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The work of the UNDP Innovation,Facility is made possible with funds. from the Government of Denmark the,co founding donor of the Facility. UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand. crisis and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in nearly 170 countries and territories we offer global perspective and local. insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations. Cover photo Hasmik Soghomonyan UNDP Armenia,Back cover photo Steven Goldfinch UNDP Uganda. Copyright UNDP 2017 All rights reserved,One United Nations Plaza New York NY10017 USA. UNDP INNOVATION FACILITY 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW,FOREWORD 01.
1 2016 AT A GLANCE INNOVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT 02,2 OUR WORK INNOVATION FOR 2030 11. Eradicate Poverty Leave No One Behind 12,Protect the Planet 24. Build Peaceful Societies Prevent Violent Conflict 33. Manage Risk Improve Disaster Response 45,Advance Gender Equality Women s Empowerment 55. 3 CREATING A NEW NORMAL 65,At A Glance UNDP Innovation Facility 7. Innovation Approaches 9,Alternative Finance 29,Public Sector Innovation Labs 43.
Data Innovation 51,Behavioural Insights 63,Principles of Innovation 71. Talent Innovation 73, In 2014 a small team of enthusiastic change makers at we are seeing fundamental changes in the practice of. the Public Service Development Agency PSDA of Georgia governance through networked democracy particularly. started a new form of collaboration with UNDP Our shared in the shifting role of citizens from passive consumers of. vision A partnership to shift a traditional bureaucracy into government services to active co designers. an engine of innovation for more effective solutions to the. pressing challenges faced by the public sector Public sector innovation labs are a mechanism for driving. change in the public sector and to engage citizens in public. In cooperation with the UNDP innovation team we set up service reform and policy design It is about formulating. ServiceLab our first innovation lab in Georgia to re think and testing hypotheses with a clear idea of what change. the way public services are designed and delivered Ours is we want to trigger while not pre defining the path which. a learn by doing approach through hands on experiments would lead us to these results In an increasingly connected. designed to bridge gaps between the viewpoints of world where complex dynamics are at play and constant. decision makers and citizens on important issues By and rapid change is the new normal understanding what. bringing civil servants and citizens into the same room the actual problem is let alone what the possible solutions. as equals we enabled them to solve problems together may be is particularly challenging We created a peer to. sparking a co working process to emulate the essence of peer support group to share experience and discuss new. democracy for the citizens by the citizens Our role is to approaches to challenges through the inter agency Public. nudge our partners both in the public sector and beyond Service Designers Network. to explore less travelled paths by incorporating citizen. centric practices Instead of focusing on existing and easy To achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. to replicate cases we seek to find the best fit solutions committed to by the Member States and UN we must. through introducing experimentation prototyping and invest in public sector innovation to find the best solutions. reverse engineering tools to the public sector for a given context and to generate systems and processes. that enable us to learn quicker and be more inclusive. In our collaboration with UNDP it has become evident. that the design thinking approach minimizes risks as it. involves small inexpensive experiments instead of large. scale projects that are difficult and costly to roll back Once. the right solution is found as the result of some paper and. glue work and by getting our hands dirty it can be built. thereby transforming a prototype into a real product or. An example Our first successful experiment was a,new partnership between ServiceLab and Emergency. Services in Georgia We used design thinking to introduce. an emergency call service for people with hearing,impairments For the first time government non. governmental actors and the target users themselves. collaborated to co create public services in Georgia At. our prototype testing workshop we witnessed citizens. visions for ideal emergency services come to life when. the emergency services incorporated citizen preferences. in their new service Above all this meant a significant. expression of trust between citizens and government. they trusted us with their ideas and we delivered Learning. from this experience we introduced over 30 additional. online services for persons with disabilities within a month NANA TSIKLAURI. We also recruited sign language interpreters to serve the. Director Strategic Projects Reforms Department,special needs of these users.
Public Service Development Agency,Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Working with UNDP on setting up the ServiceLab has. provided a new impetus to public sector innovation in. Georgia Innovation is not just about solutions It s about. how we approach governance Over the last decade, 1 UNDP Innovation Facility Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals. 2016 AT A GLANCE,INNOVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT, For a growing number of countries innovation spurred by with citizens and governments based on user centric. technological advances and increased access to global markets approaches. is a leading driver of economic growth and prosperity. New technologies and an appetite for social economic and building real time information systems to improve. policy reforms are creating new entry points to address transparent and responsive decision making or. the most stubborn development challenges Whether it is. around technology innovations alternative finance models leveraging behavioural insights to better diagnose. or experimentation policy governments are increasingly development problems and design evidence based. realizing that they need to invest in social innovation experiments accordingly. approaches to better engage with citizens establish their. overall legitimacy and create the next generation of services We focus on rapidly learning how we can achieve better. outcomes together Innovation as we approach it means. Innovation for development is about identifying new and iterative design As Eric Beinhocker puts it. more effective solutions that add value for the people affected. by development challenges Technology plays a major role. In addition to new technology applications innovation for Rather than thinking of strategy as a single. development also means,plan built on predictions of the future we. testing new business models including impact bonds should think of strategy as a portfolio of. to unlock financing needed to achieve the Sustainable. Development Goals SDGs,experiments that competes and evolves.
