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Titles awarded Titres attribu s,SALUKI GREAT DANE, Ch Sirhan Shwana Zinnia Windstorm BL571422 13 Sep 2015 Ch Saul Mohican s Spirit BL567839 19 Sep 2015. Lamaan Idris ex Gchex Windstorm Taliah El Sirhan Cgn Ch Saul s Dancing Le Paws O Doble ex Saul Mohican s Blissful Sin. WHIPPET GREAT PYRENEES, Ch Dreamwindz Iced Cappucino BG555763 05 Sep 2015 Ch Karleo s Catch My Drift AY555109 12 Sep 2015. Ch Dreamwindz Sugar Daddy ex Gch Harmony s Dreamwindz Ally Oop Oneida s Moonlight Warrior ex Ch Karleo s Sweet Cheeks. LEONBERGER, Ch Ltl Mtns Bazillion Dollar Baby BU581889 11 Sep 2015. group three groupe trois Lowenhohle s Mr Winston ex West Mtn Beryllium Star Usa. ALASKAN MALAMUTE MASTIFF, Ch Slushpuppy s Voodoo Envy ZQ472131 04 Sep 2015 Ch Bendegeit s Kiss My Red Ash BG563312 26 Sep 2015. Ch Ice Crystal s Top Gun Cgn ex Ch Slushpuppy s Special Sleigher Majestiks King Louie ex Ch Bendegeit s Pretty as a Peach Cgn. BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG NEWFOUNDLAND, Ch Alpenspirit Hearts Desire ZG470616 18 Sep 2015 Ch Alegup s Call Me Rufus YU449860 27 Sep 2015.
Ch Alpenspirit Just Enough Time ex Alpenspirit Grey s Anatomy Ozzy Merza Rn ex Ch Alegup s Anita Little Boost. Ch Alpenspirit Let The Game Begin BC556021 20 Sep 2015 Ch Ashmoor s Wildgoose Chase BL570738 06 Sep 2015. Ch Magic Berners Alpenspirit What s Your Sign ex Ch Alpenspirit Fairest One of Numa s Leading Man at Bowater ex Ch Ashmoors Sugarbaby Piccoloorso. Ch Alpenspirit Whole Lotta Love AJ525028 04 Sep 2015 Ch Castanewfs Think Outside T box ZE451032 25 Sep 2015. Ch Alpenspirit Just Enough Time ex Ch Alpenspirit Love Happens Gch Castanewf s Sweet Walter P DD WRDX ex Castanewf s Hard Copy. Ch Nestorio Van T Stokerybos 1127516 06 Sep 2015 Ch Shadrack s Tailor Made for Longship ERN15000420 04 Sep 2015. Kronblommas Pajazzo ex Lolla Van T Stokerybos Shadrack s Aim Us High ex Shadrack s That s The Spirit. Ch Tempest s By Any Other Name ERN15000992 06 Sep 2015. Ch Araby Raise The Bar at Lookaway 1125275 13 Sep 2015 Tempest s The Doctor Is In at Pouch Cove ex Tempest s Go To Plan B. Araby High Pointe ex Esoto Stella Artois at Araby Ch Tempest s M O Quinsigamond DD ERN13000292 05 Sep 2015. Ch Cair Paravel s Rumour Has It ZY547020 27 Sep 2015 Tempest s Pouch Cove In The Black ex Tempest s Bella Donna. Cairparavels Black Gold for Kg ex Emikaun Powderpuff Girl PORTUGUESE WATER DOG. Ch Cinnrhee Vanquish Kisatmidnite BA539338 07 Sep 2015 Ch Armada s Mischief Maker BG562504 12 Sep 2015. Lyndell s General Manager ex Ch Cinnrhee Heartacre Raisin Kane Ch Armada s Let s Rock The Boat AGN Agns Agnjs ex Ch Armada s Bring on The Rai. Ch Gallardo Tybrushe Girlalmighty BW592917 25 Sep 2015 Ch Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico BW596438 25 Sep 2015. Gch Tybrushe s Sultan of Swing ex Ch Tybrushe s Jersey Girl Gch Claircreek Lusitano Oceano Atlantico ex Ch Claircreek Gracious Genevieve. Ch Gallardo Tybrushe Shellshocked BW592927 25 Sep 2015 Ch Drewsar The Big Picture Do Mar 1128112 12 Sep 2015. Gch Tybrushe