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Overview, The Tanakh is the canon of the Jewish Bible also known as the Hebrew Bible the Holy Scriptures . or the Old Testament Tanakh is an acronym for the text s three sections the Torah the Five. Books of Moses Nevi im Prophets and Ketuvim Writings . The JPS Tanakh is widely recognized as the most authoritative and preferred English translation. of the Hebrew Bible in the Jewish world and beyond . Editions, The JPS Tanakh is available in print in various sizes colors and styles in both a Hebrew English. edition and an English only edition The English only version is also available through most. e book vendors Print editions of portions of the Tanakh are also available such as The Torah The. Book of Psalms and The Five Megilloth and Jonah The JPS Audio Bible is an audio version of the. English only edition available through audible com and iTunes com . About the Translation, Regarded throughout the English speaking world as a landmark English translation of the Holy. Scriptures the JPS Tanakh has been acclaimed by scholars rabbis lay leaders Jews and Chris . tians alike The JPS Tanakh is an entirely original translation of the Holy Scriptures into con . temporary English based on the original masoretic traditional Hebrew text The JPS tanakh. emerged from the collaborative efforts of an interdenominational team of Jewish scholars and. rabbis working together over a twenty year period The translators made use of the entire range of. biblical interpretation ancient and modern Jewish and non Jewish The resulting text is a triumph. of literary style and biblical scholarship unsurpassed in accuracy and clarity . About the Hebrew Text, The Hebrew text of the JPS Tanakh is based on the famed Leningrad Codex the masoretic text. traceable to Aaron ben Moses ben Asher ca 930 Ben Asher researched all available texts to com . pile an authoritative Bible manuscript In 1010 his work was revised by Samuel ben Jacob a scribe. in Egypt Lost for centuries the manuscript was eventually discovered in the mid nineteenth cen . tury and became known as the Leningrad Codex JPS has adapted the latest BHS edition of the. Leningrad text by correcting errors and providing modern paragraphing . Editions,hebrew english,JPS Hebrew English Tanakh.
The JPS Hebrew English Tanakh features the oldest known complete Hebrew version of the Holy. Scriptures side by side with JPS s renowned English translation Its well designed format allows. for ease of reading and features clear type an engaging and efficient two column format that en . ables readers to move quickly from one language to another and an organization that contempo . rary readers will find familiar It opens as a Hebrew language book from left to right . Deluxe Edition Hardcover navy leatherette padded binding gilded. edges navy satin ribbon, Pages 2 040, Size 6 x 9, Font size 9 pt. Weight 2 lbs, Price 65 00 US 75 00 Canadian 51 00 UK. 978 0 8276 0656 2, Student Edition Brown leatherette flex binding. Our most popular Hebrew English Bible edition, Pages 2 040. Size 6 x 9, Font size 9 pt, Weight 1 lb 2 oz, Price 45 00 US 51 95 Canadian 35 00 UK.
978 0 8276 0697 5, Pocket Edition Black leatherette binding. Pages 2 030, Size 4 x 6, Font size 6 pt, Weight 1 lb 5 oz. Price 22 00 US 22 00 Canadian 16 99 UK, 978 0 8276 0766 8. JPS Hebrew English Tanakh,Student Edition, actual size . GENESIS 25 10 , , the camels and followed the man So the servant e a Ba a 62.
took Rebekah and went his way , eN i p , 63 a LB . 62Isaac had just come back from the vicinity, i , p Oi B Oa . of Beer lahai roi for he was settled in the region. , Oz 64 a l , of the Negeb 63And Isaac went out walkinge in. b tz z , the field toward evening and looking up he saw. camels approaching 64Raising her eyes Re l , L z 65.
bekah saw Isaac She alighted from the camel i , e Oa C . 65and said to the servant Who is that man v , k z wz e . walking in the field toward us And the servant , c k t 66. said That is my master So she took her veil , 67 N L . and covered herself 66The servant told Isaac N , B z wi Bn .
all the things that he had done 67Isaac then, , pi i . M , brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah . Bn , and he took Rebekah as his wife Isaac loved her . and thus found comfort after his mother s, death . 25 Abraham took another wife whose, name was Keturah 2She bore him Zimran .
M , , wi , , , B z , i , 2 e , , d Le , Jokshan Medan Midian Ishbak and Shuah . aL L , 3Jokshan begot Sheba and Dedan The descen . L L , eL , 3 , dants of Dedan were the Asshurim the. Le e eM e e c , Letushim and the Leummim 4The descen . dants of Midian were Ephah Epher Enoch a, , C e 4 n e .
