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Andy Deas Nothing really man Just trying to stay busy I realized Robb I have not. posted on my blog in two weeks and so this week I m committed. finishing one of the 50 posts that I have in draft. Robb Wolf Andy Deas big on ideas slow on follow up. Andy Deas Well to be fair I have been busy I ve been trying to catch up on some. stuff at the gym but I need to get some of this stuff done. Robb Wolf Yeah totally totally Your fans are waiting man. Andy Deas Yeah Fan is a strong word That s all I ll say. Robb Wolf Let s see here We have a Paleo Solution seminars coming up one in. Chico on March 5th the other one in Toronto March 26th We ve got. three other locations that we re going to roll out here pretty quick and. that s going to be it for 2011 Abbreviated schedule relative to last year. part of that is because I m going to be doing some stuff with Professor. Cordain related to the Paleo Physicians Network And also I just don t. want to kill myself on the road, So if you want see a PSS get one of those five because that s going to be. it Other than we are going to do a couple of international locations and. I ll let folks know about those pretty soon And then we ve got an. interview coming up in Fighters Only Magazine I think next month And. then also in the March issue of MuscleMag International you can get. your body building whateverness done because they ve got an interview. with me in there too So I ll let folks know more about that as they get. Andy Deas Now will these PSS s be at larger venues What s the deal with that. Robb Wolf Yeah So we re kind of taking it out of the gym because we ve had request. to host things by hospitals and by multiple gym locations and whatnot so. we re going to hit some larger urban centers for the most part and then. have multiple sponsors So like the one that we have in Toronto we have. CrossFit Toronto CrossFit Academy of Lions Greg Carver s Strength Box. and then also it s sponsored by Dr Bryce Wylde of Wylde on Health TV. show And then it looks like we re going to be able to rangle some CNEs. CEUs through the University of Toronto for that gig We re still working. on that but the idea is that all of these gigs will be university accredited. I m debating whether or not I m going to have a test on it but we re. moving towards a tested portion of this thing for kind of legitimate. accredited certification And it s just a lot of work getting that stuff done. So that stuff is all kind of in process But yeah it should be in like a hotel. setting The kind of nice thing with that too although it s been really. really cool being in the gyms probably 50 of the time it s really noisy. because of either a heater or an air conditioner or something like that. and kind of skinny on bathrooms and everything, So we re going to give this a shot this year and see how it goes and. hopefully it s just a better nicer experience for folks And then my whole. talk is going to be PowerPoint and mixed media so that hopefully I can. bang out a lot more material a lot faster And my hope is to cover all the. material that I wanted to put into an advanced topics course So instead. of having a second day and charging more money and then covering like. ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting and lab work interpretation and. stuff like that I m hoping that in this new format because people aren t. trying to decipher my serial killer handwriting that they re actually going. to be able to take in all the material faster and then I can get to that. advanced topic stuff But I still have not finished the talk so I m not 100. sure how that s going to figure out But it ll definitely contain more. material I m just not sure how much more material,Andy Deas Nice. Robb Wolf Yeah, Andy Deas All right Are you ready for the questions Robb. Robb Wolf I m really to roll man That s enough preamble Let s do it Andy is trying. to get me killed with the questions he s asking here. Andy Deas To be fair as I told you before I did leave out some of the other more. controversial questions and I ll save them for the next few weeks for. Robb Wolf We should just do the pure controversy edition just completely. inflammatory stuff, Andy Deas Or you could just be like Matt Lalonde I sent him a question that was like.
a late add and I m like This is a pretty good question And I get this. response back He s like Dude this question is not appropriate to. discuss in audio media It could go on for five days And I m like Okay. Then just don t answer it,Robb Wolf Matt is very thorough. Andy Deas So the first question we have today is from Daniel He says Hi guys. Thanks for doing the podcast It s such a great way to get information on. training diet et cetera I don t have much of an appetite in the morning. never have I have had troubles in the past with having a hard labor job. that required me to arrive early in the morning It was hard for me to fuel. myself first thing in the morning for a high energy expenditure day I. solved this problem by having shakes in the morning usually by 9 00 to. 10 00 a m I m ready for a good breakfast, Is it just that there are times when the schedule doesn t allow me to eat. really light first thing in the morning and then a good meal a couple of. hours later I know that shakes in the morning are not beneficial to my. insulin sensitivity So is there a way I can have a shake in the morning to. help my lack of appetite Is there anything wrong with an apple a. handful of nuts seed first thing in the morning then maybe egg sausage. kale avocado a couple of hours later I m open to any other advice you. have for someone who doesn t have a huge appetite in the morning. Robb Wolf I guess a big question I have is like if you re not hungry in the morning. why are you I don t know that it s that big a deal So long as your. energy levels are okay and you re not wasting away you re not seeing. performance tip you re not losing a bunch of muscle mass I don t know. that it really matters one way or another I mean if a really light breakfast. is what appeals to you and gets you going I guess that s totally fine. If you want you wanted to do a little of tinkering like taking some again. like the good old standby some super enzymes NOW Food Super. Enzymes with breakfast I do notice and it tends to be more on the. female side interestingly but folks who say like have some protein. aversion for breakfast they don t want to use chicken or sausage or. something like that I usually find that that situation improves if they get. a little bit of digestive support But beyond that I just what s the really. compelling need here to have breakfast if it s inconvenient time wise and. if eating a hardier lunch and dinner makes things better then I see no. problem with that, Andy Deas Yup Like the as you said there could be some situational I ve worked. with some males some males that I would say have some adrenal stuff. that used to actually be very hungry in the morning and then over time I. think mostly due to some kind of overwork then they were no longer. hungry And so in that case is usually with them We played with stuff like. sweet potatoes in the morning to try to see if we could ramp up their. appetite a little bit,Robb Wolf Yeah, Andy Deas Because they would start to see some performance degradations but. they just weren t hungry, Robb Wolf Right And that s definitely where that meat and nuts Poliquin esque.
