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The University of Newcastle,Faculty of Engineering. I 1 CONTENTS, TIlE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASlLE New South Wales SECfIONONE FACULTY STAFF 1. SECI lON TWO FACULTY INFORMATION 6,LocaUon Address University Drive Callaghan. SECfrON THREE A WARD RULES 11, Postal Address The University of Newcastle NSW 2308 Rules Governing Academic Awards 11. Award Schedules,Bachelor of Engineering 13,Telephone 049 21 5000.
Bachelor of Surveying 14,Bachelor of Computer Science 14. Telex AA28194 Library Bachelor of Computer Science Honours 15. AA28618 Bursar Graduate Diploma in Computer Science 15. AA28784 lUNRA The University of Newcastle Resea ch Associates Limited Graduate Diploma in Computing 16. Graduate Diploma in Surveying 16, Facsimile 049 21 6922 SECI lON FOUR FACULTY POLICIES 17. General Course Rules and Infonnation 17, Hours of Business Mondays to Fridays e ct pting public holidays 9 am to 5 pm Progress and Performance 19. Other Faculty Policies 22, The University of Newcastle Calendar consists oftbe following volumes. SECfION FIVE BACHELOR DEGREE COURSE PROGRAMS 2S, Volume I Legislation Guide to Attendance Patterns 25.
Volume 2 University Bodies and Staff Chemical Engineering 25. Volume 3 Faculty of Architecture Handbook,Civil Engineering 28. Computer Engineering 30, Volume 4 Faculty of Art Design and Communication Handbook. Computer Science 33,Volume 5 Faculty of Arts Handbook. Computer Science Honours 35, Volume 6 Faculty ofEconornics and Commerce Handbook Electrical Engineering 35. Volume 7 Faculty of Education Handbook Environmental Engineering 38. Volume 8 Faculty of Engineering Handbook Industrial Engineering 40. Volume 9 Faculty of Health Sciences Handbook Mechanical Engineering 42. Volume 10 Faculty of Law Handbook Surveying 45, Volume 11 Faculty of Medicine Handbook SECTION SIX MASTER AND DOCTORAL DEGREE REGULATIONS 47.
Volume 12 Faculty of Music Handbook SECfrON SEVEN GRADUATE COURSEWORK PROGRAMS S4. Volume 13 Faculty of Nursing Handbook,Graduate Diploma in Computer Science 54. Volume 14 Faculty of Science and Mathematics Handbook Graduate Diploma in Computing 55. Volume 15 Faculty f Social Science Handbook Graduate Diploma in Surveying 56. Master of Computing 57, This Volume is intended as a reference handbook for students enrolling in courses Master of Engineering Science Industrial Systems 58. conducted by the Faculty of Engineering,SECfION EIGHT SUBJECT DESCRIPTIONS S9. The colour band Lapis Lazuli Bee 150 on the cover is the lining colour of the hood of. Bachelors of Engineering of this University Biology Subjects BIOL 60. The information in this Handbook is correct as at 8th October 1992. Chemical Engineering SUbjects CHEE 61,Chemistry Subjects CHEM 66. Civil Engineering Subjects CrVL 68,ISSN 0159 3455,Commerce Subjects COMM 71.
Computer Science Subjects COMP 71, Recommended Price Five dollars and fifty cents plus postage Economics Subjects ECON 74. Electrical and Computer Engineering SUbjects ELEC 74. Environmental Science Subjects SCEN 78, Designed by Marie T Wisniowski Geography Subjects GEOO 79. Typeset by Jan Spurr The Secretariat Division The University of Newcastle 1 Geology Subjects GEOL 79. Printed by Newcastle Camera Print Infonnation Science Subjects INFO 79. Law Subjects LAW 80,Mathematics Subjects MATH 80,Management Subjects MNGT 82. Mechanical Engineering SUbjects MECH 83,Philosophy Subjects PHIL 89. Physics Subjects PHYS 90,Psychology Subjects PSYC 90.
Statistics Subjects STAT 91,Surveying Subjects SURV 91. SECfION NINE SCHEDULE OF SUBJECTS 94,Department of Chemical Engineering CHEE 95. Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying CIVL and SURV 96. Department of Computer Science COMP 98, Department of Elecb ical and Computer Engineering ELEC 99. Department of Mechanical Engineering MECH 101, Other Departments of the University various codes 103. SECfIONTEN GENERAL INFORMATION located in centre section. PRINCIPAL DATES 1993,ADVICE AND INFORMATION II,ENROLMENT AND RE ENROLMENT III.