Abida and Eldaah All these were descendants e a l k c . of Keturah 5Abraham willed all that he owned B L k zi 5. to Isaac 6but to Abraham s sons by concubines , L L t 6. Abraham gave gifts while he was still living and B a lL z . he sent them away from his son Isaac eastward ep B a . to the land of the East , , L i L l 7, 7This was the total span of Abraham s life one. L L L L L , hundred and seventy five years 8And Abraham. breathed his last dying at a good ripe age old B . , Na i i 8, and contented and he was gathered to his kin B e a i 9 n i N . 9His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the , a L .
cave of Machpelah in the field of Ephron son z a N t n . of Zohar the Hittite facing Mamre 10the field , L O 10 t L . e Others to meditate meaning of Heb uncertain , a Or Hanoch . 47, JPS Hebrew English Tanakh,Pocket Edition, actual size . english only,JPS Tanakh The Holy Scriptures, This is the classic standard English only Tanakh All editions contain the same one column for . mat of English text Each biblical book and weekly reading is marked with the corresponding name. in Hebrew , Hardcover Edition Blue with dust jacket.
This is the most popular English only Bible Beneath the glossy blue dust. jacket is a classic dark blue hardcover binding with gold lettering It is an. attractive shelf book with an easy to read typeface . Pages 1 622, Size 6 x 9, Font size 10 pt, Weight 2 lbs 15 oz. Price 35 00 US 39 95 Canadian 22 99 UK, 978 0 8276 0252 6. Paperback Edition, This Bible is a smaller and lighter weight version of the hardcover edition . Pages 1 622, Size 5 x 7, Font size 8 pt, Weight 1 lb 11 oz. Price 25 50 US 22 50 Canadian 16 99 UK, 978 0 8276 0366 0.
JPS Tanakh The Holy Scriptures,Hardcover Edition, actual size . JPS Tanakh The Holy Scriptures,Paperback Edition, actual size . Gift Edition Leatherette, This is the ideal gift Bible for a bar or bat mitzvah wed . ding confirmation or graduation The inside text is iden . tical to the other editions but the cover looks and feels. like leather and is more formal than the others It comes. in a black box suitable for giftwrapping or giving as is . Available in black and white, Pages 1 622, Size 5 x 7. Font size 8 pt, Weight 1 lb 13 oz, Price 42 00 US 48 50 Canadian 33 00 UK.
Black 978 0 8276 0365 3, White 978 0 8276 0364 6,The JPS Bible Pocket Edition. This pocket sized Tanakh is the most portable version of the JPS Jewish Bible Easy to hold and. carry the text is identical to the full sized English only editions set much smaller in two columns . It fits easily into a handbag briefcase backpack or jacket pocket The sturdy coated paper cover will. stand up well to heavy use and is available in rose and moss colors . Available in rose and moss, Pages 1 104, Size 4 x 6. Font size 6 pt, Weight 11 oz, Price 18 00 US 16 95 Canadian 11 99 UK. Moss 978 0 8276 0877 1, The Torah The Five Books of Moses. The Torah is the essence of Jewish tradition it inspires each successive generation The current. JPS translation based on classical and modern sources is acclaimed for its fidelity to the ancient. Hebrew The Torah includes these five biblical books Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and. Deuteronomy , All editions have brick red covers and contain the same English only one column text .
Hardcover Edition with dust jacket, Pages 394, Size 6 x 9. Font size 11 pt, Weight 1 lb 5 oz, Price 30 00 US 34 95 Canadian 19 99 UK. 978 0 8276 0015 7, Pocket Edition, Paperback, Pages 620. Size 4 x 6, Font size 10 pt, Weight 14 oz, Price 18 00 US 20 95 Canadian 13 99 UK. 978 0 8276 0680 7, Large Print Edition, Paperback.
Pages 620, Size 7 x 10, Font Size 18 pt, Weight 2 lb 8 oz. Price 35 US 38 95 Canadian 26 99 UK, 978 0 8276 0683 8. temporary English based on the original masoretic traditional Hebrew as the entire Tanakh the Torah the Five Megilloth and Jonah and as individual biblical books e weekly reading the parasha can be listened to for free from the home page of the JPS website The JPS TANAKH FAQs 1 What is the TANAKH e T is the canon of the Jewish Bible also known as the Hebrew Bible the

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