s Sultan of Swing ex Ch Tybrushe s Jersey Girl Baluarte de Alvalade ex Gch Del Sur How Now Cgn. Ch Safrona s Lone Star ERN15000244 11 Sep 2015 Ch Keevabay s To Dive for ZQ473673 27 Sep 2015. Avalon s Code Red ex Liberti s Bangin The Bell Pinehaven s on The Town ex Ch Cascade She s Aquatic Girl. Ch Sismique Belle Et Rebelle AG516027 20 Sep 2015 Ch Pattedeau Etoile de Mer BL562758 11 Sep 2015. Ch Silverlane s Excalibur ex Ch Silverlane s Magic Crystal Gch Deblon s Rising Star To Pattedeau Rn ex Ridgehaven Moonlight Pattedeau. Ch Toprank N Indialy Red Velvet BG554666 19 Sep 2015 SAINT BERNARD. 08088 2010 ex Gch Jestic N Toprank s British Sterling Ch Blue Collar s Karbon Copy 1126536 12 Sep 2015. Ch Toprank s Fashionista BG556004 26 Sep 2015 Mtn Home Linus Stoan V Lasquite ex Lasquite s Francesca May. 08088 2010 ex Gch Jestic N Toprank s British Sterling Ch Blue Collar s Optimus Prime 1126534 11 Sep 2015. BULLMASTIFF Ch Montana Mtn s Mystery of Life ex Scandia s Dreamcatcher Heezedoorn. Ch Knatchbull s Lasting Tribute BN574109 12 Sep 2015 SAMOYED. Ch Knatchbull s Saxon 5th Avenue ex Ch Knatchbull s Run for The Roses Ch Cabaka s Come on Over 1129450 20 Sep 2015. Ch Rambull s Rumour Has It 1129084 07 Sep 2015 Ch Vanderbilt s Clear Omen ex Cabaka s Bibi of Storm Cat. Stoneglad Temptation ex Rambull s Oh Happy Day Ch Polar Mist Gone In Sixty Seconds 1127235 26 Sep 2015. CANE CORSO Polar Mist All The Right Stuff ex Glacier N Polar Mist Honky Tonk Girl. Ch Darkstone s King of The Road MSC000005726 05 Sep 2015 Ch Polarmagic St Elmo s Fire BJ599376 27 Sep 2015. Cesare Hungary0 ex Darkstone s Island Girl Mishka s N Polar Mist Light My Fire ex Gch Polarmagic Aurora Borealis. Ch Darkstone s Krack The Whip MSC000005719 05 Sep 2015 Ch Sershan s Zeus BW581379 12 Sep 2015. Cesare Hungary ex Darkstone s Island Girl Ch Kolinka Northern Bright Light ex Ch Sershan s Moonshadow. Ch Vanderbilt s Kissed The Girls AY541191 20 Sep 2015. DOBERMAN PINSCHER, Ch Fabert s Hotter Than Hades BJ564409 19 Sep 2015 Cabaka s Kiss The Rain ex Ch Vanderbilt s The Whole Shebang. Gchex Goldgrove High Intensity Cgn ex Gch Heartwood s Hot Zamba Ch Vanderbilt s Yabba Dabba Do BS582553 20 Sep 2015. Ch Ruler s Low Winter Sun BN570894 25 Sep 2015 Vanderbilt s Remarkable ex Ch Vanderbilt s Me Me Me. Ch Liberator s Apache Warbonnet ex Ruler s Kiss N Tell SIBERIAN HUSKY. Ch Fullmoon s Silver Shadow at Moonstar ERN15000528 07 Sep 2015. ENTLEBUCHER MOUNTAIN DOG, Ch Riverwest Becca BU582281 12 Sep 2015 Topaz Scorpio ex Fullmoons It s a New Moon. Jumanji V Brunswick ex Ch Moratel Westriver Sant Rn Ch Innisfree Picture This ERN11000800 04 Sep 2015. Kimlan s Innisfree Fire Eater ex Innisfree Aurora Bell. Ch Kortar s Kinema Kween BU578777 06 Sep 2015,Ch Everendeavor Amelia Amai XJ361589 06 Sep 2015. Unicornhill Epicstory Atkortar ex Kortar s Kaliforniagirl. Kzg06 1116 ex Ch Maquin Aruna Tikaani Pcd Cgn Rn, Ch Kristari s Just Take It ERN15000895 19 Sep 2015. Kristari s Comte ex Kristari s French Coquette, September 2015 CKC Titles Awarded 2 septembre 2015 Titres attribu s du CCC.
