtaking and provocative work takes its,text from a poem by Eric Gamalinda and explores.
the impact that Asian peoples have had on American. Society Featuring the ancient rhythms of the, FRANCISCO N Ez Philippines called Kulintang similar to the talking Visit www halleonard com for score pages. drums of Africa the work incorporates hand clap and audio excerpts on most titles. ping chimes or gongs and a drumming part Type the 8 digit product code in the Search field. 48020837 SATB and Percussion 2 25,or browse the What s New section. MIxED VOICES SECuLAR,NORThERN LIghTS REINCARNATIONS. Ola Gjeilo Mary hynes Anthony O Daly,Walton Music and The Coolin. Set to the Latin Pulchra es amica mea text from Samuel Barber ed Richard Walters. Song of Solomon this easy to prepare composition G Schirmer Inc. is a great selection for high school church and com In 2010 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the. munity choirs With music inspired by the aurora birth of Samuel Barber with a new edition of his clas. borealis atmospheric lights this song will render a sic Reincarnations with historical introduction and. OLA gjEILO most impressive performance SAMuEL BARBER newly edited music engravings based on the compos. 08501748 SATB a cappella 2 15 er s manuscript The title refers to the Irish poet James Stephens technique. of writing new poems in English based on Gaelic sources Includes Mary. O LIghT AWAKEN Hynes Anthony O Daly and The Coolin. 50490067 SATB a cappella 4 95,CME Conductor s Choice.
Mark Patterson,Boosey Hawkes REST, Using both cluster harmonies and lyrical melodic passages this piece is Timothy Tharaldson. accessible yet sophisticated and artistic in its appeal The text calls for an Hal Leonard. awakening of our common ideals truth justice and peace Appropriate for A profound and striking setting of a text by Christina. graduation patriotic use or in conjunction with a focus on justice freedom Rosetti this work reflects upon the moment just. or hope before sleep offering both challenge and reward to. 48020805 SATB 1 90 mixed ensembles with multi layered contemporary. harmonies and dramatic dynamic contrasts,08751042 SATB divisi a cappella 1 80. ON MuSIC S WINgS,Peter Boyer,Pavane Publishing, This anthem comes from a six movement 30 minute work of the same SANO DuSO. name wich was commissioned by Orange County s Pacific Symphony to from Two Serbian Folk Songs. celebrate its 25th anniversary season This SATB arrangement is suitable for arr Tina Harrington. many types of celebratory concerts and festivals Pavane Publishing. 08301896 SATB 2 35 This well known Serbian folk song is a song of longing that is frequently. used for folk dances This a cappella arrangement emulates rhythmic ges. ThE OPEN DOOR tures used by traditional instrumentalists Part of the Ron Kean Multicultural. Choral Series,Francisco N ez Choral Series,08301898 SATB a cappella 2 10. Ted Wiprud,G Schirmer Inc, Exploring themes of infinite possibility and the inter SENSOO.
section of the inner and outer essence of life this CME Conductor s Choice. setting of the 13th century poetry of Rumi offers a Lee R Kesselman. simple but profound reflection on the human and the Boosey Hawkes. divine Recommended for better high school level With a text deriving from the Latin and Hebrew. and up phrases for grant us peace combined with a mes. 50489958 SATB 1 90 sage from Pope John Paul II spoken in 1981 at the. Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima Japan this work, LEE R KESSELMAN reminds us of the destructive nature of war and the. ThE PASSIONATE ShEPhERD, TO hIS LOVE healing nature of peace making For mixed voices. Alan Shulman with optional bowed crotales antique cymbals. Edward B Marks Music Company 48020746 SATB 1 95,The vivid imagery of Christopher Marlowe s poetry. comes to life in this colorful setting for mixed chorus ShAKESPEARE SONgS. and harp Approximately six minutes in duration this BOOK VI. is an excellent work for advanced high school and up Matthew Harris. Harp part included G Schirmer Inc, 08711520 SATB divisi Harp 1 95 This collection is sixth in a series of musical settings. of lyrics to songs in Shakespeare s plays This group. ing opens with When Daisies Pied in a colorful,madrigalian style followed by the more ominous.
Listen to audio samples Fear No More and concluding with the sprightly. and view score pages Where the Bee Sucks There Suck I. at www halleonard com voices 50490036 SATB divisi a cappella 3 95. MIxED VOICES SECuLAR,ShE MOVED ThROugh SuN MOON STARS RAIN. ThE FAIR CME Building Bridges,arr Jameson Marvin David L Brunner. G Schirmer Inc Boosey Hawkes, This haunting Irish ballad will certainly become a Reflective and poignant in tone this piece has a. favorite of your singers The modal flavor of the set sense of innocence including a short melodic idea. ting and the effective use of solo soprano will create a that seems to be a children s play song With limited. moment of breathtaking beauty in concert range and homophonic texture singers are free to. 50489858 SATB a cappella 1 80 explore deeper meaning and interpretation For SATB. chorus and piano,48020620 SATB 1 95,SKIP TO MY LOu. arr Paul Busselberg ThROugh ThE DARK,Walton Music Andrea Ramsey.
This riveting and unusual arrangement offers a chance Pavane Publishing. for your choir to go all out It will be well worth Adapted from the writings of Helen Keller Andrea Ramsey drafted a won. the preparation needed A perfect concert closer or derful piece of hope for The Arkansas Tech University Concert Chorale. encore with fun piano four hands accompaniment Describing the text in music ranges from haunting passages of darkness to. 08501724 SSAATTBB and Piano 4 Hands 2 25 rhythmically vibrant awakenings of understanding and light. 08301900 SATB 2 35,TO SIT AND DREAM,A SOLDIER AND ThE ONE I LOVE Rosephanye Powell. Dan Davison Hal Leonard, Walton Music To sit and dream to sit and read To sit and learn. For high school and community choirs the text describes beautifully the about the world These words from a poem by. hopes and longings of those families with near ones in harm s way In addi Langston Hughes invite us to reach toward dreams. tion to the setting with snare drum and piano accompaniment you can add of a better world and a more just society The bluesy. TO ACCESS ONLINE SAMPLES audio excerpts Or simply type the 8 digit product code into the Search field for specific titles You may also order reference copies of any title from the choral retailers listed on the back cover We know that you will want to take the time to carefully explore these and other titles online We are confident that you will find many new works to challenge

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