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BROADCASTERS,ECOND PRINT,988 byTAB B ooks,AB Books i. inted inthe Un,tes of Amer,se ofa ny o,r methods d. orforthe products t,r radio broadcas,SBN 0 8306 2930 0. R adio broadcasting,5 H65 1 988,84 54 dc19 8,tware Depa. idge Summi,IT I OPERAT,oS uccess Wha,ockey Combo Opera.
ing t o Know Y our R ad,io N eighborhood Prog,ramming a nd Prog. ram E vents W,Exercises Vocabu,quipment Operat,quipment Mic. rophones Tu,les Tape Mach,l Tape Mach,ines Casse t. te Machines Car,ines Compact D,rs Remote A,rap up Exercises Vocabu. he Audio C,onsole VU Me,ls and Modu,l Flow Through the Conso.
onsole Layou,t Audio Console Accessor,ies The Prog. ram L ine The Patcri Panel Aud,ing Contro,l Room Equ. ipment Arrangement W rap,ises Vocabulary,rcises Vocabu. he C ombo Operato,r IsExpected toKnow The Funct,ion of aTransmi. tter The Aud,tion Transm,r MeterR ead,ings Antenna De.
quipmen t Wrap up Exerc,ises Vocabulary,HE OPERATOR 6. ing aSmooth Announc,ing Style Wha,ience Want Smooth Ope. ively Audio Product,rap up Exe,rcises Vocabu,ion Getters Setthe S. ion Use Se,ined S entences Summarize the S,ing the N ews Wire W. rap up Exe,he Most Ou,ld Good Relat,lents Be R,rap up Exe.
rcises Vocabula,9 Emergency B,ring Emergency I,tion Types of Eme. When to Broadcast Emergency In,tion The Emergency B roadcast Sys. ises Vocabulary,ule Book Rules,rcises Vocabu,l ADVANCED BROADCAST SK. ome S imple D e,ises Vocabu,iting and Post Produc,o Tape Car. rap up Exercises Vocabula,fR emotes Connect,he Remote S.
rcises Vocabula,How Automa,ted Can You Ge,t Sequencers a. lers Computerized A,udio Mixing Cue,ones Reel T,ion Mixes of Mus. ic Tapes Fi,ing the Gaps Automation Car,ring an Au. tomation Sys,tem Automated Logging W,rap up Exerc,he Audio Input Transmi. tter Operat,ing Log Sheet Var,ions Among Transm it.
ters Opera,requency Diffe,rences Between the AM Band and FM Band Feedl. ines and A n,tennas Standing,tio Direct,ntennas fo. ions FM A ntennas a,fective Radia,iers and Metr,rap up Exerc. ises Vocabulary,ow D oes Ste,reo Wo rk Ba,ting SCAs W. ises Vocabu,ducate Yourse,tion Read Broadcas,t Trade Magazines Books Abou.
ing The Audi,ape The Resume The Fo,llow up The N,ext Step Exe. iography a,ith warmes,itude to my dad my,e and my s. agement and pr,ayers kept me go,My very f i,rstr adio newsca stw as u nfo rgettable I. ll determ ination a nd e ndu ran ce I n1 947 I,t l anded aj ob a s ap art t. ime a nnouncer a t a s,lev ision a t iny t h,ree inch b l.
aytime only ra d,tion Ih ad plenty o fv o, te p icture o f ab ox ing m atch i n Mad ison S qua re. nga sa na ctori nc ol, lege I d even d one s ome t ele Garden T he b roadcas t w as p oorly d one a nd I. ion d ram a a l,ready B ut w hen Id i,d t ha t f i. hough t Ic ould d o bette r,Ig ot c omp lete ly t o. ngue tangled Iheaded s traigh tf ort he TV s tation a rmed w ith. ign i mmed ia tely Is a, alking o ut afuld ozen prog ram s ugges tions a nd w ound u pin.
ft he n ewsroom Tha t w as th e w o rs,ing I ve ahotl i. tle studio f o,ra na udition T hose e a r,ve r done i nm y l i. sion c ameras n eeded al o,ght a nd t he t em,he p r ogram m anage r jus. t s miled s hook h i, era ture i nt he s tudio w as w el o ver a h und red. ead a nd said Don,ty ou think w ea lh ave t os tart d.
eg rees Itt u,rned o u t tob e an ea r ma rathon,omewhere They p utm et h. rough t heu sua lg imm icks Ide,m glad h ed idn tl e. in ay earo f l, ve red c omme rcials m emo rized o n the spo ta nd ad. hat b umpy s tart Ib ecame t he s tat,ion s c hie f an l. terviews w ith s ever a,ation e mployees,ouncer a nd n ews e dito r a t t.
