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T HIS ALBUM GATHERS TOGETHER most of the carols I have. composed over the years plus a sprinkling of my arrangements of. traditional carols grouped to form a programme which narrates reflects upon. The and celebrates the Christmas story, I have always enjoyed carols ever since I first sang them as a member of my. school choir and it was not long before I began to write carols of my own. John Rutter in fact my first two published compositions written in my teens were the. Nativity carol and the Shepherd s pipe carol This was more subversive than it. sounds at the time the only officially approved style of composition for a. Christmas classically trained music student was post Webernian serialism which never. appealed to me much and writing Christmas carols was an undercover way of. slipping a tune or two into circulation at a time of year when music critics are. generally on vacation No one seemed to mind so from time to time I have. Album continued to write and arrange carols encouraged by Sir David Willcocks my. senior co editor on several volumes of the Carols for Choirs series. For any musician involved in choral music Christmas is an especially joyous. time and I am indeed happy that it has played a part in my musical life for so. many years,JOHN RUTTER,The John Rutter Christmas Album 9 Star carol 2 50. Words and music John Rutter,The Cambridge Singers The City of London Sinfonia. 10 Candlelight carol 4 06,with Stephen Varcoe baritone. Words and music John Rutter, directed by John Rutter 11 Shepherd s pipe carol 2 54.
Total playing time 78 05,Words and music John Rutter. Prologue 12 Christmas lullaby 4 04, 1 Wexford Carol 3 58 Irish traditional carol Words and music John Rutter. arranged by John Rutter 13 Dormi Jesu 4 35, Baritone solo Stephen Varcoe Words medieval and S T Coleridge. The Christmas story Music John Rutter,2 Jesus child 3 18 Christmas reflections. Words and music John Rutter,14 Love came down at Christmas 2 30.
3 There is a flower 4 04 Words Christina Rossetti,Words John Audelay 15th cent Music John Rutter. Music John Rutter,15 Sans Day carol 3 07 Cornish traditional carol. Soprano solo Ruth Holton,arranged by John Rutter,4 Donkey carol 3 32. 16 I wonder as I wander 2 52 Appalachian carol,Words and music John Rutter. collected by John Jacob Niles G Schirmer Inc,5 Wild wood carol 3 07 arranged by John Rutter.
Words and music John Rutter Baritone solo Gerald Finley. Baritone solo Gerald Finley,17 What sweeter music 4 18. Christmas Night Words Robert Herrick,6 Angels carol 3 14 Music John Rutter. Words and music John Rutter,Christmas joy,7 Nativity carol 4 20. Words and music John Rutter 18 Joy to the world 2 30. Words Isaac Watts,8 Mary s lullaby 3 27,Music Lowell Mason. Words and music John Rutter,arranged by John Rutter.
19 I saw three ships 2 10 English traditional carol Prologue. arranged by John Rutter, 20 Deck the hall 1 40 Welsh traditional carol 1 Wexford carol. arranged by John Rutter This lovely Irish carol first became widely known when Vaughan Williams included it in. 21 The very best time of year 3 40 The Oxford Book of Carols in 1928 it had been noted down and sent to him by. Words and music John Rutter Dr W H Gratton Flood who heard it sung in Wexford The present arrangement was. 22 We wish you a merry Christmas 1 42 English traditional carol made in 1978 for inclusion in Carols for Choirs 3. arranged by John Rutter,Good people all this Christmas time. Epilogue Consider well and bear in mind, 23 Silent night 3 52 What our good God for us has done. Words tr from Josef Mohr In sending his beloved Son. Melody Franz Gruber With Mary holy we should pray, arranged by John Rutter To God with love this Christmas Day. In Bethlehem upon that morn, Printed music information There was a blessed Messiah born.