Titles awarded Titres attribu s, Ch Nanook s Alberta Clipper BY597316 27 Sep 2015 Ch Dunsmuir s Black Ice Encore BE553578 06 Sep 2015. Ch Mistral de Ciukci ex Huricane s Crystal Blue Persuasion Usa Ch Glenby s Dark Treasure ex Ch Dunsmuir s Black Ice Treasure. Ch Haslemere Haggis Heads To Toulin 1128636 18 Sep 2015. Land Rose R Jp All Good Things ex Paloma s Creme de Coco. group four groupe quatre,SEALYHAM TERRIER,Ch Avalonis Fire and Ice BJ568140 12 Sep 2015. AIREDALE TERRIER, Ch Indus I Wish I Had A Bentley BN575117 04 Sep 2015 Efbe s Goodspice Semper Fi ex Ch Thunder Rd s White Rabbit. Indus Mykonos ex Ch Indus Saanich Spree SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER. Ch Lach Faire s Sparkles N Spurs BS573255 12 Sep 2015. AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, Ch Blue Nile s Just The Way You Are 1130053 25 Sep 2015 Ch Mackanme Larkhill Without Limits ex Ch Lach Faires Sparkle N Spin. Glorious Something About The Chase ex Justice Midnight Illusion Ch Pinehome s Bride To Be ZE452462 18 Sep 2015. Ch Roadhouse s Life of The Party ERN15000860 05 Sep 2015 Bon Aquarel Bittersweet for Almar ex Ch Pinehome s Scribe Fit. Aj Artillery s Party Boy ex Roadhouse s Ru Ellie of Casanova Ch Tyrone Rendezvous Rufus BY592363 12 Sep 2015. Ch Mackanme Foreign Affair V Bodasca ex Ch Tyrone Something To Talk About. BORDER TERRIER, Ch Crofterslee Coachman BW589973 13 Sep 2015 WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER.
Faireview Mile Marker ex Ch Achouffe Baycrofterslee Je Cgn Ch Ladyleigh Blythe Spirit BG556301 13 Sep 2015. Ch Gryzelda Dziekanowska Polana 1130549 20 Sep 2015 Ch Blythfell Fergus ex Brodwin Spirit In The Skye. Kali Kama Knockenduff ex Hazbra Gold Bonzo Ch Skyehigh s Here We Go Again CA597666 13 Sep 2015. Ch Meadowlake Blue Jasmine 1126177 05 Sep 2015 Gch Whitebriar Jaw Dropper ex Ch Mac Ken Char Skyehigh s I m No Tramp. Meadowlake Smash ex Meadowlake Simply Irresistible. BULL TERRIER MINIATURE group five groupe cinq,Ch Go Go Shadows Fci Playboy 1130265 04 Sep 2015. Duvessa Code Red Margins ex Unique Beauty Ewimark Rakownia CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL. CAIRN TERRIER Ch Cantebury Carabella Emilye YN422205 05 Sep 2015. Ch Graffiti Shake It Off BY584685 19 Sep 2015 Ch Cantebury Long Shot Cgn ex Sheeba Dazzled Cantebury. Ch Dorlin s Seamus ex Gch Graffiti What U See What U Get Ch Cempa Boomboom Out Go Dalites ZY490649 12 Sep 2015. Ch Lochlomond s This Magic Moment YJ411427 12 Sep 2015 Ch Kinvaar Believer Fever ex Ch Cempa Carly Who s So Vain. Ch Lochlomond s Weewillie Wagtail ex Ch Lochlomond s Minerva Louise Ch Cempa s Deliteful ZY499006 