h e r ipe o l, d a ge o f Then t he directo r asked m e t os imp ly talk a bout. wen ty La ter Is erved a sp rog ram m anage ri nthe a. ny thing Id esc r,ibed t he s tudio t he li,rmed F orces R ad. io N e two rk i nE u rope E ven tu weathe r m y s choo l b ackg round a nd m y r ecent. ly Ib ecame ac orresponden ta nd p roduce ra nd e x n. ewsg athering e xper iences i nE urope,cutive f or t he NBC T e. levision N etwo rk a n And t hen a f,ter a bou t t en m inu tes Is imply. ssignmen t th at involved m e h eavily i nt e, topped a tt he e nd o f as en ten ce l ooked s quarely.
overage o fs cience a nd p o,tt hec amer a,a nd s aid Ify ou haven tf i. gu red out,Moving u pt h eladder i nt h,eb roadcas ti ndus try b. y n ow t h,at Ic an s peak w el e nough Ig uess y ou. aid You ve g,ou have your fi,view show re,ady Roy Nea. so help me,ishow Ig o,big NBC N ews A,erospace Consu.
o rmer NBC News Correspondent,Getting s t,arted i nb roadcas ting u sualy m eans t ha. icald ay for ac ombo o peratori ncludes the,ob will b e i n as mall radio s ta. tion I tis o,bvious o n ai,t a nd cha t,ronic t ha. t the e ntry leve l broadcas ting j ob u sualy making t e. lephone r ounds f o,rn ews t ip,equ ires ah uge v ariety o fs k. ills O nly later af,ation v is,itors o r even c l,imbing t he s t.
much a dvancemen t,l y ou h ave t h e l u,xury o f t. owe rt or emove at roublesome b i,rd s nest Ab road. aster c ertainly needs t ob e aj ack of,jor ma rke t ra d. ations t e,nd t or equire a Th,isb ook provides t her eaderw ith th ebasic in. ll i ns pecia,lized a reas o ft h e broad f,orm ation r equired t o develop t he m any t a.
aster s craft,b ut t his narrower r ange o f ski,ecessary t og e. t ag ood star,ti nbroadcast ing You l,te nough t om ee tthes m. ation s n eeds b,e r eady f or your f i,rst day o n the job a s ab road. sp iring broadcas ter ss hould e xpec t tof ace aw ide c. aster i fyou comb ine y ourb roadcas ts ki,lls with en. arie ty ofjob re spons ibi,ies i nra d,io a nnouncer s t.
husiasm c ommon s ense a nd p ersonal i n,ite news c opy t he chie fe ngineer t akes an. iftatt imes commer c,ialt ime s a,les p erson,elp uti nmany h our si nthe p roduc t. ion s tud io and D,ershberger,epor te rs a,lso d o th e play by p lay f or high s chool S. aske tbal g,ames w atch thea utoma tion sy stem or G. ake m eter reading s aT,a dio and t e,ions n eed m any peo WKAM AM and WZOW FM G.
letok eep th em g o,ing Likewise each broadcaster E. luen ced and t r,ained by m any dozens o fpeople W9CG. hrough e xposu re tom any diferentb roadcastfaci,WGCS FM Goshen C. tes D ozens o f people h ave given g u,idance a nd. ershberger,ounsel i nhelping this book fi,l the need f o.
t t ho rough t ra,r c ombo Hess,tz WB9PX I,ruber K9WJU. everalo ft h,en ames li,sted a ref o,lowed b yt h,erson s Ama teu r Rad. l s ign Ama teur R adio,WBKE FM M anchester C,ting hobby tha. tb enefitsb oth th,I N Bob B owman,D ave B owman,icipanta nd thegeneralp ubli. c Hams a rek nown,rb eing ext,nd these f o,p tot he le.
gend Check the Glossary f or m ore in,ormation about Ama teur R adio WAYT AM. And now m y si,ncere thanks t othe fol,roadcast faci. ties and th,e p eople t h,at m ade them WBNO AM a,lendenning. WEHS Radio a,igh School,ing M I Gar y Duncke,l R ud WPTA T. Va nd WPTH FM,A l Lokker,N 8FEK and Jim C,WHAS AM FM and T.
le K Y Ty ler L,rshberger Kirk Mema L at,ldon DuRand. II Gayle Hunt Mahlke,W8QG D arrel M innich,s WB9GXX C. and Buster K,6DUE Jack O Dear,lace WB1EY I John,amsey N lAKB Gwen S t. amm Ned Trout P,tter our c,over model,ntheproduc,t has made ita. ly m yd eepestg r,tude g oes tom ywi,dith Holsopple.