Tracks 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 11 14 15 17 and 19 are published by Oxford University Press. in all countries The night before that happy tide, Tracks 5 6 10 12 13 16 20 21 and 22 are published by Hinshaw Music Inc in USA and by The noble Virgin and her guide. Oxford University Press in all other countries, Track 18 is published by Hinshaw Music Inc in all countries Were long time seeking up and down. Track 23 is published by Collegium Music Publications in all countries To find a lodging in the town. Note track 1 is available only in the Oxford anthologies Carols for Choirs 3 and 100 Carols for But mark how all things came to pass. Choirs track 15 is available only in Carols for Choirs 2 and in 100 Carols for Choirs track 19 is From ev ry door repell d alas. available only in Carols for Choirs 3 and in 100 Carols for Choirs As long foretold their refuge all. CD information Was but an humble oxen stall, Tracks 1 2 4 5 8 9 11 12 15 19 20 21 and 22 are taken from the Collegium album. Christmas Day in the Morning COLCD 121,Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep. Tracks 3 7 10 and 16 are taken from Christmas Night COLCD 106 Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep. Tracks 6 17 18 and 23 are taken from Christmas with the Cambridge Singers COLCD 111 To whom God s angels did appear. Tracks 13 and 14 were specially recorded for this album Which put the shepherds in great fear. Prepare and go the angels said, To Bethlehem be not afraid How he came from heaven and was born in a manger bed.
For there you ll find this happy morn Mary was his virgin mother pure and mild. A princely babe sweet Jesus born,Sing alleluia brothers sing alleluia sisters. With thankful heart and joyful mind Worship the Jesus child and praise his mother mild. The shepherds went the babe to find Glory to God on high the angel hosts above are singing. And as God s angel had foretold Listen to the story of the Jesus child. They did our Saviour Christ behold, Within a manger he was laid Have you heard the story of the poor humble shepherd men. And by his side the virgin maid Sitting on the hillside with their flocks at night. Attending on the Lord of life Suddenly the angel tells them Hurry to Bethlehem. Who came on earth to end all strife Go and find the Jesus child the world s new light. Good people all this Christmas time Jesus child lying at Bethlehem. Consider well and bear in mind Sleeping safe at Mary s knee. What our good God for us has done Save my soul and bring me to paradise. In sending his beloved Son Let me join the angels singing glory to thee. Irish traditional carol Have you heard the story of the kings from the orient. arranged by John Rutter Following the star that s shining over his head. Offering their precious gifts of gold myrrh and frankincense. The Christmas story Kneeling with the ox and ass before his bed. Brothers let us celebrate the birth of the Jesus child. 2 Jesus child Sisters come and welcome him the new born King. Caribbean music became widely popular in Britain from the 1950s and this carol shows Praise the Lord who sent him down from heaven at Christmas time. its influence It was written in 1973 for the choir of St Albans School at the invitation of Young and old and rich and poor his praises sing. its young director Simon Lindley later to become a significant figure in the church Words and music John Rutter. music world in Britain,3 There is a flower, Have you heard the story that they re telling bout Bethlehem. The text of this carol is one of many early English lyrics that have been set to music by. Have you heard the story of the Jesus child, British composers its author was a Shropshire monk of the early fifteenth century who. was both deaf and blind The imagery of the poem is of a Jesse tree often depicted in Then rich and poor of every land. medieval painting and stained glass The music was written in 1985 at the invitation of They marvelled how this flower might spread. Dr George Guest then director of the choir of St John s College Cambridge Till kinges three. That blessed flower came to see,There is a flower sprung of a tree.
The root thereof is called Jesse Angels there came from heaven s tower. A flower of price To look upon this freshele flower. There is none such in paradise How fair he was in his colour. And how sweet in his savour, This flower is fair and fresh of hue And to behold. It fadeth never but ever is new How such a flower might spring in gold. The blessed branch this flower on grew, Was Mary mild that bare Jesu There is a flower sprung of a tree. A flower of grace The root thereof is called Jesse. Against all sorrow it is solace A flower of price,There is none such in paradise. The seed hereof was Goddes sand Words John Audelay 15th cent. That God himself sowed with his hand Music John Rutter. In Nazareth that holy land 4 Donkey carol,Amidst her arbour a maiden found. Like Jesus child this was written for Simon Lindley and his St Albans School choir in. This blessed flower, 1977 It is the one of the rather few Christmas carols in five eight time.