THE DEAN S FOREWORD,LEAVE OF ABSENCE v, ATTENDANCE AT CLASSES v On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Engineering I wish to The opportunity to obtain a well rounded tertiary educational. GENERAL CONDUCT v extend a welcome to all students those who are entering the experience is embodied in the very concept of the university. University and the Faculty for the first lime and Utose who are system The University environment with its excellent campus. EXAMINATIONS v, returning to commence another year of studies and facilities together with the many extra curricular activities. STATEMENTS OF ACADEMIC RECORD vHl Having chosen to study in one of the fields of Engineering creates an opportunity for obtaining a broad experience indeed. vlil Computer Science or Surveying you are embarking on a a unique experience in one s lifetime For this reason I would. UNSA TISFACTORY PROGRESS RULES, professional career which is both challenging and stimulating encourage you to take full advantage ofthe opportunities available. CHARGES x Weare living in an age which is witnessing a tremendous growth to you and where time pennits take an active interest in the. HIGHER EDUCATION CONTRIBUTION SCHEME HECS x in scientific and technological development and which is having various facets of University life I would also encourage you to. a marked effect on the modes and characteristics of our society take part in the decision making prOcesses of the Faculty either. LOANS xl through membership of the Faculty and Departmental Boards or. The future of our society is very much dependent on the solution. REFUND OF CHARGES xl of a number of very complex technological problems While by supporting the students elected to those positions. CAMPUS TRAFFIC AND PARKING xl these problems will be many and varied none will be more The staff of the Faculty will do everything possible to make your. important than those associated with food production the work both interesting and enjoyable they are anxious to help you. MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES development of alternative fonns of energy and the preservation with any problems you may have We would be most graleful for. Banking xii of our living environment Graduates in the various disciplines of any feedback of a constructive nature that you may wish to offer. Cashier xii Engineering and of Computer Science and Surveying will in. In conclusion I wish you well in your studies at this University. their own way contribute to the solution of these and other. Chaplaincy Service xii Thereis no doubt that acourseleading to adegreein Engineering. important problems, Community Programmes xii Computer Science or Surveying requires a great deal ofdedication. The role of universities in modem society has broadened Not and perseverance but the task is certainly a rewarding one. Convocation xii only is it necessary to preserve the ideals ofleaming and associated. Co op B ookshop xii fundamental research it has become of equal importance for. Lost Property xii universities to become directly involved in the application of Alan W Roberts. Noticeboards xii research to the solution of problems associated with industry and Dean. Post Office xii the community Forthis reason the role ofa university engineering. xii faculty in applied and industrially orientated research is an. Public Transport, important one In this respect it is noteworthy that this Faculty of.
Student Insurance Cover xiii, Engineering through its research and associated projects. University Computing Services xiii undertaken on behalf of Australian industry is making a major. University Libraries xiv contribution and has attained national and international. r prominence The interaction between the research and teaching. functions is invaluable to the maintenance of standards and the. professional relevance of course curricula,SECTION ONE. PRINCIPAL OFFICERS, Vice Chancellor and Principal Professor K J Morgan BSe MA DPhil Oxf. Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Professor M P Carter BA Nott PhD Edin. Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration L F Hennessy BA Syd. Deputy Vice Chancellor planning D R Huxley BA UttB NE MA PhD. Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Professor K R Dutton MA Syd DU Paris Officier des Palmes academiques. Pro Vice Chancellor Development L R Eastcott MEd Syd PhD Alberta BA DipEd. Deputy President of Academic Senate Professor F L Clarke BEe PhD Syd FCPA ACIS ACIM. Dean for Research Professor RJ MacDonald BSe PhD NSW FAIP. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING STAFF, Dean Professor A W Roberts AM BE PhD NSW ASTC MIMechE FlEAuS FTS. Assistant Deans,Professor D l Hill BE BSc Q ld PhD MIEEE MSIAM.
W G Field BE NSW PhD ASTC FlEA S,Faculty Secretary G D Gordon BA. Administrative Assistants Faculty Office,H E Jackson BA. J Norbum BA BEdStud,S F M Pendlebury,Faculty Of1ice StatY I Sherwood. SECTION ONE PACULTYSTAFF SECTION ONE PACULTYSTAFF,M G Stewart BE Mooash PhD MIEAu t. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING G R Willgoose BE BSe SM MIT PhD MlT. H S Yu BSc Eng MSe London DIC DPhil Oxf,Professors Professional Omcers.
GJ Iameson BSc NSW PhD Camb ASTC CEng F1ChemE F1EAust PRACI FAuslMM professor ofCbemica K M Corrigan BSe Civ Eng. EnglDeerlng Head of Department H T Knies BSurv PhD. T F WalI PhD T ChemEng CEng CChem F1EAus FAlE MCombI F1CbemE MRACI professor of Fuels and G Simundie BE Saraj Yug. Combustion EnglDeering, Computer Programmer A Shanks BSc Well NZ Dip Ors NZ. Assoeiate Professor R H Weiland MASe PhD Toronto MAlChE MICbemE. Tecbnical om ers, Senior Lecturer J Roberts BSc NSW ME ASTC ARACI MAWW A M W Dann. Lecturers P Moffat, N Ahmed BSe Eng B desh Engin PhD MSME AlME MRACI CChem Laboratory Assistant I Jeans. G B Evans BE PhD GradIChemE,J A Luess BSe BE MCombI Laboratory Craftsmen. S A Manning BE GradlChemE S Gay,A G Tate BE MCombI MGradlChemE M Goodwin.