05 Sep 2015. Ch Quarrydene s Lionheart AA501147 13 Sep 2015 Ch Kinvaar Believer Fever ex Ch Cempa Carly Who s So Vain. Ch Quarrydene s Victory By Day ex Quarrydene s Black Pearl Ch Cragland Lovesong at Shirmont BJ567317 06 Sep 2015. Gch Miletree Northern Star ex Ch Cragland s Love Story Cgn. CESKY TERRIER, Ch Zlatapraha Redbone AL525549 25 Sep 2015 Ch Dreamvale Motley Crue ERN15000837 04 Sep 2015. Ch Gianci Friendly Filou ex Zlatapraha Fame Orchard Hill Home By Dark ex Dreamvale Hands Down. Ch Zlatapraha Reese AL525550 11 Sep 2015 CHIHUAHUA LONG COAT. Ch Gianci Friendly Filou ex Zlatapraha Fame Ch Hileigh N Shapalis Voodoo Juju ZN475816 25 Sep 2015. Ch Hileigh Ready rnot Here I Come ex Picasso s Haute Couture. FOX TERRIER WIRE, Ch Foxheart s The Only Way I Know BW589045 11 Sep 2015 CHIHUAHUA SHORT COAT. Foxfarm Diamond Hard ex Ch Foxheart s Whiskey Girl Ch Guichon s Gangnam Style 1129533 26 Sep 2015. Ch Foxheart s Worth The Whisky BW589046 11 Sep 2015 Grannycreeks One and Only Wild Bill ex Guichon s Cream Dream. Foxfarm Diamond Hard ex Ch Foxheart s Whiskey Girl CHINESE CRESTED. NORFOLK TERRIER Ch Xcel s Fairway Indecent Player ERN15000638 26 Sep 2015. Ch Happy Hart s Country Girl 1125639 12 Sep 2015 Fairway s Cut The Corner ex Xcel s Indecent Xposure. Watermark Mason at Happy Hart ex Happy Hart s Second Chance COTON DE TULEAR. NORWICH TERRIER Ch Riana of White Pearl MSC000006735 27 Sep 2015. Ch Wichunt Littlefield Broomhilda BN573043 06 Sep 2015 Kintana du Domaine de Polana ex Jewela of The Swift Coton. Ch Amblegreen Rickard s Red ex Ch Stoppelhopser Rosine HAVANESE. SCHNAUZER MINIATURE Ch Amor Sol Y Sombra ERN15000331 25 Sep 2015. Ch Ellerker s Kinky Boots CA593544 07 Sep 2015 Janjems Party Animal ex Encore Hearts Afire at Amor. Ch Adamis Almond Joy for J N L ex Ch Ellerker s You Gotta Have Soul Ch Avalons Lady Nimue ERN12000920 06 Sep 2015. Ch Naibara s Reflection BN576680 13 Sep 2015 Pocopayasos King Arthur ex Everspring s Lady Guinevere. Gch Naibara s I Believe ex Ch Ardenwood s Exclusive at Naibara Ch Mistytrails Bella Gemma BA555326 04 Sep 2015. Ch Regency Xcl s Princess Anne BS579603 18 Sep 2015 Ch Pocotesoros Los Gabatos ex Ch Callunavias Ars Armandi. Ch Sailer s Angel of Darkness Griff ex Ch Ebonylyn s Gs Lexington Avenue Ch Rednettle s Porcini Mccoy CA591384 06 Sep 2015. Ch Shantays Too Posh To Pay AS547082 12 Sep 2015 Ch Mistytrails Arkland Real Mccoy ex Ch Mistytrails Mojo at Rednettle. Ch Annfield Smooth Moves ex Ch Shantays Your Turn To Pay Ch Xr Havoc on The High Seas BN565798 25 Sep 2015. Ch Silvercastle Always Forever BG564905 13 Sep 2015 Ch Emerald East Captain Redbeard of