Sprang never but in Mary s bower, When Gabriel this maid did meet Donkey riding over the bumpy road. With Ave Maria he did her greet Carry Mary all with her heavy load. Between them two this flower was set Follow Joseph leading you on your way. And safe was kept no man should wit Until you find a stable somewhere to rest and stay. Till on a day,Donkey watching over the Jesus child. In Bethlem it could spread and spray,See the baby all with his mother mild. When that fair flower began to spread sand gift Hear the angels singing their song on high. And his sweet blossom began to bed bed bud Nowell nowell nowell their carolling fills the sky. Donkey resting all in a manger stall And then an angel came down to earth. With the oxen worship the Lord of all To bear the news of the Saviour s birth. Hush he lies asleep on his bed of hay The first to marvel were shepherds poor. While Mary sings so sweetly Lulla lullalay And sheep with their lambs. Donkey skip for joy as you go your way Sing O the wild wood the green holly. Alleluia Jesus is born today The silent river and barren tree. Hark the bells ring out with their message clear The humble creatures that no man sees. Rejoice and sing that Christ our Saviour divine is here Sing O the wild wood. Words and music John Rutter Words and music John Rutter. 5 The wild wood carol Christmas night, This carol is extracted from John Rutter s musical version of Kenneth Grahame s. children s classic The Wind in the Willows written for The King s Singers in 1981 The 6 Angels carol. text reflects on the role of the animals in the Christmas story Originally commissioned as a duet to be sung by the two prizewinners in a Choirboy. and Choirgirl of the Year competition in England in 1987 this was later reworked by the. Sing O the wild wood the green holly composer for mixed voice choir in which version it is performed here. The silent river and barren tree, The humble creatures that no man sees Have you heard the sound of the angel voices.
Sing O the wild wood Ringing out so sweetly ringing out so clear. A weary journey one winter s night Have you seen the star shining out so brightly. No hope of shelter no rest in sight As a sign from God that Christ the Lord is here. Who was the creature that bore Mary Have you heard the news that they bring from heaven. A simple donkey To the humble shepherds who have waited long. Gloria in excelsis Deo gloria in excelsis Deo, And when they came into Beth lem Town Hear the angels sing their joyful song. They found a stable to lay them down, For their companions that Christmas night He is come in peace in the winter s stillness. An ox and an ass Like a gentle snowfall in the gentle night. He is come in joy like the sun at morning, Filling all the world with radiance and with light Cradled by mother so fair. He is come in love as the child of Mary Tender her lullaby. In a simple stable we have seen his birth Over her son so dear. Gloria in excelsis Deo gloria in excelsis Deo Angel hosts fill the sky. Hear the angels singing Peace on earth,Wise men from distant far land. He will bring new light to a world in darkness Shepherds from starry hills. Like a bright star shining in the skies above Worship this babe so rare. He will bring new hope to the waiting nations Hearts with his warmth he fills. When he comes to reign in purity and love, Let the earth rejoice at the Saviour s coming Love in that stable was born.
Let the heavens answer with the joyful morn Into our hearts to flow. Gloria in excelsis Deo gloria in excelsis Deo Innocent dreaming babe. Hear the angels singing Christ is born Make me thy love to know. Words and music John Rutter Words and music John Rutter. 7 Nativity carol,8 Mary s lullaby, Written in 1963 this was one of its composer s earliest pieces It was published in 1967 At the time this was written in 1978 John Rutter was Director of Music at Clare. with organ accompaniment and later scored for strings by the composer College Cambridge The choir was recording a Christmas television programme which. at the run through the day before filming was discovered to be almost three minutes. Born in a stable so bare short Mary s lullaby was written overnight to fill the gap. Born so long ago, Born neath light of star See the child that Mary bore. He who loved us so On her lap so softly sleeping,In a stable cold and poor. Far away silent he lay Ox and ass their vigil keeping. Born today your homage pay,Christ is born for aye Sing lullaby sing lullaby. Donkey carol 3 32 Words and music John Rutter Wild wood carol 3 07 Words and music John Rutter Baritone solo Gerald Finley Christmas Night Angels carol 3 14 Words and music John Rutter Nativity carol 4 20 Words and music John Rutter Mary s lullaby 3 27 Words and music John Rutter 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 4

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