NG1F and tom ypa ren,lsopple They provided th e v,gredients ofcounse. tience suppor,WB9 1HH Bruce K ampe,llsforRadio Broadc. astersisn ow i,ing tosee th,is manualnow be t,ocus onnow. functequipmen,ished by TAB BOOKS Surveying the t,le books a. bou tbroadcas,hough makes,ne ask Who n eeds ano,ther book about b.
ing O ne o ft he f i,rst i nstructo r,s t ot each f r. Whatmakes S,ook t old h i,sc lass Atl as,t T hisi s abroadcas ting. resome oft,ook t hat te,lls y ou h ow t h,ing s r eally are F eed. ack f rom t his book s u sers coup led with m y o wn. wo d ecades o fb roadcas te xperience h ave b een i n. ism s ofli,luab le i nsupplying t hei n,form ation p resented h ere. therthan g,l sf o rR adio B ro ad casterss tarted a s at hes.
le free id,ct f or aMas te r,s D egree i nE duca tion I tquickly. his book iswri,vo lved i n,to a c olege t extbook b ut w as w ritten. lunteer combo o,perators a,tn oncom p,ily f orh igh s choo la nd c olege s tudents w ho. idn otw antf orma lb roadca sttraining Rather t he. leges main d esire w as t oh ave ac hance t ob e aD J w hi. hoo l they w anted t ok now e nough t od ow el,otassume th. er eader i,nd a vo id m aking f ools o ft hemse lves o n t h.
ge orgraduate s,U nit I Opera ting t he E qu ipmen t. Chap ter s 1t h,rough 5 I tis ag uided t ouro f ar ad. he materia,tation a nd its equ ipmen t,Y ou l d i,scove rt ha. tation combo opera,a tion s con tro lr o om c ontains m any th. nde rstand p,nds erve asm emo ry d ev,ices T hey a rea l.
hought abou,tertain t h,ade ra nd encou r age y ou tok eep. it I Equipping t,ours ense o fh umo ra bou t ab usiness t ha. ou r du ties a nd r e,spon sibilit,ies a s ar adio b road v. tense B ecause m os,tr adio s tation sa r,c tion C hap te rs 6t h. rough 1 0 o ut o,le p re fab h ouse w ith a,nes t heb a s.
ics killsr e,quired t ob e as uc ce ssfu,owero utb ack i sfeatu red heavily Mo str ad. nnoun ce ra nd c on trol room o pe r,is i salso t,ons use t heir cal. tte rs tom ake s ome k i, aguided t our to h elp you o nce y ou b ecome ar e a. temen ta bou tt h,ion s cha rac tero rident,io b ro adca ste r. t ters on t he c ar,toon r adio s t,ations f o,itI Ii s Advan ced Ski ls.
le ction o fm o re s,dvan ced i n,fo rm ation Afte ry ou ve h ad al it. oad cast i ndu s,try k eep s c h anging a nd,osu re a nd e xpe r. ien ce inr adio broadca sting y ou l g,rowing a nd m y c ryst albal. l g ives i mperfe c,n dy our se,ing s ome que st,ion sa bou tt echn ique s a. geso fthei ndustry s f u,ture T here fo re,t her eader.
ipmen tt ha ta rebeyond w haty ou r ea,lly n eed i. lcome t od i,rectc on s,tructive c ritic,i sm r egard. ok now b uty ou ve w onde red a bout U nitI Chap i. is book t othe p ublisher s a dd ress A l,ers 1 t hrough 1 7. luded a s ar e sour ce f o,ommen tsw i,llb er eceived a nd c on s. ide red w ith ap,when y ou re r e ady t o di,g d eepe r I tp rovides a p.
ecessa ry f o,unda tion f o,uden t w ho i ss erious. bout ac aree r inb roadcasting,t an ote a boutt h,ec ar toon st hata pp eari nt he C. ook they a ret here t oil,us trate s i,gnifican tp o. Skills for Radio Broadcasters is now in its third edi tion and it is gratifying to see this manual now be ing published by TAB BOOKS Surveying the available books about broadcasting though makes one ask Who needs another book about broad casting What makes Skills for Radio Broadcasters differ ent Here are some of the primary marks of

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