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DOE HDBK 1012 1 92,DOE FUNDAMENTALS HANDBOOK,THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER. AND FLUID FLOW,Volume 1 of 3,U S Department of Energy FSC 6910. Washington D C 20585, Distribution Statement A Approved for public release distribution is unlimited. This document has been reproduced directly from the best available copy. Available to DOE and DOE contractors from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information. P O Box 62 Oak Ridge TN 37831 615 576 8401, Available to the public from the National Technical Information Service U S Department of. Commerce 5285 Port Royal Rd Springfield VA 22161,Order No DE92019789.
THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW, The Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Fundamentals Handbook was. developed to assist nuclear facility operating contractors provide operators maintenance. personnel and the technical staff with the necessary fundamentals training to ensure a basic. understanding of the thermal sciences The handbook includes information on thermodynamics. and the properties of fluids the three modes of heat transfer conduction convection and. radiation and fluid flow and the energy relationships in fluid systems This information will. provide personnel with a foundation for understanding the basic operation of various types of DOE. nuclear facility fluid systems, Key Words Training Material Thermodynamics Heat Transfer Fluid Flow Bernoulli s. THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW, The Department of Energy DOE Fundamentals Handbooks consist of ten academic. subjects which include Mathematics Classical Physics Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid. Flow Instrumentation and Control Electrical Science Material Science Mechanical Science. Chemistry Engineering Symbology Prints and Drawings and Nuclear Physics and Reactor. Theory The handbooks are provided as an aid to DOE nuclear facility contractors. These handbooks were first published as Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manuals in 1985. for use by DOE Category A reactors The subject areas subject matter content and level of detail. of the Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manuals was determined from several sources DOE. Category A reactor training managers determined which materials should be included and served. as a primary reference in the initial development phase Training guidelines from the commercial. nuclear power industry results of job and task analyses and independent input from contractors. and operations oriented personnel were all considered and included to some degree in developing. the text material and learning objectives, The DOE Fundamentals Handbooks represent the needs of various DOE nuclear facilities. fundamentals training requirements To increase their applicability to nonreactor nuclear facilities. the Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manual learning objectives were distributed to the Nuclear. Facility Training Coordination Program Steering Committee for review and comment To update. their reactor specific content DOE Category A reactor training managers also reviewed and. commented on the content On the basis of feedback from these sources information that applied. to two or more DOE nuclear facilities was considered generic and was included The final draft. of each of these handbooks was then reviewed by these two groups This approach has resulted. in revised modular handbooks that contain sufficient detail such that each facility may adjust the. content to fit their specific needs, Each handbook contains an abstract a foreword an overview learning objectives and text.
material and is divided into modules so that content and order may be modified by individual DOE. contractors to suit their specific training needs Each subject area is supported by a separate. examination bank with an answer key, The DOE Fundamentals Handbooks have been prepared for the Assistant Secretary for. Nuclear Energy Office of Nuclear Safety Policy and Standards by the DOE Training Coordination. Program This program is managed by EG G Idaho Inc,THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW. The Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook entitled Thermodynamics Heat. Transfer and Fluid Flow was prepared as an information resource for personnel who are. responsible for the operation of the Department s nuclear facilities A basic understanding of the. thermal sciences is necessary for DOE nuclear facility operators maintenance personnel and the. technical staff to safely operate and maintain the facility and facility support systems The. information in the handbook is presented to provide a foundation for applying engineering. concepts to the job This knowledge will help personnel more fully understand the impact that. their actions may have on the safe and reliable operation of facility components and systems. The Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow handbook consists of three modules. that are contained in three volumes The following is a brief description of the information. presented in each module of the handbook,Volume 1 of 3. Module 1 Thermodynamics, This module explains the properties of fluids and how those properties are. affected by various processes The module also explains how energy balances can. be performed on facility systems or components and how efficiency can be. calculated,Volume 2 of 3,Module 2 Heat Transfer, This module describes conduction convection and radiation heat transfer The.
module also explains how specific parameters can affect the rate of heat transfer. Volume 3 of 3,Module 3 Fluid Flow, This module describes the relationship between the different types of energy in a. fluid stream through the use of Bernoulli s equation The module also discusses. the causes of head loss in fluid systems and what factors affect head loss. THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW, The information contained in this handbook is by no means all encompassing An. attempt to present the entire subject of thermodynamics heat transfer and fluid flow would be. impractical However the Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow handbook does. present enough information to provide the reader with a fundamental knowledge level sufficient. to understand the advanced theoretical concepts presented in other subject areas and to better. understand basic system and equipment operations,Department of Energy. Fundamentals Handbook,THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER. AND FLUID FLOW,Thermodynamics,Thermodynamics TABLE OF CONTENTS.
TABLE OF CONTENTS,LIST OF FIGURES iv,LIST OF TABLES vii. REFERENCES viii,OBJECTIVES x,THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES 1. Mass and Weight 1,Specific Volume 3,Specific Gravity 4. Humidity 4,Intensive and Extensive Properties 4,TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE MEASUREMENTS 6. Temperature 6,Temperature Scales 6,Pressure 9,Pressure Scales 9.
Summary 12,ENERGY WORK AND HEAT 14,Potential Energy 14. Kinetic Energy 15,Specific Internal Energy 16,Specific P V Energy 17. Specific Enthalpy 18,Entropy 22,Energy and Power Equivalences 23. Summary 25,Rev 0 Page i HT 01,TABLE OF CONTENTS Thermodynamics. TABLE OF CONTENTS Cont,THERMODYNAMIC SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES 26.
Thermodynamic Systems and Surroundings 26,Types of Thermodynamic Systems 27. Thermodynamic Equilibrium 27,Control Volume 27,Steady State 27. Thermodynamic Process 28,Cyclic Process 28,Reversible Process 28. Irreversible Process 28,Adiabatic Process 29,Isentropic Process 29. Polytropic Process 29,Throttling Process 29,Summary 30.
CHANGE OF PHASE 31,Classification of Properties 31. Saturation 33,Saturated and Subcooled Liquids 33,Quality 34. Moisture Content 35,Saturated and Superheated Vapors 35. Constant Pressure Heat Addition 35,Critical Point 36. Sublimation 37,Triple Point 37,Condensation 38,Summary 39.
PROPERTY DIAGRAMS AND STEAM TABLES 41,Property Diagrams 41. Pressure Temperature P T Diagram 42,Pressure Specific Volume P v Diagram 43. Pressure Enthalpy P h Diagram 44,Enthalpy Temperature h T Diagram 45. THERMODYNAMICS HEAT TRANSFER AND FLUID FLOW Volume 1 of 3 U S Department of Energy FSC 6910 Washington D C 20585 Distribution Statement A Approved for public release distribution is unlimited This Portable Document Format PDF file contains bookmarks thumbnails and hyperlinks to help you navigate through the document The modules listed in the Overview are linked to the

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