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Shane Wells Seth Manzar Jim Blaylock Charles Bailey and those who wrote vignettes. T J Brumfield Joseph Callahan Rowan Cota Andrew Coristine Roger Cox Ren. Cummins Jane Izumoto Wallace Mack Heidi Preuss Nathan Raddin and Tim Vines. Bill Sherman Sandra Elliott Wade Racine and members of the cam bod nsplat and. rsplat e mail lists,Internal Design and Layout,Lisa Charlton. Our enduring thanks to,Matthew Burke Wade Racine and Jana Wright. For source material and great heart effort and inspiration Cheers to all former members. of the Inner Circle for having the vision and dedication to create this club. A very special thanks to, White Wolf Publishing Inc for starting this whole thing in the first place. The Camarilla is the Official White Wolf Fan Club and is sanctioned by White Wolf. Publishing Inc,The Camarilla,PO Box 27974,Salt Lake City UT 84127 0974. camstuff camarilla org,http www camarilla org,Print date January 2001 7th edition.
Starting a Chapter,Trademarked and Copyrighted Materials. Recruiting Members and Fund Raising Ideas,Chapter Names and Sigils. Chapter Materials,Probationary Period,Ongoing Requirements. Chapter Reports,Chapter Storyteller Reports,BEYOND CHAPTERS. The Domain,Domain Officers,The Coordinator and Storyteller Councils.
Regional Officers,National Officers,The Board of Directors. MEMBERSHIP POLICIES,Membership,Age Requirements,SPECIAL PROCEDURES. Voting Procedures,Applications,Disciplinary Action. Dispute Resolution,Complaints,Arbitration,APPENDICES. Appendix A Lineage Dossier,Appendix B The Constitution of the Camarilla.
Appendix C Laws of the Tome,INTRODUCTION, Welcome to the Camarilla We are an international social organization dedicated to. building a network of friendships between people interested in White Wolf s World of. Darkness We support a global Mind s Eye Theatre live action roleplaying game and. three types of activities to build our unique community arts education and service. Legally speaking the Camarilla is a nonprofit organization based in the State of Utah and. registered with the United States Government as a 501 c 7 nonprofit organization We. are also recognized similarly in the United Kingdom France and Australia. The Camarilla was founded in Seattle in 1992 soon after White Wolf released Vampire. The Masquerade The Camarilla s goal was to provide an organized club for people who. were interested in Vampire With White Wolf s release of the live action Mind s Eye. Theatre product line the club has grown to include nearly all types of gothic horror genre. enthusiasts Both in fictional and real settings the Camarilla has grown in depth and. dynamics As the club has diversified it has become a worldwide community of. The Camarilla is one of the world s largest live action roleplaying groups with 6 000. members spanning five continents Our members create characters using White Wolf. game books and begin by playing those characters in locally hosted games Many. members also travel to games and events hosted by our hundreds of chapters or domains. groups of chapters in a city use some of the hundreds of in character e mail lists and. attend larger and larger events at the regional national or international level Each year. in October the Board of Directors and the chapters in a selected city host the. International Camarilla Convention ICC which brings many hundreds of members. together to play in the pinnacle event of the year. The focus of the Camarilla s game is on the dramatic politics in the World of Darkness. and the tragic struggles of the spirit it is not on the violent aspects commonly associated. with the fictional creatures that intrigue us For example one member described the. Vampire game with this sentence The vampire is a metaphor for humanity and we. prefer to study the human condition through the gleaming red eyes of those that. metaphorically exist beyond the realm of the natural and logical world. Ren Cummins, Twilight s nocturne wafts through the world A world where the earth is solid and. we as humans assure ourselves we are governed by the rational laws of physics and. science While the music plays there is defiance of these seemingly unbreakable. laws where the line between the magical and rational and the mystical and logical. wavers It is the time of the nocturne The time of those things that humans have. learned to fear or deny the faeries and wraiths the werewolves vampires and. mages Are they real or just shadows in the dying twilight Can we see them clearly. in the shadows They are there trespassing in our minds monsters of great. proportion dominating our dreams At the time of the nocturne we can call them to. us and join their eternal dance for a few short moments We can learn their secrets. fears and passions we can practice their wiles and bring the memory of their dance. to the morning light Was it real or just a well crafted illusion Only those of the. twilight s realm know only those that partake in the Masquerade Wait again until. twilight s nocturne and pierce the veil once more Join them again in their eternal. dance and learn the graces of the score They invite you to dance to learn the. subtleties of their flow Accept their invitation They wait their hand held out to. you You must reach to them You must learn the dance if you wish to be invited. While the Camarilla s live action game is its most visible product the Camarilla is. foremost a social organization with a special commitment to the arts education and. service All members are encouraged to learn more about the arts especially acting and. costuming In addition to the arts that we support through the live action game the. Camarilla sponsors and encourages our members artistic interests in writing sketching. painting illustration photography computer graphics graphic design and other artistic. pursuits We publish a great deal of our members work in our quarterly magazine. Requiem on our hundreds of web sites start at www camarilla org and in our regional. citywide and chapter newsletters where available Often we display some of our. members artwork at the annual ICC, The Camarilla is dedicated to member education not just the fascinating history lessons. one can learn while creating characters but also leadership development acting and other. related topics We sponsor panels and seminars about the arts the World of Darkness. project coordination and storytelling Many members become officers of their chapters. or domains and the Camarilla supports them with leadership development programs and. Last but certainly not least the Camarilla hosts many charity events to benefit good. causes across the globe The Camarilla has been recorded in the Shriners Hospitals. Golden Book Society for its contributions from the ICC charity auction We have also. raised over 10 000 USD for The Boys and Girls Club of America Our hats are off to. our chapters in Midland and Odessa Texas and have raised over 12 000 to fight cystic. fibrosis Many of our chapters support a local charity such as a food pantry or shelter. thus strengthening the community where they live Some people ask why service work is. so important in an organization such as ours Quite simply it builds our sense of. community When our members give something back to their communities by getting. together with their fellow members to do a good deed it builds friendships and a sense. of connection between members, Our focus on arts education and service contributes to the culture that the Camarilla. attempts to build between members worldwide As a community of friends we encourage. members to be respectful of others to participate responsibly and safely at all events and. support each other as we grow together and explore our creative abilities. All of these activities and the events that we sponsor at conventions across the globe have. earned recognition from White Wolf Publishing Inc which has designated the Camarilla. as its official fan club a distinction we carry with pride. HOW TO USE THE TOME, The Camarilla intends that your time with us will be fun creative and rewarding In that.
