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Introduction, Teaching STEM education from home has never been more accessible than it is today These free online resources provide coding challen. ges for all ages mathematical problems and solutions and a variety of experiments instructions descriptions guides magazines as well. as interactive opportunities with scientists via Skype. Learn from scratch how to build and program a robot out of household materials and a smartphone See how chemists are helping nations. reach sustainable development goals Develop scientific communication skills through teen reviews of scientists in the Quartz magazine. Frontiers for Young Minds, With an estimated 1 37 billion students home from school as a result of COVID 19 safety measures online learning is essential But parents. do not need to take on teaching responsibilities alone. We have been operating in Central and Southern Africa in collaboration with the field offices The UNESCO office in Brazzaville and Harare. for example have been equipped with 3D printers and have the necessary capacities to conduct workshops using the online resources. mentioned below Trained experts have been identified in the region. In other areas we will have to build the capacity beforehand by sending out all the necessary resources to the field offices Our field offices. are key to the continuation of our workshops, Tools such as Zoom can be used to conduct webinars especially by the trained experts in the regions Again the field offices are key as they. will be the ones to identify good Internet connections. HQ will have a backstopping role and in the case of the Microscience Kits we have stored around 5 000 kits in South Africa and it is a matter. of sending out the kits from South Africa to the countries where we will be conducting the workshops. The objective is to increase the interest of young people and especially girls in scientific disciplines that stimulate their critical thinking. innovation and problem solving skills, All the instructions and pedagogic resources required to organize the workshops are available online. World Digital Library,Fields Project Description Links.
The Global Microscience Experiments The UNESCO Global Microscience Expe http www unesco org new en natu. Project riments project provides students with real ral sciences special themes science edu. laboratory kits and instruction booklets on cation basic sciences microscience unes. how to conduct scientific experiments in co teaching and learning materials. physics chemistry and biology The peda,gogical importance of this practical science. education tool for capacity building in scien,tific thinking is high In response to the. requests of Member States the project has,been updated to include sessions on Artifi. cial Intelligence in collaboration with Google,PI Robotics and 3D Printing. Chemistry Mediachimie https www mediachimie org,This website offers online secondary school.
and lower undergraduate training teaching,resources in chemistry It covers a range. of fields including environment health,agriculture and energy and discusses. the link between chemistry and the sustai,nable development goals. Fields Project Description Links, AI and Robotics The Section of Innovation and Capacity Tutorials related to 3D robotic blueprints are. building has integrated AI and Robotics available at these websites. to its STEM Programme The objective is, to introduce young students to AI through https www e3bot com.
coding programming and robotics Two https www thingiverse com thing 3568774. users are targeted teachers as trainers and files,young students as end beneficiaries 3D blueprints. MIT SCRATCH is a community where,school children learn to program their own. interactive stories games and animations,The contents are available in more than 30. https scratch mit edu,MIT APP Inventor is an intuitive visual pro. gramming environment that allows,everyone even children to build fully func.
tional apps for smartphones and tablets,https appinventor mit edu. Tinkercad is attractive environment that al,lows young people to 3D design and code. There are free 3D printing blueprints files,https www tinkercad com. Fields Project Description Links, Technology Arduino is an open source electronic proto www arduino cc. typing platform It offers a range of software,and hardware tools and documentation.
enabling almost anybody to be creative,with technology It shows STEM students to. learn how to code,Biology Scitable https www nature com scitable. Not updated since 2014 but still contains, Scitable inspires undergraduates and high interesting resources. school AP biology students with resources,on genetics and cell biology from Nature. Publishing Group home of Nature It,contains some ebooks in biology.
The UNESCO World Library of Science https www nature com wls. WLoS Not updated since 2014 but still contains,interesting resources. The UNESCO World Library of Science,WLoS is a free online resource for science. learning It contains hundreds of peer re,viewed articles that use text pictures. illustrations and videos to make scientific,concepts easy to understand The WLoS is. also a community hub for learning Users,can join classes start groups and connect.
with other learners,Fields Project Description Links. Natural Sciences Annual Reviews Inc,https www annualreviews org. Annual Reviews Inc is a nonprofit organi, zation that publishes 51 review journals in Annual Reviews also provides Knowable. specific disciplines in natural science and Magazine. social science and Knowable Magazine, a freely available website that cultivates https www knowablemagazine org. public understanding of science, Science Mathematics and Engineering Khan Academy https www khanacademy org.
Khan Academy offers practice exercises,instructional videos and a personalized. learning dashboard that empower learners,to study at their own pace in and outside of. the classroom The platform offers tools that,empower teachers and parents to coach the. students Their resources are available in,more than 30 languages. Fields Project Description Links, Education Technology THE Journal is dedicated to informing and https thejournal com Home aspx.
educating Students and tech savvy educa,tors to improve and advance the learning. process through the use of technology It,provides exclusive online content in educa. tion technology, General learning Quartz offers https qz com 1819166 how to teach your. kids at home,Science podcasts for kids, Skype a scientist allowing kids to Skype a https code org. scientist and have a general chit chat about,science https kids frontiersin org.
Code org online lectures tools in multiple,languages that teach kids how to program. Frontiers for Young Minds is an open ac,cess scientific journal written by scientists. and reviewed by a board of kids and teens,Fields Project Description Links. Mathematics TMG Gabon 5000,http gabon5000 avcn fr In French. Physics This website contains online courses of,different secondary school grades deve.
Biology loped through the Project Train My Gene,ration in Gabon Gabon5000 The courses. Chemistry include mathematics physics biology,physics chemistry and more. Physics While applying the Global UNESCO Avi https unesco yao avcn fr in 6 languages. cenna Virtual Campus model UNESCO is, Mathematics producing pre recorded lessons and inter. net based online offline essential compe, Chemistry tency based learning materials specifically. targeting out of school children from the, Environmental Sciences NW and SW Regions of Cameroon.

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