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ThinkCentre,User Guide, Before using this information and the product it supports be sure to read and understand the ThinkCentre Safety and. Warranty Guide for this product and Appendix B Notices on page 43. Third Edition October 2008,Copyright Lenovo 2008 All rights reserved. LENOVO products data computer software and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and. are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C F R 2 101 with limited and restricted. rights to use reproduction and disclosure, LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE If products data computer software or services are delivered. pursuant a General Services Administration GSA contract use reproduction or disclosure is subject to restrictions. set forth in Contract No GS 35F 05925,Introduction v PC Doctor for Windows PE 18. Cleaning the mouse 19, Chapter 1 Important safety information 1 Optical mouse 19.
Non optical mouse 20,Chapter 2 Features and specifications 3. Chapter 7 Recovering software 23,Features 3,Creating and using Product Recovery discs 23. Specifications 5,Performing backup and recovery operations 24. Using the Rescue and Recovery workspace 25, Chapter 3 Software overview 7 Creating and using rescue media 26. Software provided with your Windows operating Creating and using a Recovery Repair diskette 27. system 7 Recovering or installing device drivers 28. Software provided by Lenovo 7 Setting a rescue device in the startup sequence 29. PC Doctor for Windows PC Doctor for Windows Solving recovery problems 29. Adobe Reader 8,Chapter 8 Getting information help,and service 31.
Chapter 4 Using the Setup Utility 9,Information resources 31. Starting the Setup Utility program 9,Online Books folder 31. Viewing and changing settings 9,ThinkVantage Productivity Center 31. Using passwords 9,Access Help 32,Password considerations 10. Safety and Warranty 32,User Password 10,Lenovo Web site http www lenovo com 32.
Administrator Password 10,Help and service 33,Setting changing and deleting a password 10. Using the documentation and diagnostic,Enabling or disabling a device 10. programs 33,Selecting a startup device 11,Calling for service 33. Selecting a temporary startup device 11,Using other services 34. Selecting or changing the startup device sequence 11. Purchasing additional services 34,Advanced settings 12.
Exiting from the Setup Utility program 12,Appendix A Manual modem. Chapter 5 Updating system programs 13 commands 35,Using system programs 13 Basic AT commands 35. Updating flashing BIOS from a diskette or disc 13 Extended AT commands 37. Updating flashing BIOS from your operating MNP V 42 V 42bis V 44 commands 38. system 14 Fax Class 1 commands 39, Recovering from a POST BIOS update failure 14 Fax Class 2 commands 39. Voice commands 40,Chapter 6 Troubleshooting and,Appendix B Notices 43. diagnostics 15,Television output notice 44,Basic troubleshooting 15.
Trademarks 44,Diagnostic programs 16,PC Doctor for Windows 17. PC Doctor for DOS 17 Index 45,Copyright Lenovo 2008 iii. iv User Guide,Introduction, This ThinkCentre User Guide contains the following information. v Chapter 1 Important safety information on page 1 provides information about. where to find safety information for this product, v Chapter 2 Features and specifications on page 3 provides information about. your computer features and specifications, v Chapter 3 Software overview on page 7 provides information on the.
operating system and software applications that might be preloaded on your. v Chapter 4 Using the Setup Utility on page 9 provides instructions on how to. view and change the configuration settings of your computer. v Chapter 5 Updating system programs on page 13 provides information about. updating POST BIOS and how to recover from a POST BIOS update failure. v Chapter 6 Troubleshooting and diagnostics on page 15 provides information. about basic troubleshooting and diagnostic tools for your computer. v Chapter 7 Recovering software on page 23 provides instructions on how to. use the ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery program to create product. recovery disks back up data recover software and restore the entire contents of. your hard disk drive to a previously saved state, v Chapter 8 Getting information help and service on page 31 provides. information about the wide variety of helpful resources available from Lenovo. v Appendix A Manual modem commands on page 35 provides commands for. manually programming your modem, v Appendix B Notices on page 43 provides notices and trademark information. Copyright Lenovo 2008 v,vi User Guide,Chapter 1 Important safety information. Before using this manual it is important that you read and understand all the. related safety information for this product Refer to the ThinkCentre Safety and. Warranty Guide that you received with this product for the latest safety. information Reading and understanding this safety information reduces the risk. of personal injury and or damage to your product, If you no longer have a copy of the ThinkCentre Safety and Warranty Guide you can. obtain one online from the Lenovo Support Web site at. http www lenovo com support,Copyright Lenovo 2008 1.
2 User Guide,Chapter 2 Features and specifications. This chapter provides an introduction to your computer features and specifications. This section provides an overview of the computer features and preinstalled. System information, The following information covers a variety of models For information for. your specific model use the Setup Utility See Chapter 4 Using the Setup. Utility on page 9,Microprocessor,v Intel Pentium dual core processor. v Intel Celeron processor,v Intel Core 2 Quad processor. v Intel Core 2 Duo processor,v Internal cache size varies by model type.
v Support for two DDR2 DIMMs double data rate 2 dual inline memory modules. v Flash memory for system programs varies by model type. Internal drives, v SATA II Serial Advanced Technology Attachment internal hard disk drive. v Optical drive some models,Video subsystem, v An integrated graphics controller for a VGA monitor. v Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100,Audio subsystem. v HD High Definition with ALC662 Audio Codec, v Microphone and headphone connectors on the front panel. v Audio line in audio line out and microphone connectors on the rear panel. v Mono internal speaker,Connectivity,v 10 100 1000 Mbps integrated Ethernet controller.
v Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI V 90 Data Fax modem some models. System management features,v Preboot Execution Environment PXE. v Wake on LAN,Copyright Lenovo 2008 3, v Wake on Ring in the Setup Utility program this feature is called Serial Port. Ring Detect for an external modem,v Remote Administration. v Automatic power on startup,v System Management SM BIOS and SM software. v Ability to store power on self test POST hardware test results. Input output features, v 25 pin Extended Capabilities Port ECP Extended Parallel Port EPP.
v 9 pin serial port, v USB connectors two on the front panel and the number of the rear panel USB. connectors varies by model,v Standard mouse connector. v Standard keyboard connector,v Ethernet connector. v VGA monitor connector, v Three audio connectors audio line in audio line out and microphone on the. rear panel some models, v Two audio connectors microphone and headphone on the front panel some.
v Three drive bays some models,v Five drive bays some models. v PCI adapter card slot one or more varies by model. v PCI Express adapter card slot varies by model,v 280 Watt 310 Watt manual and auto. v 280 Watt 220 Watt manual and auto, v 280 Watt power supply with auto sensing voltage selection switch. v Automatic 50 60 Hz input frequency switching, v Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACPI support. Security features, v User and administrator passwords for BIOS access.
v Support for the addition of an integrated cable lock Kensington lock. v Keyboard with fingerprint reader some models see the ThinkVantage. Productivity Center program for more information, v Cover presence switch intrusion switch some models. v Startup sequence control, v Startup without diskette drive keyboard or mouse. v Diskette and hard disk drive I O control,v Serial and parallel port I O control. 4 User Guide,Preinstalled software, Your computer might come with preinstalled software If it does an operating. system device drivers to support built in features and other support programs are. Operating system preinstalled,Microsoft Windows Vista.
Note Windows Vista might not be available or supported in all countries or. Operating systems certified or tested for compatibility1 varies by model. v Microsoft Windows XP,Specifications, This section lists the physical specifications for your computer. For machine types 6178 6305 7066 7098 9352 9359 9482 9487 9622 9704 9785. 9794 9807 9859 9952,Dimensions,Width 325 mm 12 8 inches. Height 107 mm 4 21 inches,Depth 410 mm 16 14 inches. Maximum configuration as shipped 7 3 kg 16 lbs, For machine types 6177 7065 7096 9351 9358 9438 9481 9489 9703 9784 9788. 9792 9853 9949,Dimensions,Width 331 mm 13 inches,Height 104 mm 4 1 inches.
Depth 412 mm 16 2 inches,Maximum configuration as shipped 8 8 kg 19 4 lbs. 1 The operating systems listed here are being certified or tested for compatibility at the time this publication goes to press. Additional operating systems might be identified by Lenovo as compatible with your computer following the publication of this. booklet Corrections and additions to this list are subject to change To determine if an operating system has been certified or. tested for compatibility check the Web site of the operating system vendor. Chapter 2 Features and specifications 5, For machine types 6176 6179 7064 7094 9349 9356 9357 9439 9488 9702 9708. 9709 9789 9851 9948,Dimensions,Width 175 mm 6 9 inches. Height 402 mm 15 8 inches,Depth 440 mm 17 3 inches. Maximum configuration as shipped 11 kg 24 lbs,For all machine types.
Environment,Air temperature,Operating 10 to 35 C 50 to 95 F. Non operating 10 to 60 C 50 to 140 F,Operating 10 to 80 10 per hour non condensing. Non operating 10 to 90 10 per hour,Transit 0 to 90 10 per hour. Maximum altitude,Operating 50 to 10 000 ft 15 2 to 3048 m. Non operating 50 to 35 000 ft 15 2 to 10 668 m,Electrical input.
Input voltage,Minimum 100 V AC,Maximum 127 V AC,Input frequency range 50 60 Hz. Voltage selection switch setting 115 V AC,High range. Minimum 200 V AC,Maximum 240 V AC,Input frequency range 50 60 Hz. Voltage selection switch setting 230 V AC,6 User Guide. Chapter 3 Software overview, The computer is manufactured with a preloaded operating system Windows Vista.
and several preloaded applications, Software provided with your Windows operating system. This section describes the Windows applications included with this product. Software provided by Lenovo, The following software applications are provided by Lenovo to help you improve. productivity and reduce the cost associated with maintaining your computer. Software provided with your computer may vary depending on your model. ThinkVantage Productivity Center, The ThinkVantage Productivity Center program guides you to a host of. information and tools to help you set up understand maintain and enhance your. ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery, The ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery program is a one button recovery and. restore solution that includes a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose get. help and recover from system crashes quickly even if the primary operating. system will not start,ThinkVantage Client Security Solution.
This ThinkVantage Client Security Solution CSS is available on select Lenovo. computers It helps protect your information including vital security information. like passwords encryption keys and electronic credentials while guarding against. unauthorized user access to data,ThinkVantage System Update. ThinkVantage System Update TVSU is a software application that helps you keep. the software on your system up to date by downloading and installing software. packages TVT applications device drivers BIOS flashes and other third party. applications Some examples of software that you should keep updated are. programs provided by Lenovo such as the Rescue and Recovery program and the. Productivity Center program,System Migration Assistant. System Migration Assistant SMA is a software tool that enables system. administrators and individual users to migrate a work environment from one. computer to another,Fingerprint Software, The integrated fingerprint reader provided on some keyboards enables you to. enroll your fingerprint and associate it with your power on password hard disk. drive password and Windows password As a result fingerprint authentication. can replace passwords and enable simple and secure user access A fingerprint. reader keyboard is available with select computers or can be purchased for. computers that support this option,Copyright Lenovo 2008 7. manual and auto v 280 Watt 220 Watt manual and auto v 280 Watt power supply with auto sensing voltage selection switch v Automatic 50 60 Hz input frequency switching v Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACPI support Security features v User and administrator passwords for BIOS access v Support for the addition of an integrated cable

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