The Sea ex Glorybee Sets Sail at Xr Usa. Ch Silvercastle Chip Off The Rock ex Ch Silvercastle Now and Forever PAPILLON. Ch Silvercastle Mighty Impressive YU428652 25 Sep 2015 Ch H fdaborgar Atlas 1130555 12 Sep 2015. Ch Silvercastle Dreaming Fly Boy ex Ch Silvercastle Now and Forever Gleniren Sante Rafael ex H fdaborgar Myrra. SCOTTISH TERRIER Ch Jamega s Turn The Paige AN520474 18 Sep 2015. Ch Brueik s Super Trouper 1128191 07 Sep 2015 Ch Canisphere s Learn To Live ex Ch Jordannas Wasn t That a Party. Berrybreeze Dizzee Rascal ex Brueik s Agnetha, September 2015 CKC Titles Awarded 3 septembre 2015 Titres attribu s du CCC. Titles awarded Titres attribu s, Ch Jasione s Lara 1128280 13 Sep 2015 group six groupe six.
Jasione s Chanson D amour ex Jasione s Silhouette, Ch Nicomens Frankly My Dear BS575451 27 Sep 2015 BICHON FRISE. Ch Kingsgate Nicomen Ark Angel ex Ch Nightfire s Touch My Heart Ch Cabochons Hellava Goodtime ZU490245 25 Sep 2015. Ch Nightfire s Zealous Win for Win 1126033 12 Sep 2015 Ch Cabochon Kenningway Eat Fudge ex Ch Cabochons Go Sweet Charlotte. Willow Vom Schwabenhof ex Pandora Vom Maindreieck BOSTON TERRIER. Ch Passionpaps Breaking Bad BS592840 05 Sep 2015 Ch Fiveoclock s Identity Theft BY601015 05 Sep 2015. Gch Solnechnaja Dubrava Suvenir Show Elveras ex Ch Map To My Heart Forussi Gch Waylin s John F Kennedy ex Ch Vannassau s Paige Me. Ch Snugglepuppies Dakotah Khaleesi ERN15000170 27 Sep 2015 Ch Iroc Waylin Irish Eyes Smiling ZS504819 13 Sep 2015. World Willow Vom Cavalierchen ex Snugglepuppies Cheer for The Win Ch Havasu Heza Geezer ex Ch Waylin s Elektrical Storm. Ch Specialty Whisper s Sega BY592675 27 Sep 2015, Gch Snugglepuppies Remington at Specialty ex Ch Specialty Amy s Whisper Ch Aldar s Tribute To Whoville BY594067 11 Sep 2015. Ch Vala Tri To Be Frank 1129010 12 Sep 2015 Ch Casagrande West of Aldar ex Vidics Just Magic of Aldar s. Toon Town Perfectly Frank ex Ellmara Tri The Romance Ch Bulldacious Oh Em Gee Cgn AN532053 18 Sep 2015. Ch Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks AY537820 06 Sep 2015 Rascal s Brixalot Family Guy ex Gch Bulldacious la Dee Da Cgn. Ch Marron s Tommy Hilfiger ex Gch Freespirits Valifyre I Factor Ch Casagrande s A King s Ransom BS578904 05 Sep 2015. POMERANIAN Gch Iroc Viva Las Vegas ex Gch Casagrande s Just Is. Ch Arwins The Toymaker CE607935 26 Sep 2015 Ch Jolibully Holy Olaf BY594762 18 Sep 2015. Ch Finnibone s Veni Vedi Vici BU584184 26 Sep 2015 Ch Whistle Stop s Not Me Pax Did It Pcd Rn ex Gch Finnibone s She s The Bom Ch Luckpuddle s Zodiac Zinfadel ZN478641 19 Sep 2015

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