vein the Tome has been written to serve as a tool for you as a member offering. suggestions on how you can participate in and contribute to the club The Tome also. provides a basic understanding of the organization s administrative structure and many of. the opportunities available to club members, You are now a member of a worldwide network of World of Darkness fans As a new. member you receive a membership packet and some tools to help you become involved. in the club Traveling to nearby chapters to participate in their events is probably the. easiest way for any member to get involved If you have Internet access the Camarilla. has over three hundred e mail lists for roleplaying getting advice communicating about. common interests and learning about local regional and national events see the section. on The Net or jump in at www camarilla org The Camarilla even has an online chapter. for members who live far from existing chapters,Membership Benefits. Benefits of Camarilla Membership, 1 A membership card which serves as your passport into the largest most. integrated society of World of Darkness enthusiasts that exists. 2 A subscription to Requiem our quarterly magazine. 3 The ability to register your MET character with the Camarilla and play it in. our long term continuous global Mind s Eye Theatre game which we call. the sanctioned game, 4 Organizational support from the Camarilla to build a local chapter or host a. Camarilla event, 5 Access to the Members Only section of the Camarilla s web page where.
you can find many on line tools e g databases to help connect characters. membership verification and news and organizational documents e g our. rule supplements articles of incorporation and forms. 6 Discounts from other companies such as Hertz Rent A Car Continental. Airlines often works with us to provide lower fares to some of our special. events see the Members Only section of www camarilla org for a complete. If there are no members or active chapters in your area we recommend that you build a. chapter and we will help Even without a chapter nearby however there is much you. can do Here are just a few examples of how you can participate in the organization and. its activities, Creating and portraying characters you can earn experience points through game. participation, Taking the ordeals tests of your knowledge about aspects of the club. Serving as an officer an assistant or helping with projects. Participating in the club s artistic or charitable projects. Submitting your original stories and artwork to our quarterly magazine Requiem. Reviewing books movies and games for one of our local newsletters. Creating and maintaining web pages, The Camarilla has designed a system to recognize and reward the volunteer efforts of its. members This system known as prestige provides a measure of the time that each. member has invested into supporting the club and its activities One the best ways to. become involved is to share ideas with other members Find your common interests and. plan a project or event together Your imagination is your only limit. Many new members are surprised to find out that the Camarilla is not just a roleplaying. organization Although roleplay is indeed one of our major activities our principal goal is. to form a community of friends with common interests In chapters where storytelling. and gaming are the major chapter focus members are encouraged to have socials and to. become involved in their community to promote friendships Where gaming is not. common members are encouraged to become acquainted with the concept of the gothic. punk World of Darkness created by White Wolf Publishing Inc Our global game and its. chronicle provide universality to the club and allow us to work within a common frame. of reference,Membership, When I first joined the Camarilla I thought it was all about roleplaying and was a. little wary of joining a group that devoted so much time to a game In the past year. the chapter I am in has volunteered with numerous charity events such as. food clothing drives assisting with AIDS benefits literacy programs for children. and adults etc Through the Camarilla I have become very active within my local. community and now hold a position on the Board of Directors of a very well known. charity organization that my chapter supports The Camarilla is not just about. playing a game that is just one of the many benefits. Joseph Callahan Assistant Chapter Coordinator for San Diego s House. Maledorium,Membership Benefits, In that ageless right of passage I spent the summer of my 21st year backpacking.
across Europe Towards the end of my three month journey I stumbled across a. huge gaming convention which to my surprise included a Camarilla live action. event Not only did I have one of the most memorable roleplaying sessions of my life. The Camarilla was founded in Seattle in 1992 soon after White Wolf released Vampire The Masquerade The Camarilla s goal was to provide an organized club for peop le who were interested in Vampire With White Wolf s release of the live action Mind s Eye Theatre product line the club has grown to include nearly all types of gothic horror genre

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