developing the next generation of public services over time. 2016 Year in Review At a Glance 2,ABOUT THE REPORT UNDP INNOVATION FACILITY IN 2016. The UNDP Innovation Facility scans the horizon to assess organizations and client governments In 2016 we. emerging approaches and technologies that can add value continued to design practical interventions based on. to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda in partnership with country level experiments With our partners we focus on. the public and private sectors We invest in innovation the change we want to achieve instead of the approach. to find the best solutions based on evidence to achieve methodology or solution. better development results and to design more inclusive. processes for better governance This 2016 Annual Review provides an overview of UNDP s. innovation journey The chapter on Our Work provides. 2016 was a turbulent year Geopolitical changes and a snapshot of innovation initiatives from early stage to. further escalations of ongoing conflicts with severe human those on a pathway to scale The chapter on Creating A. rights abuses were contrasted by tangible progress This New Normal highlights UNDP s investment in innovation. included the adoption of the Paris Agreement which champion programmes our recent experiment to inject. charted a new though uncertain course in the global innovation techniques into our project design and. effort to combat climate change and adapt to its effects management It also addresses our joint work with the. 2016 highlighted the accuracy of the VUCA assessment of Talent Management Unit to embed innovation skills in. the world where volatility uncertainty complexity and UNDP s leadership programmes. ambiguity are the new normal What can be practically. done to adapt to this reality and achieve progressive The Features in this report reflect the service lines emerging. change towards the Sustainable Development Goals at UNDP because of our investments in innovation. Alternative Finance Data Innovation Behavioural Insights. Our answer is to invest in experiments that test alternative Public Sector Innovation Labs and dedicated services on. ways of addressing development problems monitor scaling innovations. the results rigorously and work on bringing innovation. from the margins to the centre of UNDP our partner. 3 UNDP Innovation Facility Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals. INNOVATION AT UNDP, UNDP s deliberate investment in innovation started in. 2012 in Europe and Central Asia Within two years UNDP. established the global Innovation Facility based in the. Bureau of Policy and Programme Support and supported. by the Government of Denmark Since 2014 the Facility. has provided seed funds to more than 110 experiments. across 76 countries testing 18 and counting innovation. approaches The Facility s team is based in Addis Ababa. Amman Bangkok Istanbul New York and Panama The, team provides innovation advisory services and nurtures. a distributed network of innovation champions across the. Here are three key results that independent evaluation. and UNDP s own data point to,INNOVATION LEADS TO MORE DIVERSE. PARTNERSHIPS,UNDP offices that tested new ways of working have.
reported double the number of partnerships with the. private sector foundations and international financial. institutions and 40 more partnerships with academia. and or think tanks Country offices that received funding. or advisory services from the Innovation Facility are 65. more likely to engage young women and men in designing. solutions In Asia and the Pacific our work on youth and. innovation energized the youth portfolio establishing. partnerships with Citibank and Intel These partnerships. include financial partnerships and build on innovation. youth entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. as well as school to work skills development programmes. In 2016 our partner base further broadened to include. the first internet philanthropy report with Tencent. Together with the Seoul Municipal Government, experiments with Aid Tech Microsoft UK s Behavioural. UNDP established City iLeaps an innovation exchange. Insights Team BitNation MIT Poverty Action Lab and. initiative to facilitate city innovation through learning. Climate CoLab Edgeryders Nesta Cognitive Edge Danish. exchanging adapting prototyping and scaling to, Government s MindLab UAViators Humanitarian Network. help cities use design thinking and concepts such as. leading Gaming Labs local startups social entrepreneurs. reverse engineering to design adapt and prototype, as well as key private sector partners such as MobiMedia. public sector services As part of this initiative,DJI Glorious Labs Baidu Google and IBM. UNDP partnered with Makassar city government,on using design thinking to improve transport.
Examples of new partnership models systems Four prototypes are being tested Further. Hulumale and Ho Chi Minh cities have also expressed. With DJI WeRobotics and the Government of the Maldives interest in working with us on designing smart. UNDP tested the use of UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles cities and tackling solid waste issues respectively. aka drones to capture hard to access data in real time. for improved disaster management As a result the On the global level UNDP and UN Global Pulse co. government purchased drones and will use UAV images in organized a UN Data Innovation Lab and incubated. its disaster response and climate change mitigation work six data experiments across seven UN agencies with. the support of private sector partners such as Google. In Serbia we brokered a collaboration between the Facebook PricewaterhouseCoopers Ernst Young. Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the government IBM and Microsoft UNDP is working with Microsoft. to design a Youth Employment Bond which will be to develop an Innovation Lab in Nepal following two. financed with private sector investment as a pay for successful collaborations the Idea Factory and a. success model In 2017 we re putting it to the test post disaster payment app. 2016 Year in Review At a Glance 4,INNOVATION CREATES NEW PATHWAYS FOR SCALING. The uptake of a new approach by a partner is an important success indicator for our investments in innovation Uptake. is a pathway to scale as it lets partners adapt and invest in new ways of working 60 of Innovation Facility initiatives. In cooperation with the UNDP innovation team we set up ServiceLab our first innovation lab in Georgia to re think the way public services are designed and delivered Ours is a learn by doing approach through hands on experiments designed to bridge gaps between the viewpoints of decision makers and citizens on important issues By bringing civil servants and citizens into the same room as

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