breakfast could be handy kind of resetting neurotransmitters and all that. sort of stuff I know Ido was kind of horrified by the idea of kicking off the. day and not eating like he s really a big advocate of getting that protein. and fat meal in there and kind of set up neurotransmitter status and all. that stuff Because of my dabbling with intermittent fasting and all that. then I am not as freaked out about it But it is a good point The cortisol. issue can definitely be lurking in the background too. Andy Deas Yup, Robb Wolf But again it s kind of that they still if you look feel and perform then. there s probably not that much you need to tinker with If we see some. decrease in that or we see that going sideways then that s where we say. okay we need to by hook or by crook shore up the breakfast deal. Andy Deas Right Cool I promise I wouldn t say cool anymore So sorry for starting. Robb Wolf Outstanding, Andy Deas Next we got a question from Tommy I m kind of excited about this. question only because I haven t heard the return of Ori and the Warrior. Diet in years,Robb Wolf Whoo, Andy Deas So Love the podcast book and the general Robb Andy banter A friend. of mine told me about The Warrior Diet We re both into health fitness. and the whole paleo gluten free thing so I decided to read it I used to. subscribe to eating more meals more frequently but can t really find. anything to justify it except for every health magazine repeating it as god. given wisdom, The Warrior Diet advocates eating one big meal a day and just snacking. on raw foods fruits vegetables during the day when hungry The diet. doesn t care as much about food quality but I never going back to eating. what amounts to better packaged dumpster food anyway so the Warrior. Diet for me would be eating one large Paleo meal a day It sounds like it. may fit the Paleo framework as I don t see our hunter gatherer ancestors. having much time in limited daylight hours to sit down and cook when. there are rabbits to be killed and berries to be gathered. I d love to hear your thoughts as I m trying to determine if there are. advantages to this if it s a better means of eating than the three squares. a day deal or if it s just a whole load of malarkey Thanks. Robb Wolf I think it s actually a pretty good book and I think it was probably one of. the earliest kind of dabblings with the intermittent fasting concept I. think that it gets a little bit it s one of these funny things again and this. was the Brian Dunning deal when he did his piece on gluten free diets. being bogus or whatever Whenever people cite bread and Spartans as. being old it s just kind of like Really That s the best That s the most. comprehensive research you ve done in the history of the world and. history of humanity It s just kind of funny, So it s kind of some of the premises that they draw from that I think are.
a little bit goofy I think the Warrior Diet best applied would be. something that obviously I would have my bias towards more or less. Paleo foods using yams sweet potatoes tubers as your kind of preferred. carbohydrate source for glycogen repletion needs lots of vegetables for. the antioxidant nutrient density and all that But I just it doesn t need. to be the super tightly adhered to thing It doesn t have to be one meal. This is where a little bit more flexible intermittent fasting kind of gig. where you do maybe two meals a day possibly three meals but within a. compressed feeding window I think that that probably gives you kind of. the optimum return on your investment It s just a little bit easier a little. bit easier to live with I don t really see any problem with the rest of the. recommendations I used to be just because we didn t really know. much better but when the question of fasting would come up it was like. can you have some fruit during that time Can you have some vegetables. during that time and I would generally say no because we re kind of. looking at these mechanisms related to ketogenic state as being. potentially the drivers of a lot of the anti aging mechanism and stuff like. I think that we understand a little bit better now that in addition to. ketogenic status as just a period of protein scarcity which also modifies. mtor expression and some of these other very important cellular aging. genes And so the recommendation of eating some raw vegetables. through the day probably is fine even within that kind of intermittent. fasting type framework, So much of that stuff is still so completely unknown It s just a best case. educated guess But again take what we know from Paleo diet research. gluten intolerance all the rest of that stuff and then just make this thing. work to your schedule So instead of being really die hard about it. needing to be one evening meal maybe your biggest meal is at lunch and. then you have a lighter meal at dinner I mean I just don t see the need to. be super rigid about anything with that Again get lean get strong try to. be healthy make your performance health and longevity look good. make those biomarkers of health and disease look favorable and just. modify the chow to work within that,Andy Deas Well said. Robb Wolf I m not even sure what I said All the tequila at lunch time is setting in. Andy Deas Warrior Diet Good marketing though I remember that. Robb Wolf Really good marketing Ori Hofmekler is a super sharp dude and he had. some good stuff to say He had a follow up book on avoiding. xenoestrogens and kind of optimizing testosterone production and stuff. He s a sharp dude He s not trained as a scientist but pretty darn savvy. with the application of a lot of the molecular biology and endocrinology. and everything Pretty interesting dude, Andy Deas Right Next we got a question from Niki She says Hi I have been eating. primal paleo for five months and although I do feel a lot better for it and. have lost 20lbs I still have stomach problems such as diarrhea on a. regular basis I have celiac disease and wonder if there is more I should. 1 ThePaleoSolution Episode 64 Andy Deas Robb Wolf Andy Deas back with episode 64 The Paleo Solution Ialmost said episode 4 today Robb

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