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Table of contents,Nutrition health and wellness,16 Nestl Good Food Good Life. 16 Research Development,18 Nutrition the core of the Nestl business. 18 Priority on nutrition health and wellness, 20 Nestl Nutrition a specialist nutrition business. 21 The Nestl Nutrition Council and the,Nestl Nutrition Institute. 21 Looking to the future, 22 Nestl almost 150 years pioneering nutrition and health.
People products brands,26 Putting the consumer first. 27 Food is local,28 Nestl a company built on brands. 30 Contributing to nutrition health and wellness,32 Ensuring quality and food safety. 32 Wherever whenever however,33 The changing consumer. How Nestl runs its business,36 Principles not rules.
37 A multi cultural business,38 Looking after the environment. 40 Sourcing raw materials,41 A network of local companies. 42 Bene ting local economies,43 Nestl in the community reaching out beyond. our business,45 Consistent sustainable growth,46 People are Nestl s greatest asset. 47 Wide variety of career opportunities,48 How our business is organised.
48 Other Nestl Group companies,50 The world of Nestl. Nestl website and Nestl publications,52 Website and publications. The aim of this booklet is to introduce ourselves to you. and to share with you some special insights into the. many facets of our Company,Nestl is the largest food and beverage company in. the world It is also well on its way to becoming world. leader in nutrition health and wellness, In the first part of this booklet the emphasis is on. the way Nestl brings more nutritious products to more. consumers all over the world In the second part, the focus is on our brands and products and in the third.
part we cover the way we run our business,We hope you enjoy finding out more about us. Did you know,Nestl is a,Swiss company,founded in 1866. by Henri Nestl,Did you know,Nestl invests,CHF 1 5 billion. in Research and,Development,every year,Did you know. Nestl markets,its products,in 130 countries,across the world.
Did you know,manufactures,around 10 000,different products. and employs some,250 000 people,Did you know,Nestl sells over. The world of Nestl Nestl website and Nestl publications launch of an innovative nutritious baby food Now almost 150 years later we live in a very different world The global population has grown to over six billion People are living longer Living standards have improved Life styles have changed These and other demographic factors have had a considerable influence on Nestl

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