Senior Research Fellow R P Gupta BTech Kharagpur MTech llT Delhi PhD Departmental Office Staff. I Z de Souza,Professional Officer C E Pilgrim, J B Waanden BE MEngSe MIEAust GradlChemE CPEng J Tang. Technical Officers,RB D Ombtain,DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE. T R Farrugia BSc, Professor P O Eades BA PhD ANU professor of Computer Science Head of Department. Laboratory Assistant N Gardner, Associate Professor G Wrightson BE MCompSe PhD Karlsruhe MACM MG MIEEE. Senior Laboratory Craftsman I L Richards,Senior Lecturers.
Laboratory Craftsmen B Beresford Smith BSe PhD ANU. RJ Adams H Elgindy BE BSe MSe MeGill PhD McGill,C Croese M R Hannaford BA BE DipCompSe PhD. Research Officers M Miller BA Sydney MLiU UNE MA UNE PhD NSW. CJ Conway BE Lecturers,G Rigby BE M Houle BSe PhD McGill. Departmental Office Staff Simon BSe BA Jame Cook DipCompSe MMath. G B Hensman Senior Tutor K Wallace BMath,Professional Officer D M Koch BTecb EE SAll. Honorary Professor I McC Stewart AM ME Q ld SM MlT CEng MIChemE F1nSlF MAuslMM MCombI F1EAust. Computer Systems Officers,K A Hawkin BInITech Qld, DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND SURVEYING C Lance BA BSc Lundon PhD ANU. Professors D Montgomery BCompSc, J G Fryer BSurv PhD NSW F1SAuSi Adam Tecbnology Prof ofPhotugrammetry Technical Officer G Martin.
RE Melehen BE MEngSe Monash PhD Camb DipEd Monash MICE F1EAu t professor ofClvll Engineerina. A w Page BE NSW PhD ASTC FIE Aust CBPI Professor in Structural Clay Brickwork Head of Department Departmental Office Staff. D C Edward,Senior Lecturers D A HathereU,M H Elliek DipSurvSe DipT CP Syd LS F1SAu t. W G Field BE NSW PhD ASTC F1EAust, B S Heaton BE NSW ME ASTC MIEAu DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING. P W Kleeman BE Adel FSASM Professors,G A Kueura BE MEngSc Melb PhD Harv MIEAu t. H L Mitchell BSurv PhD NSW MISAust, G C Goodwin BSe BE PhD NSW FlEEE FrS FlEAust Professor Electrical Engineering. DJ Hill BE BSe Q ld PhD MIEEE MSIAM pacific Power Professor of Power Engineering. S W Sloan BE MEngSc Mooash MPhil PhD Camb, H SchrtSder DipMath PhD CAU Keil AWA Professor of Microelectronics.
BJ William BE Adel MEngSc NSW PhD Melb, Associate Professor P J Moylan BE Melb ME PhD MIEEE MACS. K Bretreger BSurv PhD UNSW MISAu t Senior Lecturers. R C PattelllOl1 BSurv BSe MSurvSe MStats NSW MISAu RE Betz BE ME PhD Head of Department. D W Smith BE PhD Syd BJ Cook HND Elect plymouth Polytechnie PhD Bri t CEng. C B de Souza BE pemambuco Brazil Dr Ing Pierre Marie Curie MIEEE. FACULTY STAPP SECfIONONE FACULTY STAPP,SECfIONONE,Senior Technical Officers. M Fu BA Hefei MA PhD Wisconsin,I Hiskens BE CQ BAppSc CQ PhD MIEEE GradlEAust. B K MaISden,R H Middleton BE BSc PhD MIEEE, B Penfold DipEE Swmbume MEngSc DipFinMgt NE PhD MIEAust I S Miller. J D Wallon,Technical Officers,S W Cban BE PhD,P J Garl oot.
M J Sculley BftpplSci MApplyScl Melb PbD JISc,H Villanueva EE UTE Chile MSc PhD Macb Engl. K M McLellan,I Webster BE ME PhD,Professional Officers Senior Laboratory Craftsmen. F Martinez BE,NJ Allwood,J V Holmberg BCompSc,Senior Technical Officers J B Marsh. Laboratory Craftsmen,P C McLauchlan,Technical Officers. Departmental Office Staff,P Falkiner A TCL,C A Watkins.
1 Powell Honorary Professors,G R Belton BSc Eng PhD DIC Lond. Laboratory Assistant V Lucky,A Harrison BA Macq BE NSWIT PhD. Departmental Office Staff,Honorary Associates,M J Conn E Bet ME PhD NSW ASTC F1EAust MASME. TIlE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASlLE New South Wales LocaUon Address University Drive Callaghan Postal Address The University of Newcastle NSW 2308 Telephone 049 21 5000 Telex AA28194 Library AA28618 Bursar AA28784 lUNRA The University of Newcastle Resea ch Associates Limited Facsimile 049 21 6922 Hours of Business Mondays to Fridays e ct gt pting public holidays 9 am to 5 pm The

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